Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System – Does It Work?

Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System is a recently released training system that he claims anyone can do. Kevin also claims it is a heavily guarded system that he uses to bring him sales and commissions every single day of the week.

When Kevin uses this system, he claims it generates high 5 figure sales monthly, like clockwork and completely hands off. And remember, it is also easy to use and anyone can do it.

Well, those are some bold claims, but does this “system” actually deliver the “goods?”

If you are here now, congrats to you for researching products before you buy them!

I have reviewed a few hundred products over the years and a few of them were Kevin’s products. I can honestly say most of Kevin’s products are legitimate products, but some are a “bit of sales hype.”

The 365 sales system is a training product that claims to be teaching all his methods for producing income. Let’s take a look.

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  • Name    –  The 365 Sales System
  • Website –
  • Price     – $17 to $47 + upsells
  • Owners – Kevin Fahey
  • Quality – Training program
  • Overall Rank – 7/10
  • Refunds –  14 day money back guarantee
  • Verdict –  Legit – (I have a better recommendation)

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Who Is Kevin Fahey?

Kevin Fahey is a successful entrepreneur, digital marketer, and business coach. He has been featured in several financial magazines, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC. He is active in the entrepreneur community teaching free webinars, and mentoring other businessmen.

Kevin also has a blog where he shares advice and insights about digital marketing. And he is also a respected member of the digital marketing world.

Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System Overview

Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System Package

According to the sales page, the 365 Sales System is a training system that shares Kevin Fahey’s marketing techniques. It is a simple easy to follow system of modules that share the exact strategies Kevin uses himself. These exact same strategies have helped him generate a high 6 figure yearly income.

The purpose of the 365 sales system is to provide an A to Z Blueprint to show anyone how to produce sales every single day.

This system is an email marketing system. You will need additional tools like an autoresponder to send out email campaigns to your customers. It would be a good idea to figure some extra budget for buying solo email lists and possibly advertising as well.

Kevin uses upsells, OTO (one time offers) and product “Bumps” (special priced offers on the sales page) to generate his email marketing profits. This is a marketing strategy that does work and hundreds of people use it everyday to make money online.

But, this is an email marketing system only. If you want to create a website, you don’t have the training for that. My #1 recommendation shows you how to create your on business using a website. Check out the link below.

Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System

Here is what you see when you decide to purchase the 365 Sales System package.

When you go through all the sales copy on Kevin’s website and decide to try the offer, you will be directed to this sales page. And you can see an additional offer or “Bump” for another product at $17 more, if you check the box.

This is one method of Kevin’s 365 sales system that increases his income. This is just the start!

Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System Sales Page

Immediately after you fill out your details and click on the checkout button, you get another upsell…..This one is actually a presell page for the email MasterClass below!

What happens is this. Once you pass on this offer, you get the sales page promo for the email MasterClass.

Kevin Fahey’s List Building And email Marketing MasterClass

It is more training for email marketing! Now, according to Kevin’s Sales copy, we were supposed to be getting all the secrets in the 365 Sales program. Apparently, we need additional training and lots of it!

This is a $297 Value Product, offered in this “Special Offer” OTO – today only – for $26.54! But, I am interested in what the 365 Sales System offers alone, as a stand alone product. So, I click on the “No Thanks, I’ll Pass On This Special Offer” button and continue on.

Free Affiliate Funnels

And we get yet another upsell. This time it is for a product called Free Affiliate Funnels. There is a splashy sales page leading you into this upsell or OTO as Kevin calls them, but just another upsell. I just want to see the 365 sales system!

So the value of this product is $97, but today it is at the special price of $26.78. My head is spinning!

Again, I click pass an continue on wondering if I will ever get to see the actual product he offered in the first place? I personally dislike this style of marketing and wonder why people think this is helpful? This is a shameless in your face spammy marketing style. But guess what. It does work! (If You Do It Right).

Free Affiliate Funnels With Bonuses If You Buy Today!

Now, we get a slight change of pace, if we buy the Free Affiliate Funnels today, we also get some bonuses! I can tell you that this is the 365 sales system in action right here. But, in reality I have yet to see the 365 Sales System that I purchased!

I again decided to pass on this offer, and still want to see the product. But more upsells are presented first. This next one is called the Traffic Shotgun for $47.

Now, I was confused here, the first page gives a OTO price at $47for a product with a $197 value, but when you pass, you get another chance (I think), to buy it. But, this time it is an upgrade at a big discount? And once I turn it down, I might miss out forever!

I want to see the product I purchased! The 365 Sales System!

Anyway, I clicked on the small paragraph that pretty scary if I pass this offer up! It says: “No Thanks Kevin. I prefer to learn and grow my email list the hard way…Even if it means wasting time and money trying to figure everything out on my own” …Click here to Pass.

And I thought I was going to learn all the secrets with the 365 Sales System? Now, I am going to be figuring it all out on my own without these upsells? What’s the Deal? Was that all hype?

So, after I click on the pass, I expected to see the program, but nope. I get yet another upsell.

