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  1. ^Thanks Chas, you saved me from even thinking about doing the Adrian Morrison, i fell for his brothers crap, and knew this name morrison sounded familiar, was glad to check on here for reviews, So thanks again

    • Hi Stephen,
      You are welcome! Adrian is still promoting his high priced garbage! I fell for his brothers crap also, a complete nightmare just to get out of those sites!! I am glad to hear it every time I help someone stay clear of the Morrison brothers!!

  2. I just spent $3.5k through bob proctor
    There was nothing on the site about refunds (whether there was no refund or a refund policy)
    Any ideas what I should do to try to get my money back? I tried to stop the transaction before it went through with my bank but they couldn’t do it. I am in Australia…any ideas pleeeeese?
    Should I lodge a complaint with the fraud dept at my ban ?

    • Hi Deborah,
      I am sorry to hear you spent that much money! I am in the U.S., so your laws will be completely different. I will do my best to help you! If your check cleared, they likely can’t stop payment.

      Bob Procter is basically a motivator! I don’t know exactly what you ordered, but click here for a link to the Bob Procter coaching online terms and conditions from the Proctor/Gallagher website. It does state “No Refunds”.

      But, that may be illegal in Australia, so you may be entitled to a refund anyway!

      This appears to be a helpful site Everything you need to know about refunds in Australia.

      It sounds like you will be dealing with either the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or the Department of Fair Trading.

      Contact them and tell them, that Bob Procter did not deliver what you expected, and you got ripped off!

      This is where your laws seem to say it is illegal in Australia to have a “NO REFUNDS” clause, so maybe you have a good chance to get your money back?

      Here is the Consumers Guarantees page
      It states a product must deliver what it promises! So, you have a strong legal right to fight for your money back!

      I would try to get it back without cost first, then you could talk to an attorney later and see if you have any rights to the money. I think you do, but sometimes, it just costs more that it is worth to fight it! Anyway, it sounds like you have some laws protecting you!
      If you are looking for a scam free way to earn more money, check out my #1 recommendation it is free for a week to test drive and if you need more time, another month only costs $19. No Scams, No frills, No BS.
      I hope that helps! Good Luck and let me know what happens.

  3. Thanks for this very in-depth guide about Econ success. While it seems this does have a very good training program and you can potentially make a lot of money — the cost of this program is just way to high!

    I mean spending Hundreds if not thousands a month — then if it doesn’t work you don’t get a refund back? Sorry but I don’t have that kind of money to throw away — and I doubt most other people do either.

    So I’ll stick to creating websites and getting organic traffic which cost be less than a dollar a day to do — and it too can being me in thousands of dollars a month.

    Thanks again for his great review.

    • Hi Michael,

      You are welcome, glad you like the review. The training is more than likely just enough to sucker you into to investing time and more money, before the hit you up for more coaching and give out a little bit more information.

      It’s like a hamster wheel and the money train never stops. The no refund should kill the deal for everyone, but it unfortunately doesn’t. 

      It sounds like you found a way to make legitimate money online! Good for you!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment,


  4. Hi Chas,great article here.Always great to read articles on the other side of some of the trash being promoted online.The con/scam market is huge isn’t it?About 1 year ago,I decided to start looking online and i was swamped by scam after scam and even made contact with a person that listened to my story and promised to help,but wuld never quite get around to telling me how they would help.I soon got rid of that character.Simply great work here Chas in that you are promoting awareness about such dealings online. :))

    • Hi Billy,

      Glad you liked the article. It is big, and with billions of eyeballs looking there are a lot of suckers out there just begging to be caught, just because they don’t know, what they don’t know! I didn’t know any better, and you learned your lesson as well. That is why it works so well. Thanks for the kind words, it is hard to take some of the abuse from the scammers when you take their bread and butter away. 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it is appreciated for sure,


  5. Well it seems like the eCom Success Academy is a very expensive scam.  How unfair to just take people’s money like that and at that price point.  It is great that you are exposing this scam so that less people will be taken advantage of after reading it. People really need to do thier research before deciding which products that they wish to buy online.  

