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  1. Scam website building seems to be a growth industry. Because there is some technology behind them, these sites can instill a little more trust that the carnival barker touting his make money for doing nothing scheme. Reviews are so darned important. It’s amazing how many people just fork over the money under pressure. To summarize what I read, the free site is the hook and then they have to reel you in and get your money.

    • Hi Warren,

      They are much like the snake oil salesman, they claim to cure everything. The marketers are good at what they do, promoting the product! Unfortunately, they rarely live up to the hype. It is easy when everyone wants that free lunch!  Sometimes you have to beware of the reviews as well! Many are just affiliates plugging their own wares. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, it is appreciated!


  2. Hey,
    Scammers are the worst! They take your hard earned money and leave you with an empty investment. I agree building your own website is well worth it. You will get a product that you know in and out and the best thing is you do not need no one to assist you at all. The only downfall is time. You will get used to it with time. Thanks for the helpful information. You know your stuff.

    • Hi Kendrick,

      Thanks for taking time to comment. Yes, scammers are the worst, they prey on people who don’t understand. They are the easiest targets. I have only been at it a few years myself, but learned so much. Thanks for the compliment.


  3. This is very well written. You took a lot of time to thoroughly explain what it is like to hire an outside business to build your site then you discussed the advantages/disadvantages of doing it yourself.

    I didn’t realizd that people get scammed when trying to outsource website development. That is definitely the scariest risk, but I also think it is simply easier to build my content and focus on what I am doing when I do the work myself. I hope others will see that it is worth it.

    • Hi Rirnj,

      It is a very scary thing people who are new do not realize. I didn’t know the dangers either. But, once you get stung you realize how nasty it can be. You have the right idea, as I suggested, build your own site! Wealthy Affiliates is the best place for doing just that. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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