A Commission Hero Review – [The Truth Revealed]

A Commission Hero Review will reveal some of the inner workings of Commission Hero. I tried the course and did not make the $1000 a day, or even come close. I ended up spending way more, than I made in sales. And it takes time to learn everything before you can even try to get this to work. You spend weeks and weeks just getting accounts warmed up and ready to begin the paid advertising process necessary to make money in Robby Blanchard’s course. And then your Facebook account gets shut down and you are dead in the water. I will uncover some of the issues I had with this course.

  • Name    – Commission Hero
  • Websitehttps://robbyblanchard.com/
  • Price     – $997 – Upsells –  Inner Circle $300 Monthly/ CH Pro $2497/ White Glove $997/Personal Coaching $10,000
  • Owners – Robby Blanchard
  • Quality –  Overhyped – Not as simple as they claim
  • Overall Rank – 4/10
  • Refunds – No Refunds/ Considered after 1 year for one week only, with records of Ad spend and Sales submitted.
  • Verdict –   Legit but Not Recommended

A Commission Hero Review Overview

Commission Hero is a program created by Robby Blanchard that promises making $1000 per day, without needing a website or an email list. It is an affiliate marketing system, that uses Facebook ads to promote mostly Clickbank products, and generate commissions. But, they also use products from MaxWeb and the A4D platform. Here is a breakdown of the methodology used by Commission Hero.

  • Find the best converting and highest paying affiliate offers possible.
  • Use Facebook to run ads
  • Create sales funnels that convert to profits

You make money by creating a Facebook Fan Page, and promoting products that are relevant to your Fan Page niche. Then, you use ClickFunnels to host your sales funnel and landing page. By driving traffic to your landing page with Facebook ads, you earn commissions on any affiliate products you sell.

Does Commission Hero Really Work?

Robby Blanchard is on top of the Clickbank leaderboard consistently as the #1 Affiliate Marketer in the world. He has taken years to perfect the system and is using the system to make profits daily. He has testimonials from students that have been quite successful with this course.

Some are experienced marketers with Facebook ad experience. While others are not experienced marketers, but may have experience with Facebook. And people with no experience at all can make the program work, but it does take much longer for them to learn everything they need to know to become successful. Even Robby admits “There are a lot of moving parts, and they are all super important”

Does it work? For some people, yes it works. But to be clear, some have paid for additional coaching that costs $10,000. If you have $10,000 to give to learn all the secrets, then you will most likely be successful in this course.

For the average person, who doesn’t have additional recourses, consider passing on Commission Hero. I do have a better way of building a business, that does not require additional upsells, or expensive tools each month to make you successful.

My Personal Experience With Commission Hero

The problem is Facebook. If you are not an expert, or very experienced in Facebook ads, you can expect to spend more money on ads. This is because ads that don’t perform well on Facebook cost you more money. Beginners usually have trouble figuring out what makes ads successful. I personally had some success with ads, but never got to the point of reaching a 40-50% return on my expenses before I got hit with a Facebook shutdown.

Facebook Account Shutdowns

Facebook is a very challenging environment for newbies. They have many rules they strictly enforce for people with small ad accounts. And they will shut accounts down for violations, which stops your Commission Hero profits and shuts your business down.

In order to get around this issue, Robby teaches that you should have several ad accounts, several business managers, and several Facebook accounts constantly warmed up and ready to go at all times. And Facebook says, “It is against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account. So, you are operating in a area that is against Facebook rules.

In reality you should have more security and build a brand, and use organic search, so you will not be totally dependent upon Facebook ads. They work well, as long as you can keep your account from being shutdown.

The Truth About How It Works

Robby explains in his training, this course has a lot of moving parts. It primarily uses Facebook and paid advertising to generate profits. And it relies on several other tools to make this all happen. For example, you will also need:

  • ClickFunnels – $99 per month.
  • A credit card for paying ad spend with at least a $5000 credit limit. And you will need more later as you scale up!
  • Ad spend – $300-600 or more per month.
  • Fiver for Images $5 to $50 or more a month.
  • Several Additional Credit Cards Are Highly Recommended (for Account Shutdowns)

Additional Tools That Are Not Required, But Highly Recommended

  • Ad spy software – Social Ad Scout is recommended at $147 per month – This is necessary for continued success.
  • Spy Hero – offered in the course for additional $1497 annually or free with CH-Hero upgrade @$997
  • As you get shutdown often , you will need to maintain a burner app for the new phone numbers you will need @ $4.99 monthly for each phone number.
  • Cometly – Complete account tracking software – $199 per month/ $1897 per year.
  • American Express Credit Cards With $100,000 limits.

