What Is The Underground Sales System – Find Out Now!

If you are trying to answer the question, what is the underground sales system, you have come to the right place. Don’t be fooled by all the hype, all you are buying into is a job of constantly creating and recreating ads, testing products and spending a fortune doing it.

You invest a ton of money to get a few sales and the suppliers run out of products or you get a ton of refunds from people to deal with. Why,  so many refunds?Because people figure that you are trying to snooker them into buying your high priced products and they see them elsewhere cheaper. And you  paid a lot of money to really find out what exactly is this program called the Underground Sales System.

  • Name    – Underground Sales System
  • Website https://kibovip.com/
  • Price     – $1497 0r 3 Payments of $597 + tax [$1898.46] + $10,000 upsell to make your store profitable
  • Owners – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
  • Quality –  Overhyped – Not as simple as they claim
  • Overall Rank – 5/10
  • Refunds – 30 day refund(worthless) – You don’t see how the course actually works until AFTER refund expires
  • Verdict –   Not Recommended

Table of Contents

What Is The Underground Sales System

The underground sales system is a dropshipping method where you run ads to get traffic, make sales and order the product from suppliers that ship the product directly to your customer.

It sounds pretty straight forward, but in reality it is not as easy as it may seem. For instance, you are buying at retail cost from suppliers that advertise the same products.

So, in order to make a profit on the goods you sell, you have to add 50%, 60% or even 70% to the cost of the same product to make money.

When you have the supplier selling the same product at the same price that you are buying it for, wouldn’t you think it would be a slight problem to run an ad for a 70% HIGHER price, right beside the supplier that advertises the same product at a 70% LOWER cost?

Well, you are told it doesn’t matter in your training. Don’t fall for the hype, in reality it does!

In fact, you learn in your “Training Modules” that sometimes you have to lower your price to sell the products! Yep! And sometimes you only get sales at a price when you can’t make a profit!

Also, you have competition from everyone who has also bought the Underground Sales System.

Because, they are taught to create and write the ad copy the same way you are taught. Your website will be very similar, your images are the same, you use the same products, the same images…. are you getting the picture yet?

This all creates problems when you go to run ads, because the ads are similar, and the person who place the ad first will get his shown more. The ones that follow look like copies! Google doesn’t like that.

Who Created The Underground Sales System

Meet the owners and creators, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton Owners Of The Underground Sales System

This background is used again as the first module of your training. This allows one week of your 30 day guarantee to be burned up, allowing only 2 more modules to be shown before your refund period expires!

They are cleverly marketing this system, one module each week, for 8 weeks. So, you have no chance of seeing what this program is about. The next two weeks after this background video on Aidan and Steve, show how to get your website and your store set up.

Then your refund expires before you see anything else! It’s pretty hard to ask for a refund before you really know how it works. now, if this is such a great program, why would they do this?

If you are smart, you know the answer….so do they! After you see what is involved, you will be sick you gave your money away.

Why do they display this disclaimer?

Disclaimer for The Underground Sales System

Because you probably won’t have the same results. They have sold this same system as two other programs, The Kibo Code and The Kibo Code VIP edition.

All have the same disclaimer, just to cover their butts. They know if you see the whole program and what is involved, you will want your money back.

The Sales Hype From Videos For The Underground Sales System

Sounds Great! Students making $24,153.72 in one Day! It’s life changing! And Literally anyone can make it work.

Well, is is also possible to hit the lottery! It would also be life changing, fast, and no experience necessary.

The problem is the odd are about 1 in 300 million or more! Now, The Underground Sales System may not have odds of success that high, but becoming one of these success stories will require a lot of luck, and high levels of ad copy skills!

Why? Because you are competing with professional ad writers on the most profitable products. Those are the “Winning Products” you need to find to get great results.

Student Success Stories Of The Underground Sales System

Aidan claims it works in 48 hours, with little risk, and only takes 10-15 hours a week. That would allow you to work your day job!

Well, you would be a magician to get everything done in only 15 hours a week. It takes constant research, testing, writing and re-writing ad copy and headlines, changing images, buying products, handling refunds, and watching your ad spend and figuring out how to improve it.

Not to mention, that it takes about 5 weeks to learn how to even run ads, so Aidans claim of “results 48 hours” would be after you put in 5 weeks of training! And even then, it is highly unlikely you are going to get a sale in just 48 hours.

 The Underground Sales System Is Claimed To Only Take 10 to 15 Hours Per Week

 Facebook Has Lot’s Of Problems But One Complete Module Is Devoted To Teaching Facebook Ads!

