What Is Branson Tay’s Login N’ Cashin – Another Scam?

Branson Tay’s Login N’ Cashin is another product produced by Branson Tay that claims a 5 second trick can make you a whole lot of money! Well, I am skeptical that any 5 second trick will work like that.

If it were true, many people would be making a lot of money really fast and easily. Not to mention that if I had a secret system that could make me money that easily, I certainly wouldn’t be selling it! Why would anyone?

After doing more reviews than I care to count, I can spot a gimmick pretty quickly. But, I will give Branson the benefit of doubt and review his program. Let’s take a look.

  • Name    –  Login-N’-Cashin
  • Website –  https://logincashin.com
  • Price     –  $19/upsells of $47,$297,$97,$47,$169,$297,and $67
  • Owners – Branson Tay
  • Quality – Poor
  • Overall Rank – 2/10
  • Refunds – 365 Day Money Back +$300 Guarantee(Plenty Of Restrictions)
  • Verdict –  Not Recommended

Branson Tay’s Login-N’-Cashin Overview

When you read the sales page for this product, you find out that a $2.3 Trillion Dollar Microsoft Breakthrough makes you $273.48 Per HOUR..!! And it is because of a secret 5 second trick. You get paid each time you login to your account.

Wow, that’s pretty slick! And you also don’t need any fancy tools. You make this money practically out of thin air! Sounds great!

So, Branson claims you don’t need any experience, no extra expenses, and you can start right away today! Can’t beat that!

The problem is that any kind of business online, requires work! A lot of work. I know because I have been doing this since 2015 and I know that there is no get rich quick scheme.

They don’t exist. But, as long as people keep looking for that “way to make a fast buck easy” people like Branson Tay can make a lot of money! All it takes is producing one product after another, and selling it to that poor sucker dreaming of getting rich.

I did another review on one of Branson Tay’s products called Googlix.

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What Is Brandon Tay’s Login-N’-Cashin About?

Branson Tay's Login N Cashing Sales Page

Branson claims it’s all about this $2.3 trillion dollar Microsoft loophole. This “Secret Platform” is paying him $273 dollars an hour! And you could be doing the same! And it all comes down to this 5 second trick!

Branson Tay's Login N Cashin 5 Second Trick


What is this 5 second trick? Branson talks a lot about it, but does he ever tell us what this trick is? He talks about this being discovered by one of his technicians, but he never really explains what it is.

If there ever was such a breakthrough, it would be known by everyone in the business. So I personally am sure it is baloney.

Branson Tay is giving this big breakthrough away for just $19! WHY?

Well, this is the “Clickbait” that gets all the “Suckers” looking to “get rich quick” to buy his “Gimmick Product”. But seriously, Why would you give away something so valuable for $19?

Branson Tay's Login N Cashin For $19

Is Branson Tay’s Login N Cashin Really Only $19

The truth is, after you click on the product, you are going to get hit with a whole slew of upsells! Each and everyone is a “Must Have Product” for you to be the most successful you can be. And if you buy all these programs, you are going to shell out $1040.

That is a hell of a lot more than 19 bucks! It is only $19 if you ignore all the upsells.

But, if you look at the Affiliate payouts, on the Warrior Plus+ sales page, you see that this is set up to make money for all the Affiliates that are promoting this offer! And with a 50% payout, you make $590 of each “Sucker” that buys all the upsells.

No wonder you see page after page of Affiliates selling this course on Google and claiming is the best and easiest way to make money ever!! And that should be the first “Red Flag”

How Does Branson Tay’s Login N’ Cashing Work?

Well, according to Branson Tay, it is a simple 3 step process.

  • Access – Get a copy.
  • Activate – Turn on the 5 second technology(Whatever that is?)
  • Profit – Just by a login to this account.

Then, every time you login, you get paid $273 over and over again!

Then you are shown a success story. After a full month of logins, Samuel Made $32,242.09! So are you thinking this is great, or are you totally skeptical? You should be very skeptical, because this is just too hard to believe!

Brandon Tay’s Login N Cashin Is Unbelievable!

Yes, it truly is unbelievable! Because, you can’t make money online that easily. I know because I have been earning money online since 2015. And I can tell you, it is a lot of work. It is not easy!

It is hard for established websites of seasoned affiliate marketers to make that kind of money as well. But, it is possible for people who sell you these pipe dream products to make quite a bit of money in a short period of time.