    • Hi Shy,

      It is expensive for sure, and people get caught in it everyday. Guys like Adrian Morrison don’t care about being fair, they just take the bags of money to the bank, or watch the electronic balance grow bigger and bigger. Most people get caught for the first time, and after they get burned, then they realize they should have researched it a little bit.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment,


  6. Great review!

    I think he is quite popular. I saw few youtube videos but luckily didn’t fell in love with his words. You are so right… the secret of his success is using other people money, I am more than sure he didn’t earn millions only from Amazon. If he is not ready to refund money back, he knows his system won’t work and everybody will request refunds. 

    this is quite expensive scam 🙁 

    • Hi Snap,

      Yep, he is popular for sure. But when people find out that is requires work, and  more and more money, they start to get the message. they were fooled into believing the first $3000 was all it cost! Not with the Morrison brothers!

      I don’t know if he did or not make millions, but he has a lot more money to invest into ads that can bring in traffic eventually to your site. So, my guess is he very well could have, but he is not being honest with the actual cost of the entire business.  I totally believe that he gets constant requests for refunds, so he just said “no refunds”. I think that says it all right there.

      He is also using Shopify sites, so they will stay with Shopify if you leave. I think it’s really costly to re code the entire site, unless you find someone to host the “Liquid” code that Shopify uses.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment,


  7. Wow, am I glad I came across this article. I was actually thinking of joining the Ecom Success Academy, once I had gathered enough money to pay for the enrollment. Thank you for letting me know that there are hidden upsells and such. I guess i am going to back to sticking with being faithful to wealthy affiliate and work on my blogs and get my niche going. 



    • Hi Peter,

      Wow, I am glad you read this as well! Yes, stick with the real deal Wealthy Affiliates! I have people contacting me for help because Econ Success Acadamy is not making them any money!! One gal who was a former WA member was going to try the program as well, so I tried to buy a bootlegged version, and got nailed there for a few hundred! lol

      Also you must understand that Adrian Morrison has an affiliate program as well, so all those glowing, wonderful reviews are his affiliates selling the program!

      I did see enough of what he was doing to realize what it is. He will show you bits and pieces, but they no doubt  want to sell coaching as an upsell. I’m guessing $5k. It’s the same crap Anthony was selling in his course Success with Anthony

       Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  8. WOW, ok, I know it is hard to say that something is a scam, when it may be able to help people generate money online. So therefore, it is maybe technically “NOT” a scam, but come on. No refund, major upsells, and the multiple costs of all the other services you would need, I mean come on people. This is one that I have never seen before, but I can say that I am so glad that you are bringing it to people’s attention before it is too late. Who can afford to lose $3000 or more? Let me say it again, WOW. Thank you for offering a better solution, one that is well worth looking into. 

    • Hi Free4life,

      Adrian Morrison, the guy behind this scam deal was taught by his brother Anthony Morrison. At one time a years ago, Anthony was on all the late night infomercials Selling his Success With Anthony course, bragging about how he saved his mom and dad, who were broke at the time, blah, blah blah. He taught Adrian how to become a complete upsell monster as well. And the no refunds kinda tells the story doesn’t it? A $3000 product, with no refunds, screams scam, stay away!! But, I have people who have lost their money, contacting me. They usually put it on a credit card, and then they are stuck with it. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.


  9. Hello

    I am currently a student of Adrian Morrison’s “ecom success academy” and paid in good faith $2,500 US Dollars to Adrian for which he was supposed to teach me how to make money “drop-shipping”. In reality, his program does not work. I am yet to make $1 Dollar Profit. I worked very hard, often staying awake at the computer until 3AM, did everything he recommended in the training video’s, emailed support for help, received generic and unhelpful replies and finally i asked for a refund. They refused to refund me and now i am suffering financial hardship. I live on a pension and barely have enough money to pay for rent and put food on the table. Please help me get a refund.


