The Authority Hacker Marketing Course-Unveiling TASS and AHP

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Authority Hacker consists of two courses they offer: The Authority Site Systems (TASS) & Authority Hacker Pro (AHP) .

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  • Name    –  Authority Hacker
  • Website –
  • Price     – $997 for TASS, $2997 for AHP, $5997 for AHP Platinum
  • Owners – Gael Breton and Mark Webster
  • Quality – Online Marketing Course
  • Overall Rank – 7/10
  • Refunds –  30 day money back guarantee
  • Verdict –  Legit – (I have a better recommendation)

Authority Hacker Marketing Course Overview

Gael and Mark teamed up in 2010 and formed a full service Digital Marketing Agency. They worked with several fortune 500 clients and in 2014 they actually documented their methods and Authority Hacker was born.

Authority Hacker Marketing Course Website

They started their first authority website that went on to attract 600,000 monthly visitors. That’s quite an impressive claim! But, is it true?

Authority Hacker’s backbone of their training course, is to teach everyone to create highly profitable authority websites and make money online. But, I can tell you that creating an authority site takes time and usually a team working on the site to create an authority website.

What is an Authority Website

An authority website is a term used in the context of online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). It refers to a website that is considered highly credible, trustworthy, and knowledgeable within its niche or industry. Authority websites are seen as experts in their field, and they often attract a large audience and have a significant influence over their target market.

Authority websites consistently produce informative, well-researched, and engaging content that addresses the needs and interests of their audience. It is a trusted source of information. Google (the biggest online search engine) loves authority sites! So they rank high in their online search pages.

But, as I said, it takes a lot of time, effort and traffic to create an authority site! So, what does Authority Hacker do to create these Authority Websites? They focus on backlinks. Backlinks are helpful to a sites ranking as they can signal to Google that your site is really important with a lot of backlinks.

The problem with backlinking is it can be very costly to your ranking when it is done wrong. If Google thinks you are trying to game the system, by creating backlinks, they will penalize your site. Your ranking drop dramatically overnight! So, it must be done right, using what is referred to as White Hat SEO methods. I get a little nervous when people talk about focusing on ranking!

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What Are The Key Features Of Authority Hacker Marketing Course

Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the instructors behind Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro. They promise a 4-figure monthly income or more after completing the courses. However, be cautious of such bold claims online.

They currently offer two courses: The Authority Site System for beginners and Authority Hacker Pro for advanced marketers. Authority Hacker Pro is twice the cost of Authority Site System. I’ll share my verdict on their value later on.

Authority Hackers’ (TASS) Authority Site System 3.0 For Beginners:

Let’s start with the TASS 3.0 system for beginners. This is the latest available upgrade for 2023 and contains the latest features in 15 modules, with 193 video lessons. It takes you through the entire process of building a ne site from start to finish. Some of the hottest topics that have changed cover these topics:

  • Expired Domains Lessons – For Faster Results
  • Keyword Research & Content Lessons – Monetize Ad networks like Ezoic, Adthrive, or Mediavine.
  • Review Writing mini-course – using the Google E-E-A-T Principles.
  • Site Speed Module – For Fast Site Core Vitals.
  • Link Building Tactics & Guidelines – Avoid Trouble With Google Updates
  • Schema Tactics Lesson – For More Traffic Without Adding More Links.
  • DFY – Copy And Paste Affiliate Gutenberg Blocks For More Conversions.

It is good to see that they have included training to follow Googles’ E-E-A-T principals. And they are also focusing on keeping the backlink techniques from creating penalties!

Plus, they have added a case study Affiliate Training Site, based on a real live case study. These are extremely helpful for beginners to get an over the shoulder look at how the site building is actually done.

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Templates And Spreadsheets:

And they offer templates and spreadsheets to copy and build your site exactly they way they build theirs.

  • Niche Research Templates
  • Keyword Research Spreadsheets
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Content Creation Templates
  • Link Building Templates

Also included is the Facebook Mastermind Group, where you have direct communication with the Authority Hackers creators and their team. You will also find member case studies, information on new tools and Google updates. If you need help, you can ask your questions as well.

TASS Training Modules:

There are 15 training modules included with the TASS training course:

  1. The Authority Site Business Model 101 – Learn How Authority SItes Make Money.
  2. FInding Niches – Advanced Ways to Find Niche Topics For Your Site.
  3. Qualifying Niches – Niche Shortening Process to Pick the Highest Opportunity Niches.
  4. Site Planning – Planning and Preparing a full Sitemap of Your Site.
  5. Site Setup – Setup of Your Site Step by Step.
  6. Branding – Adding the Elements That Make Your Site Feel Like an Established & Trusted Brand
  7. Building Posts and Pages – Building Your Base Site Architecture.
  8. Creating Info Content – Create the Content For Your Site.
  9. Writing Content – Step by Step – Learn How to Write Content Like a Pro.
  10. Optimizing & Publishing Content – Learn How to Illustrate And Optimize Your Content.
  11. Initial Link Building – Create Links for Your Website.
  12. Affiliate Setup – Learn how to Monetize Your Site.
  13. Writing and Optimizing Commercial Content – Tips And Tricks For Product Review Roundups.
  14. Advanced Tactics – More Tips and Tricks For Getting More Traffic.
  15. Bonus – Becoming an Authority – How to Take your Site to The Next Level.