Here is a image showing all the problems with Facebook, and Aidan states you won’t need to do any of this to be successful with the Underground Sales System, but the training devotes one complete training module explaining how to set up facebook ads!

I thought it wasn’t needed Aidan and Steve? What’s up with that? It is included because you need all the help you can get! But what about all these challenges you warn us about?

Image and Text Display Stating Facebook Is Not Necessary With The Underground Sales System

Again, Aidan and Steve tell us how hard and complex Facebook Campaigns are…And repeatedly say you don’t need Facebook.

So, why are you teaching everybody to use it? Simple, you need all the help you can get. And it makes a ton of work keeping up with ads running on all the platforms.

Not to mention, a ton of money to run all the ads! And you will also have all those Facebook  “Challenges” to deal with!

FaceBook Ads And The Underground Sales System

They Claim No Selling On Amazon Required, But Show You How To Do It Also

Again we find the claim, no Facebook, or Amazon. Plus, they claim no product creation or web design.

Well, you DO have to constantly recreate Ad copy, and Images, and also find new products, test them and try to keep your head above water while money flies out the window for ad costs!

Easy four step system to be successful

It’s simple! Build a store, List products, Sell for a profit, Automate Delivery. Easy as pie! Well, it’s easy to say! Much harder to do!

This system has you buying products at retail price, and ADDING 50% to the cost, and selling it with ads displayed beside the suppliers ads displaying the 50% cheaper cost!

Does that sound like something that will work effectively? It will work sometimes, but you will also have complaints and demands for refunds because your customers have discovered the same product at the cheaper price.

No Amazon And No Facebook Required

They claim To Use A Secret Traffic Source

This is probably the most deceptive claim. This “secret traffic source” is well known.

The Undergroung Sales System Uses A Secret Traffic Source

The Secret Traffic Source Is Shopping Platforms

These are the shopping platforms we use everyday online.

The Secret Sales System Is Shopping Platforms

The Underground Sales System Shopping Platforms – Google And Bing

The two largest search engines Google and Bing are well known and are no secret in the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) world of getting traffic to your website, using search engines.

Aidan and Steve split hairs and compare Google Adwords with Google Shopping Ads, and claim this is their secret that nobody knows about! Google makes 100 billion from these ads, it is hardly any secret.

The Secret Weapons Are Bing And Google

The Underground Training System is 8 Modules and Over 100 Videos

Sounds good right! Well, these modules are delivered over a period of 8 weeks! You see one video, each week for 8 weeks!

That means it will take over two months to actually see the entire program. And it takes at least 4 modules to understand how to work this program!

So, the claim that you can make money in 48 hours is a myth! You can’t see the 4th video until the 5th week! That is over a month!

The UNderground Sales System Training 8 Modules 100 Videos

The Four Steps Of The Underground Sales System

The four Steps are included in the course.

  • First step is setting up a Shopify Store. This includes a monthly cost of $49 and several app required to run the store, a domain fee, plus a percentage transaction fee for Paypal, or another Payment Provider.
  • Second step is to load your products. Some products are provided as “winning products” and are supposed to be tested. However, these are available to every member of the Underground Sales System, The Kibo Code, And The Kibo Code VIP Edition. Plus, you have competition from the suppliers as well.
  • Third step is to make sales and profits. This is done with ads for every product, you will always be running ads, and it is costly! Most of the time (80%) you will not make enough sales to have a profitable product, so you lose money on ads. Then, you have that debt to make up out of your profits if you make some. 80% of the time you will lose money!
  • Fourth step is to Systemize Delivery. This is done by a supplier like Banggood. He dropships your products to your customer. So, you are dependant upon your supplier to ship the product to your customer. If it takes the supplier longer to ship the product, your customers will be complaining to you.
The Underground Sales System Uses 4 Steps - Install Your Store-Load Your Products-Make Sales- Systemize Delevery

The Projected Earnings In One Month With Up To 6 Products

The projected earnings using 6 products are $5040 per day. The problem is you have to find 6 “Winning Products” and create winning ad copy. and winning ads, and beat out all your competition.

This is pretty tough to do when you are competing with all the Kibo Code members, the Kibo Code Vip Members and The Underground Sales System members as well.

Plus your suppliers and the pros running ads as well.You will definitely become familiar with Fiverr for help with ads and images.

Earnings After One Month

A Claim Of $76,993 In Just 24 Hours

This is not possible. The course is sent in video modules sent once a week for 8 weeks. The very first module is a background video of Aidan and Steve showing their timeline, and a complete outline of what will be covered in the course.

This is all you see the first week! Nothing about the sales system whatsoever! So, you WILL NOT have a sale in 24 hours! You won’t know how to do anything!

