Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review – [Is It Worth It]

Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review takes a look at this latest product launch. You are probably here right now because you are looking for a review of Monarch software. Well, you came to the right place. I am going to show you exactly what you need to know about this product before you buy it. Monarch claims to have found a Facebook loophole that can make you thousands of dollars a day! Really? If I were making $1000 a day, why would I sell this program? I am skeptical when I hear claims like this, and you should be also. let’s check this out.

  • Name    –  Monarch
  • Website –
  • Price     –  $17 with Upsells
  • Owners – Venkata Ramada
  • Quality – Not Worth It
  • Overall Rank – 1/10
  • Refunds – 180 day money back guarantee
  • Verdict –  Not Recommended

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Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review – Overview

The Monarch system is a program that is controversial but 100% legal, or at least this is what the sales page claims. It is a system that uses Facebook as the traffic source to generate commissions from selling products from Clickbank. You don’t need any tech skills to generate “autopilot” income from Facebook. And you receive a nonstop loop of $27- 47 payments.

This is claimed to be so easy a 12 year old could do it. Just copy and paste, zero hard work required. And if you fail, they will send you $300. I have seen promises like this before, and you have to jump through a bunch of hoops and cross all their “t’s” first. Too be fair, they will expect you to go all in on their program, do whatever they tell you, and it will be a lot more than copy and paste.

This program is set up to work on Facebook. It provides training videos to teach you how to build a landing page, and promote Clickbank products on Facebook. But, it doesn’t really provide anything new that you don’t already have available to you for free. It is simply posting a landing page on Facebook for affiliate marketing.

This is very similar to Venkata Ramada’s Snappy software.

Take a look at the Monarch Promo Video

Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review – What The Product Costs?

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review Image Of The Monarch Product

The Frontend version of this product has a teaser rate of $17. However, as soon as you buy the product, there are upsells you will be seeing as well.

Monarch offers you a lot of upsells to make money if you are an affiliate selling the product. As a buyer, I can tell you, save your money! To get all the details, read the rest of the review.

Monarch Upsells

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review
  1. Monarch FE: (Price: $17)
  2. Unlimited – Upsell 1: (Price: $37)
  3. Done For You – Upsell 2: (Price: $197)
  4. Monarch Automation – Upsell 3: (Price: $67)
  5. 1 Hour Profits – Upsell 4: (Price: $97)
  6. OverNight Traffic – Upsell 5: (Price: $97)
  7. Monarch Reseller- Upsell 6: (Price: $97)

If you bought all these upsells, you will spend $609

Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review – What Is It?

If we look at the promotion information, we can see a lot of hype, about what the program is. Any program that is this simple and makes this kind of money, simply doesn’t exist. And if they are using Facebook, you need a large following to make any money. It is not going to happen with just your friends and family.

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review

Where is all this money coming from? You need customers buying products for the money to roll in, it doesn’t just appear whenever you paste a link on your landing page. Oh, and they aren’t mentioning building a landing page to promote each product?

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review

I have been in affiliate marketing since 2015, and I have never found a copy and paste program that pays you each time you paste a link. That is totally misleading, it simply doesn’t work that way. It takes hard work and consistent effort to make money. There is no simple and easy program that is going to generate income automatically.

The normal procedure is testing posts, landing pages, and ads and finding out what works to attract buyers.

Affiliate Marketing works by people clicking on your link and buying stuff! And if you don’t have a lot of people following you, there just won’t be many sales, period!

The 365 Guarantee or 180 Day Guarantee – Which Is It?

Monarch has a 365 day money back guarantee in the sales pages, and a promise to send you $300. But that changes below!

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review Image with 365 days Circled in Red

But, just below the same image, the deal changes to only 180 day moneyback guarantee. It is clear that these banners are being used over and over again for many different products! That is why the numbers are different.

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review Image With 180 Days Circled in Red

You are offered every penny back if you return the product within 180 days. And here they will only give you $250 for wasting your time. I bet! I am sure you will get crickets when you try to get $250 or $300 for a $17 product. It’s not going to happen. You will be ignored, and never hear a word from Venkata Ramada.

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review Image

Monarch is a program that really duplicates other methods already available at no cost. You have all the tools that this program provides already in Facebook, and Clickbank

Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review- Inside The Dashboard

Once inside the Monarch program, you have access to the training, and search feature. The training is 11 videos that show you all the steps to get started. The video’s are fairly short and shouldn’t take more than an hour to view.

