Is CTFO A Scam Or A Legitimate Opportunity

After seeing some interesting product ads for CTFO CBD oil recently, I wondered, is CTFO a scam? There is a lot of hype surrounding CBD oil companies lately, and some companies are being reported as scams. CTFO claims to have the best CBD oil products and the best business opportunity for people starting a home business.  This is a direct sales company, and I want to review the MLM Plan and see if it is legit.  Is CTFO a scam or a legitimate business opportunity. Let’s find out.

Is CTFO A Scam

  • Name   –  Changing the Future Outcome – CTFO
  • Website
  • Price     –  $24.97  up to Package Deals $799.97 (Preferred Pricing)
  • Owners – Stuart Finger/Founder, Steve Finger/Co-founder,Micheal Kahn/Co-founder
  • Quality –  Excellent
  • Overall Rank – 10/10
  • Refunds – Full 60 Day Refund
  • Verdict –  Legit

Who is CTFO

CTFO is short for Changing The Future Outcome. They are a US based company, that formerly was a weight loss company know as Chew the Fat Off, formed back in 2015. Co-Founders Stuart and Steve Finger created the Patented Multi Level Marketing( MLM )company they have today. And Change The Future Outcome was born. This MLM is unique and different in structure that everyone receives commission only, even the people at the top.

They re-branded themselves in 2018, and started selling CBD  products under the same company letters CTFO. Stuart Finger has always wanted to help others succeed and to produce the best quality product possible.The business is exploding! 

CTFO is a company, founded by people who truly care about bringing good products and better health to everyone. The company name incorporated the standards they want to operate under.  Changing the Future Outcome is about a healthier life for you. All their products are 100% organic and made in the USA.


The CBD Oil CTFO is selling is claimed to be the best product on the market. If you look at the product, they don’t look much different than other CBD oils on the market. But, it is important the product is 100% Organic, and pesticide free, using only the highest quality hemp available. You will need to learn the best ways to set up your website, and I can teach you how to do that with the exact methods I used to set up my website

Here is some product examples that CTFO promotes.

Full Spectrum – CTFO – CBD OIL

Image of CBD Oil for The Best CBD Oil to Buy

The Full Spectrum CBD product contains all the Cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant. This is better for CBD quality

Using the Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids significantly improves the health benefits of CBD oil.

These include CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) to name a few.

Full Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts (less than 2%) of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

At less than 2%, the THC is such a trace amount, it does not produce any of the hallucinogenic properties of the Marijuana ( Cannabis).

The Full Spectrum CBD oil is available in 4 potency levels:

  • 300mg  –  To  Maintain Optimal Health.
  • 500mg  – Stronger to Stimulate Optimal Health
  • 750mg  –  Slightly Higher to Maintain Immune System Health.
  • 1500mg – Highest level to Support Antiviral and Natural Healing Capabilities.


The passage of the Farm Bill in 2018 has made CBD Oil (with less than 3% THC), legal to buy in all 50 states of the USA. CTFO is less than 2%, and below allowable limits. CTFO also makes a pure Isolate with Zero THC.

The Isolate CBD – No THC

This pure CBD Isolate product has a purity rate of 99% and ZERO THC. So, you would not haveText Isolate CBD Oil and 2 Bottles for Is CTFO a Scam to worry about any drug testing. The daily dosage is the same  for either the Full Spectrum CBD Oil, or the Isolate CBD oil.


Place ( Approximately 20 drops or 1/2 dropper) under the tongue twice daily.

It is recommended to start with 5 drops, twice a day for a week.

Then, increase by a few drops each week, twice a day, until relief is felt or reaching the maximum 20 drops, twice a day.

The Pure hemp CBD Isolate drops are available in

  • 500mg   –  Slightly Higher to Stimulate Optimal Health.
  • 1500mg – Highest Level to Support Antiviral and Natural Healing Capabilities.