They are simply ripping people off. Don’t be fooled by this hype. I have a much better way to make money online that actually works and you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to start. Check out the link below.

And to top it off, he even shows some fake testimonials to back up his claims. And why aren’t these people making thousands if all you have to do is login over and over?

Branson’s Fake Testimonials

Branson Tay’s login N Cashing 100% Money Back Guarantee

Login N’ Cashin is even backed up by a 100 day “Better than Money Back Guarantee”. But, there are some restrictions that you have to comply with to ever get a penny back. You see, that is the loophole that allows him to never refund a penny. If you read the liability disclaimer, they make “No Guarantees, expressed or implied.

It also tells you, that these results are exceptional, and you may not make any money! Now, if all we have to do is Login to make money, why are results for some people exceptional, but others may not make any money? Because it is not true.

And what about the extra $300 you are going to get for wasting your time. Well, that’s pretty simple. When ever you try to get a refund and/or your $300, you will get the run around. The guarantee is no promise to pay, and only if you have done the work, and ask for help and they can’t help you. What are the odds that they can’t help you?

Are Refunds Actually Honored?

But, they do say refunds are always honored! I can tell you right now, if you ask for a refund, all you will get is crickets. You will never hear from them. Especially if you were smart enough to only shell out the $19. They know you are not going to pursue them for long over $19. It just isn’t worth the hassle.

This is how this kind of scam operates.

So, now you are only getting 100 days refund, and only (if you have a technical glitch that they can’t rectify quickly).

I guess he forgot he offered a full 365 day refund above. But, it really isn’t a refund guarantee. If you read the disclaimer, he actually tell you it is not a refund guarantee, or a guarantee to make money either! So much for the “Profits for just login into the account”

Branson Tay’s Login N Cashin Disclaimer

You can read all the details here.

But, they hope nobody actually reads the disclaimer. And they continue to sell a dream!

Branson Tay's Login N' Cashin Dream Picture Selling The Dream

Even the frequently asked questions found inside the program don’t really tell the whole story. It would be very difficult to produce the actual products that the Login N Cashin methods are teaching you, in a few hours. And the secret Microsoft Platform is revealed below. It is not really any secret at all.

How Much Does Branson Tay’s Login n’ Cashin Cost?

Login n’ Cashin isn’t cheap. If you pay for all the upsells and downsells, the cost is outrageous.

  • Initial Cost: Login n’ Cashin Software – $19
  • 1st upsell: Login n’ Cashin – Unlimited [$47]
  • 2nd upsell: Done For You [$297]
  • 3rd upsell: Hands-Free Automation [$97]
  • 4th upsell: Income Multiplier [$47]
  • 5th upsell: Limitless Traffic [$169]
  • 6th upsell: Franchise License [$297]
  • 7th upsell: Emergency Cash [67]

The total estimated cost is about $1040 for Login n’ Cashin if you bought all the upgrades to get the potential full benefits. Branson does not mention the cost of additional tools and options that are necessary.

A Peek Inside Login N Cashin

Here is a video of what you find inside the Login N Cashing Product shared from Ken Furukawa Marketing.

The Login N Cashing program is far from a simple and easy program. Like most online products it require you to do more than just login. And you are not going to get paid $273 every time you use the product.

If you watch the video, you will learn that the Microsoft Secret Platform is actually a PowerPoint program! And you will be creating a freelance service designing PowerPoint presentations for clients.

Branson Tay is providing templates for you to use for your business, but the same type templates are available for free at Canva. So, why waste your money by buying the Login N Cashing program?

You can also see from the video that the training program pages were not available after this product was launched. It pretty much tells you what type of program you will be buying. It is a waste of money. Save your money!


  • Cheap At $19.
  • Templates Provided.


  • Not Worth The Money.
  • Templates Are Available For Free (Canva).
  • Not A 5 Second Method At All.

Is Branson Tay’s Login N Cashin Legit Green Thumbs Up Legit IndicatorBut Not Recommended

Login N Cashin is an actual product that you can purchase. But, it is a product that you can obtain for free. Why pay for these templates, when you can get them from Canva for free? Branson is just making a profit from people who don’t know this.

And, you can see from the video that the product isn’t even finished after the product was launched! Branson Tay is becoming well know for low grade products. Don’t waste your money. It is not the easy way to make a quick buck as it was claimed to be.

If you want to start making money online, the try something that actually works and doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Get great training and a community that is available for help 24/7, and offers free websites and hosting, with world class support.

