Kleversystems Blox 2.0 Review – Check This Out

KleverSystems Blox 2.0 is a product that the team at KleverSystems has been working on for several years now. Finally, it has been launched. According to their sales page, this is a program anyone can use to make money.

Whether you are beginner or experienced marketer, any skill level can use and make money from this program. If you are here now, you are probably researching Blox 2.0 before you buy it! Congrats to you for researching the product before you buy it.

You came to the right place. I always recommend to everyone (especially my readers) to do their due diligence and research any product before they buy it! It is the best way to avoid the scams that are everywhere online today.

Is blox 2.0 a legitimate product? Let’s take a look and find out?

  • Name    –  KleverSystems Blox 2.0
  • Website – https://bloxevo.com/
  • Price     – $23 ($7 trial) + upsells
  • Owners – Mark Bishop and John Merrick
  • Quality – DFY Program
  • Overall Rank – 7/10
  • Refunds –  30 day Refund (for basic $23* course) *some restrictions apply- No refunds for $7 Trial
  • Verdict –  Legit – (I have a better recommendation)

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Who Am I?

My name is Chas and I have been earning money online since 2015. I was probably like you, looking for ways to make money online and got scammed. I wasn’t happy about losing my money, so I searched for ways to get my money back. I was fortunate to get most of my money back, but lost a website that I invested a lot of time and effort into.

That was the main reason for creating this website. I also wanted to help others get their money back as well. And I also wanted to try to keep others from losing money like I did, so I started this website and began reviewing products. I have reviewed a few hundred products so far and I will continue as long as I can.

That’s a little about me, so now let’s take a look at KleverSystems Blox 2.0 product.

KleverSystems Blox 2.0 Overview

So Blox’s sales page says that we can make $100’s even $1000’s in a single week, using products we don’t own, without promoting them in 20 minutes or less. Well, I know for a fact after being in this business for almost 10 years now, I have never found any product to do that for me.

And, I have to say that would be equal to hitting the lottery! It is possible, but unlikely! If you have a huge following on Facebook, or created a fantastic ad on your first try on Google, yea you could possibly make a sale. But, unlikely in 20 minutes!

First of all, making money in 20 minutes or less is just about impossible online! There is a lot more work involved and setting thing up takes hours. Much more time than 20 minutes!

But, that is what Blox 2.0 claims on his sales page! Make a lot of money from other people’s products, without even promoting them, in 20 minutes or less! I’m skeptical, but let’s read on.

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The Best Training For Building A Business in 2023

Make 100’s Even $1000’s With KleverSystems Blox 2.0

These are catchy headlines for sure, but can it live up to the hype?

KleverSystems Blox 2.0 Sales Page

As I look over the sales page for this program, I can see a familiar theme here. The sales video is giving us plenty of hype and is actually showing sales pages taken from a Clickbank account to back up these claims of making money.

Blox 2.0 sales results

Ok, but it takes more than twenty minutes just to open a Clickbank account, and you also have to find products, get affiliate links, get traffic, and then maybe make a sale!

In fact, most of this “proof” is over 7 days, or at least 2 days! That’s a far cry from 20 minutes! And in fact the video goes on to say the “initial set up” takes several hours, and then after several more hours it is possible to get a sale. That’s beginning to sound a lot more reasonable. And I don’t see any testimonials for 20 minute sales claims.

The $7 Downsized Version Of Blox 2.0

When you try to leave the sales page, you get offers of a $7downsell version where you can have a look at what this program is all about. So I purchased this $7 version to have a look around. But, if you watch his video he clearly tells you he won’t give you a refund on the $7. You can get a $7 credit if you purchase Blox 2.0 for $23.

Blox 2.0 $7 Offer

Once you click on the button above, it takes you to the checkout page. The checkout looks like this:

Kleversystems Blox 2.0 sales page

Even with the $7 credit if you buy his full program at $23, that $23 bucks will be hard to get a refund for as well.

You will have to send proof that you tried this program. Ok, so we know that there is “no free trial”

Now, let’s have a look under the hood of the Blox program, Or at least what the $7 downsell reveals

What Is KleverSystems Blox 2.0 All About?

Well, according to the sales page, we are going to be making money from other people’s products without promoting them. And we can do this in less than 20 minutes. So how do we do it?

