Is The New Invisible Method A Scam – Or A Fantastic System?

Is the New Invisible Method a Scam? It is a program that claims to revolutionize your website business by allowing you to completely automate your business. The Proprietary software it uses will allow you to create reviews and videos without writing a single sentence. All you need is a few clicks of your mouse to legally create your business. This software will use it’s own included templates to create reviews and videos automatically. And you never have to show your face, so you can remain invisible. That sounds like a website owners dream come true. Lets find out.

  • Name    – Invisible Method
  • Website
  • Price     – $37/Upsells – $47-$57-$297 Total $438
  • Owners – Tom Yevsikov/ Fernando Nogueira
  • Quality – Poor
  • Overall Rank – 2/10
  • Refunds – 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Verdict –  Not Recommended

What Is The New Invisible Method – [A Scam] Or The Real Deal?

The New Invisible Method is a software product developed by Tom Yevsikov. And the idea behind this method is simple. You set this up once and the program runs on autopilot. It does all the work for you, and you don’t ever have to show your face. I know that sounds great, but I don’t think it is possible. For one reason, you need people to trust you. So, you show them your face to give your website or product some creditability. It helps develop trust.

To sell people products, they have to trust you. Otherwise, they will not buy from you. And people do not like salesmen. A site that is nothing but ads will have people quickly leaving.

But, even more important, internet marketing is a lot of hard work. It requires a hands-on approach to keep things running smoothly. So, I have to admit, I am very skeptical of any automated systems.

The New Invisible Method Product Image

The New Invisible Method Is 5 Products In One

The New Invisible Method uses a combination of 5 different products to complete their business platform. Each product has a specific purpose that will allow for selling any type of product.

The 5 Different Products

New Invisible Method Review MachineThe Review Machine creates reviews that are 100% done for you with just a few clicks of your mouse. Since it is creating the content, there is no need to write any sentences at all. This software will setup everything for you legally and effectively.
And it makes any product easy to sell.
New Invisible Method Video Review MachineCreate video and slide reviews on auto-pilot with a single click. And you don’t need to appear in any videos, or record your own voice.

You can create these videos in just one hour, instead of days trying to create them yourself. Your business will become a gold mine using this on autopilot.
 Invisible Method Google Ads Money Use Google ads to create campaigns. And these ads will generate more money in less time. Now, there is no need for Facebook ads, and all the problems with account shutdowns.
Learn the secrets behind low cost high-converting campaigns.
The Marketing black box is opened on ad copy that is proven to create millions in sales.
Invisible Method Online Millionaire FormulaLook over the shoulders of a team of experts and learn the exact step-by-step method of creating your own income stream using the invisible method.
Learn the easy to use fundamentals and shortcuts needed to generate your first sale within a few hours.
Perfect for the beginner looking to stay ahead of the competition.
New Invisible Method Design RevpixRevpix can help you create any type of design in a few seconds with ease. In just minutes, You can create thumbnails and banners or any other type of design you need. Multiply your sales with this simple and easy to use drag & drop editor. Learn how to create amazing designs and winning creatives in just a few minutes.

How Does Invisible Method Work?

There are 4 easy steps to using the invisible method.

  • Login to the app and use the DFY templates to set up the system.
  • Pick your product from any affiliate site of your choice, and create reviews and videos
  • Once your sales funnel is created, just add your affiliate link
  • Use the Invisible Method Traffic System to get clicks and potential sales in the same day!

Is The New Invisible Method Just A Scam, Or Can Anyone Use It?

The Invisible Method is made to be simple enough, so that anyone can use it. It has a series of user friendly templates that only require filling in the blanks. It is so easy, even a beginner can use the software. There are no real tech skills required for the invisible method. And It doe allow you to stay invisible. But, as I said before, making yourself more visible is important for people to trust you. Less visibility would result in less sales.

Earn $300 to $1000 (or More) Per Day Using The New Invisible Method

The potential earnings of the invisible method are $300 to $1000 (or more) per day by selling affiliate products online. But, the claim of earning that much money in 24 hours is a complete bunk. A website would not even begin to rank until it has some content. so, a beginner is not going to see immediate results.

Even an existing site that puts a new product on the site, is not going to achieve sales in 24 hours. Some affiliates don’t pay for 2 weeks or a month, so it will be way more than 24 hours before you see any type of paycheck.

