Legitimate Download Ripoffs

 What are legitimate download ripoffs? I recently found an ad for a free download of a product I had reviewed earlier. It caught my interest because the original product carried a hefty price tag at $5,000. How could they offer the same product with the same features and offers without charging for it?  I had to check this out because it sounded too good to be true. These are legitimate download ripoffs. 

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Solutions Provider and the Legitimate Download Ripoffs

 The product I was interested in was advertised as a free download of the eCom Success Acadamy sold by Adrian Morrison. And as I said to buy this from Adrian Morrison, the cost is $5000 with no refund. So, to avoid paying $5000, maybe I could  get a free download instead. The person I unfortunately found first advertising the free download operates under the name of Solutions Provider.

 As it turns out, this offer is NOT free. In order to view this download, I would had to pay $149 first. And on top of that, there is also no mention of getting your money back. Sounds familiar! What happened to the free part? Isn’t that false advertising?

Send $149 to Receive Your Download

 Why do I have to send money first? You are being warned! If you can’t preview the information and be allowed to look it over before sending money…RUN! Run fast and do not look back! It is a scam! This is a MAJOR RED FLAG, and I have found out the hard way over and over again! Save your money!! This is all smoke and mirrors!

 I suspected that I was taking a chance that I would never see my money and maybe end up getting scammed. Having learned a lesson years ago about these scam warning signs, my gut was telling me this was smelling like another one. Hellbent on being stubborn, I figured the sum of money wasn’t going to break the bank, so maybe I would get lucky. I kept wondering, why am I paying for a free download?

Solutions Provider Uses Google Ads to Sell the Scam

 I was originally researching the Adrian Morrison eCom Success Academy and found Solutions Provider advertising “free download” on Google The ad is a video on YouTube, that promotes a Facebook address under the name of Solutions Provider.

 The site appearance is the first alarm. I looks as cheap as you could possibly imagine and gives the impression of a fly by night outfit. You will see as I tell the story about this creep and maybe I can save you from giving your money away. Here is a screenshot of the google ad. You can see for yourself, it clearly says free download.

Legitimate Download Rip-offs Image Showing Solutions Provider Ads

 The scam starts as you have to email him and tell him what free download you want. Then you get his email address to send the “money” by Paypal. Once he checks and double checks he has received your money, he sends you an email with the links. Now, at this point I am thinking, well $149 isn’t bad for a $5000 product.

 You are promised you will receive all the same downloads and bonuses you would receive if you paid $5000 for Adrian Morrison Product….well, guess what…It is not a simple download where you click on the link…no, way more complex than that!

Solutions Provider Uses a Site Called MEGA For legitimate Download Rip-offs 

Solutions provider uses a company called MEGA to produce the download product. This adds more confusion. You click the link and you are directed to the mega site.

It leads you through their sales funnel first. Then, after you sign up for them, you get a download of Solutions providers product.  You click on that and download the files to your computer.

 When you open to files, you should be able to view the information from Adrian Morrisons Course. Well, that never happened !!

 I got the mega symbol, and the download appeared like it was working properly. Then I tried to open the files and what a surprise!…Their was nothing in the files but a few pictures from the internet of Adrian Morrison…and the rest of the files were empty!!! Nothing!!

 Oh, they are convincing in showing a bar that slowly fills with color, and a meter showing an increasing number of bytes being downloaded…making you believe that something is actually going into your computer. It is quite a convincing display!! Folders appear one by one, and you think you have it!

 It is all smoke, and mirrors! I got nothing in my downloads. The files said empty when ever I tried to open them?  files were coming from a company called MEGA.


 MEGA is a cloud storage and file hosting service based in New Zealand. All their files are encrypted before they are uploaded. The reason is this ensures privacy and keeps the content from being read. I think this gives the crook the ability to sell his crap undetected.

 Mega has a free trial you are required to apply for to receive your download. This is another step that takes extra time and is frustrating as well. Not to mention they are trying to sell you a subscription to their service.

