The Secret Money System – [A Look Under The Hood]

The Secret Money System is Michael Cheney’s training course for generating sales online.

If you are looking for more information, you have come to the right spot. I will give you the facts I discovered researching the Secret Money System, so you will be more informed.

This method can be used from scratch, and it is the same method Michael Cheney says he used himself to make multiple millions of dollars.

He claims it doesn’t require buying traffic, extensive training, or extra software. And it is a never before seen system that you just activate and go.

Michael says, “Anyone can do it and you don’t need any special skills. Let’s find out.

  • Name    –  The Secret Money System
  • Website –
  • Price     –  $9.95 Plus upsells,
  • Owners – Michael Cheney
  • Quality – Fair
  • Overall Rank – 5/10
  • Refunds – 30 Day Refund
  • Verdict –  Legit, But Not My #1 Recommendation

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The Secret Money System Overview

The Secret Money System has a bit of a familiar ring to it as I look over the Ad. At $9.95 it was already beginning to unfurl my red flag instincts.

This is unfortunately labeled with a very cheap price tag, also known as a teaser rate or “Clickbait” to get you to click the link.

The Secret Money System Has Upsells

As soon as you click the checkout button for $9.95 you get hit with upsells.

Each upsell is better that the last and they are all claim to be absolutely necessary to have. Or they will increase the money you will make using them in addition to this system.

That is the real trick they are using to make money. All the upsells are products they have created and are add on products that are just gimmicks to get you to spend more money.

Sure, they may help to increase earnings, but you need to make some money first.

The Secret Money system was created by Michael Cheney. He has a string of products he has sold online, and over the years they have made him a millionaire.

He has quite a few testimonials of people who claim to have made money using this system, and claiming they did nothing and made money. That statement could be true, and I will tell you why a little later.

The Proof Of Earnings

Michael claims it makes him a lot of money. But, you can’t tell much from these simple tags, that look like they have been printed up!

The Secret Money System Image of earning Amounts

$870.05 Per Day

I wonder why it is making him exactly $870.05 per day? That’s $26,101.50 every 30 days! And 313,218,000 a year! Why would anyone want to sell such a profitable system? I would say it’s hard to believe!

The Secret Money System Image of the sales page


Testimonials of people who have made hundreds of dollars from Michael’s System. All of them are claiming they did nothing.

The Testimonials

More Testimonials

How The Secret Money System Works

The Secret Money System includes 3 steps:

  • Login
  • Activate
  • Earn

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, I have been doing this since 2015, and I know that there is no system available that is as easy as this.

And I can tell you right now, if something as easy as this was available, who in there right mind would sell it for $9.95? Nobody!

Well, Michael isn’t actually giving his secret away in his $9.95 version, he is really just giving an over summary of the entire process of online marketing.

He shows you a few different ways to do it, and explains what kind of mindset it takes to be successful.

In his $9.95 basic program, Michael makes his money from the upsells. Nobody likes upsells, but the people who buy them, pay the bills for the affiliates and the creator.

The Money System Upsells.

Each upsell claims to make you more money.

  • The Big Money Accelerator – $97 – Video Training from 20 years of Michael Cheney’s experience in Internet Marketing.
  • Colossal Commissions – $67 – Michael Cheney’s Commission making secrets
  • Reseller Rights – $97 – Rights to the Secret Money System funnel, and 100% commissions.

If everything is supposed to be included for $9.95, why all the additional extras? Because $9.95 isn’t going to pay the bills.

As I said, these upsells are the money makers! Both for the creator and for the affiliate marketers, who resell the product.

Affiliate Marketers Must Join

But, to be an affiliate marketer of the Secret Money System, you are obligated to purchase the Reseller Rights program, before you can qualify for commissions.

In his seminar , he offered the 10k per month Accelerator program to a limited amount of people who signed up that day.

He claims he gave his profits to those people who signed up and they could make profits in as little as a few hours from his program.

So, it’s my guess that the people who say they did nothing, are getting the money that Michael is sharing with them.

A Peek At The Upsells

Upsell #1

The first upsell you get as soon as you click the buy button.

The Secret Money System Upsell #1

Upsell #2

 Since I want to just look over the $9.95 offer, I passed on the first upsell, and was immediately hit with the second upsell!

The Secret Money System Upsell #2

Again, I declined this offer as well and continued on. And again, another upsell.

Upsell #3

The Secret Money System Image of  Upsell 3

And I declined this offer as well. I wanted to review the basic $9.95 offer without all the upsell distractions. And finally, after 3 upsells, I get to the training! If it is so good, why all the upsells?