How Long Do I Have To Work The New Invisible Method Each Day

The New Invisible Method claims to be so simple, it takes only 30 minutes a day. That sounds great. And copying information and pasting it into the forms provided may take only 30 minutes. However, there are some real problems with doing this Invisible Method.

It is not legal or ethical to create content by scraping and coping someone else’s content. That is what this autopilot program does. You fill out the template, and the software finds similar content and basically copies it. They claim that people who have made millions have created this software, so you can copy what they did.

Can You Copy What The Big Boys Do?

Unfortunately, that is not how it works. The so-called “Big Boys” know you can’t copy other peoples work, so they hire teams of writers to create their content. They don’t give a damn about you. Except for one thing. That is, getting your money into their pockets

Google will not rank content that is copied. And even worse, will penalize you for displaying it on your site. You can read more in this article on how google handles article spinners and spun content. It is actually better to hire writers to write articles for you creating unique content. And only use other articles as research to generate ideas.

Creating Videos In I hour With The New Invisible Method

The software for creating auto-generated videos does not work well. It creates subpar videos that are of poor quality and will not generate the quality necessary for sales of $300-$1000 per day. These videos will be banned by YouTube for poor quality, and you can be sure Facebook will not allow them either.

They are also copying content. So, that means they will not rank. Or if they do, they will fall very quickly and very hard once the Google bots figure it out. And they will, because they work tirelessly, 24/7 checking and comparing content.

Poor Quality Video Product

If a video that you want to use to create your review, has more that 24 slides, it will not work. Take a look at this video produced from the Invisible Method software.

I don’t know about you, but I can clearly see that this low quality video product is unacceptable. I can’t possibly see any products being sold using such a poor video to sell any product. And the social channels will not permit this type of low quality to run on their platforms.


  • User Friendly, Easy To Use
  • Quick Set Up
  • Low Cost A Start Up Price


  • Software Copies Exact Content
  • Upsells and Total Cost $428
  • Video Reviews Are Junk

Verdict: The New Invisible Method Is Not Recommended Image Of Thumbs Down For Not Recommended

Invisible Method has such poor quality software, I can only say, it is not recommended. Trying to take short-cuts and automate a business that copies content will not work. It won’t be long before google catches up with sites that are using this type of software to create content. When that happens, Google will penalize those sites and businesses will disappear overnight. This could be considered a type of black hat technique, and it won’t end well. Save your money, and invest in a business built on a strong foundation.

I have been a 6 year member of a platform that teaches White Hat SEO training only. You learn how to build your business the right way from the beginning. As google increases it algorithm abilities, the proper content and SEO practices will always come to the surface. Rankings will increase for sites that follow the rules. Don’t use the wrong techniques, join Wealthy Affiliates now and start learning the right way. Work with Google and do things the way you should.

Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2024

Invisible Method




  • Easy To Use
  • Quick Set Up
  • Low Cost Start Up Price


  • Copies Exact Content
  • Upsells and Extra Cost
  • Video Reviews Are Junk

4 thoughts on “Is The New Invisible Method A Scam – Or A Fantastic System?”

  1. Hi! Chas, 

    The New Invisible Method is a big lie! I never heard about this product but thanks to your review, I agree that copying of others content is wrong. Building a website is about building trust and authority, and it helps in providing a Profile Picture on your website. 

    You need to work hard before getting any money. They do not have these qualities. There’s so much more that you revealed about the cons. I concentrated finding the cons so I know the reasons to believe it’s a scam! I will check your best recommendation of how to build online business the right way. Thank you, I learned more tactics of scammers to avoid! 

    Best Regards! 

    • Hi Shierly,

      Yes, The New Invisible Method is not an ethical way to run a business. Building trust with people is the best way to create a lasting business. Google will figure out when people are using products like this to scrape content and claim it as their own. 

      I also did not like the poor quality of the videos that the software produced. This program is just a waste of money. I am sure you will find my #1 Recommendation is the best way to start a business.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and I hope you stop back soon.


  2. I have not heard about the New Invisible Method before, but I do not like the fact that you will be copying somebody else’s content. So if the software copies the exact content, surely Google will penalize you for publishing duplicate content? Thank you for the warning about this low quality product and the bad videos.

    • Hi Line,

      I am glad I let you know about The New Invisible Method. It is a new product that has been released recently. It is simply content scraping software, being released as an autopilot product. No product will run your website, and create content for you. This software simply copies other articles. Yes, Google will penalize you for it. It is not worth any amount of money to use such a product.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.



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