The Invincible Marketer – Cracking The Code

Is The Invincible Marketer’s world of teaching affiliate marketing a great course or not? Do you wonder if it is a scam? In this digital age, countless courses promise to turn novices into entrepreneurs, and Aaron Chen’s “The Invincible Marketer” is no exception.

But, is it a genuine opportunity or just another mirage in the vast desert of online courses? Join me as I explore and dissect this program section by section.

  • Name    –  The Invincible Marketer
  • Website –
  • Price  –  $67 monthly, $430 Lifetime upgrade, and 2 upsells
  • Owners – Aaron Chen
  • Quality – Detailed Online Business Course
  • Overall Rank – 5/10
  • Refunds –  30 Day Refund (Discounted Invincible Marketer Excluded)
  • Verdict –  Legit –  But NOT Recommended
  • My #1 Recommendation – (Get Started Here)

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Who is Aaron Chen?

Aaron Chen is a former internet marketer hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He emerged from the digital depths to craft his own YouTube empire. Aaron gained recognition for his work in the field of affiliate marketing and is known for running his own affiliate marketing course.

Aaron Chen built his online presence through a YouTube channel. He analyzed various digital marketing products and topics related to making money online, cryptocurrencies, and affiliate marketing. His channel provided valuable insights and advice to individuals interested in digital entrepreneurship. He currently has 27.5K subscribers on his Aaron Chen YouTube channel.

Here is a video from his YouTube channel:

One notable aspect of Aaron Chen’s journey is that he invested a significant amount on courses trying to make money online. He reportedly spent around $90 – 100K, in what he referred to as “scammy” affiliate marketing courses. He claims he tried all sorts of affiliate marketing, MLM’s Dropshipping, you name it, and failed.

This experience led him to create his own course, “The Invincible Marketer.” His goal was teaching people legitimate and effective ways to make money online. His course emphasizes real strategies and techniques for online success.

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The Invincible Marketer Success Stories

These are success stories and client testimonials shared on his YouTube channel and his website. They serve as potential indicators of the effectiveness of his approach to affiliate marketing.

The Invincible Marketer Testimonials

Here are a few more:

The Invincible Marketer Additional Testimonials

I searched Quora and didn’t find any success stories there. I did find one person that recently bought the program and said he liked it. But, he didn’t give any clue as to whether he was actually making money.

If a program is good, people will spread the news. In this case they didn’t. Why are all these success stories only on YouTube? All these success stories are found on his YouTube channel or his website.

But, to be fair, I did not find any complaints either. This always concerns me when all the reviews are glowing and heap on the praise about any product. Generally, those are “affiliates” selling products like The Invincible Marketer! I am not a member, so I don’t get access to any affiliate program. However Lifetime members do get the rights to promote Aaron Chen’s course.

What is The Invincible Marketer Course All About?

Invincible Marketer is a comprehensive step-by-step program that empowers beginners to become confident and profitable affiliate entrepreneurs. Newbies learn through daily training, mindset strategies, and specific action steps, regardless of their past experiences.

Most courses follow a standard “modules” approach, but Chen uses the term “Sessions.” This training is 17 Sessions comprising two parts:

  • The Core Training
  • Essential Mindset

The Core Training & Essential Mindset promise to cover everything from building an email list to earning substantial commissions.

What is Inside The invincible marketer Training?

There are 17 Sessions that amount to over 30 hours of videos. They break down like this:

Training Sessions 1-6

  • The First Session welcomes you with a survey and a warm greeting, helping you set your goals for the journey ahead.
  • In Session 2, it’s all about mindset and discovering the essential tools you’ll need.
  • Session 3 delves into the heart of affiliate marketing, teaching you to pick the right product, avoid the bad ones, and choose profitable options.
  • Session 4 emphasizes setting realistic goals and understanding that online business is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • In Session 5, you become resourceful and gain insights from an interview with Dan Khan on internet and affiliate marketing.
  • Session 6 touches on mindset, exploring ‘The Strangest Secret’ and introducing domains, Clickfunnels, and ClickMagic.

Training Sessions 7-12

  • Session 7 covers lessons on not skimping, capture pages, creating your own, and developing an email marketing strategy.
  • In Session 8, Aaron delves into the mindset again, focusing on the “Broke and Poor Mindset” and the crucial topic of traffic.
  • Session 9 includes lessons on building, delayed gratification, value series, and building it out.
  • Session 10 teaches morning routines, editing sales funnels, and features an interview with Melvin San Miguel.
  • In Session 11, Aaron covers communication, email setup, integration, and autoresponder usage.
  • Session 12 presents lessons on values, time-frames, funnel review, testing, split testing, and getting traffic.