 For Chronic Conditions -10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

CBD 10xPure delivers the maximum amount of CBDA and CBD to the areas of you body that need it most. This is exciting news for everyone suffering  from Inflammation pain. It is also the perfect product for those who wish to detoxify there bodies as well.

CBDA ( Cannabidiotic Acid) is a naturally occurring substance used to create CBD in processing the hemp plant. CBDA contains more anti-inflammatory  properties than CBD, and is also a potent inhibitor Image of Hand Holding Bottle of 10xPure CBD Oil for Is CTFO a Scamof COX2 .

The same action as over the counter non prescription  products for anti-inflammatory pain relief.

10xPure is << Hydrophillic >>

CBD 10xPure is a supercharged CBD product. 10xPure is Hydrophillic. It mixes with water easily

This is a proprietary formula using covalent bonding  that is easily absorbed into the body. Thus, allowing the oil to mix with the fluid in our cells. 10xPure is quickly absorbed into you body.

CBDA is normally converted by the body into the less effective CBD, just by passing through our bodies  But 10xPure stops this from happening! Read more about CBDA Here

CBD 10xPure Patented Process – This Is Why It Is The Best CBD Oil

Basically, 10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver broad spectrum CBD molecules / oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil.

Supercharged oxygenated oil LOVES water, and mixes will with it. Since water is the main constituent of blood, the 10x Pure process allows us to transport natural, non-processed broad spectrum CBD throughout the bloodstream. This results in increased absorption and potency!

This is great news! The CBDA goes directly to the damaged parts of our bodies in it’s powerful unaltered state. The result is much greater healing power.

Every other product claiming to have CBDA, is going to be destroyed by the heat and acidic conditions of our own bodies. So you are not getting actual CBDA.

But, with the 10xPure you are getting pure, undamaged CBDA.

The 10xPure CBD oil’s PATENTED EXCLUSIVE process can only be purchased through CFTO

All products have a 60 Day RISK FREE Money back Guarantee.

This sounds like they do have some quality products, and they also have the 10xPure CBD patented, and it is only available through CTFO.

<<<< Discover CBD OIL >>>>


CTFO Logo for Is CTFO a Scam


The CTFO MLM Plan – How It Works

Most MLM compensation plans revolve around creating your own team. The people you get to join under you are going to enable you to increase your income by sharing in their commissions as well. This is how most MLM’s operate.

The more people under you the more your income grows, as long as they continue to sell products.  different action with this plan, is Additional People are Added to Your Team from Associates Above You!  I will explain more on that later.

Let me try to break down the CTFO MLM Plan.

Four Ways You Can Get Paid in the MLM

  • Retail Profit – Retail sales from your site
  • Unilevel Pay – Commissions from your immediate Downline)
  • Regenerating Matrix Pay ( (With copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions)
  • Infinity Bonus Pay  – (and Top Gun Pool)

Retail Customer –  A Customer Buys Products At Retail 


A Non-Member Customer Pays Full Retail Price, and If they buy CTFO Products through your Associate website, you keep the difference in product cost. This is earning money by Direct Retail Sales. This customer does not receive the 30% discount, and is Not eligible for The Compensation Plan.

Any retail customer can join CTFO for FREE, and receive a 30% discount automatically, and they automatically become a Preferred Customer Associate.

Preferred Customer Associates – Automatic 30% Discount 

CTFO offers you a 30% discount just for becoming a member of their site. There is no fee, it is completely free. You can also receive an additional 5% if you choose to sign up for their monthly auto ship. No additional purchase is required.

As a Preferred Customer/Associate you also get(1) website for free. You can use it to build you own business or sell products. If you have never built a website before, I can show you what you need to d to get your website seen on the internet.

