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  1. So glad I ran into you…
    Saw I had to put my email and
    Wait to receive “something”…I decided to see if this was legit and clicked on couple of other sites but I was not happy with the results and I saw you gave a write up about this book….thank you

    • Hi Polly,
      Glad to hear you took the time to look for a few reviews before you fell for it! You have to understand that some glowing reviews are from affiliates trying to sell the product you are reviewing. Keep that in mind when reviewing any products in the future. You have to reasonably read all the data you can, then make up your own mind. Thanks for the comment.
      Glad to help you!

    • Hi Robby,
      Glad to help you out! That’s why this site is here! I want to help people avoid these traps and get their money back!

      It is immoral and wrong! The elderly can least afford and scams or fraud.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

    • Hi Johnny,
      Thank you for the kind are very welcome! I am sick of being scammed, and I will try to keep others informed as well.The garbage online that just takes peoples money is insane! Comments like yours make it worthwhile! Thanks!

  2. I was just scammed myself because the ad was so misleading. I signed up for the book and paid the 4.95 shipping fee thinking the subscription was free. I received the book thinking that was it. I wasn’t impressed. A couple weeks later, $104 debit showed up in my checking account. It threw my checking into overdraft. I had no warning it was coming. Not only that but now I have overdraft fees, and a couple of my bills were rejected and I have more fees on top of that. So I lost more than the $104.00. I called customer service, and they said I would get a full refund in 3 to 5 business days. I received an email confirmation, but the confirmation stated that I “might” receive a refund, nothing for sure. I alerted my credit union.

    I have very little income right now. My husband is unemployed. I live on tight budget. The thing that really gets me, is I am college educated, and usually better alert from scams. This one even fooled me. I was just looking for more creative ways to earn income and they stole what little I have. I didn’t even get the newsletter!

    I have no recourse. I can’t afford a lawyer.

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I am sorry to hear you fell for his gimmick. It is not hard to do, I personally just got snookered into a scam also, read my article The Smart Pill Scam. And I write about how to avoid scams, and still got caught! I disputed the charge, but it still showed up on my credit card! I cancelled the card to stop any further charges.

      Unfortunately, even a lawyer wouldn’t help in this case, because the fees they charge are ridiculous. Here is an example. I got stuck for a $1500 payment for a car I bought for a family member. I even had the car title encumbered, meaning I take possession if they didn’t pay.
      But it is not that easy. I would have to pay $400 to a repossession company to repo the car, and the car had been run without oil,and had mechanical issues that needed fixed. It was not worth the extra costs. I went to small claims court and won! But, you have to then get the judgement paid!
      I asked a lawyer what it would cost to take them to court, and he wanted $800 plus any court costs and any more legal work was extra!. So, I would have $2300+ invested to “maybe” get the original $1500 back! So, small time thieves know all this, they don’t care.

      This is what these scammers do to people as well, and they don’t care either! ! If you read my comments you will see the author of The Big Book of Income, Zachary Scheidt wrote a comment complaining that I called his book a scam!!His reasoning was that he made $100,000 “in one month” off SELLING the book!! Unbelievable.

      You might ask the Credit Union if they would possibly take the fees off for the bad checks. Tell them what happened,and it really wasn’t your fault, sometimes they feel sorry for us and remove the fees! It’s worth a shot! Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your story! Maybe Zachary will read about some of the heartache he causes people!

  3. I am ashamed of the fact that I have members of AGORE, OXFORD INCOME for years. Every time I open a of these many ads I get, I feel like I must have gotten a different book. I have read and re-read the book the direct answers on page 163, 191, 7, etc do not match the questions. I will be canceling ALL open memberships. Thanks is just not enough.

    • Hi Lynette,
      I know exactly how you feel. I received the oxford club newsletter for years, reading and re-reading it to discover it was nothing useful, just garbage. Month after month you wait for something useful and it never comes.It talks about life, and give one long story , but really does nothing to change anything. I felt it was a political view intended to make you think differently, and hide the truth.Then when I researched agora financial, it is true! They bought republican email lists, to use their proven tactics to stir people up! But, none of it helped achieve great wealth, or even increase my income. They just empty your wallet with false hope.They have discovered that they can make millions selling books like these, and newsletters full of ads for more publishing nonsense. I know I got off track from the big book of income sham, But just hearing about Agora brought back some sore memories. Thank you for taking time to sharing your views, and I am glad I helped to awaken your senses!