Who is the Tass Course for?

This course is geared towards:

  1. Online Newbies – Anyone Starting Their First Money Making Website.
  2. People Who Have Tried And Failed – If You Don’t Have a Site Generating $1000 per Month.
  3. Builders Wanting to Scale – Anyone Looking to Build a Portfolio of Passive Income Sites

AHP Authority Hacker Pro $2997

This is the upgrade to TASS. You must complete the TASS course before taking the AHP course. In fact, it is highly recommended that you have a successful website producing at least $1000 per month, before taking this course. The training for this course is at a much higher level than the TASS course.

The AHP course includes over 30 hours of advanced training.

Here are some of the training lessons included:

  1. How to Produce Ultra-High Quality Content.
  2. The Best Methods For Doing Keyword REsearch.
  3. How to Run Organic Content Promotion.
  4. Creating a Link-building Skyscraper Funnel.
  5. Using Guest Posts for Outreach.
  6. Building and Managing Content Hubs.
  7. Better Email Marketing Campaigns.
  8. High Converting Lead Magnets.
  9. Email Lists with Viral Content.
  10. High-Converting Pop-Ups and Opt-In Boxes.
  11. Content Upgrades and List Segmentation.
  12. Lead Magnet Facebook Retargeting
  13. Get Thousands of Clicks Per Day From Pinterest.
  14. How to Find, Market and Profit From Affiliate Programs.
  15. Make More From Display ads Without Sacrificing User Experience.
  16. Info Product Creation and Marketing
  17. How to Set up an Evergreen Funnel to Sell Products.
  18. Selling Your Site For Maximum Profit.

Authority Hacker pro includes:

  1. 350+ Video Lessons.
  2. All Videos Have Captions.
  3. Full Lesson Notes.
  4. Copy-Paste templates.
  5. Custom Tools..
  6. Community Exclusive Discounts.
  7. Free Lifetime Updates.
  8. Free Access to The Authority Site System (TASS).
  9. Lifetime Access to the Facebook Community.
  10. 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  11. Full Member Support With a Dedicated Support Team Mon-Fri 9-5
  12. Our Ongoing Commitment to Updating and Adding New Blueprints.

AHP User Experience

This course is designed to take your website to the next level. And some of the training is not easy, and works best with a team to help you out. It is set up similar to the TASS program but with more of everything.

Each lesson is set up with over the shoulder blueprints(similar to the modules in TASS) but 18 of them. You also get access to the Authority Hackers Pro Members’ only Facebook Community. You can get help and feedback from other members, and connect with Mark And Gael.

Both the TASS and AHD courses are user friendly and the dashboard is easy to navigate.

AHP Authority Hacker Pro – Platinum Course – $5997

This is the ultimate course Authority Hacker offers. it is a program that is only available limited times per year. This is a program for people who have a successful site already and need to be “In The Know” with like minded people.

Included in the AHP Platinum Course:

  1. Everything Included in the Authority Hacker pro Course.
  2. SOP Library ( Over 100 DFY SOPs).
  3. Live Mastermind Calls.
  4. Exclusive Hot-SEat Events.
  5. Access to Exclusive Discord Group.

How Much Money Can You Make With Authority Hacker

This is a question that is entirely dependent upon the work ethic of each user of the course. Authority Hacker provider many user testimonials that make some substantial claims. But, the situation with these people may be quite different for one person to the next. Some of these stories have entire teams to help create the websites.

Authority Hacker Marketing Course Testimonials:

Here Are some testimonials from Authority Hacker Users:

Authority Hacker Marketing Course Testimonials

One thing that caught my attention is the actual cost of creating a website and monetizing it using Authority Hackers methods. if you are a beginner, you must be aware that using the TASS method is not cheap! If you look at the costs each month until the website begins making money, you are going to shell out a few thousand bucks every month!

This is the case study website that Authority Hacker created:

Now keep in mind, these guys are experts. Plus, they have an entire team in place to do this as well. And it still cost almost $10,000 in out of pocket expenses to support the tools they used to do this! I would think that a newbie, is going to take a bit longer to get his site to the same point! So, you better have some very deep pockets to begin with.