    <<<<<   Learn more about building a website here   >>>>> 

When a customer purchases a product at retail price from you, the profit you make is the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

Example A (selling product yourself)

A product costs $80.97 retail – The wholesale price is $59.97 – The difference is $21. Your  profit is $21

Example B (selling on your CTFO website)

Product commissions you receive are 20% of Commission Volume or CV of the products you sell. Using the same $80.97 product as above, the CV is $29 x 20% = a profit of $5.80 is your commission on the product.

You can cancel at any time.

Qualified Associates – 30% Discount + Commissions

Associates become qualified for The Compensation Plan MLM when they make a purchase of $47.47. They also receive ( 2 ) websites, which they can use to introduce other Associates or use them to build their own retail business. They receive the 30% discount plus 20% CV commissions from any purchases made by the Associates(recruits) they enroll in CTFO.

This is a great option as well if you are looking for a scam free way to increase your monthly income. Plus, you receive a great product.

There is an optional method for qualifying. Instead of paying $47.47 a month yourself, You can enroll 10 people and have 2 people spending $47,47. This will qualify you for the MLM at no cost to you.

That’s it. there are no other requirements to qualify for the MLM plan. No requirement  for recruiting, or earnings necessary. That is one important thing to look for to help determine if an opportunity is a scam, is a big up front cost.

Interested in Joining CTFO and making money? Here is a look at the MLM or The Compensation Plan

Figure leaning on sign that says The Compensation Plan for Is CTFO a Scam


Unilevel Pay

The Unilevel pay is the income you receive from you immediate Downline.

Anyone you recruit becomes your level 1 referral- income to you is 20% of the CV generated

So, any of your level 1 recruits pays you 20% on any sales they make.

Anyone they recruit becomes your level 2 referral  and continues for 5 levels deep -pays 4% These recruits become the first level for your level 2 recruit

So, levels 2,3,4, and-5 will pay you 4% on any sales they make.

(20%+4% +4%+4%+4%) = 36% All the compensation from the Commission Volume value, or CV is paid out weekly at 100%. It keeps looking upward until all the CV is paid.

Unilevel Pay Table for CTFO

Regenerating Matrix Pay

In addition to the Retail and Unilevel Pay levels, is a separate pay called The Regenerating Matrix Pay. This is a 3 x 21 structure. Every Associate and Preferred Customer has a position in the CTFO structure. Each person can have no more that 3 people in their level directly below for the matrix pay.

This means Level One has 3 people, level two can have 3 in each of the three from level one, or (3×3)=9 possible people on level two,(3×9)= 27 people on level 3 and(3×27) =  81 on  level 4, and so on. These matrix levels go up to 21 levels. They are not like the Unilevel which stops at 5 levels.

Here is the interesting part, it is referred to as spillover.

Matrix Spillover

Matrix levels are forced down after the 3rd person, level one. This spillover causes people above you to force people down to you. They fill the first number 3 level that is open, or move to the next level as spots are open. This is how teams can grow from recruits of people above them.

Image of Structure of CTFO Regeneratig Matrix Pay


CTFO Regenerating Matrix Pays out up to 21 levels and returns 100% of the CV value.

  • 1% each from Matrix levels 1 to 5
  • 10% each from Matrix levels 6&7
  • 1% each from Matrix levels 8-21


It is entirely possible you will receive percentages from several levels at the same time each week. You could receive 20% from level I and 1% regenerating matrix pay. So, if the numbers can triple on each level, the 1% weekly pay from levels 8-21 could be a very large amount. *Note there are qualification requirements to receive your Matrix Pay*

The Matrix Qualification Requirements

You need 1 to 4 active people that you have enrolled yourself to qualify for the Matrix level.


  • One active personally enrolled person qualifies you for 1/4  total Matrix potential up to  Matrix Level 7.

  • Two active personally enrolled persons qualifies you for 1/2 total Matrix potential up to Matrix Level 7

  • Three active personally enrolled persons qualifies you for ALL total Matrix potential up to Level 7

  • Four active personally enrolled persons qualifies you for All total Matrix potential up to Level 14


Team Volume Qualifications

When the above levels are achieved, the next qualifier is Team Sales Volume. Once again, You need at least 4  Active Personally Enrolled Persons (APEP).

