Is James Altucher A Scam – Or Not

Image Of James Altucher on TV

I was asked the question is James Altucher a scam. A friend of mine had recently purchased his newsletter, and was  disappointed. Someone had sent him a promotion through the mail for the Altucher Report, so he signed up for it. After a few months he learned quickly it was a bit light on actual … Read more

Latest Mobile Phone Scams

The latest mobile phone scams are using a new twist.  They are recording you voice when they prompt a response from you. The scammer asks you a question over the phone and your response is recorded.Your recorded response can then be used to make purchases.This style of scam was reported by Pennsylvania police late last … Read more

Internet Scams That Lock Your Computer

Internet scams that lock your computer are nasty bits of malware called ransomware.They infect your computer and capture all your personal data. They go through your computer and slow or cripple the functions, until you are unable to access your data. These programs are installed without the owners permission and encrypt you personal data. Then, … Read more

The Pigeon Drop Scheme

Wad O $100 Bills Sticking Out Of A Wallet

The pigeon drop scheme uses a little friendliness, mixes in some trust,adds a promise of a large sum of money. The victim gives a small amount as a good faith security deposit, In the expectation of a big return.But what really happens is the scammers make off with the good faith money, and the victim … Read more

BBB Complaint Business Is Alive and Well

Are They a Watchdog or Not The BBB complaint business is alive and well. Problems with the Better Business Bureau, have been circulating for years. In my mind this BBB complaint business was a watchdog agency looking out for our best interests. I thought that they were protecting us from businesses that take money from … Read more

Prime Corporate Services Review

Blue Prime Corporate Services Logo

When I first heard the name Prime Corporate Services, I had no Idea who they were. I was asked to do this review by a reader who explained what they did. The description of their services sounded like they were overcharging people for their services. I will let you decide as you read my Prime … Read more