Claim Of $76,993 made in s4hours

Display Of the ThemeX Product Ad You Will See In The Training

This is a display of a product that was also displayed as successful for the Kibo Code, and the Kibo Code VIP edition as well.

The same products are used to show how to use this program for all three programs. Same theme, same products, same stores.

Products You Will Be selling Using The ThemeX

No special Skills Are Required For The Underground Sales System – That Is Total B. S.

This is only partly true. No special skills are needed to win the lottery either! But, you will have to develop some skills real quick to make sales like they claim!

You need sales skills to write good effective ad copy, if you think that just writing a few words is going to make your product a “winning product”, think again! You are competing against Professional Copywriters.

The Underground Sales System Does Not Require Any Special Skills

This is really deceptive! You need a “Winning Product” to be successful, so you need to find one!

They train you in Facebook ads, recommend you put your products on the Amazon platform for additional profits.

Facebook is a social media platform, so you are also using a social platform.

The basic technical knowledge is taught to you, but you will likely discover you need more as soon as you have a glitch.

The web design skills are going to be needed as soon as you discover you need to make your site different from everyone else.

These Testimonials Are The Same For All Three Courses

If these courses are so successful, why are the people in the testimonials all the same people? You would think there are some new success stories by now?

Aidan and Steve have admitted they took the very first 30 students and made them “testers“. They got all the products before anyone else.

That would be quite a jumpstart! What happens to everyone else who has that competition on those products already, before they even got a chance to see the products? Maybe these people are the original testers, with the first crack at the products?

Testimonials for the Underground Sales System

These testimonials were also the same ones displayed in the other programs as well. I wonder if they are even legitimate?

More Testimonials For This System

The 3o Day Guarantee for the Underground Sales System – Is A Joke!

It sounds like you are protected, but it is a farce! The program is delivered one module a week for 8 weeks.

You don’t see the program all at once, so the 30 day guarantee should start AFTER you see the entire program.

They cleverly market the first video as a introduction to the program, and waste the first week.

Then, you get to see 2 more videos and learn how to set up a Shopify store. That takes 3 weeks, and the 3rd video shows you the very start of setting up and running ads, but conveniently, that video is shown a day after your 30 day money back guarantee expires.

The point is to keep people interested until after the refund expires! Why do you need to do that? It is NOT zero risk! It is Zero Guarantee!

The 30 Day Guarantee For The Underground Sales System

The Cost Of  The Underground Sales System

This is the amount you will spend purchasing this program. I must say this is the least expensive of the 3 programs at $1497, but still a great deal of money. Then, you will be offered another $10,000 upsell to make your store profitable!

And this is just the start of unlimited up-sells that will be swamping your email box.

The Underground Sales System Cost

Pros and Cons of The Underground Sales System


  • Allows you to set up a Shopify Store quickly
  • Step by Step Video on setting up Google and Bing Ads
  • Basic Steps Video on how to use Facebook ads
  • 30 Day Guarantee


  • Traffic is From Google Ads and Very Expensive – Ads increases Debt burden,  No sales = Failure,  No Ad money = no sales
  • Members Ads all the same. Same images, same ad copy, All in competition with each other for the same products.
  • Website all look the same, same headlines, same product descriptions. little training on how to differentiate from others
  • Everything is lost if Shopify shuts your Store down
  • High Competition. Underground Sales System is also sold as the Kibo Code and Kibo Code VIP and saturates the market.
  • Support Tickets are not answered for days. Sometimes they take up to 5 days for an answer
  • 30 Day Guarantee is worthless. Videos that show how you make money are not shown until after the 30 day refund expires.

Verdict – Not Recommended 

Why spend $1500 and spend $2-3,000 or more “testing product ads” not to mention extra fees, shopify store costs, apps and complex taxes!

I tried the original Kibo Code program and followed all the training and got a few sales.But, overall I spent more in ad costs than I got in sales revenue. These are the same exact training videos.

It is a lot of work, time and money! It is not easy, it’s very time consuming, costly and risky.Trying to get a business going is hard, but digging a revenue hole with risky ad costs, doesn’t help!

I can’t recommend this to anyone, save your money! Unless you have a ton of online marketing experience, and a big bankroll, you are going to struggle with learning all the extra skills you need to succeed.

And you will likely lose more money on top of the $1500 original investment. Not to mention, you will be offered a $10,000 upsell to make your store profitable!

And upsells almost every day of some other money making scheme. I can show you a much safer, and cheaper route, where you control and create a business that you actually own.

Your business is not created on a platform that you pay monthly fees like renting a website, you actually own your business.

