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Legitimate Download Ripoffs — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Carl,

    I’m really sorry you got into this mess. When something is too good to be true, then it probably is.

    What I am really concerned is that Paypal and Google sided with the scammers and you have to go to justice to get your refund – which, they should have given you in the first place. Bad publicity like this might hurt them much more than a refund.

    Let us know what happened!

    • Hi Marios,

      The insult is that I really knew better. I was researching Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy and ran smack into another scam. I was under a false assumption that Google and Paypal would protect the consumer. Boy was I wrong. It is buyer beware more than ever! New laws passed by the present administration have given these so-called legit businesses more power, and taken away consumer rights to complain about it. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


  2. This is a shocking story and I hope people would not lose respect to Google’s advertising network. It is clear that they have accepted these companies without really checking the legitimacy of the offer.

    Sometimes, I wonder why marketers from Wealthy Affiliate with good services to offer has to be turned down by Google Adwords when these scammy offers are being accepted. That is really unfair.

    Is there a way we can inform Google that they have been infiltrated by these scams?

    • Hi Gomer,

      I am sure many more scams exist in the ads than even Google knows about. They operate as legitimate businesses, but when problems arise they have no obligation to refund your money. If you buy anything, you must be sure it has a refund policy. That is exactly how Adrian Morrison sells his eCom Success Academy. It is a legitimate product, but is it worth $5000???. They are technically legitimate products, but do they work? More times than not they are simply get rich quick schemes…and they don’t work. The “No Refunds” policy then ensures profits will be kept! Thank for taking the time to leave a comment.


  3. Hi Chas,

    I’m really sorry to hear about your experiences with this scammer. I’m also very surprised and disappointed with paypal. One would think they could better protect their customers.

    This is a good lesson for all of us. There are so many fraudsters out there. We have to really be on our guard and pay attention to details.

    It seems really sad that people have to stoop to deception like this. I mean, if they can pull something like this off, they could just as easily make money legitimately.

    Crazy world.

    • Hi Paul,

      You are absolutely right. I would have given a refund to avoid the bad publicity. But, not everyone feels that way. And like you I was shocked with Paypal as well. When you send about 40+ emails of conversation, that included Solutions Providers statement in writing that he would issue a refund, then refused. And Paypal saw nothing wrong. Then they just close the case, period.

       It is a sad state of business anymore. And with the current U.S. Administration passing laws that give consumers less and less recourse in financial lawsuits, it is sure to get much worse. That will give these people more power.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to leave a comment! 

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