The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – [Save Your Money!]

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review is hopefully going to save you a lot of your money. Aidan and Steve are great marketers and also have a convincing sales pitch.

In fact, as you go through the sales video, they convince you that you are totally covered and safe.

Because, you have a 30 day money-back guarantee, and a 60 double your money back guarantee.

Well, I can tell you right now, good luck on that double your money back guarantee!

As for the 30 day guarantee, because you are spoon fed 1 video per week you will get through two or 3 modules in 30 days.

But, the only thing that is covered in 30 days is basically setting things up.

You will have no idea if the program even works until 60 or 90 days down the road. And by then it’s to late, you can kiss you $4,000 bucks good bye!

When that becomes a reality, is when it will keep you up at night!

  • Name    – Kibo Code Eclipse
  • Website
  • Price     – $3497 or 4 Payments of $997 + tax [$4227.28] + $499 monthly fee (after 6 months)
  • Owners – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
  • Quality –  Overhyped, Overpriced – Not as simple as they claim.
  • Rank – 5/10
  • Refunds – 30 day refund – expires half-way through the training. 60 day double money back(some requirements)
  • Verdict –   Not Recommended

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The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – Overview

The Kibo Eclipse product is a brand new completely upgraded product based on the original Kibo Code product. It is however, the same basic Kibo Code dropshipping model, with some more tweeks and automation.

The old product used the Shopify platform to set up your eCommerce store website to sell products.

Now, your website is on the platform created by Aidan (and Steve) so, you no longer need Shopify. This is cheaper because it saves you the monthly Shopify fees.

But, what Aidan and Steve are not telling you is that after 6 months or so, they are going to charge you a monthly fee to use the platform. $499 monthly or maybe even more?

Instead of Shopify Fees, You Pay Steve And Aidan

So you are going to pay a monthly fee to them, instead of Shopify. And you won’t have a choice. Why? Because your done for you website, with all the done for you installed products, will only work on their platform.

That’s right, you can’t go anywhere or you lose your entire store.

They completely control your website, and it only works on their platform. And they even tell you that if anything needs fixed in your website, they will go into your site and fix it for you!

That is not a good thing for people to have access to your site. So we should call it “their site” because it sounds like they have total control, not you!

Why not set up your own website, that you own and host it on a platform that allows you to move it anywhere you want at any time?

You won’t lose all your work, and you aren’t held hostage to monthly fees that increase at any time? Isn’t that really a business that you can call your own?

Click the link below and check out a better way to build your own business.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – How It Works

The Kibo Code Eclipse is an 8 week training program consisting of training modules and a live training session delivered once a week for 8 weeks.

That is part of the problem because they are offering a 30 day refund and you will only have seen a partial view of the program.

In fact, the Kibo Code did just that, you had only seen the website set-up when you had to make your 30 day decision whether to stay or not.

It’s hard to decide if you like a program, when you haven’t found out how the program REALLY works. This is what Aidan calls “no risk”. The only person who has “no risk” is Aidan and Steve, they make tens of millions off these product releases!

The Kibo Code Eclipse Image Of The Software Included
The Kibo Code Eclipse Image Of The Live Event Ticket

The Kibo Code Eclipse Online Event

The Exclusive Online event is touted as training you won’t get anywhere else. But, the live events are nothing more than product promotional events. Lot’s of people come and promote more products for you to buy.

I guess the sales presentation is the training that Aidan is talking about when they push this event as something you don’t want to miss. All you hear is how this event will help your business, but they don’t tell you it’s other people’s products.

New Software, But The Same Problems Remain

After looking at the new Kibo Eclipse, I see some fancy automation included, but I don’t see any solution for the problems with this system. You have 1000+ Kibo members trying to promote the same products. And the software still has “bugs.”

The products the software “finds” only contain a certain percentage of products that are going to be good sellers and “winners” like they used to call them. And the people that get the best products first, make out the best overall. Most of the products are junk that won’t sell, so after you spend money advertising them, you painfully learn not many the products are actually winners.

It is only a mater of time when everyone gravitates to the best sellers and the competition really heats up. You are getting products from US suppliers, that much is true. But, the suppliers are not giving you wholesale prices!

Most legit businesses have wholesale suppliers with actual wholesale prices that allow the sellers to make a profit more easily. But not the Kibo Code or the Kibo Eclipse! Nope, and it is tough to sell products when you pay retail prices!

Selling At Retail Prices Makes Profits Very Small

You are sold the products at retail, or very close to retail prices and it is very hard to make a profit and cover shipping and the membership fees that you are required to pay these suppliers! That’s right, you PAY a fee to receive these products at the same price the retailers sell them at! And you pay the shipping with most suppliers. People are simply going to buy the cheaper products, period.

