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Matt Lloyd’s Mobe Scam Shut Down By The FTC — 20 Comments

  1. Mobe is a scam. The main product offered is keep recruiting new members. It’s difficult for such a company to last. I have come across several MLM and they don’t last at all. Mobe has deceived many with fake promises and offer to refund money back if customers need refunds and the company never keep to his promises. Why would it not be closed…

    • Hi Vwegba,

      Yes, Matt Lloyd’s Mobe Scam fooled a lot of people. They thought that by getting others to sing up, they were earning great commissions and would be wealthy quick! You are right about SOME MLM programs, there are plenty that work…Avon, AMSOIL, Mary Kay, Amway! They have survived because the are legit companies with an actual product to sell! Mobe had no real product, just training on how to sell Mobe! A classic pyramid scheme.

      Yep, after people saw what was going on, Mobe wouldn’t give anybody refunds!! They never said no, they just drug their feet and brushed everyone off, and finally just ignored them. That is a classic way these scammers handle people, just ignore them. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment,


  2. I read about Weaalthy Affilate being sued by Mobe. Totally ridiculous!

    After reading these facts about Mobe, are you kidding or what??

    How could someone charge people this kind of money? I’m sitting here reading this with my mouth wide open!Who in their right mind would or even could pay $30,000 for a program?

    I’m sorry, I just cannot get past any of these figures. To me, Mobe has to be THE biggest scam ever!

    • Hi Rob,

      I know, it is hard to believe people would fall for this! However, remember these people did not know it was not on the up and up! They were victimized by good salespeople! I think that the people who could afford this were duped into believing it had to be real to cost that much. One of the sales tactics they used was “How much doe a 4year education cost at a quality university?” I mean when you think it is legit, you can understand that argument, right?

      Well, he was not the biggest, remember Bernie Madoff? He was the biggest fraud by a single person at 65 BILLION !!!! All those investors thought he was a great investor! So, it is a good thing that Matt Lloyd’s Mobe Scam got shut down by the FTC!!!

      Thanks for the great comment,Rob, and stop back!


  3. Wow! I can’t believe that companies out there would do this kind of thing. It’s all clever marketing isn’t it? I know sometimes I’m tempted to try things out because of the potential for income, but when you really look into it you realise that it is too good to be true. Slow and steady definitely wins out!

  4. It’s indeed a great news that Matt Lloyd’s Mobe scam was shut down by the FTC. Personally, one thing I don’t like with products that claim to teach how to make money online is upsells. Upsells usually turn me off and give an impression that the program is a big scam. Mobe is a typical MLM Company.

    • HI Barry,
      Mobe was definitely a scam.Matt Lloyd’s Mobe Scam was never contested by Matt Lloyd.He agreed to settle immeditately with the FTC, so he pretty much admitted his guilt. Sadly, he claimed that wealthy Affiliate was a scam and they are not! I don’t like upsells either, it send me running the other way!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment,

  5. Wow! Nice article. I’m pretty skeptical about MLM Pyramid Schemes. They don’t actually offer any real services that will keep people sticking around for long or even maybe a life time. They are shinny objects that promise to make one rich overnight. People are so after shinny objects that they fall so cheaply. This article is an eye opener.

    Thanks for exposing…

    • Hi BEazzy,

      Thank you! I dislike MLM companies for the fact you have to recruit people. The “legitimate” ones do provide some security with you downline recruits making money and you getting a commission. But, that only lasts as long as your recruits stay inboard. It is a risky type of passive income, I don’t care for it.
      I like Wealthy Affiliates much better for learning to make money.

      Matt Lloyds MOBE Scam was a very expensive deal in the first place, and it may have turned some away quickly. But, they bilked $125,000,000 million bucks from people. So, far too many people bought the story!

      Thanks for leaving a comment and glad you like the review.