So figure on needing an extra $1000 per month just to keep this program going. And that does not include any coaching which costs another $10,000! And excluding any Inner Circle for $300 monthly($3600 per year), or the upgrade to CH Pro for $2497, or White Glove for $997.

Just for one year alone, the total is a mind boggling $17,094! And Inner Circle is a recurring payment until you cancel. Also, I did not mention the cost of the tools above to make it all possible, that’s extra!

When you first sign up and pay $997 for Commission Hero, you are immediately hit with the Inner Circle upgrade for and additional $300. Then, after a short period of time, you get hit with the Commission Hero Pro upgrade discount for another $997!

The Commission Hero Pro Upgrade

A Commission Hero Review Image Of Robby Blanchard And CH PRO  $997 Offer
A Commission Hero Review Image Of Materials Included In The CH PRO Upgrade
A Commission Hero Review Image Of The CH PRO Components

But, let’s say you try to make a go of it on the original membership, you get a lot of training, but many small and very important details are not given away. Robby says “I don’t hold anything back”, but that’s not true. The real money making details are left for the upsells and private coaching for $10,000.

And if you do manage to make a $1000 a day “payday”, that is not all profit. You could easily spend a thousand dollars or more in the beginning, to make that $1000 payday. That is not pleasant! But, if you are not getting people clicking on your ads, your losses become 100%

In reality, that means you make have to take losses for awhile until you understand everything. It is your hope to reduce costs to less that 40 – 50% ROI (return on investment) to make a $500 profit from that $1000 payday. And Robby offers no guarantees!

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Commission Hero 100% Guarantee, But “NO Refunds”

I have never heard of a 100% Guarantee, with No Refunds, but here it is! Your success is guaranteed, but if you can’t do all the million tasks that Commission Hero requires, or you don’t like it. Well, then you have to hit the one week period after 12 months, with all the receipts, and required proof. But, it’s only offered for one week, a year later! Who is going to remember that date?

There is a much cheaper alternative, check it out below.

A Commission Hero “Income Disclaimer”

Here is the Income Disclaimer Commission Hero refers to when members try to request refunds. Oddly, it references imjetset.com, which is actually the website and disclaimer for The Super Affiliate System! What’s up with that?

INCOME DISCLAIMER: This website and the items it distributes contain business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. imjetset.com makes absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the advice or content available from this website you will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come into play regarding any given business. Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the marketplace, the experience of the individual, and situations and elements that are beyond your control. As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.

The Additional Costs With Commission Hero

This program is not cheap to keep running. In fact most people will not be comfortable with the amounts of money you need to spend. You need a pile of cash especially if you don’t know what you are doing with Facebook ads. The costs for ads can run up very quickly.

If you don’t do your ads properly, Facebook will put you in higher cost auctions, which cost you more to run. You also need to know what kind of ads are working to get sales. Ad spying software makes this process easier, but you still have to create the images and ad copy to sell your products.

The problem I had with this course. You are constantly writing posts for several Facebook fan pages(that must follow Facebook rules), and warming up several accounts(that costs money). And at the same time, creating ads(learning how to do it), and learning to write new creative content for the ads. All the while, this is all costing money, and remember, you also need to try to figure out how to make your ads perform better. There are so many details to this course that it takes much, much, more than a few hours a week that Robby claims.

ClickFunnels Has A Learning Curve of It’s Own

Creating a sales funnel in ClickFunnels has it’s own set of challenges, and requires some time to learn how it operates. This also affects your sales until you master the art of creating sales funnels that actually convert. Using the DFY funnels in the CH program, does not always work. You need to rewrite it into your own words. A newbie is pretty well lost for quite some time trying to figure everything out. You don’t even know what questions to ask at times, because you don’t know the problem!

If you know what you are doing, this could be fairly easy, but still time consuming. Personally, I found this quite overwhelming because I didn’t have any experience with PPC (pay per click) ads. I didn’t know anything about ClickFunnels, or what it takes to keep Facebook happy! I had great difficulty trying to keep up with all the details involved.

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Commission Hero Facebook Account Shutdowns

When you get an account shutdown from Facebook, everything comes to a screeching halt. You have to deal with a whole new set of problems Facebook has created. Now, you have to appeal to get your account back up and running.

