Let Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 Create Your Success Story Now

Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 is a powerful partnership promising to unlock the door to e-commerce success. It stands as one of the most buzzed-about programs for selling products online.

With a surge of sellers flocking to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) platform, the demand for high-quality education is at an all-time high. Everyone wants a successful business online, and visions of making a fortune are common.

My focus here is to explore and explain what Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 truly are. The quick explanation is: Freedom Ticket is a training course and Helium 10 is a powerful collection of tools.

I want to provide transparency and shed light on the realities of Helium 10’s offerings and Freedom Ticket training course. Is Freedom Ticket still a legitimate course for Amazon Tycoon wannabes? Or has it turned into just another overpromised, underdelivering course?

Let’s find out.

  • Name    – Freedom Ticket & Helium10
  • Website – https://www.helium10.com/freedom-ticket/amazon-fba-course/
  • Price  –  Freedom Ticket $997 or free with Helium 10 Starter $39
  • Owners – Freedom Ticket – Kevin King / Helium 10 – Manny Coats
  • Quality – Good Amazon FBA Training and Tools
  • Overall Rank – 8/10
  • Refunds – 30 day money back guarantee
  • Verdict –  Legit 

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Unveiling Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 – Origins and Promises

If you have been searching for ways to enter the competitive world of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you may be familiar with Freedom Ticket & Helium 10. Maybe you are interested in joining Helium 10? You are here now, so you are most likely researching this product? Is it any good? Is it worth the price?

In order to provide the answers to those questions, I will share some insights into Freedom ticket before you buy it!

Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 - image of Kevin Cook creator of Freedom Ticket course

Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 is a course designed to teach you how to build and scale an Amazon FBA business from the ground up. But, it is focused on the “Private Label” business model exclusively. You will learn to create your own brand and promote it.

The Freedom Ticket training was created by Kevin King, who is a seasoned Amazon and eBay seller since 1999. His goal is to teach you everything necessary to transform novices into proficient sellers.

The platform Helium 10 was actually a separate product owned by Manny Coats. The Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 joined forces and now help sellers on Amazon make smart decisions using data.

What is Helium10?

Helium 10 offers tools like keyword search volumes, product trend insights, listing optimization features, automated Amazon Ads, and review request automation. Sellers can ditch guesswork and run their businesses more efficiently.

It is about 20 tools you can use for Amazon keyword research, and more importantly, securing the Amazon Buy Box.

A goal of Amazon sellers is to get their product featured in the Amazon Buy Box. Why? Because that is THE product that goes into the customers cart.

The course unfolds over 10 weeks. It covers everything from the basics of setting up an account to strategies for selecting profitable products. The course contains over 60+ modules.

The breakdown of the Freedom Ticket 10 weeks course:

  • Intro to Selling on Amazon – There’s never been a better time to sell on Amazon.
  • Basics of Amazon Selling – What to expect when you start.
  • All About Money – Crunch some cashflow numbers before diving in.
  • Finding a Product to Sell – Research your competition and choose wisely.
  • Getting Your Product Made – Learn how and where to source.
  • Freight & Logistics – International shipping isn’t that hard with these steps.
  • How to Make Sales on Amazon – Compete with the heavy hitters and win.
  • How to Create Your Sales Page – Create a listing that converts like crazy.
  • Launching Your Product – It’s time to start selling!
  • Using Amazon Advertising – Level up your product ranking and sales with advertising.
  • Basics of Walmart Selling – A bonus included in the course.

As I said above, the main focus of this course is on the Amazon “Private Label” style of selling. One claim is that completing this course is akin to earning a degree in Amazon FBA success. Well, there is a big difference between promises and actual success. Freedom Ticket is focused on the one type of Amazon FBA business that I believe offers the highest potential. Private Label products!

Here is a peek at one of the modules:

Kevin King has 23 years of experience and in 2015, he had five FBA brands, which grossed over $1,800,000 in 2016. I have no doubt he knows what he is doing and has the experience to teach anyone. That is the best kind of course. One that is created by someone with the actual experience. He’s been there and done it.

The question is, do the methods he used in 2015 – 2016 still work? Actually yes, because Kevin is constantly updating the course. It is currently Freedom Ticket 3.0 for 2024

A Critical Analysis of Freedom Ticket & Helium 10

What can you expect from Freedom ticket? It covers everything you need to know about Amazon FBA, and creating and selling your Private Label product. I currently don’t sell products on Amazon, but I did dabble in selling some arbitrage products. Trust me, Private label products is much better for generating profits, but requires significant cash to get started.