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review Image Of The Inside Dashboard

Monarch Step #1 – Find Your Profits

After you have opened your Clickbank account to have access to the products, your first step is to find your profits. This is where you search Clickbank to decide what products you want to promote.

The search feature is offered by the Monarch platform. This is a search feature that pulls up the affiliate programs that are available in Clickbank. Monarch brings up a search display that shows you all the products and has the same listings as Clickbank for things like the gravity, average earnings per sale, initial earnings per sale, and total rebill amount.

These are all available on Clickbank when you open your account. So, really there is nothing here that you have to pay extra for software to do for you. You get all this for free on Clickbank.

But, you don’t need it. This is simply doing the same thing as the Clickbank marketplace already gives you. Why pay extra for something you can get for free?

This information is available on Clickbank without the need for any software!

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review

Monarch Step #2 – Build Your Landing Page

When you click the build link, several templates are displayed to use to build your landing page. It is actually a simple page builder and it does have some simple features you can use to change text, move things around, add buttons, ect .

But, you can also get a simple landing page builder with autoresponders like Get Response. You will need that anyway to build your email list. So you could get a landing page builder free there as well.

For more advanced marketers, you can download a free plugin as well, if you have a website already.

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review Landing Page Templates

Monarch Step #3 – Get Traffic

The final step is to get traffic to your landing page. You do that by posting ads in your Facebook account. But, to get traffic you need buyers. You can only have buyers if you already have a large following. Just by posting in groups and on Facebook will not result in huge sales.

You could run Facebook ads which is added expense and costs, and a lot of testing to see what might work for a good profitable ad. But, that is not what the claim is here. It says copy and paste to Facebook.

Another point to make is the fact that this Monarch Software is giving you the choices of a multimedia post, a Cta post or a Carousel and slideshow post. These options are already available on Facebook! You do not need this software to do this. It is a complete waste of money to buy this.

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review

Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review Tracking Link – Is It The “Special Link?”

What about the “special link” that you can copy and paste over and over again to make money? I am not quite sure.

It is either the affiliate link from Clickbank, or the tracking code from their tracking software that tells you where the link was placed.

if it is simply the affiliate link you use when selling your Clickbank products, you get this link anyway when you join Clickbank. So, it really isn’t a special link. When people click on your link, you get a commission if they buy the product.

If the special link is the tracking code, all that is telling you is where the link was placed. This program is based on using Facebook, so they would simply tell you if it was a post on Facebook, or in a Facebook group, or from a Facebook video.

Again, there are free alternatives. A tracking link can be created in bitly, and inserted into your affiliate link on Facebook or on your landing page. And if that is your special link, there is nothing special about it!

Venkata Ramada's Monarch Review

Where Is the Facebook “Loophole?”

I couldn’t find any Facebook loophole. Yes, Facebook did change their name to Meta, but the process for posting is still the same. Again another misleading statement. It is all hype just to “Sell” the product. There are to many red flags appearing for this product!


  • Cheap Price
  • Page Builder Included
  • Tracking Code


  • Not Worth It
  • Information Is Available for Free

Verdict – Not Recommended – Image Of Thumbs Down For Not Recommended

This product is a waste of money because most of these features the software is producing are already available for free without buying anything. There is very little if any benefit at all from buying this product. The only thing I see is a lot of hype, that is totally misleading about this product. The “special link” is probably just the tracking link. And I have yet to find any Facebook “loophole”.

This product is set up for the Affiliate Marketers to make money from the many upsells.

Save your money!

If you want to get a free legitimate training system that works, check out my #1 recommendation below. You can build an actual online money making business that you own and completely 100% control.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back to you ASAP


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  • Cheap Price
  • Page Builder included
  • Tracking code


  • Not Worth It
  • Information Is available For Free

12 thoughts on “Venkata Ramada’s Monarch Review – [Is It Worth It]”

  1. Hi, Chas. This Ventaka Ramadas Monarch is nothing different from most of the Warrior Plus products. Most of those products are just get-rich-quick schemes promising to make money overnight. But at the end of the day, you are just going to lose your hard-earned money. This type of products target newbies because they don’t know anything about online businesses. So, it is easy for them to fall into those crappy products. At least, there are reviews like yours to warn beginners.

    Earning thousands of dollars daily!! Come on, I can’t believe people are falling for this.