Blox 2.0 has 6 parts which they call “assets”

  • Pitch or (Flip Page)
  • Account Creation page
  • Account Creation “Thank You Page”
  • Magnet and Access Area
  • Autoresponder List

So, this program is basically a sales funnel, for selling products and creating a mailing list to sell future products to your customers. Once you get the funnel set up, you can plug in other products and use this over and over again. Hence the name, Blox.

The KleverSystems Blox 2.0 “Flow Of Sequences”

Here is what the “Flow Chart” of sequences of his program look like.

Kleversystems Blox 2.0 System Flow Chart

You can see that using his program, your “Blox Magnet” is the key. You will pitch a product, get people interested but never give a price. Then you send then to another product on your “Flip Page” that people may buy(some will). But, people want to see your “Magnet” product, because that is what they are looking for!

However, before they can “see” the “Magnet” product, they are required to purchase a product, and enter their email address. So, you have sold another product (without promoting it). And you have captured their email address to pitch more products. They also talk about using Google and Facebook to get traffic to your landing page.

Well, using Google means you are running ads. Facebook also has ads. However, you could do a few posts on Facebook for free. But, you need a very large following to sell products to Facebook followers! Friends and family aren’t going to produce much income!

Using Google search and SEO will take time to get results, certainly more than 20 minutes!

And running ads is expensive! Plus, it’s an expense that never gets mentioned. In fact they claim there are no expenses. Well, autoresponders and ads aren’t free.

So, once you buy into this, you are most likely giving your $23 away! Because chances are, once you see all the added costs involved, and the set-up involved, you may not want to do this. But, you have to do it to get a refund! Again, no free trial.

Selling Products Without Promoting Them Using Blox 2.0

The blox 2.0 system is actually offering one product for free, (Your Blox Magnet) and also selling another affiliate product at the same time. When your clients purchase your “Magnet”, they have to give you their email address.

That’s when they are sent a thank you email and a pitch for another product. Then, you send them to your “magnet” and they find out it is not really free, and they have to pay for that product as well.

Tools Included With KleverSystems Blox 2.0

The only tools I see mentioned is the Blox Software, and some training videos to go with the purchase. But, I do see mentioned that “Additional Training” is available. I would bet these are additional upsells you get hit with whenever you upgrade to the $23 version of blox 2.0.

You do have some DFY “done for you” templates you can use, and some written scripts you can use for your “Pitch page”. As well as some email promotions and instructions on creating you email lists.

Blox 2.0 product peek

Support For Blox 2.0

Support for any product is important. If you get stuck, you need someone to help you out. Bolx 2.0 has an FAQ “frequently asked questions” page for help and refers you back to the training for answers to be found. And you do have an email support as well.

But, they don’t have a live chat feature, or any “live help”. They do give you a support email where you can find some additional help.

Maybe There Is A Better Way?

I have a better way to do this. You can get all the training and learn how to create your own funnel with a system I use that does all this and more. You can check out my #1 Recommendation here.

And if you want to set up a website, and start a business you need training to do all that. The blox 2.0 system is simply a funnel, that’s it really. What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? You need that for traffic to your landing page if you don’t use ads.

I have reviewed enough programs to know that this Blox program could be used on a website as a sales funnel, or as an email marketing campaign. Simply by using a landing page on Facebook, or a marketing platform such as Warrior Plus. But, contrary to what the Blox sales video is saying, in the end, you will be “promoting” products!


  • Affordable Program
  • Done For You Templates
  • 30 Day Refund (if you prove you used the program)


  • No Free Trial
  • Additional Training May Be Needed
  • Additional Expenses Required
  • “Must Prove You Worked Program” For Refund

Is KleverSystems Blox 2.0 Legit – Yes Green Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

The Blox 2.0 method is definitely legit and provides a step by step program for you to use to make some money. It is not a scam and after you take a few hours to set everything up, you will likely produce some income.

But, it will not happen in 20 minutes as they claim. Maybe after you get everything set up, a “customer” could make a purchase in 20 minutes or less, but that won’t happen right away.

Be prepared to spend some more money on an autoresponder, and you will need an email program that will allow you to create a list and send out promo’s to your list.

You will need some funds to run ads as well. And if you don’t have any prior training on how to create ads that sell, it will take some testing to get something working.

My #1 Recommendation – Complete Marketing Training

The Blox 2.0 product will take some time to set up, but once you get it set up, it will convert to other products rather quickly. But, the problem is that you are dependent upon Blox 2.0 for any additional training.