And when you list your product on “Walmart’s Marketplace” or “Facebook Marketplace” you are competing with the suppliers selling the same products. Not to mention 1000’s of Kibo Eclipse sellers as well. And Facebook Marketplace is selling locally.

And guess what, everyone has the same images, the same item description, and you are in price competition with each other as well! Remember, everything is done for you! So, everyone has the same thing as you. This system is a joke!

The only thing for sure is Aidan and Steve make an absolute killing every time they sell these overhyped programs.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review -Testimonials and Profits

Nobody In Our Group Made Profits

I was in a group in the Kibo Code and we discussed how each other was doing. Not one person made a profit! Now, it makes you wonder when you look as these great testimonials, why at least one person wasn’t having any success?

My personal opinion is that some of these people are receiving behind the scenes help to get this to happen, or they have far more experience than most people in the program.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review Image Of Three Testimonials Making $1200 in 24 hours, $6070 in 7 days and 3114 in one day

This is also TOTAL REVENUE, not profits. And we don’t know what they did to achieve this?

Was this because of free ads in the social networks? I don’t think so, they spent a ton on paid ads somewhere. And they had to have “hot selling products!!” That is what is hard to find, the products that sell!!

Most of the products are junk, and waste you time. If you are lucky enough to find a good product early, and your supplier has stock, you might make a few sales. Yep, that crap about the software finding the winners for you, is total BS. They find products, but most are junk.

This Is A Dropshipping Program

And, remember you are dropshipping products from a supplier, and if suppliers run out of stock, you have nothing to ship to anyone!! That happens a lot as soon as you have 100’s of Kibo Eclipse sellers, getting orders for the same product!

Here is a Testimonial from a person who had some success, but he tests 5 to 10 products a day! That’s a lot to find winners. Remember the sales pitch said “the winners are already picked for you?” Not true!

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review Sales Testimonial $20k in 30 days

Aidan thinks people don’t even try to make money, but I know for a fact everyone in my group invested a few thousand of their own money trying to get results and it didn’t work.

No Aidan, a lot of people wasted a lot of time and money trying to get your programs to work. In fact, some just considered the $4000 they lost investing in the program as educational expense.

And I saw people having success who had a lot of prior experience, and I also saw people with prior experience not getting results either. They knew what they were doing and still couldn’t get this to work!

People are investing their life savings into these KIBO programs and losing everything! You call that “Not Trying?” While Steve and Aidan have become multimillionaires.

Dropshipping Has Problems That Affect You

Remember, the good products are the ones everyone is trying to sell. Suppliers run out quick sometimes. And if you are running ads, you are losing money with no products to sell. Then, you have no choice but to try getting products elsewhere, like CHINA.

When people first starting doing this, Aidan and Steve praised them as being “resourceful!” But, when people started getting ripped off by bad merchants, they quickly said “this is why we use American Suppliers” They are two-faced.

If you get products from China, It may take weeks, or even months to get you products shipped. Well, I can tell you from experience, the customers won’t wait!

They want a refund! Yep, Aidan and Steve make it sound easy! But, they have some very deep pockets. Having a big bankroll helps a lot! Especially when you are losing money!

And guess what, we have shipping problems right now in the ports of entry of the U.S. So, you could have supply issues at any time.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – Steve And Aidan’s Revenue

Here is the sales banner from the Kibo Eclipse Website, and this is what Aidan and Steve are saying they did with this program. This is a prime example of the hype they use.

And keep in mind, they have a lot of money for ads, and have 60 people working for them around the world. Producing this revenue takes a lot of ads and people working it with you. But, they make it look like it is the norm.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Image Of What Steve And Aidan Made in Revenue ($35,239 in 24 hours) and ($159,566 in 7 days)   s

People are not going to generate this kind of income for a long time! Unless of course, they are also millionaire’s and have a lot of experience or a team of experienced people. This is just more overhyped BS they have done to impress everyone.

Try a no BS program that is much cheaper, and you can look over for a week for free. Click the link below.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – Why Do Aidan And Steve Sell The Kibo Code

I got a little chuckle when I read the reason that Steve and Aidan sell the Kibo Code courses.

Well, that may be nice to read, and maybe you believe that BS. I don’t because I didn’t come over on the boat yesterday. They sell the product because that’s where the “Real Money Is”.

Selling these programs to unsuspecting people is raking in 22 million or more for these guys each time they sell it! They are good promoters! You are NOT going to make anywhere near that from any eCommerce store.