    • Hi Warren,
      A lot of products out there are just a waste of time and money. It is the new person who is unaware of the world of affiliate marketing, and who doesn’t realize the scams that are being offered. The exaggerate the results to make then sound like you are going to be rich in no time at all. But, it is the product seller who is getting rich!
      I will try to warn as many folks as I can! And try to get them into the best training in the world.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, please stop back!

  2. Hi Chas!

    Thank you for your honest review! It’s important that people like are reviewing this scam programs. People are, or SHOULD be, googling these products before buying them and therefore these kind of honest reviews will save their money. Cheap price together with coming upsales are leather combination… It’s easy to get people in for these scams.


    • Hi Markus,
      You are welcome. I like to let people know when I run across these scams, and hopefully save them some money. Some people may be a complete newbie like I was a few years back. I didn’t have any idea these scams existed, so I lost a bunch of money! And today, you see so many reviews telling people how wonderful a product is, because they are affiliates of the products. Somebody needs to tell the truth about the products!
      Yes, that cheap “teaser rate” works well to get people to click on the link, then they get blasted with upsells!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!


  3. Hi Chas, I think I saw Monarch on Warrior+ didn’t really stick out much for me. Seems like the same boring digital product I’ve seen countless times before. I think it is Perpetual Income 365 that this reminds me of just the pictures of the Upsells

    For $17 you can join Wealthy Affiliate pretty much for one month and there is probably 1000 times more training. I can’t call this a scam because I never tried it but get the same feeling everyone who buys this is probably being told to share the same landing page, email series etc. and probably a very low chance of this working.

    I’ve not tried but don’t think I would even waste my money.

    Thanks for sharing anyhow was a good read.


    • Hi Alex,
      It is just like all the other worthless products that people are creating now to make a buck. I think Venkata Ramada has a new product scheduled every month! And they are pretty much the same type of teaser rate product with upsells.
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is of course one of the best and most affordable trainings available for learning Affiliate Marketing.
      I don’t want to call it a scam, because it does operate. It shows some landing page templates and a basic page builder, and a basic search feature for Clickbank products. But, all of these operations can be found for free, so it is purely a waste of money to buy. I am sure that a lot of duplication of landing pages would occur eventually.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon!

  4. Hey Chas. Thanks a lot for this in-depth review of this obvious SCAM. Whenever I see the price tag $17, I am already alert of this being a scam. You did a great job with providing us so much details on what to expect from it. I was amazed about the money back guarantee. Do you really think that he will not give you the initial investment and nor the 250 bucks? I mean it looks to-good-to-be-true anyway, but if he just made that up that is really very bad.

    • Hi Julius,
      Thank you for the kind words! I agree with you, when I see $17 I think “teaser rate” and I know that plenty of upsells will follow. But, for newbies, if they haven’t seen it, it looks like a real bargain!
      My opinion on the money back guarantee is he will likely refund the $17, but I don’t think you will ever see the bonus of $250 or $300. I don’t think he made it up, most likely he has a list of requirements that will give him an out if you don’t follow them to a “t”.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon!

  5. Whenever outlandish claims as the one being proposed by Venkata Ramada are being made it’s best to run for the hills. Suggesting that there is a loophole in Facebook and that you can copy and paste a link to receive thousands of dollars is preposterous as you point out. Further, using opaque language like a special link when an affiliate link is being referred seeks to convey some special right when this is a commonplace feature. And you are quite right I can almost be 100% certain that the money-back guarantee be it 180 or in 365 days is not worth the paper it is written on. Thanks for trying to clear up this type of mess which gives other bonafide programs a bad name. 

    • Hi Hugh,

      Thank you for leaving such a good comment! You have touched upon the points I find troublesome in this product. Whenever I see these unsubstantiated claims, it quickly become evident that it is nothing more than hype to sell the product. I have experienced the disappearing act in many products when it come to refunds and bonus cash they promise for trying their products! Just a sales pitch that they have no intention of fulfilling. 

      Thanks again, and plese stop back soon!


  6. Thanks Chas appreciate the honest approach to what appears to be another online scam.  Definitely one to be avoided.  As you say, it is best to avoid get rich schemes and to learn instead how to build a business online the right way by getting the right training.   Very wise words. 

    • Hi Moreno,

      Thank you! I want to keep people informed of any questionable products I come across. Anyone would be advised to skip this one. It really doesn’t do anything you need to pay for. My #1 recommendation is the better choice. And you can try it for free. That’s the best deal! 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Stop back soon!



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