MEGA Is Not Responsible For The Content In Legitimate Download Rip-Offs

  The download process this guy uses is not worth the effort! It a nightmare! The frustration of sending endless emails to Solutions Provider were a complete waste of time. So, I decided to try contacting the Mega company.

  Using the email address they provided, I asked the Mega company why they would be involved in such a scam? Their response to me was that “they only provide a cloud service and have no idea what is contained in the files. It could be images or text. 

 I tried to explain that the files said empty when I tried to open them to read the content. It made me wonder what was all that display of huge files being loaded? You are made to believe something is in those files. But when they are opened, they are empty?

 I did get some images of Adrian Morrison that can be see anywhere on the internet. They were from ads selling his course, The eCom Success Academy. But other that that, nothing.. zip.. nada. And why did I pay $149 for a free download? The ads clearly say “free download.”

Solutions Provider Is One Of Many Legitimate Download Rip-Offs 

 Solutions Provider is not the only one providing this so-called service for free. Or at a very low cost. I have see some that offer the downloads for $50. In fact you can find many websites offering this service. I don’t know if the others are legitimate download ripoffs or not, but I can tell you it was a total waste of my money, dealing with the one called Solutions Provider. Here are others.

eCom Success Acadamy Free Downloads

 I am not sure how they can be selling Adrian’s eCom Success Academy product openly on the internet, but I have a hunch they are Affiliates of Adrian Morrison. I haven’t quite figured out exactly why they are getting away with doing this to people.

It is possible, they put beacons and trackers into the downloads to monitor your contacts, purchases, and any useful information you have.

Refund Promises from Solution Provider are Lies! It Is A Legitimate Download Rip-Off

 I did get an email from the “Solutions Provider” saying relax, i will give you a refund if you cannot download the course. The course was not downloadable and I never got any refund. A series of 46 emails were sent back and forth with the “Solutions Provider“. They explained over and over again the files were not downloading properly.

He sent me a reply with a video he made. It contained a detailed instructions, with each step showing how to download his products. This was his defense, that I did not know how to download his products correctly. I followed his instructions to the letter, they didn’t work. I don’t care if they ever do!. Why didn’t Paypal refer to his refund offer??

Solutions Provider Says “Let Me Show You How to Download Correctly”

 I spent hours sending dozens of emails with screenshots showing his files were empty, and that downloading the files from his link was NOT the problem. He did try to convince me to allow him to “take control of my computer” ,which I adamantly refused to do. He would show me how to “download correctly” Really? How did I get the files open to look into if I didn’t know how to download correctly?

 I can only guess that is the ultimate objective, is to gain control and plant some malware inside the computer to reveal your personal information. I personally also think that my anti-viral software may be blocking some nasty files as well. That is just as well, I don’t need the crap inside my computer. I just wanted my money back!

There are Scams That Ask for Control of Your Computer

 One particular scam years ago took control of my computer, supposedly to fix some errors. They posed as Microsoft technicians and I left them control my computer. I watched in horror as they got into my registry and started turning off controls!

They actually caused problems because they wanted to sell people a very expensive monthly maintenance contract. Learn more about that scam and others in my previous article Worst Online Scams. I did get a screenshot with a web address and turned them into Microsoft. It cost me a hundred bucks to get the real Microsoft techs to restore it..

Attorney General and Paypal

 I did in fact contact the Attorney Generals Office, and they couldn’t get any response from Solutions Provider either. That tells me he is not a legitimate business person. The bottom line: DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO ANYONE WITHOUT A WRITTEN GUARANTEED REFUND!

 I also filed a dispute with Paypal, but they sided with this bum!  Even after I explained to them repeatedly, that I did not receive anything but worthless pictures found on the internet. I sent screenshots of the junk I received, and the endless emails. Somehow, he provided a better case? I think it’s just business. Choices today are based on profits. 