The Training

The Secret Money System Image of a look inside the Training page

3 Step By Step Training Videos

  • A Free Bonus Training – The Easiest Way To Make Money Ever Invented – This is an hour long sales pitch video for the real Secret Money System. Michael has a recorded seminar he calls “live,” that you are invited to the day after you buy this $9.95 program. His Secret Money Making System 10k a week Accelerator. It’s a repeat of this same video, with a link you can click on to join.
  • Live training sessions – I wonder how many of these are recorded as well
  • The Main System- 3 videos of about 45mins to 1 hour long.

Building An Email List

This training is a bit of an overview of having your own business and detailing an email list and landing page to sell your products. The whole training here is a simplified overview of Michael’s methods to sell products and get traffic to your landing page.

Yes, it is a description on how to do it, but it is to simplified, and not enough details to get it right. You will need some more training to get your business to the next level. That means you will be buying upsells, and you will have plenty of products hitting your email box.

And all this training seems to be just a precursor to the upsells, and a warm up for the big ticket, the 10k a week Accelerator.

As I said, It is possible, some really smart person, with a strong passion and drive, could take this information, and start his own business. But, it leaves a lot you have to learn on your own.

Michael Cheney’s 10K A Week Accelerator

The many testimonials that are claiming to be actually making money from the program by doing nothing?

The twist is that Michael offered a version of his Secrete Money System in a live Seminar on January 25, ONE time only.

He called it the 10K a week accelerator. Michael closed the doors after the seminar was over, claiming the ones who signed up were the last ones.

But the seminar date changes every day , and a new one is offered again. So much for ONE Time only?

I attended the seminar, but I did not join the 10K Accelerator. One reason was there were no refunds. And Michael never said how much it would cost to join the program. I have tried similar programs that did not offer refunds, and paid a lot of money for them. It turned out, the programs fell short of the promises, and I did not even come close to making any money.

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Paying Back $5,000 or $10,000 Is Tough With No Refunds

So, I can sleep well tonight, knowing I am not committed to a program that likely costs thousands of dollars.

It made a lot of promises, and Michael claimed everything was done for you. The idea sounds good.

However, it sounded like you are selling Michaels products with all the emails for marketing, and landing pages, and websites created for you.

But, if you don’t like what you are doing, too bad, you are stuck for whatever the price would be. And, when they don’t tell you the cost, it’s expensive!!

I don’t like websites that are already created, because that usually means you don’t have any control over the functionality of the sites.

And if it is all Michael’s products, everybody is competing against each other. It sounds like you are buying a job, but if it does make $10,000 per month in 90 days, it could be well worth it.

I want control of my own site and nobody can take that away from me. If you get shut out of the 10k program, your business is done, period. That is the chance you take buying into someone’s program.


  • Cheap @$9.95
  • Good Business Ideas
  • Experienced Creator


  • Mostly A Sales Pitch
  • Has Upsells
  • Sketchy Details

The Secret Money System Is LegitImage Of Thumbs Down For Not RecommendedBut Not Recommended

The Secret Money System is just one big sales pitch. Everything in marketing that Michael talks about is hard to do yourself, but easy with his Secret Money System.

The real system that Michael is selling is his 10k a week accelerator. And it really is a secret! He won’t tell you how much it cost, and tells you, there are no refunds.

He does tell you that he does everything for you, the hard work is done. But, you will still have to put in some effort for your business to succeed.

The testimonials claim they did nothing to get their money, but you have to at least buy the program. And if it is the 10k Accelerator, you have to do some paperwork and then get accepted into the program.

Apparently there are some qualifications that must be met.

To join the 10k Accelerator, you must apply and fill out a form. Then, you book an appointment by phone call. And they will call you.

I have had phone calls from other offers before, and it works like this. They are professional sales people who call you, and they are trained to get your money into their pockets.

They are very good at what they do.

10K Accelerator – NO Refunds

Anytime I hear “No Refunds” it is an automatic red flag for me. I have lost too much money to “No Refund” sales pitches.

If they don’t stand behind their product, what’s going to happen when you need help.

A lot of programs promise support, but when you pay for the program, the support is email and sometimes takes a week for a response.

For the best support I have ever experienced, try my #1 Recommendation.

The tech support team usually gets back to you within minutes, even on the weekends, 24/7.

You also have live chat to answer any questions. And it’s free to check them out.