Now this is a lot more than Authority Hacker is claiming in additional costs. They state that you will spend around $200 to $500 a month on costs, They spent almost $3000 per month for the first two months!!

I would think very few people could afford this kind of expense, especially if they have a family to support in the meantime! My #1 recommendation is much easier to afford, and free to check out. Save your money!

How Much Does Authority Hacker Marketing Courses Cost?

The Authority Hackers Tass Course will cost you $997, and can also be paid in 6 payments of $247. That will cost you $1482. and that is another cost that will have to be figured into your monthly costs!

The Authority Hacker Pro costs $2997 or $297 for 12 months. That will cost you $3564! And this AHP course is only available certain times of the year. You can get on their waiting list for the next one!

The Authority Hacker Platinum course costs $5997. Or you can also pay $597 for 12 months for a whopping $7164! Not cheap! And this course is also only available on a limited basis, usually offered with the AHP launches.

A lot of these same methods are found with my #1 recommendation, for a lot less money. And just as Authority hacker says, you can do all the work yourself, but it will take a bit longer. Or you can outsource it, and pay more.

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Is Authority Hacker found on Trustpilot?

Nowadays, if you want to see if someone is a legit company, you go to Trustpilot and search for them. If they are a bad company, you will find lots of negative reviews. The same goes for a good company, you will find a lot of good reviews.

When I searched for Authority Hackers, I only found 1 review! That is not a good showing for a reputable company!

I would expect a company like Authority Hacker to have more great reviews on Trustpilot. It makes me wonder about all the testimonials. Again, it would take some deep pockets to match the results of their website build!


  • Comprehensive Training WIth Over 180+ Videos.
  • Regular Updates Keep the Content Current
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Substantial Expensive Investment
  • Time and Labor Intensive
  • Not Many Good Reviews Found

I have an alternative for people who really don’t have $10,000 or more to build their website

An Alternative To Authority Hacker Marketing Courses

Looking for a compelling alternative to the Authority Hacker Marketing Course? Look no further than Wealthy Affiliate! With over 15 years of experience and a community of over a million members, Wealthy Affiliate is a proven platform for aspiring affiliate marketers.

Unlike the Authority Hacker course, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership option, allowing you to get started without any upfront costs. The platform provides comprehensive training, including step-by-step guidance and essential tools like web hosting and keyword research.

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate boasts an outstanding 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, backed by hundreds of real user reviews. Don’t risk a hefty investment and uncertain results with the Authority Hacker course; choose Wealthy Affiliate for a more accessible, reliable, and successful journey into the world of affiliate marketing!

Comparison Of Wealthy Affiliate To Authority Hacker Marketing Course

FeaturesAuthority Hacker Wealthy Affiliate
Company ageLaunched in 2014Established in 2005
Hosting AvailableNoYes – FREE @ Wealthy Affiliate
Community and SupportYes – Facebook GroupYes – Live Chat & Community Access
SEO ToolsNo – Module Training ProvidedYes – FREE Niche Finder AI 2.0
Keyword ToolsNo Yes – Jaaxy Keyword tool
Website Building ToolsNo – Module Training providedYes – FREE Website Builder
Pricing$997 with Upsells and Extra Costs Monthly$47 to $99 per Month
Success StoriesYesYes
Affiliate ProgramsYes Yes
Free Test DriveNo – 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes FREE Forever (limited)

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Discover a budget-friendly and beginner-friendly path to online success with Wealthy Affiliate! This all-in-one platform offers step-by-step training, a vibrant community, and essential resources with no hidden fees. Start your journey to online success now with Wealthy Affiliate!

No need for Extra$$$ with Wealthy Affiliate! Enjoy inclusive hosting, 24/7 tech support, FREE SSL, and more. Experience the power of creating and ranking your website on Google without extra costs. Try it FREE!

Focused on affiliate marketing, niche selection, and online business strategies, Wealthy Affiliate provides a comprehensive education for aspiring entrepreneurs. Unleash your online business potential with a free trial today.

Verdict: Authority Hacker Marketing Course is LegitGreen Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

Authority Hacker is a legitimate course and not a scam. But, it has a large price tag and a lot of extra expenses that will cost you close to $10,000 before your website starts turning a profit. If you have that kind of money to invest in a website, then go for it!

But, if you are like most people, you can understand that it would be much more affordable to start with a lot lower costs, and turn your website into a business for much less money. You get everything you need to build a profitable website already included with Wealthy Affiliate.

They didn’t get a community of 2.5 million members by chance, people became millionaires with Wealthy Affiliate, and you can too!