    • Hi Micah,
      Both of the Morrison brothers Adrian and older brother Anthony are scam artists! I am sorry to hear you sent them your money. I am sure they told you that to make more you have to send more money, buy more programs, ect. All crap!
      Micah, click here for my checklist on what to do if your are in the U.S.A. The attorney Generals office will help you. I would try them first, before you call any attorney and there is no charge. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

      Also, If you want to learn to market products, this is one of the best platforms I know! It is not a scam, and you learn how to market products the right way! You can take a look for free and you don’t need a credit card until you decide you want to join. Click here to check it out. You will be able to have my help and 24/7 support chat line for any questions or help you need. it is by far one of the best places to get real legitimate training!

      I know you have lost money and the last thing you want to here is some promotion. I understand, but you may be able to turn you bad situation into a profitable business. The membership is cheap ($349) for a full year compared to the $2500 you just spent, And you can stay a free member for awhile, around 6 months or more.

      Also, they do have a black friday special every year..for $299. I am sure they will do it again this year. Anyway, just some food for thought. I honestly think it might help you? It’s free to take a look.
      Good Luck! let me know if you need help with anything, and I promise I will help you any way I can.

    • Hi Rick,
      Thank you for the kind words, they are appreciated. Keep up the good work yourself,you are also trying to make the world better for all with your blog. And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Good luck in all you do!

  10. I also signed up for Anthony Morrison’s webinar.. I decided to opt in for a $80 program he had promoted in the webinar. After I paid the $80, I was taken to another site to be pumped for an additional $700 program, and the site would NOT let me, get out, and after hitting the backspace key, several times, it took me to another page where I was pressured into buying a $1500 program..Anthony was talking and counterdicting himself within seconds of making promises. He said this program has a 365 day trial period, and you have 1 year to try it out, & a money back return up to that point.. Within less than a minute, he said the SAME EXACT program had a 60 day money back guarantee..What the hell is going on, & it happened several times, as I rewatced his other webinar!! After leaving that page he advertised the %1500 program w/365 day return policy, then seconds later say 60 day, it took you to the sales page, which also said a 60 day money back guarantee.. By that time, I KNEW HE Was a FRAUD!! So I kept backspacing trying to get out of his site, but I was still charged the initial $80, tried to contact his website, & thru the text he’d just sent me. I could not get ahold of ANYONE, for 2 wks.. After being bombarded with numerous more emails, sales crap, after trying to text, call, email, to cancel the order, I HAD to Literally threaten his support team, that I was going to have them investigated, & within 3 days, they FINALLY, set my refund into motion.. NEVER AGAIN WILL I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANTHONY MORRISON!1 Now tonight, I see Bob Proctor (FAMOUS EXPERT ENTREPRENEUR) on an Facebook Ad with Adrian Morrison, Talking like he is Really Some Awesome Marketing wizard for Ecom.. Bob Proctor says Oh yeah, I just got my granddaughter sighed up for Adrian Morrison’s webinar,she’s a model,& needs to have other way’s to secure her future…. I’m thinking is that Anthony Morrison’s brother.. Sure enough, of course it is.. Bob Proctor needs to REALLY CHECK PEOPLE OUT, before he backs them up, then involves his own family member’s to be set up to be taken advantage by these manipulative scam artists.. Buyer’s Beware..

    • Hi Betty,
      it is not pleasant to get trapped in purchasing any of Anthony Morrison’s products. That trap you describe is the pits! I was into $2500 dollars trying to get out of his site Success With Anthony . As you say you can’t do anything but click the buy button! I was furious! I had very little money back then, and I wanted it back!!
      Now it seems the “Refund Guarantee” is a problem as well…you never know if you will be able to actually get a response from the support people to even get a refund! That is the problem. I am glad you got your money back!! That is exactly how he gets his money! He knows many people will feel so stupid they will just let it go or stop trying to get the money back.

      Now, I will tell you that Bob Proctor does not feel bad about promoting Anthony Morrison! Why? If you research Bob Procter a bit, you will find plenty of complaints. He is well known, but his products sell hope…and dreams! And he charges a LOT of money for…basically no product.