Training Sessions 13-17

  • Session 13 discusses conquering obstacles, taking action, unlimited traffic, and mastering your traffic.
  • In Session 14 Aaron asks if you’re truly committed and explores the concept of an authority site and your first post.
  • Session 15 guides you in eliminating excuses and creating and delivering bonuses.
  • In Session 16, fear of failure is tackled, along with lessons on managing customers and building a Facebook group.
  • Session 17 focuses on attitude, where to invest your time, and checking your progress in making that first sale. Homework assignments accompany each session to keep you on track.

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The Invincible Marketer Support And Community

Invincible Marketer boasts a Facebook community where students can connect, ask questions, and be inspired. You can also get help when you need it. But, I am not a fan of Facebook groups. They are difficult to navigate and it’s hard to find specific information when you need it.

You do have support, but it is not like instant chat like my #1 Recommendation offers. Nonetheless you will get your questions answered, by the Mastermind group. If that is live session, then you can interact with others, but live sessions are a bit intimidating!

The features of the community include:

  • Connect and collaborate with success-focused members of the Invincible Marketer community worldwide who are achieving remarkable results.
  • Have your most pressing questions addressed directly by Aaron, ensuring you receive answers from someone knowledgeable about marketing. Not a support staff with limited understanding.
  • Join a genuinely like-minded community where you can share ideas and draw inspiration from others.
  • Inside our Invincible Community, you’ll never feel left behind; you’ll receive continuous support and guidance from both the community and the Invincible Marketer team.
  • ​Failure is simply NOT an option, but you must do the work.

The Invincible Marketer also includes 3 Bonuses:

These bonuses included are some solid and valuable information for your business.

  • Unlimited Traffic Masterclass – focuses on driving targeted traffic to your online conversion system and offers strategies to attract new customers effectively.
  • Product Profit Secrets – a guide for selecting high-selling products, tips to avoid common mistakes, and recommendations for quick earnings.
  • Tribe Building Secrets – guides you in creating a loyal customer base, reducing refunds, and profiting from them without causing annoyance.

How Much Does The Invincible Marketer Cost?

The Invincible Marketer course currently comes with a monthly fee of $67, but there are additional courses offered. You have enough information in the standard course to build a business. You can also opt for the Lifetime membership for one payment of $430

Lifetime Coaching Upgrade

You can opt for a one-time payment for $430, or choose 3 payments of $145. This includes:

  • Bi-weekly Q&A Sessions Live With Aaron.
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies,
  • Invincible Marketer Affiliate Program.

Video Authority Mastery Upgrade

This upgrade provides comprehensive training on using the power of YouTube to market more successfully and boost your sales. This upgrade costs $497

Does The Invincible Marketer Have Any Additional Costs?

Yes, on top of the monthly fee or the one time lifetime payment, You will also need a page builder, tracker and email manager (all 3rd party) which Aaron claims will be about $150/month. I think this is a low figure. Because if you need Click Funnels to promote products, that alone will cost you $99 per month. But, after you build 20 funnels, the cost of Click Funnels goes up to $299 per month!

And on top of that cost, you need more tools and the cost is higher than $150 a month, For example – your first month will cost over $550!

  • ClickFunnels = $97/mo
  • ClickMagic = $49/mo
  • GetResponse = $20/mo
  • Domain = $10/yr
  • Private email = $10/yr
  • Siteground = $36 year one
  • Website design = ~$350

Does Invicible Marketer Have A Refund Guarantee- Yes, But It Has A Catch!

Even though Aaron States there is a 30 day refund and you have nothing to lose, it is conditional upon you implementing his strategies.

I want you to succeed and get results with this program. So finish the program, get involved with our community and show us you’ve implemented the strategies, and even after that, if you still don’t think this the most detailed, transformational program you’ve ever been through…Then just email us within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back – no problem.

Ok, so if you work this program, you should get your money back, right? No so fast, he says the exact opposite in his terms of service!

Aaron states – “No Refunds” on his terms of service page. Read it yourself!

No refunds

All sales on promotional and discounted programs are final and are not covered by our 30 day refund policy as they are sold at a much lower price. This includes but is not limited to Invincible Marketer

Remember it will likely cost you $550 in the first month to get started? And NO REFUNDS for Invincible Marketer!

