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Is Wealthy Affiliates A Legitimate Company Or Not? — 22 Comments

  1. The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they do not have upsells or any type of ads on this platform at all.  With other places, even when you sign up for free there are ads all over the place trying to make even more money, that is not the case at Wealthy Affiliate at all.You will just pay for your membership, and your own domain, that you can purchase through Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi shy,

      I couldn’t agree more. There is only one “price or cost” upgrade from “monthly to yearly” membership, that’s it!. BUT, that is actually a price reduction in overall cost of membership that saves you $60 !!
      Think about that? When did you ever get upgrades that you get a cut on your monthly fee? Normally, in other programs “upsells” are “in addition to” your monthly fees!

       Yea, they provide the hosting for free! You get 50 websites to play with, included! Free https security included! I could go on and on. Wealthy Affiliates is the best bargain on the web, and the yearly price has remained the same for years.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving me you insights on WA, 


  2. Hi there. I found your review here and it is great to see people offering such an amazing program I have recently been looking into the cost of doing online marketing training and i have not been able to find anything that compares to Wealthy Affiliate.  I have personally been involved with them for many years now. WA is the basis of my own business and training is a key focus for me. 

    • Hi James,

      I am glad you found my review. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is indeed the real deal. I have been with them a few years now myself, and the training is second to none. I can only say this, if you find anything anywhere any better, then tell me about it, because I want to see if for myself. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


  3. Good job with the info, I know exactly how it feels when you’re getting scammed by one of those self taught “money-making” guru’s. I’m pretty sure there are many people like me, who got scammed for thousands of dollars before finding one that works. WA definitely isn’t a scam, i can tell you that for sure after years of getting scammed.

    • Hi Issac,

      Thanks, I am glad you liked the review. Anyone who has traveled the minefield of the internet, looking for the best way to make money, has fallen into these traps. They are everywhere!

      Wealthy Affiliates is the biggest bang for the buck anywhere. I have looked at quite a few different programs that claim to be better, but the truth is, they are not! A prime example is Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Scam. he actually sued WA for calling his program a fraud, and the FTC shut him down in June for being a fraudulent company. 

      They are a legitimate place to build your business, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

      Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to leave a comment.


  4. You know a million times over, my answer to this question that is begging for an answer, will be a yes! Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate company.  Taking you through step by step lessons from beginner to expert on how to build your online business.  They provide all needed resources, and are ready to offer help whenever you ask.  

    To me I’ll give them a 9.5/10….. I am extremely excited I’m part of wealthy affiliates. 

    • Hi Olonisakin,

      It sounds like you have found out just how much help Wealthy Affiliates can provide people just starting out in a new business. The lessons are complete, and the weekly video’s that Jay provides are outstanding as well. The value you get at WA, vastly exceeds the cost of membership. Less than a dollar a day!

      Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to comment,


  5. I have been looking for online adventure, unfortunately, so many times I have failed because of scammers, I at once thought may be there is nothing like making money online, why I am keeping failing and scammed. However, After reading your review, I think of giving the last chance, If I fail this time, then I will know, the internet is not for me. I have signed up, and I will be looking at how it really works, I will be in tough with you .

    Thank you so much, and promise me you will be there if I happen to need help.     

    • Hi Ngonidzashe,

      If the adventure you are looking for, is creating new business opportunity of your own, you came to the right place.

      Wealthy Affiliates will help you in ways like no other place on the planet. You have nothing to lose here. You are under no obligation whatsoever, you make the final choice whether you stay or leave. Sometimes, it is not for everybody. But if you think it is something you might like to do, then I strongly encourage you to go premium.

      I promise I will help you every step of the way. Let’s build your business together! Welcome Aboard!


  6. Wealthy affiliate sounds like the ideal business platform and the support that they give sounds great.

    What I like about this, is the offer of “full access trial”, so you can try before you buy. That for me is a major selling point and a very transparent offer of legitimacy from an online business training platform. 

    I’m going to give this a go thanks to your review!

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for your approval. I hope that you try the full access trial that Wealthy Affiliates offers. And why not, it’s Free, no obligation, no credit card needed. If you are looking for a quality training program to build your business, they have it. it’s the real deal.

      Thanks for your kind words and thoughts,


  7. Hello Chas,

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate a month ago and I can’t believe how many useful things I learn everyday. WA offers all the training you need to help you start a successful online business. Following each step in the lessons will definitely lead you to success.
    All we need is motivation, because success is around the corner. It really worth trying! WA is the best place to get started online!

    Wish you all the best in creating a successful business,

    • Hi Cristina,
      I also joined Wealthy Affiliates about 3 weeks now, and have accomplished a lot, and met so many people who are willing to help you. I agree that motivation is key to anything that you want to succeed in doing, and the program here at WA is the best I have found so far, and I doubt you will find any better. I will say it is seeing reviews like you and others have created that inspire me to achieve more than I thought i could, and for that i thank You! I have no doubt you will be very successful in your business also. Wishing all the best for you also

  8. Hi Chas, I’ve just found your site, I’ve been trying to start a ‘real’ online business now for the last couple of years. By real I mean not just make a bit of money but actually create a long term business to support my family. This is the second time I’ve ran into wealthy affiliate now, the first time I didn’t pay much attention but now it’s happened again I think it’s about time I took a look around! Thanks

    • Hi Lee,
      I would be the first to tell you, you won’t be sorry. I have been elsewhere, and I have yet to find anywhere, that they don’t fall way short of what you expect. I was with Chris farrel before I came here, and they teach you the simple approach, but nothing like what we are learning here at Wealthy Affiliates. And their support doesn’t even come close. And you pay you own hosting. Ths is by far the better deal.

  9. Hi Chas,

    Really enjoyed my visit. Loads of great and helpful information. I can see why Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go for training, support and developing a business online.


    • Hi Jim, Thanks for stopping by and checking my website out. I have tried others, been with Chris Farrell, but the support is limited, they have a forum, but everything is in the public eye, so if you wanted to exchange ideas privately, you could only do the with support, and they tend to blow you off with simplistic answers. There is just no comparison in my opinion. They have no where near the tools, and videos, and outstanding support you have at Wealthy Affiliates.

  10. Hi Chas,
    Very interesting review you have done on Wealthy Affiliate. The content and structure is quite well even if there are some small typos. The design of the text can be improved. For me personally it is a bit confusing at first glance because there are different distances between the text and the different colours. If you improve that it is quite good.

    • Thank you Manuel, I am glad you find the context pleasing, and will work on correcting the typos and spaces between colors. Thank you for you honesty and taking the time to look over the site. It will make my future posts more productive and improve my performance going forward. I owe it all to Wealthy Affiliates. They showed me how to get it done.

  11. I have been searching online for a LEGIT way to learn and design a website for a home business. I tried a few different options that ended up costing way more than I wanted to spend. Then on afternoon I found the WA program. I have been with WA for over a year now.

    My question for those who have not tried WA is: WHY NOT?

    • I couldn’t agree more. I think sometimes that people who haven’t been involved in websites that offer much less, don’t realize what they are being offered here. Once that happens, then they understand much better. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and I can tell you Wealthy Affiliates is the best.

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