And you will keep paying for training to learn other methods. Not to mention plenty of other products!

Why not get a complete package of training, build your own website and be your own boss? Your business won’t be dependent upon anybody. In fact you will actually be independent.

You work the hours you want and build you own business! Nobody can take away from you. You will learn to build a business the right way, and have all the training and resources included. Plus you have live chat with a community of 2.5 million members and 24/7 live tech support.

Whatever you want to do, whether it is an email marketing campaign, or PPC (paid per click) marketing using ads, you can access the training to do it. Your business is built on a solid foundation that is yours forever and no-one can take it from you. And most importantly, you can take everything for a test ride for FREE.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP



Frequently Asked Questions
What Is KleverSystems Blox 2.0?
Blox 2.0 is a software program designed to promote products and make it easy to quickly change to different products. It is easy enough for beginners to use and effective for experienced marketers to use as well.
Does KleverSystems Blox 2.0 Have Support?
Yes, they have a dedicated support team available by support ticket
Does KleverSystems Blox 2.0 Have A Free Trial
No, Blox does not offer a free trial, but offers a 30 day refund if you supply proof that you tried the system.
Is Blox 2.0 Legit?
Yes, Blox 2.0 is a legitimate product that can make you money.

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Kleversystems Blox 2.0




  • Affordable
  • DFY Templates
  • 30 Day Refund(with restrictions)


  • No Free Trial
  • Additional Training May Be Needed
  • Additional Expenses

6 thoughts on “Kleversystems Blox 2.0 Review – Check This Out”

  1. What a great review, Chas. It sounds like you actually tried the program and found lots of things that weren’t initially advertised.

    Whenever I hear you can start making money almost instantly I think there has to be a catch. I don’t think it’s a scam but I feel they weren’t upfront with all the extenuating things you need to do to be successful.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go to build a successful business.

    Thanks for the review,

    • Hi Nina,
      Thank you for your kind words. I did look it over and it was easy to see the faults with the program. It’s a good funnel, and it will convert. But, you need to know a lot more about affiliate marketing than just having a good funnel. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is hard to beat when it comes to all around training.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  2. Hi Chas, I come across Kevin I think was just after New Year 2022 – I think it was the Blox 1.0 release and I got it from Warrior Plus. I never actually pursued the training I had too many other things on at the time. Recently I went to log back in as there were some good PLR products included but unfortunately, I couldn’t get back in.

    For me, I think this could be an OK product but I think it depends on what time you have to spare. I probably will not be checking it out looking at circling back I think to my training with Affiliate Lab soon and also been finding a lot of good videos on Youtube about ways to drive traffic to my blogs I’m hoping some of those could help me.

    I think you are right 2o minutes is a bit too farfetched. I was able to make my first affiliate sales in just over a week when I started out but I’ve also seen many months where I’ve not made a single penny and still now this happens even after 3 years. For me, I think my problem has been spreading myself too thin. I am hoping a day comes when all my businesses can work synergistically but I think the one bit of advice people are not given enough early on is to find one thing and stick at it.

    Anyway, great review thanks for sharing.

    • HI Alex,
      Wow thanks for the background experience. I am not pursuing Kevin’s training because I find it is too focused on one funnel. I am sure you can make some affiliate commissions from Blox 2.0, but you also have a lot of other issues to deal with as well in affiliate marketing. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for all the training you need in all the areas. You won’t need to purchase upsells and extra’s like you will with Kevin’s products. And many tools are provided in the membership.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  3. I agree that making $1000 in your first week isn’t really realistic. For instance, with affiliate marketing whenever I start a new venture I know it takes a good 3-6 months before I make any money (typically). It’s a marathon and not a sprint.

    I really believe this kind of program just plays on “quick results” which so many affiliate marketers do.

    What do you feel is a better timeframe before making any affiliate commissions?

    • Hi Garen,
      Yes, making $1000 your first week is unrealistic. As I said to do that you would be extremely lucky. I agree with you, after being in this business for a few years, 3 to 6 months is more realistic for anyone. Yes, I have made some money sooner, but for a profit stream to get steady, it takes a few months. I think it depends upon how much demand there is for your products. Some products will do well sooner than others. If you have a “hot” product, you can see profits in a month or so. But, the first week is not likely.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back soon.


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