If you are new at using Facebook, and advertising on the Facebook platform, you are pretty much a sitting duck for getting you account shutdown. Trying to learn all the rules and policies of Facebook is a daunting task and Facebook is not the easy game Robby makes it out to be.

Facebook will shut down accounts for many reasons. Here are some examples.

  • Weight loss products
  • Images that are copied/seen too often
  • Images that are too graphic
  • Using Clickbait Titles in ads

The Commission Hero course also uses products from Clickbank.  Often these are weight loss products. And the sales videos of these products use graphic images that Facebook doesn’t like to have on it’s platform. And if you use Robby’s DFY (done for you) funnels, they are already saturated on Facebooks platform and you will sometimes get shut down just for using them. When hundreds of people all use the same ads, Facebook will not allowed them to be shown by everyone. They don’t want the same ad showing over and over again.

The Truth About Ad Images

Commission Hero tells you you need to change the images to keep your ads fresh.  So, you are trained to go to Fiver and get some images created to use. But, you have no idea if the person who sells you the creatives, hasn’t already sold them to others? This means you could buy some images that are already being used by someone else.

Facebook will at first flag your account for low quality images, and if you don’t change your images, they will shut you account down.

Sometimes, Facebook will give you your account back, but most times, they do not. Then, all the work you did with images, and content is lost. And you basically must start all over again with new accounts. It is not easy for me to keep starting over again and again. You have no foundation for a business, no brand, nothing. Once you lose your Facebook account, you are dead in the water until your new account is filled up with new content, images, and ad creatives.

Getting Your Facebook Account Back!

  • New account is required
  • Credit card needs replaced
  • A different phone number is required
  • You may have to buy a new clean tablet or computer.

Commission Hero Course Modules

Robby’s series of video modules give good detail on how to set up everything you need. FB Account, Fan pages, Landing pages, Ads, and even one video on creating an Email List! This training is very detailed, and there is also a Facebook group for asking any questions. Robby does a pretty good job of answering questions in person, but the answers are very brief, and sometimes not detailed enough.

The training is a bit confusing by placing additional units of training on the Facebook workbook page. It would be simpler if the training was all in one place. But, a lot of information is learned by people asking questions in the Facebook group as well.

The Facebook group has several people who are actual successful users of the program that are available for asking questions and are very helpful. And a member who works at Facebook to answer Facebook questions. That is helpful, but not useful if you are out of money and unable to move forward with the course. You need to be able to pay for running ads, or you are dead in the water.

Commission Hero Review Exposes The Strangest Refund Ever!

Commission Hero Refunds

No Refunds! Robby does offer a “Refund Consideration” for 1 year later and only for one week. This has to be the worst refund offer I have ever seen! I understand the reasoning. It is to make sure you actually tried the program. That I understand, and providing some evidence of ad spend and ads that you ran is fine to a point. But a full year later? That is ridiculous.

If Facebook denies you access to your account, you may not be able to produce some of these records.

But most importantly, is the statement of the refund. We will “consider” a refund! That is not any guarantee. That is just worthless words saying we may or may not give you a refund. In fact, they never give a refund. There are 11 complaints with the BBB, and not one resulted in a refund. They simply referred to their income disclaimer where they can’t be held liable, and never promised a profit at all.

There were 11 complaints filed as of this writing. Here are two examples I found:

A Commission Hero Review Image Of Better Business Bureau Complaint

A Commission Hero Review Image Of A Better Business Bureau Complaint

You are basically handing your money over to Commission Hero at your own risk, with no guarantees of anything, and no refunds!

Commission Hero Pros And Cons


  • Detailed Training On Facebook Ads
  • Training for Click Funnel Sales Funnels
  • Facebook Group


  • NO Refunds!
  • Many Extra Costs and Upsells
  • Facebook Shutdowns Are A Problem
  • No Real Business Foundation

Commission Hero is Legit, But Not Recommended Image Of Thumbs Down For Not Recommended

Robby’s course is best for people who have some experience and plenty of money to finance all the tools necessary. Some people have claimed they are making nice money, while others struggle to figure it all out. And if you run out of money, your business is done. Most people quit Robby’s course when they get their accounts shut down.

Mainly because, that is when it gets more difficult and more tools are needed. Which means more money that most people don’t have. If you are considering this program, please think about it a long time, before you commit to it. You need a lot of money to make this work, especially if you are new!