Thanks for reading my review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


Meet the Author

Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2024

The Secret Money System




  • Cheap @ $9.95
  • Good Business Ideas
  • Experienced Creator


  • Mostly A Sales Pitch
  • Has Upsells
  • Sketchy Details

17 thoughts on “The Secret Money System – [A Look Under The Hood]”

  1. Oh, Chas, I can tell you such promises did help me to lose a lot of money. I joined quite a few, and they all came with upsells. They even promised to give the money back when it was not working for me, but none finally did. There was always a reason not to give the money back, and I couldn’t do anything about it. It is so demotivating. But then I ran accidentally into Wealthy Affiliate, and even it took so much determination, it was the best I could do, joining them. I am very encouraged that you are already doing it since 2015, and you earn good money. Thank you so much for this excellent review and the encouragement! 🙂

    • Hi Sylvia,
      I am sorry to hear you lost money to these scammers, but I think we all did until we wised up to them. In fact, that is why I started this site. I found out that if you challenge them about getting your money and start talking about reporting them to the FBI fraud links and The Attorney Generals Office, they realize it is going to get expensive if they don’t give a refund. It works!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and please stop back soon.

  2. Hi Chas, I’ve seen so many of these cheap programs with expensive upsells. I’ve also been guilty of buying a few as well. Most lack depth and there’s no guarantee any upsells will have quality training. The Secret Money System could prove expensive if you invest in all the add ons. I’d be extremely skeptical to think anyone could make $870 a day that easily! Pre-recorded seminars are so common nowadays. They make it sound like a big deal and give you several time slots to choose from. If you could make that kind of money with a $9.95 investment, everyone would be doing it. Also, I love how Michael, describes the steps to the secret money system as login, activate and earn. I’m sure there’s a lot of very disappointed people.

    • Hi Kathy,
      You are right, most of these upsells have little value, and just make the creators more money. Yes, I always say, if they are making almost a thousand bucks a day, why would they sell it? Everybody has a live (prerecorded) seminar nowadays, it’s a big money maker. But, this guy just slams your email box with several emails a day!! Talk about spam!
      I am sure that most people feel disappointed, unless they fell for his big sale, the 10k accelerator with the unlimited price tag. They would do much better with my #1 recommendation
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

      • CHAS,
        I have lost so much money trying to make money my bank balance is going the wrong way. My wife is so mad at me we finally sat down and had a long discussion. We’ve been married 38 years and try to discuss everything that bothers us rather tan sit on it and let it fester. Thats why we’ve been married 38 years. Anyway, she is so upset with me she is at the point of threatening to leave me. Well we talked it out and she is not going to leave, but I have g quit spending sos much money. Ok, not hard, I think. But when it comes to the Secret Money System, I am not able to login to activate this so it will start making money. I’ve asked for help and no one will assist me in getting this activated. Will you help me get this activated? I think if I get it activated, maybe I can get some of my money back. I hear this does work from many people but maybe I’m just gullible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful. I hope to hear back from you soon or anyone else who happens to read this. I’m desperate and really need the help.

        • Hi Joe,
          I apologize for being so late to answer, and I don’t usually do that! I was working on another site and didn’t check my mail! Joe, in all honesty I can’t help you get it activated!
          If you are having that much trouble just getting it working, how are you going to make money with this guy??? I can tell you the Secret Money System is going to be a money pit! You will keep on paying for upsells with this guy, and your email box will be loaded with upsells!!

          I still get sometimes 3 emails a day from this guy, trying to sell his products! He is tryin to sell the 10k accelerator program to you! You don’t need to pay all this money!
          That is what you are going to do with his system! You are going to send emails to everyone telling them to buy his products, and you get a commission. He is going try to sell you his products as well. And the one upsell is the 10k accelerator, I don’t even know how much he wants for that, but he is telling you “NO REFUNDS”. And you must understand that there is no GET RICH QUICK FORMULA. It doesn’t exist! You are going to be selling products like the Secret Money System to other people! It’s like a shell game!! And it is all hard work!!!

          I personally would get with Clickbank and tell them you can’t activate his program, you want your money back!! You will always be tied to this guy, and he will continue to make money off of people like you who can ill afford to be spending it!! I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates for a scam free way to make money.

          Hope that helps?

  3. Interesting review of The Secret Money System!

    I hate programs with a lot of upselling – it feels like you never get what you paid for because no matter how many package you purchase you never get the complete training or value until you buy the last ever training or program -at the end of the day they just trying to take as much money from you and no real interest to help you succeed.

    Agree 100% with you, there is no system available that is so easy and if there were the founder wouldn’t be willingly to share or it would certainly cost a lot.

    Thank you

  4. I am very surprised to see that people will be willing to pay $97 in order to promote a rather unknown product, with not a lot of transparency, as an affiliate. Will be interesting to know how many affiliates actually promote this?