Let’s bust one myth right here and now. Any online business is not a quick and easy way to make money. That simply isn’t true. If you see anyone telling you that, you can bet it’s a scam!

Amazon FBA requires a lot of attention, and it’s not something you can just do in a few hours. It is a full time job! But it can be very lucrative if you invest the time. Just so you know, you are not going to get rich overnight.

Freedom Ticket covers all bases, from navigating Amazon Seller Central to complex inventory management and optimization strategies. But to be fair, there are some reports that it may not be detailed enough in some areas.

The Helium 10 software is geared specifically to Amazon FBA and includes some great tools. Let’s take a look at what tools are included in each of the different packages. I know this is a bit of a long list, but you should know what you are getting for the level you purchase, right? Let’s check it out.

Tools Included in Each Level of Memberships:

Tools IncludedDiamondPlatinumStarter
Product Research Tools 
Black Box – Find Profitable Products ✔️ ✔️Limited
Xray – Powerful Product Data & Sales ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Xray for Walmart – Product Data & Sales ✔️LimitedLimited
Review Insights – Product Reviews Data ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Product Launchpad – Plan Product Ideas ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Keyword Research
Cerebro – Competitive Keyword Data✔️✔️Limited
Cerebro for Walmart – Walmart Keyword Data✔️✔️Limited
Magnet – High Volume Keywords✔️✔️Limited
Magnet for Walmart– Walmart Keyword Research✔️✔️Limited
Xray Keywords – Xray Keywords✔️✔️5 uses
Keyword Sales – Estimates Monthly Keyword Sales✔️✔️
Advanced Brand Analytics – Analyze Markets & Competition✔️✔️
Insights Dashboard
Dashboard Access – Smart Dashboard For Sellers & Brands✔️✔️
My Products – Tracked ASINs For Insights & Metrics1,00020
Keyword Tracker – Tracks Ranking Product Keywords2,500 keywords500 keywords
Keyword Tracker for Walmart – Walmart Product Rankings250 keywords100 keywords
Market Tracker – Amazon Competitive IntelligenceUp to 5 MarketsUp to 3 MarketsUp to 1 Market
Profits – Tracks Your Financial Health✔️✔️✔️
Profits for Walmart – Walmart financial Analytics✔️LimitedLimited
Listing Optimization
Frankenstein – Amazon keyword Processor✔️Limited
Scribbles – Create Listings✔️Limited
Listing Analyzer – Analyze Competitors Listings150 uses50 uses2 uses
Listing Builder _ Use AI To Create And Manage Listings✔️
Limited (No Amazon Sync)Limited
Alerts – Instant Fraud Alerts200 products20 products2 products
Refund Genie – Automate Amazon Reimbursements✔️
Follow-Up – Automated Marketing Communications15,000 emails5,000 emails
Inventory Management – Simple Inventory Management✔️Up to 40 SKUsLimited
Business Valuation – Business Protentional Value✔️
Additional Perks
Multi-User Login511
Connected Accounts – Seller Central Accounts522
Monthly Expert Training – Learn From Top Industry ExpertsAdd-on
Starting at $99/mo
In-Person Workshops – High-Level Knowledge NetworkingAdd-on
Starting at $99/mo
Private Facebook GroupAdd-on
Starting at $99/mo
Freedom Ticket – Amazon Sellers Training✔️✔️✔️
Amazon PPC Academy – Intermediate To Advanced PPC Training✔️With token connected
Exit Ticket – Build An E-Commerce Business Ready For Exit✔️

Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 Provide Considerable Value

I do think the Helium Suite of tools is a big help. if you can afford it. If you examine the above tools listed, you really don’t get much until you purchase the Platinum membership for $99 bucks a month! Or if you pay an annual payment for $948, the Platinum monthly cost reduces to $79 bucks a month. But, you shell out almost a thousand bucks!

And The Elite Membership is $279 bucks every month, or one annual payment of $3348. That reduces your monthly cost to $229 buck a month. It’s not outrageous, but it sure ain’t cheap! However, once you get a steady stream of income coming in, it may not be a problem. On the other hand, for someone starting out, it is an expense that might not be affordable!

Pros & Cons Of The Freedom Ticket And Helium 10

Every coin has two sides, and the Freedom Ticket Helium 10 program is no exception. I want to look at the pros as well as the cons of Freedom Ticket.