Check them out today! If you don’t change anything in your life nothing will change! You can start for FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who owns Authority Hacker?
Authority Hacker is co-owned by Gael Breton and Mark Webster. They are the instructors and co-founders of the platform, offering courses like Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro.
Is the Authority Site System legit?
Yes, the Authority Site System is a legitimate course offered by Authority Hacker. It provides training for building authority websites and offers step-by-step guidance on affiliate marketing strategies.
What does Authority Hacker teach?
Authority Hacker primarily focuses on teaching affiliate marketing strategies, including building and scaling authority websites. They offer courses like the Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro, covering various aspects of online marketing.
How much does Authority Hacker cost?
The cost of Authority Hacker’s courses varies. For example, the Authority Site System may cost $997 for the regular price, and the Authority Hacker Pro could cost $2,997. And the Affiliate Hacker Pro Platinum course costs $5997. However, specific pricing and promotions may change over time.
What is an authority website?
An authority website is a platform that is highly trusted and recognized as a reliable source of information in a particular niche. It typically features comprehensive, well-researched content, and it may have a large and engaged audience. Authority websites often rank well in search engines due to their quality and relevance.

Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, I will get back to you ASAP!


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  • Comprehensive Training WIth Over 180+ Videos.
  • Regular Updates Keep the Content Current
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Substantial Expensive Investment
  • Time and Labor Intensive
  • Not Many Good Reviews Found

8 thoughts on “The Authority Hacker Marketing Course-Unveiling TASS and AHP”

  1. I’ve heard of Authority Hacker before. It looks like they offer some good tips and resources, but the prices are expensive. The monthly costs are also very high, and for a newbie who isn’t earning money, yet that can be substantial and could even lead them to having to give up if they can’t keep up with the costs. I can see that the Pro courses offer good value, but they are way too expensive. Even if I could afford to spend that money, I’d rather spend it on something else. Especially because you can get much of the same information for free.
    Looking at the chart that compares Authority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliate, Authority Hacker doesn’t offer free hosting (and other things). So, this is something to think about.

    • Hi Christine,
      Authority hacker has been around awhile and yes they are expensive. The extra costs are the problem with a lot of these programs. Wealthy Affiliate includes the tools you need for free! It is one of the biggest bargains on the internet. This makes it affordable for the newbie just starting out!
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!

  2. Hello Chas

    Thank you for this great review of the authority hacker marketing course. I have never heard of it but I enjoyed reading about it and I now know I will never buy it. Wealthy Affiliate is much better and a lot cheaper. I love being a member there and will be staying there.

    I noticed something that is outdated in your table comparing the authority hacker marketing course and wealthy affiliate. At the bottom of the tablet where you mention the free test drive you said wealthy affiliate has a 7 day free trial. This is incorrect as the free starter membership is limited but it is free forever.

    I recommend you update this as soon as you can. I really enjoyed reading your review. I have bookmarked it for future reference. Thank you again for this great review.



    • Hi Tim,
      You are welcome! I am glad I was able to inform you about Authority Hacker. You are at the best place to build a website, Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for bring that to my attention. You are right, they have changed the free trial, to a limited free forever version. I will correct that! Thank you for alerting me of that! I am also glad to hear you will continue to remain a Wealthy Affiliate member!
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!

  3. Hey Chas,

    Thanks for this insightful Authority Hacker Review. Looks like they do have a lot to offer, but am concerned about the high price tag. It also looks like I’ll need additional budget to follow their methods through properly too.

    The lack of reviews on TrustPilot is also a little concerning. Makes me wonder if the testimonials on Facebook are real??

    I’ll think I’ll take a look at your recommendation at the bottom. Wealthy Affiliate appears to have more to offer and I can sign up for FREE. I want to be able to test the water first…


    • Hi John,
      They do have a lot to offer, but Authority Hacker also depends on a lot of expensive tools. I will have to check out the testimonials on Facebook. If you look at the testimonials on Trustpilot for Wealthy Affiliate, you see hundreds! It pretty much speaks volumes for the people who have joined Wealthy Affiliate! You can sign up for free and stay there as long as you want. But, I would recommend joining the premium membership to unlock all the training.
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon!

  4. Hi Chas,

    I appreciate your informative post. As an online business owner myself, I had not come across the Authority Hacker Marketing Course until I read your article. Your comprehensive perspective on the course and the significant financial investment it demands was truly eye-opening.

    The comparison you presented between Authority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliate was excellently explained, providing me with a clear understanding of the differences between the two companies.

    In today’s saturated market, it is indeed rare to find such in-depth insights, and your article has made a compelling case for me to explore the opportunities offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information!

    • Hi Ron,
      I am glad you found my review informative and educational. Authority Hacker is simply doing exactly what we have been doing at WA for years, building websites. I found that the cost is really underestimated by Authority Hacker for building these authority websites. They advertise that you only need around $400-$500 per month in expenses but, then why did it take almost $3,000 to get their site profitable? I think that people should know the hidden truths about some of these products.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.


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