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Login N Cashin




  • Cheap At $19
  • Templates Provided For You


  • Not Worth The Money
  • Free Templates Are Available
  • Not A 5 Second Method At All

10 thoughts on “What Is Branson Tay’s Login N’ Cashin – Another Scam?”

  1. It still baffles me that people continue to fall for these gimmicks every day! I guess to a large extent that these platforms remain in business because they largely operate on a steady stream of those who are new to the world of making money online! Because of unfamiliarity, they can easily be sucked in, especially since the entry cost is minimal – in this case $19.

    There are so many red flags- login cost, numerous upsells, the 100% Money Guarantee with restrictions etc. It truly is unfortunate that any one can believe that a 5 second trick can make you loads of money and the MS secret platform is only a PP program with templates from Canva.

    You are doing a great job letting people understand these gimmicks and identifying better programs. Thank You!


    • Hi Ceci,
      The small price is the click bait that drags people in. Then the upsells trick people into believing they need them to make their success easier. It’s just a poor way to make money online. It is selling information that is already free on the internet.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  2. Hi Chas,

    Great stuff you did with this article. It still baffles me how some people will do anything to rip others off their hard-earned money. Making money online is not as easy as this Branson Tay has said- 5 secs is really exaggerated. Any business model or any online money-making-marketing-ads that preach zero risk most likely would be a fraud too because nothing good comes easy at all! You have to build your business, learn the skills to scale up, and implement all the things for you to succeed before you can actually get the result. And I’m wondering why he had to mention Microsoft in the first place– to lure people I guess.

    • Hi Femi,
      Thank you. Yes some people have no problem taking money from people who fall for their hype. The whole sales hype behind login-N-Cashin is just not factual at all. Yes, the 5 seconds is a joke, along with “just login and make money” is so not true. You are actually trying to get customers for your business under his business model, and that is hard work, not a quick get rich scheme. I think he used Microsoft as a secret because he is using their software.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon.

  3. Hi Chas, Seen a few of Branson Tays products whilst on Warrior Plus I must admit that none of them have really appealed to me as of yet. After reading your review I can only think that maybe there is a nack to use whatever this product is to make money. I can only think that there must be because he probably must have some kind of marketing experience to put a product like this together. Although, that $19 I’m sure there are plenty of other products on Warrior Plus, Clickbank, and other marketplaces for digital products that are likely better. I bought a product from W+ the other week that I have been very happy with but I guess it really is a matter of looking for reviews like this one to get perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

    Shame really I think because maybe some of these products if they were put together better and they actually were a bit more transparent about what they can actually do then probably people would be better off. I think a name like Login and Cashin could be a good product just a shame it has to get wasted on a crappy product that bullshits people into buying it.

    Think some people need their heads testing but where others fail it is someone else’s chance to succeed I’d like to think.

    • Hi Alex,
      Yes, Branson Tay produces one product after another, but they are not good products. You can tell they are hastily put together, and don’t do what the sales hype says they do. He markets products that just get people to click on his upsells. I can’t believe people actually don’t even feel guilty about producing crap products. They only want the money they produce for awhile.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  4. I have never come across a program that pays for logins. It is high time, people understand the hard truth…Making money online or having a successful online business takes time and effort. Thanks for sharing this information to us with complete details. I was wondering…how can he use the name of Microsoft and run such a program…because in some sense he is tarnishing a reputed brand ?

    • Hi Satz,
      You are right, nobody pays you for logins. The real program behind Branson Tay’s login N’ Cashin hype is not much better. As far as Microsoft goes, he is taking a chance, but he is also calling it a secret. So, I don’t think he would get any heat for that. In fact it is hard to tell what his sales page is talking about. His program is completely different from his sales page hype.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  5. Thank you for this informative review! Tay’s Login N Cashin is certainly a scam of the highest magnitude. If it made hundreds of dollars a day, why sell it for $16? You actually LOSE money that way. If anything made hundreds an hour, I wouldn’t sell it. Aside from that, there is no transparency as it relates to the product’s price, the guarantee, or anything else. If you want to build an income online, I highly doubt it can be achieved in 5 seconds. Thanks for pointing out the actual shady business going on! I love it!

    • HI David,
      You are welcome. I want to alert people about every scam I come across, and this is one program that is a waste of money. I know I don’t like to be hit with a bunch of upsells as soon as I purchase a product. That is what this program is all about. Selling you one upsell after another. A total money making scheme for Branson Tay. Save your money!
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and please stop back soon.


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