That is the conditions for your refund! It sounds like anything that is a promotional price, you don’t get a refund? So, how do you get your money back!

If he offers any product at a promotional sale price, you can’t get a refund!


  • No Experience Necessary
  • Affordable
  • Support Group


  • Too Many Hidden Costs
  • Too Much Focus On Mindset.
  • Money Back Guarantee Is Practically Worthless

Is the Invincible Marketer Legit – Yes – But Not RecommendedThumbs Down Image for Not Recommended

The Invincible Marketer is a legit course, and Aaron Chen is for real and a legitimate person. The problem is that you are being deceived by thinking the course only costs $67 a month. There are plenty of hidden costs that he is not mentioning! He does include Clickfunnels in his training, and tells you it’s free for 14 days. But, then it costs $99 a month(until you create 20 funnels) then the price goes up to $299!

Think about that! Your business is going to cost you $299 each month forever, just for Click Funnels! That’s like having to pay $300 rent each month! Not to mention, you will owe for your Autoresponder, Email system, page builder, your website, your domain name, and your hosting! And probably a web designer to get you started!

Related: Click Funnels Pricing Review

And he tells you, it’s no risk to you, you can get your money back within 30 days! But, only if you pay full price, not a discounted promotional price! All his products seem to have a discount, so you don’t get any refunds!

The Invincible Marketer FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions
Is The Invincible Marketer a Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Course?
Yes, “The Invincible Marketer” is a legitimate affiliate marketing course created by Aaron Chen. It aims to teach individuals effective strategies for online success.
What Is the Pricing Structure for The Invincible Marketer?
The course offers a monthly subscription for $67, a lifetime upgrade for $430. Plus 2 additional upsells for $430, and $497. It’s essential to be aware of the pricing options when considering enrollment.
Does The Invincible Marketer Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?
The course provides a 30-day refund policy. But it’s important to note that specific conditions apply, such as implementing the strategies. And be aware Aaron Chen says”No Refunds” on any “promotional priced” products.
What Content Does The Invincible Marketer Training Include?
“The Invincible Marketer” offers 17 training sessions covering topics like mindset, email marketing, traffic generation, and more. These sessions comprise over 30 hours of video content.
Are There Any Hidden Costs Associated with The Invincible Marketer?
Yes, there are additional costs for tools like ClickFunnels, ClickMagic, and an email manager. These costs should be considered when budgeting for the course.

Looking For A Better Way To try Affiliate Marketing?

If you do, then I have a much better solution for learning all you need to know about affiliate marketing. It is much cheaper, and has way more training! Plus you don’t need to buy additional tools. Everything you need is included!

You get a keyword research tool, websites and step by step training for your business. As well as teaching how to build your social networks. All you need to pay extra, is your domain name for around $15. And the monthly fee is only $49 per month.

You learn how to build your business and create the lifestyle you always wanted. Being able to work from home or anywhere in the world you have internet and a laptop. That means you get to spend more time with your family, and take a vacation whenever you want! You can travel, see the world, and have a successful business!

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If you do decide to try the training, you will have my personal help to get you going! I hope to see you on the inside!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will be glad to help you.


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The Invincible Marketer




  • No Experience Necessary
  • Affordable
  • Support Group


  • Too Many Hidden Costs
  • Too Much Focus On Mindset.
  • Money Back Guarantee Is Practically Worthless

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  1. There are so many biz opps and trainings out there that may be legit but definitely not worth the time and money when there are much better options such as Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Was not familiar with Aaron Chen prior to this and I appreciate the review. Thanks much.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I always said the internet is like a minefield when it come to making money online. I lost a lot of money until I found Wealthy Affiliate. There are a lot of sites that are not so good! Aaron Chen is legitimate, but his refunds and hidden costs make this a costly investment.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review and leave a comment. Please stop back soon!

  2. Hi Chas,

    Thank you for sharing a very informative review on The Invincible Marketer.

    I can see good points in this, but I agree with you that when there is too much emphasis on mindset, they are not focussing on the right things.

    Mindset is important but not most important when it comes to the fundamentals of marketing and getting your message across in the right way.

    Your recommendation seems to be much better, cheaper and overall just looks better.

    Keep up the great work and sharing your very informative reviews of affiliate marketing products.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,
      Glad you liked the review! Yes, mindset is good, but you can have too much of a good thing. Wealthy Affiliate is the better alternative for sure! you don’t get 2.5 million members by being ordinary. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon!


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