It’s Not Worth It To Take Them to Court

 So what is my recourse? I did send a report to the FBI-IC3 unit and let them know about losing my money. And I will also update my complaint and let them know that I contacted Google and Paypal and both were not helpful in the matter. Paypal also disregarded his refund offer.

 It seems it is a buyer beware situation anywhere on the internet, regardless of what they tell you.

 I could file a police report, and actually have a hearing scheduled at the local magistrate, and likely have a judgement placed upon him. And,I may still do that because I know it doesn’t cost you much to do it yourself.

 This is so ridiculous I feel, I could easily act as my own attorney. How hard is it to bring a laptop to the courtroom and let the judge see for himself?? This is not a simple download problem.

I explain how you can act as your own attorney in my article Legal Help For Scams. I still might do that. It’s the principle, not the dollar amount. It is just the moral and proper way to do business, period. If people have a problem, just give them a refund. The scammers found one way around it..DON’T OFFER A REFUND!

I Hope I Help Others Save Their Money

 That is why you see the small cost for these products. Because, most people won’t bother with it. So, they don’t get many complaints, and keep the money.  That is how they continue to rip people off, under the guise of being legitimate.

 It is all about profits. People make money from selling ads. They supply advertising space for a price. That pays the bills. The money you lose doesn’t earn any profits.

 Nobody is going to worry about your money.You have to save yourself! Be careful. Make your choices wisely.

If you have had any similar problems with these downloads, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know.


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6 thoughts on “Legitimate Download Ripoffs”

  1. Hey Carl,

    I’m really sorry you got into this mess. When something is too good to be true, then it probably is.

    What I am really concerned is that Paypal and Google sided with the scammers and you have to go to justice to get your refund – which, they should have given you in the first place. Bad publicity like this might hurt them much more than a refund.

    Let us know what happened!

    • Hi Marios,

      The insult is that I really knew better. I was researching Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy and ran smack into another scam. I was under a false assumption that Google and Paypal would protect the consumer. Boy was I wrong. It is buyer beware more than ever! New laws passed by the present administration have given these so-called legit businesses more power, and taken away consumer rights to complain about it. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


  2. This is a shocking story and I hope people would not lose respect to Google’s advertising network. It is clear that they have accepted these companies without really checking the legitimacy of the offer.

    Sometimes, I wonder why marketers from Wealthy Affiliate with good services to offer has to be turned down by Google Adwords when these scammy offers are being accepted. That is really unfair.

    Is there a way we can inform Google that they have been infiltrated by these scams?

    • Hi Gomer,

      I am sure many more scams exist in the ads than even Google knows about. They operate as legitimate businesses, but when problems arise they have no obligation to refund your money. If you buy anything, you must be sure it has a refund policy. That is exactly how Adrian Morrison sells his eCom Success Academy. It is a legitimate product, but is it worth $5000???. They are technically legitimate products, but do they work? More times than not they are simply get rich quick schemes…and they don’t work. The “No Refunds” policy then ensures profits will be kept! Thank for taking the time to leave a comment.


  3. Hi Chas,

    I’m really sorry to hear about your experiences with this scammer. I’m also very surprised and disappointed with paypal. One would think they could better protect their customers.

    This is a good lesson for all of us. There are so many fraudsters out there. We have to really be on our guard and pay attention to details.

    It seems really sad that people have to stoop to deception like this. I mean, if they can pull something like this off, they could just as easily make money legitimately.

    Crazy world.

    • Hi Paul,

      You are absolutely right. I would have given a refund to avoid the bad publicity. But, not everyone feels that way. And like you I was shocked with Paypal as well. When you send about 40+ emails of conversation, that included Solutions Providers statement in writing that he would issue a refund, then refused. And Paypal saw nothing wrong. Then they just close the case, period.

       It is a sad state of business anymore. And with the current U.S. Administration passing laws that give consumers less and less recourse in financial lawsuits, it is sure to get much worse. That will give these people more power.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to leave a comment! 


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