And as far as loving teaching, if you say anything bad about the programs, you are edited out, you post is removed from the forums. That bring us to their world class support.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – Kibo Eclipse Support

The Kibo Code Eclipse Support Image

The Email Support

Yes they have a support system. One part is the email support system. You can send an email anytime at all, this is true. But you don’t get an immediate answer.

In fact it takes at least a day ,sometimes several days to get an answer. And sometimes you get responses like, “Just watch the videos again, it’s in the training.”

I have comments from people experiencing exactly what I am saying. Read my Kibo Code, Kibo Quantum, and Kibo Code VIP Reviews and see for yourself.

No, sometimes the problems are not in the training, and it is just the “World Class” support blowing you off. Sometimes you get sarcastic responses, and if you complain, they stick up for the support people.

It is always “your fault.” And if it is an important issue, you don’t want to wait for days to hear “it’s in the training”

Does that sound like World Class support to you? It is definitely not “World Class” support.

The Kibo Community

This is a forum group where you can ask for help. But, You are not allowed to complain! If you even say you efforts aren’t working and you think it is the way the system is set up,

Your question or comment is quickly take down, or people are removed from the program so they don’t “blow it for Steve and Aidan.”

You don’t see any negative comments, so you really don’t know how many people are failing to get results. And you are not allowed to ask how others are doing either. That is a big red flag right there!

My question is: If this is such a great program, why are you hiding all the negativity? Sure everyone wants to hear everyone is succeeding, and doing great! But that is not reality. So, is trying to create the perfect atmosphere being honest? No!

But, it is good salesmanship making your product look perfect, and hiding the flaws. That way, less people figure out the real problems. I don’t call that support.

Steve and Aidan Disappear

Steve and Aidan claim they are inside the program to help everybody. Sure, they are around while training is going on to answer questions. And they have removed people from the program if they have complaints.

But after the training is over, and the refund periods pass, you don’t see them anymore. And you can’t contact them directly. You have to go through support.

My recommended training gives you access to the owners by private message. They don’t hide, and they will allow you to tell them if something isn’t right. They are constantly inside the community, in live chat asking if anyone needs any help.

You can check out all the training all at once, you don’t wait weeks to get through the course to see all the videos.

You have a full week to look over everything, at no cost. And you can take another 30 days to look over everything for $19. Why spend $4000 and wait for 8 weeks to see all the training? Click on the link below to check out my #1 recommended training.

The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – Pros And Cons


  • A Done For You eCommerce Program
  • Dropshipping Training
  • 30 Day Refund


  • Expensive
  • Overhyped Program
  • A Ton Of Product Competition

Is Kibo Code Eclipse Legit – Yes, But Not RecommendedThumbs Down Image for Not Recommended

The Kibo Code Eclipse has some pretty fancy upgrades, and does make some tasks easier. It is a real program. But, the done for you software is going to need content changes to be unique from everyone else.

The fact that your website is going to be on the Kibo platform makes it similar to the Shopify Platform. I personally don’t like being unable to move “MY” website to another host if I want to do that.

You are basically trapped and at the mercy of Aidan and Steve for future platform cost hikes.

Costs Are Too High

I also think the program is way too expensive and the software being used to justify the cost is not really necessary. If you wanted to do the same thing with any website, their are similar plugins available that do exactly the same things.

In fact, that is the reason Steve and Aidan claim they have to charge monthly fees later, is because of the cost of the software they use from other manufactures. They are using the plugins, and covering the costs till later down the road, then you will be forced to pay for them.

I don’t like the fact of not having a choice and paying a high monthly fee to have these “done for you” bells and whistles. And the fact that your website can be accessed by the Kibo Programmers to fix problems does not sound secure.

I would rather have my own website, that nobody can access. So I can’t honestly recommend this type of product to anyone.

If you have enjoyed my review, and have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP!


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Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2024

Kibo Code Eclipse




  • Done For You eCommerce Program
  • Dropshipping Training
  • 30 Day Refund


  • Expensive
  • Overhyped Program
  • A Ton Of Product Competition

18 thoughts on “The Kibo Code Eclipse Review – [Save Your Money!]”

  1. Hi Chas, and thanks for this forum. Unfortunately, I purchased the KiboEclipse course (this year), and based on my personal experience, it is definitely a scam. I asked for a refund and they refused to provide me with a refund. And for those who have purchased this course, and were also unable to get a refund, I would recommend the following: file a claim with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) re: the issues you faced with KiboEclipse and their failure to provide you with a refund. If Steve and/or Aidan still do not provide you with a refund, I would suggest that you escalate to arbitration and/or small claims court (as necessary). Let’s try to protect other people from being scammed. Once and for all, it’s time to hold Steve & Aidan accountable for their deceptive business practices.