  4. Chas, Thank you so much for your time to warn us all of these too good to be true scams. As always, I am skeptical about these type of ads and always look up reviews on such matter. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to alert honest people about this type of hype. I knew that there was a catch to this so I immediately looked up reviews before wasting my hard earned money. I am disabled and can’t afford this type of cheating people out of their limited resource money. Is there anything out there that is real?

    • Hi Tom,
      Glad I saved you some money, I have wasted enough of my own on these get rich quick schemes, and money making newsletters. It is getting bad on the internet, even the honest companies are looking for ways to squeeze us for another buck or two. If you fall for these get rich quick stories, you will find they are mostly hype. What exactly are you looking for? If you might be interested in starting your own business, or you have a product you are looking to promote, then Wealthy Affiliates is for real and they can help you. But , other than that, be careful! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Tom, It is appreciated.
      Have a wonderful week!

  5. Thank you for saving me money I really do not have to spend. I was just about to buy this until I read this review and am very grateful for finding it.

    • Hi Kelli,
      You are welcome. Save your money! The whole scheme is to sell the newsletter. Then, the news letter is full of ads for more money! Thank’s for taking the time to comment!

  6. What do you mean “this is a scam?” Completely untrue!
    I made $100,000 in the first month by using (selling) this book!
    – Zachary Scheidt

    • I have no doubt you made a fortune selling the book, but your methods aren’t worth the paper you print them on.You are charging for information that is free for people read. What method is going to make anyone of us newsletter readers $100,000 in one month? I have lost plenty in the stock market and I know for a fact the risky methods you talk about using the stock market is a disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention you have to have big money in an investment trading account most people won’t possibly have or it is their life savings they will most definitely lose.
      Where are the secrets of the rich and famous? You have disclaimers everywhere, why?
      You say the book is FREE. But, we have to send $100 +$4.95 to get a copy??? That is $104.95 in my book…not free! You offer a 30 money back deal, but you also have a disclaimer that says you can have a backlog. So, it could be that they receive the book after 30 days, and are ineligible for your refund without turning a page to look at the book! That is unethical.

    • Hi TW,
      Yep, it is. These guys are after one thing. Your money! It is all spin, and hidden costs. Bait for the news letter.
      Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to comment.

  7. Thank you for all the information. A fool and his/hers money are soon parted. My money is staying put. I always look for reviews before I buy. Keep up the good work saving people money. Thanks again.

    • Hello,
      That is very true,about a fool and his money.Sometimes, we are deceived by very smart people that make fools out of all of us. Some of the books and newspapers published by Agora financial do sell very well. They are produced by experts who know what bait to feed people.I am glad I may have saved you some hard earned money. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

  8. Chas, the Big Book of Income has a very catchy title, but it’s a shame that a company would be so misleading! With claims like they make, it sparks most people’s curiosity especially if you haven’t seen greedy, dishonest people before. I really appreciate you writing this article and saving people from the loss of $99 or more! Great article! Very informative!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      I agree the title sounds great! But,once you open the cover, you discover these secrets are not so secret or are not affordable by most unless they have some big savings. Most retired Americans are broke from several market crashes and being replaced by automation. Thanks for the kind words, and if I save one person from wasting his money,it was worth it.


  9. I did find your article helpful. Though I have never came across this program, who knows, I might run into it in the future and fall for it. It does have a very catchy name.
    I don’t have any money to waste, so they won’t be getting my money. Not to mention time. Thanks for your honest review about this system.

    • Hi Sheree,

      The Big Book of income is an ebook, not a program. But, the purpose is to get you to buy the newsletter they sell as a monthly publication. And the gimick is the free offer for the book. You must subscribe to the newsletter to get the book for free. Once you do that, then they send a newsletter full of ads for more products filled with more ads. Thanks for reading my review, and if it saved you from buying in to the hype, it was worth it.


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