  • Created By An Experienced Amazon Expert
  • A complete A to Z Amazon FBA Private Label course
  • Offers A Free Trial
  • 30 Day Refund


  • $5000 Required To Start
  • Not Detailed Enough In Some Areas
  • Upsell Add-ons Are Expensive
  • Private Facebook Group Costs Extra

There are plenty of good things being said about Freedom Ticket. Users praise the program for its comprehensive nature, spanning A to Z in Amazon FBA business operations. It prides itself on enabling students with no prior experience to scale the Amazon seller ranks.

But, I have not found many reviews of successful students. I have found some glowing testimonials where the participants were compensated. I take those with a grain of salt because they could just be Helium 10 affiliates.

Some have reported the pacing of the program was rather slow at one lesson per week, potentially pushing the impatient to seek swifter learning avenues. However, that has all been changed. Freedom Ticket now offers access to all the programs as soon as you sign up.

The Freedom Ticket training costs $997 to purchase outright. But, I don’t recommend paying this cost. you get the entire course free when you enroll in the Helium 10 Starter, Platinum, or Diamond memberships. It makes more sense to purchase the Helium monthly starter plan for $39 and see if you like it. Even if you tried it for two months, you would only be out $78, not $997! Again, that is almost a grand of your hard earned money!

They also offer a free training membership that you can use as long as you like. But, it is not very functional. You will need to purchase one of the memberships if you are serious about building an Amazon FBA business. Once you do, you will have access to more helpful tools.

What Does Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 Cost?

Here is the monthly break-down:

You can save some money by paying the cost for the entire year all at once.

You also have the option to purchase additional addons for more tools.

Add-on ToolsDiamondPlatinumStarter
Keyword TrackerAdd-on
Starting at $19/mo
Starting at $19/mo
Starting at $199/mo
Starting at $199/mo
Starting at $199/mo
Market Tracker 360Add-on
Starting at $500/mo
Starting at $500/mo
Starting at $500/mo
Starting at $99/mo

You can see that freedom ticket is going to set you back some bucks. Positioned amongst its competitors, Freedom Ticket Helium 10 doesn’t claim to be the cheapest on the market.

Rather, it touts a robust curriculum that they argue warrants a higher price tag. This is where you need to weigh the value against competitors: Are you paying for quality content and support, or just a well-marketed course? You get 30 days to check it out or you get your money back.

Other options are available, courses like The Proven Amazon Course is one example. It is also a cheaper way to learn all about the Amazon Platform. Or The Amazing Selling Machine is another FBA course, but it is expensive as well.

And Amazon also has a free FBA training course – Seller University

Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 Trustpilot Reviews

I did find some good reviews on Trustpilot, but they are all from 2023 and could just be affiliates of the Freedom Ticket & Helium 10. I’ll let you be the judge.

And I found a lot of bad reviews that are very recent? I don’t know why and there is no answer from Helium 10 for any of them. Again, you be the judge.

Private Facebook Group Is Extra & Exclusive To The Elite Level

One of the digs on helium 10 was the fact there was no community help. You have to pay extra to access the Private Facebook group, and It’s only available in the Elite Level. You definitely need a place to get your questions answered quickly, especially beginners!

However, there have been some changes. Now, there is a Seller Solutions Hub, where you now have expert help available for your Amazon FBA Business. Kudo’s Helium 10!

E-commerce, much like any venture, calls for informed decision-making, where the best choices stem from clarity, not confusion. Anyone who takes the course will get a solid foundation for Amazon FBA Private Label products. From sourcing products to your own brand, you will learn how to do it. But, you will have to think for yourself at times.

Freedom Ticket & Helium10 Are Legit Green Thumbs Up Legit IndicatorRecommended

I would recommend that anyone who decides to join any level of the Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 will get an education. it is not a scam. And there is enough information presented that most should be able to be successful, if they put the time and effort into it.

If you decide you want to build a website to run your business, I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training to learn all you need to know about SEO and getting your website to rank. It is also not a scam, or a get rich quick method. You build your website on a solid foundation, not quicksand.

You can also take Wealthy Affiliate for a free test drive, and decide if it is for you before you buy it.

Free Trial Could Be Ending Soon!


Frequently Asked Questions
What is Freedom Ticket & Helium 10?
Freedom Ticket is a training course, and Helium 10 is a suite of e-commerce tools designed to help sellers on Amazon make data-driven decisions.
Who created Freedom Ticket?
Freedom Ticket was created by Kevin King, a seasoned Amazon and eBay seller since 1999, with over 23 years of experience.
What does Helium 10 offer?
Helium 10 offers tools like keyword search volumes, product trend insights, listing optimization features, automated Amazon Ads, and review request automation.
How long is the Freedom Ticket course?
The Freedom Ticket course unfolds over 10 weeks, covering everything from setting up an account to strategies for selecting profitable products, with over 60+ modules.
What is the cost of Freedom Ticket & Helium 10?
Freedom Ticket can be purchased for $997, or it’s included for free with Helium 10 Starter membership for $39 per month.