    • Hi Schalk,
      I am amazed that people do in fact pay for products like this. And when you do look at the product at the teaser rate, you get hit with pop ups promoting other products, and you email box is slammed with promotions daily. I don’t know the number of affiliates promoting it, but he really pushes hard for the 10k Accelerator product. He doesn’t give the cost of the program, but I am sure it’s in the $5000 range.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and please stop back soon.

  5. Wow. This really does seem sketchy. I don’t like all the upsells. That really turns me off. Just tell me the full price already. sheesh. I am less turned off by “no refunds” but it does not add to their credibility either.

    • Hi Brianna,
      Yes , the upsells always make the program less appealing and make you wonder if the product is any good at all. In this case the product is an overview without much in details, so it’s basically a teaser rate to get you to purchase the upsells. I have found that most “No Refunds” products are not that good. That is why they don’t give refunds. They wouldn’t get your money. Everybody would be getting a refund.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  6. Thank you, Chas! I had never heard of the Secret Money System. It seems every time you turn, there’s someone who has been scammed by these so-called make money online cheats. After reading your review, I will avoid this program. I don’t need to be pushed into buying something that cost’s a lot of money, without being able to get my money back. 

    You have done a wonderful job researching them and exposing their sneaky attacks. Keep up the good work and may you find success as you guide people seeking help on where to find legitimate programs that will get them to their desired goals.


    • Hi Kayafa,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to help others avoid making costly mistakes as I have done. Whenever I see “No Refunds” , that says they don’t want you questioning their program. It is hard to send a couple of thousand dollars hoping for a great way to make money, but paying back a big new debt because it doesn’t work, is much harder! 

      I would much rather see people spend their money on a program that actually works for them. With my #1 Recommendation you get a free trial to look it over, and another 30 days for $19. You get to see what the program is all about! 

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and stop back soon!


  7. I don’t know. I just hate that they always try to emphasize that anyone can do it. But that is hardly ever the case. I mean, sure, everyone can learn to do it but that can be said about anything. Everyone can learn to play basketball, football, engineering, or online marketing. Still, it does take some effort and not everyone has the dedication and resiliency to do it. I mean, the way I see it, it’s just an empty promise to kind of help people decide in favor of it. Just my two cents.

     I definitely agree with the 10k program revelations. Personally, I don’t think programs like that can make the promised income. And if they can, that’s beyond rare.

    And the last thing, I’m pretty sure that the testimonials are actually hired actors. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen that. I mean, it is everything sales pitch, right? So, the testimonials are likely, too.

    • HI Matiss,

      Most of these programs do say anyone can do it, but some things are much harder to do than others, even if it is easy. Generally, online marketing is hard work, no mater how easy they have made it for you. Most of the time, that is just to get you started, then it’s up to you to keep the ball rolling. 

      The 10k accelerator is just too iffy. Sure, you may get lucky, but most times I never get lucky, I just get burnt. It may be a working program, but why would you sell it then? I think it is a gimmick to get people to work hard at selling his programs, and giving them the profits (for awhile) then pushing them to make it on their own, and then keeping part of the profits later. You know there has to be a catch, there always is! The big giveaway is “No Refunds”. That is my ultimate red flag. 

      I saw a small number of people at his seminar, so they could be real people. What Michael is doing is giving people profits from his marketing program, while they get set up. So, they are actually could be people who joined the 10k program getting some free money for awhile. But the question is, how much did they pay for the 10k accelerator? If it was 5-10k, they paid, he’s got some room to give a few hundred back for awhile. 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!

  8. I have heard about the Secret Money System, but I never signed up as many programs are just alike. Once you signup, you instantly get offered upsells, just like this program with three upsells that cost a good penny. The owners do this to get your email address to offer you more costly programs to invest in.

    I get it, sales funnels are good to a point(for affiliate marketers. But if you keep investing in the upsells you will eat up all your profit. Programs like the Secret Money System, I keep away from. 

    It is better to work a program like your #1 Recommendation, and build your own business the right way, without all the upsells.. 

    • Hi Jannette,

      I am glad you decided not to get involved with the Secret Money System. You saved yourself a lot of headaches. Yes, when the marketers get your email addy, you can expect a barrage of spam flooding your mailbox! 

      Sales funnels do benefit the affiliate marketers, that is how they make a living. I don’t mind so much when it is a worthwhile program. Like my #1 Recommendation. It is a legitimate program to set up your own business. And you can look it over for free before you buy it. 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and stop back soon.



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