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In order for you to experience the power of Jaaxy I have permission to allow you to try a free keyword search tool for yourself. Why give it away for Free? The key to good marketing campaigns is high quality, low competition keywords. If you build a website, you want it to rank well. In order to do this in the most productive way possible,you need a good keyword research tool. That is exactly where Jaaxy can help. Take a test drive and try the free keyword research tool below for yourself.

Introducing The Free Keyword Search Tool – Jaaxy

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But, let me explain a few things first so you will better understand how important keywords are. You need to understand this if you are considering Building Your Own Website.

Jaaxy is a great tool to help with website research. It allows you to search for available domains in .com, .net, and .org. Plus you can research categories, and keywords that are going to lead to more traffic to your website.

Here is an example of the upgrade Jaaxy Enterprise which has all the features of niche search, and search analysis and is super fast. This upgrade would be most useful for businesses buying and selling domains, and building websites for selling.

The free version does not have all the bells and whistles included with Jaaxy Enterprise, but it will still provide valuable keyword research and suggested longer search terms for keyword research. It is a basic limited search trial platform to allow you to discover how the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool works.

Jaaxy Pro is the most popular version of paid Jaaxy keyword platforms. Most bloggers would be satisfied with Jaaxy Pro for their everyday keyword search needs. The main difference between the Jaaxy pro version and Enterprise, is the niche research function and brainstorming are much more advanced and quicker. But, normal keyword research for most using Jaaxy pro is quite adequate.

Keywords are what search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use in their ranking system.

People search for stuff everyday, and you want to be found in searches that are related to your site. The absolute best place to be found is on page one in the first position.

The “Low Hanging Fruit” In The Free Keyword Search Tool

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Whenever someone uses the “low hanging fruit” it refers to the easy to get fruit on a fruit tree. In keyword research, the low hanging fruit is the keyword that are the easiest to rank for. Getting to page one for “Fishing” would be impossible. But, getting to page one for “How to set up cane pole eyelets” would be much easier.

Fishing has millions of searches, and you would be lost in a sea of searches, where as “How to set up cane pole eyelets” has less than 200,000. Still a lot of competition.

Narrow that search to a few thousand and you will have more than enough searches to grab some traffic from. Using some quality content with great keywords, you could reach page one quickly.

When your website is brand new, you need all the help you can get. If it is your business site, then you are hoping to eventually make some money selling your widgets. So to help keep costs down, it makes perfect sense to use all the freebies you can get. Below is the free keyword research tool- Enjoy!

Try The Free Keyword Search Tool – Type Any Word To Start Your Search

How The Free Keyword Search Tool Jaaxy Works

Jaaxy Makes Keyword Research Easy And Fast

  1. Monthly Searches- These are numbers you will consider in your keyword selection. A lot traffic is good, but try for the numbers 300 or lower. The huge search numbers are too hard to compete with.
  2. KQI- Keyword Quality IndexThis gives you an idea of how good the quality of the keyword is: Green-100 is best,Yellow-avg, Red-poor. For a successful marketing campaign, you need the best quality keywords, and a way to rate them. Always use 90 and above KQI.
  3. QSR- Quoted Search ResultsThis is the number of competing websites using your keywords. It is telling you how many pages are competing under that exact search term. 100 and below is the number to try to achieve. Under 50 is great for “low hanging fruit” SEO. It can be close to zero for the best and easiest rankings.
  4.  SEO PowerThis determines if you can get rankings based upon traffic,competition, the quality and nature of your keywords. The closer to 100 the better power for ranking. If you get rankings, you earn money online.
  5. Quality Rankings From Quality Keyword Research Keeps Readers Coming Back

    Once you get your website up, you will need good quality content to get your readers coming back for more. Using the keyword tool will help you understand what a time saver the Jaaxy tool can be. AND TIME IS MONEY! Try the upgrade to the premium Jaaxy keyword search tool and see for yourself! I use it all the time, because IT WORKS!.

Jaaxy Referral Program – Make Money By Helping Others

Free Keyword Search Tool Jaaxy Showing The Affiliate Referral Commissions.

 Jaaxy Does Much More Than Keyword Research

  • Find Available domains
  • Save Domain Lists
  • Buy up Domain Assets to RESELL
  • Uncover lucrative local Domains For Resale Before They Are Gone Forever.
  • Check on your competition- see what keywords they use.
  • Find historical rankings- powerful SEO testing

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