    • Hi Ann,
      Sorry to hear you got involved with these bums. I have written several reviews on the Kibo Code and the variations they sold to unsuspecting people. Many people stood by the Kibo Code because they thought that Steve And Aidan were respectible businessmen. They are despicable liars.
      However, I disagree with your method of contacting the BBB to file a complaint. Read my review of the BBB here It will help you to understand why I feel that way.
      I got a refund from Steve and Aidan. I simply did what I teach others to do. I emailed them, and wouldn’t take “no refunds” for an answer. I kept emailing them and telling them I didn’t want a refund, I wanted my money back. I explained to them that I was going to contact everyone who has anything to do with scams, and file complaints, starting with the Attorney General, and the FBI. I asked who would be handling this case? I need the managers name and phone number so the Attorney General would be able to contact them about this case.
      I took a few weeks, but they caved and refunded my money.

  2. Hi Chas,
    I initially thought that the Kibo Code Eclipse would be a good “Done for you E-commerce program” with an alternative platform to Shopify but pretty soon as I continued reading, a lot of red flags started coming up.

    Aside from the program being pricey at approx $3,500, I was alarmed to learn that there was the requirement of a $499 monthly fee after the first 6months. This was further compounded by the lack of real training or wholesale pricing for you the “student”. I could go on and on…….. Although I really like the dropshipping model, the Kibo Code Eclipse platform is not where I would want to invest because of all the red flags!


    • Hi Ceci,
      I originally thought it was going to be a great program myself when I bought the original Kibo Code. But, it is a joke. They have it sounding like the solution to all your problems, but it is not! Yes, that fee came about in their following release after the Kibo Code, The Kibo Quantum. That’s when they started their own platform and all the bugs in the system were still there. But, they are making so much money off people, they don’t care! No, you are much better off setting up your own ecommerce website.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back.

  3. Hi Chas,

    Paying $3,497 to build a Shopify-like business is way too much, considering I am tight on budget. And, your insight about Kibo Eclipse helps people see through it from the fancy automation software and those misleading claims. People like to make money online to purchase this product, but it seems that the support is not quality enough to help them build a successful online business. I believe your recommendation is a better approach to this.


    • Hi Matt,
      It sure is. How about people who take the payment method and pay over $4000 for it!! Steve and Aidan constantly tell you how they have a ton of money in this software, and it is junk! It doesn’t work like they are promoting it, not even close! Yes, their support is terrible. The actual forum inside the course of the members area is better than the support most of the time. Wealthy Affiliates is a better solution.
      thanks for leaving a comment, and stop back soon.

  4. This Kibo Code Eclipse program is extremely expensive and the fact that you don’t actually get the full experience of the program before your “30 Day Risk Free Guarantee” expires is ludicrous.

    Its great to read your opinion on this. I like the way you start your article with a quick summary at the top. I looked at your recommended way to build a website and its WA. I love that. I actually joined it and I agree that is a far better option to begin making money online.

    I also know that just because something costs more, does not mean it is better. WA is open for anyone to take up a FREE trial, and way cheaper to join. 

    Thanks again for sharing and saving people from wasting money on this system.

    • Hi Danny,

      Yes the Kibo Code Eclipse program is expensive, and the 30 day refund is a joke! You will only have seen 3 or 4 weeks of the training videos, because they are “drip fed” to you once a week. so you don’t have time to actually see the whole program and what is involved. 

      Great to see you joined WA, welcome aboard! Yes, cost is never a good factor to use as a gauge of the quality of a program. The big thing is the refund guarantee. In this case it is not presented in an honest way. You don’t know that you are only going to see a few parts of the program in thirty days, how could you honestly make up your mind? Most programs will show you a portion of the training that has enough information for you to decide if the program is for you.

      I think a free trial is the best way to get an idea of what you are buying, if you can look at a major portion of the training, not just a few weeks! 

      You are welcome Danny, and please stop back soon!


  5. Hi Chas, thanks for the info about Kibo Code Eclipse! I was looking for a program with similar “training” for us that wnat to make an extra money…to be honest, as soon as I saw the price of this program I thought that if it´s that so expensive, must be good, you know… After reading your reveiw, I am totally sure it´s not for me. Thanks again for avoiding me loosing money and time!