The Marketing Power Package $47

The marketing Power Package is a bundle supposedly added as a customer bonus now that I have purchased the 365 sales system. This is 6 more of Kevin’s programs offered as a special bundle for $47

500k Training
Breakthrough tactics for scaling your business.
Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System 500k Training
20k Extra Training
Learn how to work less and earn more
Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System 20k Extra Training
Commission Five
How to build out a perfect egomarketing system
Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System Commission Five Training.
Traffic Five
5 methods that bring in thousands of fresh buyers each month.
Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System Traffic Five Training
Project Restart Pro
Complete training for recreating your business if you had to start over
Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System Project Re-Start Pro Training
Easy Repetitive System
A powerful step by step blueprint for making money online.
Kevin Faheys 365 Sales System - Easy Repetitive System product.
I wasn’t interested in another offer so I turned this one down also.

After I passed on this offer, I was hit with yet another offer to purchase the IM Checklist for $3. So, it is becoming pretty clear how Kevin makes his money.

Kevin Fahey’s IM Checklist

I wasn’t interested in this either, so I passed on this one as well.

Finally, Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System Introduction

So, after I passed on the IM Checklist offer, I finally got the sign in page for the 365 sales system. When I actually ended up inside, I was on a page that had all Kevin’s offers and more displayed for purchase once again!

I chose the first module, the introduction video for the 365 Sales System.

Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System Training Modules

These are the training modules that are included with the 365 Sales System:

1st Module

Introduction: Lay the foundation for your success with an in-depth introduction to The 365 Sales System. Kevin details the key principles and strategies he will be revealing that will enable consistent sales and business growth.

2nd Module

The No Launch Model: A basic explanation of the problems with the traditional launch process. Uncovers private powerful strategies [Private Products] & [Private Promos and Swaps] that are profitable evergreen methods and explains how they work. These strategies are ways to make more sales on an ongoing basis without the need for time-consuming product launches.

3rd Module

The Automation Model: In this overview, Kevin explains how to create an 8 step email series that runs on autopilot. Build a hands-off business that generates sales even while you sleep. He provides some tips for better results.

4th Module

The Fiestas Model: An overview of generating sales during holiday seasons and special occasions, with 11 different holidays to use. By running promotions constantly for several days, you capitalize on these opportunities and maximize your profits. Include bank holidays, business holidays, even your own special offers and have 365 sales a year.

5th Module

The Membership Model: Kevin shares the secrets to monetizing your membership site or any website using regular traffic. He simplifies strategic monetization techniques to turn every page into a profitable money-making machine. Learn tips to unlock your site’s full earning potential and weigh the Pros and Cons of membership sites.

6th Module

The Bump Offer & Multi-Network Model: Kevin explains how to add successful bump offers to your product sales pages. and the benefits of multi-network marketing. And he shows how to set up different product bumps on other networks.

7th Module

The Affiliate List Module: Kevin shows examples of his email offers and explains how he separates customers. Understand how to build a highly responsive list of loyal customers and discover how to get more upsell sales, higher conversions and provide a better customer experience.

The Training Modules Are Brief Overviews

The Modules are a brief overview offering tips and methods Kevin uses. Some are detailed and display examples of how he sets up his funnels and sales pages.

While others are a bit brief with few details about the actual set. This of course will lead up to the sales of his other products at a later date (and higher cost) as people need additional training.

I was a bit disappointed because this was supposed to be all of the secrets revealed. Some were, but it was more like an overview of what he does on his offers, and some tips but nothing in real detail of how to accomplish all this.

Again, it is clearly evident he is leaving the door open for more sales later when people can’t quite figure it all out.

How Much Does The 365 Sales System Cost?

The 365 Sales System costs from $17 to $47 alone. But, as you go through Kevin’s sales funnel you are hit with many upsells. And depending upon what you buy, determines if you see more upsells.

For instance, if you purchase the 365 Sales System for $20.16, the first two upsell products, would cost you $48 more for $68.16 total. But, what happens is if you purchased the Free Affiliate Funnels, then you get hit with two more offers that would cost $144 more. Now your total cost is $217.94. Not real expensive, but the costs are going up! The original cost was $20.16

The Costs Of Kevin’s Funnels

  1. 365 Sales System (today) $20.16
  2. One Time Offer(OTO) – Kevin Fahey’s List Building & Email Marketing Masterclass $27 Today $26.78
  3. Free Affiliate Funnels – $27 total for all three = $73.94

If the customer purchases the #2 Free Affiliate Funnels then they are offered two more upsells:

  • OTO#2a – Free Affiliate Funnels Reseller Pro (Only Shown If OTO2 Purchased) ($97)
  • OTO#2b – Free Affiliate Funnels Reseller Basic (Only Shown If OTO2 Purchased) ($47) both cost an additional $144

So, the total cost is now $217.94

Additional upsells are presented as OTO as you go through the sales funnel.

  • The Marketing Power Package ($47.00)
  • IM Checklist Trial ($3 Trial then $17.95/month) at $3 today the total cost is $50 + $217.94 = $267.94

Kevin Includes 6 Bonuses With The 365 Sales System

Kevin Fahey's 365 Sales System

Lets break down the 6 bonuses included in the 365 Sales System Bundle.