  • $5K Personal Team Volume and Four APEP, qualifies you for all potential Regenerating Matrix pay for 16 levels.

  • $10k Personal Team Volume and Four APEP, qualifies you for All potential Regenerating Matrix pay for 18 Levels.

  • $15k Personal Team Volume and Four APEP, qualifies you for All potential Regenerating Matrix pay for 20  Levels.

  • $20k Personal Team Volume and Four APEP,  qualifies you for All potential Regenerating Matrix pay for 21 Levels.

Team volume is calculated on a rolling 31 day cycle

You can see how important building a team becomes as you progress. The opportunity to make money definitely exists in this plan, but it does depend on having 4 Active Personally Enrolled People. This demonstrates how crucial recruiting is in the MLM structure.

Profit Sharing – Adding More Matrix Levels

This plan creates a new matrix and allows you to have additional Matrix Levels

Once you have 3 people in your standard (3×21) Matrix, your 4th person creates a new (3×21) Matrix. So you will create new Matrix Levels over and over on every 4th person.

You are always at the top of each of these new Matrix levels. They are filled by people you enroll, again recruiting is very important.

Infinity Bonus Pay  – (and Top Gun Pool)

Infinite Bonus Pay is a percentage  based upon your teams total CV earned for an infinite number of levels. This is exclusive for the top CTFO ranks. These are the TOP Producer Ranks.

The Vice President, all the way upward to Top Gun Ranks  All qualify for the Infinity Bonus Pay. As you gain in rank your pay increases as shown in the table below. You receive the percentage increase plus and pay from lower levels.

Image of the CTFO Infinity Bonus Plan Structure

Watch the video for a complete breakdown on The Compensation Plan

Pros and Cons of CTFO


  • CTFO is an Ethical Company with a Pure Organic product
  • No fees and free to join
  • No front loading products – No Gimmicks or Gotchas
  • Co-Founders get paid the EXACT same way as all members.
  • Hybrid Plan (Matrix, Unilevel & Infinity)
  • Only $47.47 or 10 customers and you maximize comp plan
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Offers non-CBD Products also



  • Limited availability – Not all countries allow sales of CBD
  • MLM Company – Need to recruit people eventually
  • People who do nothing will hold back your team



CTFO is Legit

CTFO is an MLM, but it has a different approach. The commission structure is based  on commission sales for everyone, not just the lower levels.  It is not just a straight up to the top commission rate, where it bypasses people. And, It is also involves a Hybrid Plan (Matrix, Unilevel & Infinity).

It also allows recruits to move down with the spillover, filling voids and helping people underneath to increase in their ranks. This is one of the only plans i have ever seen that pushes people down to help the lower level advance. And it uses the entire sales of your team to increase commissions as well.

<< Interested in CTFO – One of the Hottest Companies Today – Join Now it’s Free>>

It is not a pyramid scheme, because it has a self supporting system of shared pay. A monthly  purchase produces a constant supply of product sales as well.

It is not going to benefit only the top few. There is definitely big bonuses for top producers, but they are actually crediting people for work they have done as individuals regardless of where they are. That is incentive pay for top producers. That is the real grunt work in the MLM, expanding your team.


If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I answer all my comments, and will get back to you promptly.




10 thoughts on “Is CTFO A Scam Or A Legitimate Opportunity”

  1. Hey, I appreciate your efforts on writing this article on CTFO.

    I’ve heard so much about CBD oil and how it’s one of the best natural remedies out there for many ailments. I know a friend who has chronic back pain and I recommended him to try CBD oil, but he’s one of those people who are really anti-drug and wouldn’t touch anything that has to do with marijuana even though I told him CBD oil does not get you stoned!

    The making money opportunity of CTFO seems lucrative, but the more I read it the more it looks like one of those pyramid schemes. Is there a difference between MLMs and pyramid schemes?