      Some people are motivated and don’t mind shelling out $2000 for a seminar, others are not impressed at all! Here is a story of a couple who were sold on Bob Procter..at first…then changed their minds. https://rickpackblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/11/attending-the-matrixx-by-pgi-a-poor-decision/

      I personally do not believe that if you think you will become rich , it will happen because you think it will. That is what Bob Procter teaches. The power is within us, but I have been at motivation seminars before, and they work for awhile, then it wears off.
      Thank you for letting us know your story! May it help others to stay away from Anthony and Adrian Morrison!

  11. I have recently watched the webinar (online presentation) last night. Adrian Morrison did not mention anything about weekly costs and upsell costs. I did not sign up. I am just there to gather info.

    • Hi Alma,
      First of all and most important…NO REFUNDS. You will not get your money back if you don’t like it! So, whatever his cost is now $2500 or whatever, you lose.
      Also, you will need additional money for posting ads on facebook-I guess another $1k or $2k maybe, and you will need inventory another $2,000 or so, and you have the monthly costs of a shopify site, $60 buck a month?
      He recommends the higher priced site, then you may need additional plugins that shopify sells you. It is going to take $7,000 to $10,000 to do what he is doing, just so you know!

      Right up front you lose the $2500…whatever happens. I think that anyone who refuses to give a refund is waving a big red flag! That says scam, because people most likely want their money back often, and to stop that he doesn’t allow refunds.

      Wealthy Affiliates costs $359 bucks a year and you learn how to it yourself without all the extra cost. Good Luck!

      • I purchased his fb app2xs on accident each costing arround 1000.00 $ I explained what happened and was refused a refund on the second one I ordered by accident. Also I am at the time locked out of my store. It got hacked onto on Ali express. Been trying to reach him and its been impossible. I am a vip student and cannot get to anything on his program because the hackers took over. I was hacked by what they call the Microsoft driver update.

        • HI Lisa,
          I am sorry to hear that, $1000 twice! I was involved with his brother Anthony!I got a webpage with a microsoft hack attempt, but didn’t click anything and evaded that one.
          The Morrisons don’t refund money, that is the problem! They even state that..No Refunds! Let this be a hard lesson…Never deal with anyone who does that! Ok, so my best advice to you is to call the host of the website(Shopify?) Tell them what has happened and see if they can do anything to help get your site unlocked.

          Do you have any antivirus software protecting the site? I have Kaspersky and I can call them when I have trouble like that, but being locked out they might not be able to help.I would try to call them as well.
          You could also call Microsoft, but they charge for their help now, just so you know. They may be able to get you back into your site. It may also be a Virus inside you computer, so try to check out that route, and with the antivirus people you have and get your computer cleaned up. That may get you in as well.
          In the end if all else fails, you will have to follow my checklist and contact the attorney general and see if they can help get your money back. Good Luck! Weekends are not the best for support either!
          let me know if I can help you with anything..I will do what I can!
          I can also help you get your own website set up and no scams…for a fraction of what you invested! Just take a look at Wealthy Affiliates, it is FREE to try it…and a FULL YEARS Membership costs $359 bucks!(hosting and hacker protection is included..plus sites are backed up..support could access a backup and get you straightened out quickly in most cases)

  12. I checked out your site and found it very interesting. But when it first came up I saw the ad for the Ecom success acadamy and thought you were selling it. Only after reading it did I see that it was a review of a scam. The other pages were good reading, I love it when someone exposes sites that are scams. Great site

    • When I was researching the eCom Success Academy, I found many people endorsing the product, and I wondered why?. They were affiliates selling the program. If they offer no refunds, the affiliates are guaranteed their money. This is exactly how the Morrison brothers make millions. Thanks for stopping by.


  13. Hello Chas,

    I want to start by saying i think this is a great and very informative review on this product. It is important that people know about these types of products that will sound good in the beginning but wind up costing you much more than one would think in order to succeed. I am also glad you included a FREE and much more effective way to make money online at the end of the review. Great job Chas.

    Christopher De La Hoz

    • Hi Chris,

      My purpose was to make people aware that they are putting up a lot of money that they can’t get back! It is not so clearly stated by Adrian Morrison, that there are “No Refunds”. So, if you try his product and you find out is is not for you, too bad. Yes, I wanted people to know that there are much safer programs to get started online. I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliates. It completely changed my life. Thanks for stopping by!


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