1st BonusAffiliate Marketing Done Right -Your ultimate guide to skyrocket profits! Uncover secret strategies & transform passive income like never before. (Value $97)

2nd BonusMarketing Funnels Video Training & Checklists – Your essential toolkit for setting up and monetizing funnels like a pro! Packed with 18 comprehensive checklists, this bonus provides a step-by-step roadmap to effortlessly create high-converting funnels.(Value $97)

3rd Bonus10X Traffic – Get ready to ignite your online presence with the “10X Traffic” bonus! This powerhouse resource will supercharge your website with an unstoppable surge of visitors. Brace yourself for a traffic revolution like never before. (Value $97)

4th Bonus Emergency Report For Marketers – This bonus is your go-to resource for tackling unforeseen challenges and turning them into opportunities. Packed with expert advice, actionable strategies, and insider secrets, this report equips you with the tools to navigate any marketing emergency with confidence. (Value $97)

5th BonusThe Seven Figure Book Bundle – This exclusive bundle is a treasure trove of knowledge, encompassing four invaluable books that unlock the secrets to building a seven-figure empire. From mastering sales and marketing to achieving financial freedom, this bundle covers it all. (Value $97)

6th BonusFacebook Mastermind Group – This bonus grants you access to a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts who are dedicated to helping each other achieve remarkable results on Facebook. Join forces with the brightest minds in the field, exchange cutting-edge strategies, receive personalized feedback, and stay updated on the latest trends and changes. (Value $97)

Pros And Cons Of Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System


  • Low Cost For Basic Course
  • For Beginners And Seasoned Marketers
  • Good For Building An Email list


  • Hidden Costs
  • Lot’s Of Upsells
  • Primarily For Email Campaigns

Is Kevin Fahey’s 365 System Legit? – Yes Green Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

Kevin Fahey’s 365 System is legit. This is definitely not a scam. It is an email marketing system that anyone can do and it will make money. But, you have to follow all the steps and you will only have an email marketing business.

The 365 Sales System Does Work

It will take some time to develop a list of customers, so it is not an overnight system or get rich quick scheme. It may also require some advertising to get some traffic to your landing page and get people on your list. But, eventually it will work.

You won’t have any website that will add validity to your business. My #1 Recommendation will train you to create a complete business with your own business website and logo. You will have a legitimate business that will rank higher in Google search engines because it is more than just a landing page.

If you truly want a long lasting business that can actually be sold later for a handsome profit, you need to consider building your own website. It is something you actually own, rather than somebody’s training lessons. Check it out below.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is Kevin Fahey’s 365 Sales System A Scam?
No, this system is definitely not a scam.
Does The 365 Sales System Work?
Yes, It does work if it is done correctly.
Is The 365 Sales System Worth Buying?
If you buy the 365 sales system, you will likely need more of the trainings Kevin offers.
Who Is The 365 Sales System For?
The 365 Sales System is for beginners as well as seasoned marketers, but the content is geared toward seasoned marketers a bit more.

Thank you for reading my review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I answer all my readers ASAP.


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Kevin Farley's 365 Sales System




  • Low Cost For Basic Course
  • For Beginners and Seasoned Marketers
  • Good For Building An Email List


  • Hidden Costs
  • Lots Of Upsells
  • Primarily For Email Campaigns

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  1. Thanks, Chas for this review of Kevin’s system. I have known about his work for some time but was never attracted to him and his system. I am happy with WA and all that it offers. I appreciate the new insights into Kevin’s work. All the best.

    • Hi Joseph,
      you are welcome. I am glad to hear you are happy with Wealthy Affiliate! It is a much better alternative, because you learn how to do everything yourself and you don’t rely on others to keep your business going.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  2. A great well written post with great layout. Very engaging to read the whole thing.

    In beginning it seemed to good to be true, but reading further good to know a 14 day money back guarantee, not to mention program is very affordable.

    As with anything one won’t see results until they put in time , effort, & be consistent. Action is required to have any chances of success.

    • Hi Muz,
      Thank you for your kind words. Kevin always does deliver a good bit of sales hype with his products and the 365 sales system is no different. Success is always dependent upon effort, so if it is worth doing it is worth doing right.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  3. Hey Chas, this is yet again a very good review of ‘Kevin Faheys 365 sales system’, where you cover all aspects of this course!
    It’s well written and you offer a real and honest outlook on doing this system.
    A great breakdown highlighting lots of features and pros and cons!
    I shy away from such schemes, especially where you get caught up in upsells as you get deeper and deeper into your signing up.
    I hate it when you are put into this dilemma where you go into panic mode and wonder do you or don’t you go for it, and if you don’t you will miss out!!!
    Sorry, I always put caution to the wind, but checking out reviews like yours is an added bonus, and if someone is genuinely interested then they will benefit one way or another, also giving them the option to check out WA as an alternative type of training is cool in my books.
    So keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Julia,
      Thank you! I am glad you got some value out of my review. I don’t like upsells either. And in this case, you will pay more for these upsells later on as you find out you need to know more about what Kevin is talking about. You are much better off to keep away from such schemes and invest in a quality product like Wealthy Affiliate!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon.


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