I have a better way that doesn’t require all the expensive tools, and doesn’t require paid ads on Facebook, and has no account shutdowns. Check it out below, it’s free! No credit card required.

Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2023

Commission Hero




  • Detailed Training On Facebook Ads
  • Training For Click Funnel Sales Funnels
  • Facebook Group


  • Many Extra Costs and Upsells
  • Facebook Shutdowns Are A Problem
  • No Real Business Foundation

8 thoughts on “A Commission Hero Review – [The Truth Revealed]”

  1. I could see Commission Hero being attractive to newbies. The idea of making $1,000 a day sounds exciting, but completely unrealistic unless you know what you’re doing. I remember buying a Facebook ads course some years ago and ended up losing my ad account. In fact, I’d being doing just what you pointed out, and that was selling weight loss products! Commission Hero is misleading and as you rightly pointed out could end up costing you a lot of money. ClickFunnels is also something I’ve tried, but at $97 a month it’s very expensive unless you’re experienced. Your recommendation is a far better option.

    • Hi Kathy,
      It actually is misleading when Commission Hero says “make $1000 a day” because you might have $900 or more in ad costs to make that $1000! So, in reality, you are making $100 or less a day. Facebook is hard on people who sell weight loss products, because they don’t approve of graphic pictures of fat people, or allow you to say things like “Fat People looking to lose weight”. So many rules it is hard to understand them all.
      ClickFunnels is expensive! And it is required for Commission Hero! It’s $97 for awhile, but once you sell so many products, it jumps to $300 a month!
      You can create your own website much cheaper with Wealthy Affiliates.
      thank you for your comment, and please stop back soon!

  2. It seems that Commission Hero is constantly pushing the limits with what is acceptable on Facebook. It’s doesn’t seem like a good strategy for newbies with little Facebook experience like me.

    I like how you stress that “In reality you should have more security and build a brand, and use organic search, so you will not be totally dependent upon Facebook ads.” This is a much more secure approach to building a long-term sustainable business in the online world.

    Because of the large cost of commission Hero, and the reliance on the upsell products to make good money using the system, I will be giving it a miss.

    Thanks for the detailed review and for sharing your personal experience.

    • Hi Andrew,
      it is not a good strategy without a lot of Facebook experience. I was not familiar with Facebook at all when I tried his program, and learning Facebook rules, and building fan pages is a learning curve alone.
      People have lost businesses by getting accounts shut down on Facebook, so having your own domain and website allows you to survive without Facebook. That is much more secure than being totally dependent on Facebook, and losing everything.
      I am glad you decide to pass on Commission hero, you saved your money!
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, stop back soon!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing a great review on Commission Hero, as many people are looking for a way to start working from home, some might come across this offer on the internet, “making a 1000 dollars per day”, this could be seen as the one in a life time opportunity, but it’s always better to be well informed before you go for it, after reading your review, this is a big No, it might work great for some, as you mention on your article, who ever wants to sign up for it, needs to have some experience already on how this online business works. 

    • Hi Alejandra,
      Thank you for your kind words. I can tell you, it is possible to earn $1000 a day for some, but not all. It does work, but it requires that you keep rebuilding your landing pages, ads, Facebook Fan pages, over and over again. There is no secure base for your business, and Facebook controls your business. It is a lot to learn and emotionally draining for most people. This is great for Robby Blanchard, because he doesn’t offer any refunds! People with experience in some of these areas do much better when they have to deal with Facebook shutdowns. There are many tools required and they are not cheap.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. please stop back soon.

  4. What a great review Chas. I read every word as I was interested in the behind-the-scenes working of Commission Hero. I had heard of them and wondered at the click bait advertising. I really dislike these upsell companies and am always sad to see people getting caught. I know that they aren’t a scam but boy are they walking close to that line. It’s an easy cop-out to say that you knew the conditions when you came in and not give a refund. 

    I guess we are all looking for a quick way to make money but once we acknowledge that it takes time to learn the ropes people need to find a better option that isn’t so costly. I love your recommendation. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best learning platforms.

    • Hi Lily,

      Thank you. A Commission Hero Review that tells it like it is, is a welcome review. Most of the reviews are affiliate members selling Commission Hero. They paint a rosy picture, but it is hard work and not a solid business model. Depending on Facebook for your business is a way that many businesses have been wiped out because of account shutdowns. Facebook does it all the time. 

      Thanks for leaving a comment and please stop back soon.



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