Thanks for reading my article. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP.

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7 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 Create Your Success Story Now”

  1. Hi Chas,

    This was such an informative review of Freedom Ticket & Helium 10.

    After reading through your review, it looks like a great product but it is not one I think I can invest in sue to the costs. A $5000 start up cost is not something I can do unfortunately.

    Reading the reviews that you share in your post, the negative ones are a put off also.

    I know you recommend this one but it’s not one I can do.

    Thank you for sharing the review, just like with all your reviews it is very detailed, helpful and comprehensive.

    Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to future product reviews.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,
      I would likely have to borrow that kind of money! And I don’t like the thought of starting something carrying the debt load. Yes it sees odd that those bad reviews were not addressed by support. I had an issue with that as well. On the bright side they have started a new help hub and that could be the solution? I do like the fact that they focus on FBA and Private Label products, they are the best way to get the biggest return. But, they also require the biggest investment!
      Thank you for your kind words, I am happy you like the reviews! Please stop back soon!

  2. Hey Chas, this is a very well written and comprehensice piece of work! I decided to watch the video by Kevin King, and that was very interesting and educational! A while back I was very close to doing some kind of training around selling on Amazon, but it was about creating your own brand, buying from Alibaba, an Aladdins cave of stuff, that you can monopolize on, well I couldn’t get my head around it. I think one needs to have the right frame of mind to go into studying and training up again. You need time, and patience and definately no distructions, and in this day and age there are so many distractions, there is no ‘Me’ time anymore!
    In this Helium 10 course, Steven King is promoting and ultimately selling everything he knows about becoming an expert in selling on Amazon so he is benefiting from his experise. I wouldn’t know where to start or what to pick! But I did pick Wealthy Affiliate, for my on-line training and I definately have no regrets!
    Again it’s about investing in alot of money up-front, and for me ‘Customer Service’ is key, in some negative reviews, that comment on how rubbish support is, is not very helpful, If you get really stuck, who can help, is there a decent community out there that can help?
    You have done a great job in your break-down and high-light the good and bad points, which is crucial for any viewer who might just be considering this course to think, realisticly about their committment and seeing it through to the end!
    So well done on your thorough research and just talking about what’s new out there, is all good stuff!
    Thanks for sharing this in-depth report. Keep up the good work.
    Julia. 😊

    • Hi Julia,
      Thank you for your kind words and such a great comment! It sounds like you were doing something very similar to this freedom Ticket Training. I never had the amount of cash needed to do it and didn’t want to go into debt for something I wasn’t sure about! I also tried the Kibo Code. That was a joke! You opened a Shopify store and bought products at retail and tried to get people to buy your products. All the time, you are competing with people who get wholesale prices and sell it cheaper than you can! It didn’t work well!
      With the freedom ticket, you get the manufacturer to produce a product with your labeling on it. Much better for trying to compete. You can get products from China cheap, but you must buy big quantities and it may cost you $10,000 for one order! If you have the money to get it rolling, you can make a fortune if you put the time into it!
      If you look at the courses contained in the course, it does help you pick profitable products! That is a timesaver and very important to your success. You will have a house full of product and be working a job with all the shipping to Amazon. But, the FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) make it much easier. They do all the packing and shipping directly to your customer. The tricky part is getting the buy button. Once you do that, you are the product that gets put into the customers cart first! That’s most of the battle. Then, it comes down to keeping enough product at Amazon for your customers!
      And if you want to create a website, Wealthy Affiliate can show you how to do it! No frills, no gimmicks, just sound training!

      I am glad you found some value in this post, and I hope you stop back soon!

  3. Thanks Chas for this info as I had never heard of Freedom Ticket & Helium 10 before. It seems to be a good training coursed with the needed tools for those interested in building a Amazon FBA business.

    Even though there are additional upsells it is worth it for those committed to building this type of business and creating a scalable asset. I appreciate learning about this.

    • Hi Joseph,
      You are welcome! I am glad you discovered something new. It is a good course and the tools are top shelf. If you are serious about creating a successful business, this course is for you. And you have 30 days to look it over. And if you start seeing success those upsells could make you millions!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, please stop back soon!


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