You don’t need all the complicated details and work of a store. No shipping, or mailing, dealing with payment systems and giving a percentage to them on every sale. You keep 100% of your profits.

A Business YOU Own – Be Your Own Boss

My #1 method has no ad costs, and has a 7 day free trial to look it over.

And you can sign up for $19 bucks and look it over another 30 days!

You get to look over “Everything about it, on day one”, not a small piece each week!

Once you chose your monthly or yearly plan, there are no additional upsells, no hidden costs, no fees to pay each week, and you own everything you create for your business.

No-one can take it away, shut you down, or keep you out of your business!

Don’t spend $1500 with tons of upsells to check something out that doesn’t work for everybody.   Check out my #1 Method for free.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Underground Sales System?
The Underground Sales System is a dropshipping method where you run ads to generate traffic, make sales, and order products from suppliers who directly ship to your customers. It sounds straightforward, but the reality is more complex.
Who created the Underground Sales System?
The creators are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They market the system through 8-week training modules, with only a glimpse in the first week, making refunds challenging.
Does the system require special skills?
While touted as requiring no special skills, effective ad copywriting skills are crucial. You compete with professional ad writers, and success demands constant research, testing, and ad optimization.
What’s the 30-day guarantee?
The 30-day guarantee is misleading. The training is delivered weekly, and critical information about making money is shown after the refund period expires, making the guarantee practically worthless.
What are the pros and cons of the Underground Sales System?
Pros: Quick setup of a Shopify store, step-by-step videos on Google and Bing Ads, and a 30-day guarantee.
Cons: Expensive Google Ads, uniform member ads causing competition, lack of differentiation in websites, and a worthless 30-day guarantee. Overall verdict: Not recommended.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, I respond to all my readers.

Thanks for reading,


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Underground Sales System


Underground Sales System



  • Quick Shopify Store Setup
  • No Skills Needed
  • 30 Day refund


  • Ads Are Expensive
  • High Competition - Sold As 3 Different Programs
  • 30 Day Refund Is Worthless

4 thoughts on “What Is The Underground Sales System – Find Out Now!”

  1. Thank you for a very informative review. Looks like these guys are really hyping their training system by selling it under 3 different programs. If they say it is exclusive, then they are not delivering on their promises. If you actually have to sell products with a 70% mark-up on the retail price you will likely lose money, when they are claiming you can make thousands of dollars very quickly. People will see that they bought the high priced product from you, and see it sold much cheaper elsewhere. They won’t come back to your store again. 

    And having to run ads and spend a lot of money to make money is hard enough. But, trying to make money using the retail price, instead of a wholesale dealer cost, is a lot of headwinds for a new store. And, to charge $1497, then you don’t even see how the system works before the refund date comes due is a worthless refund!

    Thank you for warning everybody who wanted to put their money into underground sales system. They should save their money and consider your recommendation for joining Wealthy Affiliate as learning how to start a new business a whole lot cheaper.

    • Hi Energy,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review. So, you noticed that they are selling this program under three different names, good for you! Yes, watch out for the Kibo Code, and The Kibo Code VIP Edition as well. They are packaging the same training in those programs as well. 

      That is part of the problem. They are selling this system so much it is saturating the market and competition is very high for a few good products, sold at higher prices. Your success window is narrowed considerably.

      When you sell products at a higher price, you will get some sales, but the best ads at lower prices are going to do the best. 

      Thank you for such a great review, and letting everyone know that the better choice is to join Wealthy Affiliate.

      Please stop back soon!

  2. Thanks for this review on the Underground Sales System, it does a great job of exposing the pitfalls. I am glad I found this article before I invested my hard earned money in another get rich quick scheme. I was hesitant to spend that much money anyway, but after reading this review, I’m not wasting any of my money on this product. I hate products that just hound you with upsells!

    I didn’t know they were using a shopify website for their system, and I know shopify is nothing but costly fees and charges monthly for apps that you must have for your store. I like the idea of free websites like wordpress.

    More people than ever are looking to start an online business and unless they are given a little direction they can end up falling for products like this. I do however agree with your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. My opinion is if you want to start a business the right way, take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Castle,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I am glad I could help you out. If you hate upsells, you will definitely dislike any products from these guys. They have oversold this product by naming it 3 different products, but they are all still the same basic training modules, with the same pitfalls.

      Yes, Shopify is costly to operate, and they can shut down your store at anytime for anything. You lose all your hard work. Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to build your own website using wordpress and create your own business that you own. Nobody can take that away from you for anything. 

      Thanks again Castle, and please stop back soon!



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