  6. WOWZERS, I remember looking at MOBE awhile back. That is crazy, to think I actually gave it a serious consideration. I am so happy I did not. So, you go on to talk about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and I am so glad you do. I too looked into WA and found that it is not only a very legit training platform and proven system it is a great place with a wonderful community. Tis is why I always refer anyone who is even halfway serious about internet marketing to WA. I mean, it is free to check out, I mean absolutely free. Don’t even have to break out the credit card for this ne folks. LOL. I serious can’t say enough about the level of quality that WA offers 

    • Hi Free4life,

      Good thing you didn’t get involved with Mobe, it was a disaster for sure. I never could have gone very far if I had gotten bit, but it was possible I could have loaded up a credit card for the first level for sure!

      Wealthy Affiliates is a gold mine for sure. People still think it is just too much work to build everything from scratch. So, they keep chasing the get rich quick schemes. That is why they work so well. Even if you show them for free, they kick the tires and leave.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment

  7. I remember reading about this company because they had a lawsuit against Wealthy Affiliate which they lost.

    I didn’t really know much about their business model.  But, it looks a lot like Empower Network which was labeled as a pyramid scheme by the FTC.  Eventually, it got shut down, too.

    But, this one is insane!  Diamond for $29,997!  But, you still have to pay $300/month.  Seriously, I wonder how many people really went all in with this Matt Lloyds Mobe scam?

    It’s good to see that they got shut down and can’t rip anymore people off.

    • Hi Garen,

      They were in the news quite a bit, and people are asking about them. They want to know how they can get their money back. But, sadly it is up to the receiver and how much they can recover.
      I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone trying to make money online.
      You have to wonder if maybe Matt Lloyd didn’t use the same model as David Wood and the Empower network scam.

      I honestly can’t imagine anyone dumping $30,000 and agreeing to pay $300 as well! But, Kyle did say some people lost $100,000 in the scam! Unbelievable! That is a decent US home right there! Well, I don’t know how many were involved, but the figure of $125,000,000 lost says it was a fairly large number of people.

      I agree, good riddance! 

      Thanks Garen for stopping by and taking the time to comment,


  8. Hello. You never hear about scams being shut down. It is sad that the site took away millions from individuals though. That platinum cost is too crazy. I can’t believe they charged that. Who would pay that though?! If you were actually making a lot of money then I can see you reaching that point eventually. Normal people can’t afford that. It would be life savings that people would pay to be in the club. 

    • Hi Rachel,

      Yes this is one that did get shut down, I remember others like Empower Network. $30,000 is a crazy amount and they also had to pay a $300 a month membership fee as well, plus pay for traveling to MOBE seminars and workshops! Incredibly, some people lost $100,000 in this scam. I try to recommend Wealthy Affiliates for starting any kind of business.

      Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment,


  9. thanks for this in-depth review about what mobe was. Even though I didn’t know much about the company —after reading your article I can clearly see why this was indeed a scam.

    I mean some of there products were thousands of dollars — and at the end of the day all you were doing is trying to get people to join Mobe, buy these training’s provided, and repeat the same process.

    Honestly I don’t know how they stayed around as long as they did, and I’m glad that Wealthy Affiliate didn’t back down when they got sued by them.

    Did you know anyone that did join Mobe before it got shut down?

    • Hi Michael,

      I am glad you liked the review, and like you I didn’t realize just how big a scam MOBE really was, until I researched them myself. yes, the prices people were paying were just unbelievable. But, I can remember Matt Lloyd posted something like if you go to a college or university, you pay a lot of money for an education…and that is how he justified the cost!

      Yes, all it was in the end was a very expensive affiliate program that you literly paid very high fees to have the right to sell their products. which turned out to be more ways to sell their products. One big funnel.
      Wealthy Affiliates does not have upsells, and they are the real deal.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment,


  10. I had heard about More for a while now and have been disgusted from the beginning not only because of the crooks they were, but at the people who don’t educate themselves and fall for this.

    I also read the post in WA about the problems they were dealing with because of Mobe. And I was ecstatic that WA stuck with it for those 3 years and finally prevailed 🙂

    Good bye Mobe!

    • Hi Stew,

      Yep, goodbye MOBE! They were so outrageous on their fees, it is a wonder they did as well as they did. It was kinda sneaky what they did, and if people were new to the internet and had no experience with scams, this was easy to fall prey to! I am glad Wealthy Affiliates graciously donated $65,000 to the victims! They lost a lot of money!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment,


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