    • Hi Johnny,

      You are welcome. The program is expensive and it does not work that well. The system is flawed because you pay retail for your products. Most businesses get wholesale prices for their products, an it allow some room for profit and competition. This system has everyone buying products at retail prices and adding costs on top of that! You end up with a product that is 40% higher than your competition! It doesn’t make sense!

      Thank you for leaving a comment and stop back soon.


  6. Its soo good to get your opinion on this. I like the way you give a really fast overview at the top. I looked at your recommended way to build a website and its WA. I love that. I actually joined it and I agree I would rate it 10/10. Very legit. This Kibo Code Eclipse program is very, very expensive so it is a lot to fork out! 

    And It doesn’t make sense to sell products at higher prices and expect to make money?

    I also know that just because something costs more, does not mean it is better. WA is open for people to look over for a week for free, and way cheaper to join. Thanks again for saving people from wasting money on this system.

    • Hi Light,

      Thank you. it is good to hear that people are getting some value from this review. It is an expensive system that will teach you some things, but like you say when you are selling products at higher prices, it’s like rowing upstream!

      Lot’s of headwinds with this system. And yes, it’s more expensive, but certainly not a good system for making money.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.


  7. These platforms always brag about giving you a done-for-you system but when it comes down to it, it never really matters if your chances of success are below 1%. When you’ve been around all those scams that come out of warrior plus, you come to understand the language that they use to entice you into buying these products.

    I definitely feel bad for folks who invested in this program. I feel like based on your review it’s designed to continuously spit in your face! I mean imagine paying like $3,500 just to watch the training videos that teach you how to buy more sh!t you don’t need. Thank you for taking the time to expose this program and help people save their money!

    • Hi David,
      Yes, the done for you programs are nothing more than a selling point for these guys. It doesn’t work when everyone has the same website, the same images, the same descriptions, ect.

      The price tag is ridiculous! They think that because they have all this fancy software, everyone should pay a fortune and unfortunately people do!!

      But, it does nothing for helping you sell products at a higher price than everyone else! That is the obvious flaw in this system!!

      And there are many more problems with the suppliers selling at lower cost right beside your ads at a higher cost!! YOUR SUPPLIERS!!!
      You also have to pay a membership fee to access your products! Plus shipping costs, so you price has to keep getting higher, and higher!!

      People in my group in the KIBO Code had experience and bought several programs from these guys. They get some tips on eCommerce, but never make any money!
      Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate it. I am trying to keep people from losing their money to these guys.

  8. Thanks for the helpful advice here and your review about Kibo Code Eclipse. I definitely don’t want to spend my time, money, or energy on a product that is overhyped and overpriced. In theory, it could be something of value to the right audience, but you bring up great points that should be obvious red flags for anyone doing their homework. Thanks for the straight talk about Kibo Code Eclipse.

    • Hi Aly,

      You are welcome. I am glad to hear I convinced you to save your money! The program will give you some knowledge and tips on eCommerce marketing, but do you want to spend almost $4000 to learn them, or try my #1 Recommendation for free?

      This program is not what it is touted to be. It is too hard to make money when you are forced to sell products at a higher price than anyone else? It’s a no brainer. But, you don’t figure it’s a problem because Aidan says it isn’t a problem. Well, it IS a problem!

      Thank you for leaving a comment, and please stop back soon.


  9. While the done-for-you eCommerce offer and training of the Kibo Code Eclipse program is very mouthwatering and almost convincing- I mean, who wouldn’t want a means to make cool money on the side as easily as possible- the risks and costs down the line are just too much.

    After paying so much money, you are not guaranteed success, and you can’t even voice out your problems or ask other members of the group how they are doing with the Kido Code Eclipse problem. That’s a major red flag.

    I always say, before you invest your money in any program online, you should do some research. Know what ‘real users’ are saying about the program, hear their complaints and praises and even lessons learned, and don’t just rely on marketing and doctored testimonials alone. This would save you so much money and time.

    Thank you for this very honest review of the Kibo Code Eclipse. Reviews like this help other people from falling victims to wasted money and time investment in programs that don’t always work.


    • Hi Femi,
      Congrats to you for figuring out this program is not a good investment. Many people are convinced these guys are ok and the program is great. But, they are mostly the affiliates trying to get some of that money into their pockets. When you experience the program first hand, it is much easier to find out the truth about these make money online programs. It is not easy going against the powerful sales forces behind this product. But, it is easier to tell the truth about programs than continue to perpetuate the lies. I can only try to tell people to stay away from these bad programs and get them to try a honest program like Wealthy Affiliate.

      If I save one person from sending their money to Steve and Aidan, I have achieved something worthwhile.
      Thank you for leaving such a good comment, and please stop back soon.


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