    • Hi Son,

      Thanks, I am glad you liked the article. Some people have a stigma attached to CBD Products no matter what. But, it is produced from the hemp seeds, not the marijuana seeds. It is a good product regardless, and I would remind him he could try it for 60 days, and get a refund if he did not like it. He would find out in 60 days that he does not get stoned. 

      Great question! I was leery of the MLM as well, because every time you mention them, the word Pyramid comes up. Well, it is not a Pyramid scheme. In the pyramid scheme all the money goes to the top. In this MLM setup, it is distributed more widely with the bulk of the commissions going to you for recruiting people. 

      The top level people make money the same way, and draw no salary.And they actually use a matrix system that allows you to gain people pushed down into your level, from people above you. Pyramid schemes always force everything to the top. I hope that helps?

      Thanks for your great questions

  2. This is very interesting to me considering I promote CBD on my website. I use affiliate marketing but am also interested in MLM. Your website has quite a bit of information and usually I don’t like reading a page that long. But your site had me very interested considering this is what I am passionate about! I am actually going to look into this company. thanks for the information!

    • Hi Kim,

      I am glad to bring it to your attention. I was actually skeptical of MLM myself, but this plan looks quite different. Most of the information is about the Compensation Plan because I am trying to show the major differences. I had MLM’s before that were completely sales based upon your people below you. This plan allows people above you to push people into your levels. I like that.

      I have looked a a few other CBD companies briefly, and CTFO has the Best Product,It is produced organically and pesticide free. That, I feel good about. And they have so many other products as well. 

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  3. CTFO has exploded within the last few months and it seems to be the newest thing in town. I have taken part in other MLM companies but I have to say that this has one of the best compensation plans I have seen so far. Seriously it is really good and is definitely something I would like to get myself involved in.

    You mentioned that these CBD oil are legal to buy in all 50states in this US. Does this mean that they cannot be sold outside the US?

    • Hi Jay,

      My review of CTFO MLM, was quite revealing to me also, an is a very friendly program to everybody! but not only do they have a good MLM program, the product line is phenomenal. The high quality of the CTFO line of products, is another reason they have done so well. 

      I will give you the link to learn more about CTFO and CBD Oil.

      Great question. Presently, the CBD Products are not available in all countries. But, this is changing rapidly, Canada was just approved, and I have no doubt many countries will follow suit quickly! 

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Jay and please come back soon!


  4. Thanks for writing this article on both ctfo and cbd oil the relationship between them. I must commend you for a job well done for also taking the time to explain the CTFO MLM in detail. I really found that very informative and educational, thank you! 

    Before now I have bought some of the CTFO product and even recommend it to friends and family because they are a high quality, must have, medical product. I must say there is a lot of promise in generating revenue from the CTFO MLM program and I will like to get paid by promoting their product to the world.

    • Hi Afolabi,

      Thanks for your kind words, and hope you follow through on your desire to join the MLM program. CTFO does produce an excellent CBD OIL, and it really sells itself. They expect this program to be one of the biggest MLM programs in the world! I have no doubt that will happen. Here is the link to learn more about the CTFO MLM Program and CBD Oil. Best wishes on promoting the CTFO products.

      Thanks for leaving a comment,Afolabi. Come back soon!


  5. Although i am not a member of the program but can attest to the fact that CTFO is one of the mlm programs i have ever come across in recent times. I have friends and families that has benefitted from the platform and there are good and lovely testimonies on the internet about the good works. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Tracy,

      It is nice to hear from someone familiar with the MLM that is used at CTFO.I must admit that when I first heard about CTFO, i was not interested at all because it was an MLM. 

      After spending hours researching this MLM, I have to honestly say it is one of the better MLM programs I have seen, maybe the best. They no doubt have a very good product,CBD Oil is doing some amazing things to support people with health issues.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, Tracy. please visit my website again!


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