Covid Scams You Can Avoid And [How To Keep Your Money!]

Be Careful Online Scams On A Tabletop For Covid Scams You Can Avoid

I want to share some Covid scams you can avoid by following some simple guidelines. The Coronavirus has ravaged the world creating an unimaginable loss of family members and devastating economic consequences. The world is scrambling to try to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Wearing masks, social distancing, and contact tracing are the … Read more

The Social Security Call Scams – [Impostor Threat]

Black Text Social Security Call Scams With Grey Phone Receiver And Scams in Red

The increasing frequency of the social security call scams, has caused it to skyrocket into the most common scam in 2019. Scammers gain your trust to try to steal personal information. They do this by posing as legitimate Social Security employees. Since the object is to steal personal information, this scam is affects young and … Read more

Working At Home Scams – [Do Your Homework]

Home Office Picture Wit Gold Text Overlay- Working At Home Scams -Scams Colored Red

When people are looking online for work, they often get involved with working at home scams. Most either promise outrageous sums to be made, or advertise little or no work required. As tempting as these seem to be, they generally are not true. Here are some examples of working at home scams to avoid. Beware … Read more

Scams And Frauds Checklist

Scams and Frauds Checklist Image of Help For Scams And Frauds Logo

This Scams And Frauds Checklist Is Your Personal Plan of Action for Fighting Back OVERVIEW & PURPOSE  This checklist gets you organized. A simple and straight forward plan of action toward getting your money back. This list is an actual plan that has worked for me and many others. It is intended as a guide … Read more

Scams Targeting Seniors: New Twists on Old Styles

Picture Of Old Woman For Scams Targeting Seniors

Scams targeting seniors get more and more sophisticated every year. Are they brand new scams? Not entirely, no. They are age old scams that still work. People become aware of what they are and so scammers use new wrinkles to get new victims. Some of the most common ones are scams targeting seniors. Scams Targeting … Read more