What Is The Kibo Code VIP Edition – Find Out Here

If you are here now you are most likely interested in answering one question – What is The Kibo Code VIP edition? This is a relaunch of the same program called the Kibo Code. This program was created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton with a highly publicised launch in early 2020 and also had a closing date a few weeks later.

They claimed it was brand new and only launched once a year. I got curious when I also found  another version labeled the VIP edition. So, what is the Kibo VIP Edition? Basically, the same program as the Kibo Code, only with some variations to add more hype. And this program is not shut down.  It is still offered for sale.

  • Name    – The Kibo Code Vip Edition
  • Websitehttps://kibovip.com/
  • Price     – $3497 0r 4 Payments of $997 + tax [$4227.28] +Many upsells!
  • Owners – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
  • Quality –  Overhyped – Not as simple as they claim
  • Overall Rank – 5/10
  • Refunds – 30 day refund – You don’t see how the course actually works until after refund expires
  • Verdict –   Not Recommended

Table Of Contents

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 What Is The Kibo Code VIP Edition – The Same Program As The Kibo Code

The headlines are impressive and real attention grabbers! 7 figure workshop -(4 steps to $2800/day) Impressive New eCom Model. Who wouldn’t like a $2800 day?? Well, it is possible, but highly unlikely. Why? Because you need to have some good ad experience before that is ever going to happen. Unless, you maybe get lucky enough to be one of the “Testers” that Aidan and Steve promise for the first 30 people to sign up for their course? Then, you will receive products before anyone else! Maybe if they give you a great selling product, to “prove” their system works, and you get the first crack at some unique sales copy and images nobody else has, you will probably do very well.

But if you end up just a regular member trying to use the ad copy already being used by the testers, chances are you will need that ad experience I was talking about to create new and unique ad copy that sells. And you are going to spend $4000 to get started.

Before you spend $4000 on any program, you can create your own business for a lot less. And get a lot more training, and a chance to look it over all at once on the very same day, not wait 8 weeks to be drip fed videos. If you truly want to be your own boss, check out how you can create your own business and you don’t even need a credit card.

Image For The kibo Code VIP Edition

They introduce a twist on this version, using Mark Ling to show you how to set everything up by looking over his shoulder. The course materials use videos that will be shown once a week, as a step by step guide. These are the same basic materials offered in the kibo Code, with a few new bonuses I will explain later.

The Package Is The Same As the Kibo code, Including The Live Event Promo

The Kibo Code Vip Edition Display
The Kibo Code VIP Edition Box Image


Kibo Code VIP Central Intelligence and Velocity Hub

Pillars 1 and 2 of The Kibo Code VIP Edition

This training is delivered in weekly training Videos with additional live training during the week to show how to set up your Store using the Shopify Platform and the Theme X which is now referred to as the Theme X  [VIP] version.

Kibo Code Vip Traffic Black Box  and Oracle X

Pillars 5 and 6 of the Kibo Code VIP Edition

The Traffic Black Box in simply the training to set up your Google ads to run traffic to your site, and use some SEO techniques to set up headings containing keywords that Google will pick up and use to rank your products in their search engines. Everyone in the Kibo Code is using the same techniques, so anyone who is running the same product ads will have basically the same keywords and titles on their websites.

The Oracle X is using Apps that you have to pay an extra monthly fee to use to display products in the Google Merchant Center for your product ads. It will automatically pick up products from your store and display them inside your Google Add account if they are approved.

Kibo Code VIP The War Room and Kibo Academy

Pillars 7 and 8 Of The Kibo Code VIP Edition

The war room is an inside over the shoulder look at the ad stats and teaches you tactics to tweak your ads to keep cost down and to kill the ads when they are not producing results. The problem is, you must get sales to be able to tweek the ads to keep your cost down. If you don’t get sales, you have to guess and test different ad images and rewrite your ad copy, or as a last resort, lower your price. It all costs more ad money!

The Kibo Academy claim for great support is totally over-rated! The support is one of the worst features of the Kibo Code. It is slow and takes days to get a response. Some of the responses are very poor one sentence responses that are sometimes no help at all. After waiting 5 days, a quick short response that doesn’t help is quite frustrating. When you are running costly ads, and trying to figure things out, you need quick fast support. Kibo Code fails miserably on fast support.

2 Stores Profits Using the Kibo Code VIP Edition

The Kibo Code VIP Edition – $353,783.10 and $260,098 in Just 30 Days- REALLY?

Wow, everyone would like to make that kind of money! But, you notice the fine print..Results are not typical. What does that mean? You are probably NOT going to achieve results like this, and it will take finding those “Winning Products” if it doesn’t put you into the poor house testing, and testing and testing!

I have been in Affiliate Marketing for a few years now, and I can tell you that a website that earns a quarter of a million dollars in 30 days is an exceptional website and is NOT created in a few hours a week, in you spare time! It is likely costing close to half that just to run that website. That is the reality of a website doing that. If they claim 300,000 with profit at 50%, they are spending $150,000 or more! Do you have a $150,000 lying around? If you did, you wouldn’t need any program to make money!

Testing costs money, so you will most likely need thousands of dollars to run ads to find these blockbuster products. Maybe, if you are lucky enough to be chosen as a “tester” (as they claim) and get your products before everyone else, then you may have an advantage.

Members From 3 Different Programs Are Competing With You! – At least!

But, in reality you will be in strong competition with all the members of the previous  original release of the Kibo Code, and all the members of the Kibo Code VIP Edition selling the same products and running the same ads. You can read about the original Kibo code in my article here titled – Is the Kibo Code a Scam?

But that’s not all the competition, in fact Aidan has even another program running, using the same 8 modules of material called the Underground Sales System. And I know they bombard you with additional upsells of $10,000 or more, some less

So, although they claim that these programs, are exclusive and will only be available for a short time, and when they are gone they are gone, it not always true! And believe me they will fill up your email box with programs to sell you each and every week! Non – Stop Spam!

High Profit Margin Claim Of The Kibo Code VIP Edition

The Kibo Code VIP Edition – Earn $140,000 in 10 Weeks! – NOT Typical Results!

Why do we keep seeing these fantastic claims, with a disclaimer every time? Because they are not going to happen for most people.They do this by running ads, and giving you products that are winners, so you think you can have the same success. Think again, this is pure professional ad hype. If this was so easy, and so successful…Why sell it?

Well, Aidan says “they love to teach, and get great satisfaction watching people become successful” Really? They made 11 million so far from all the suckers buying into the hype.

It’s NOT because they love to teach! That’s why they sell it and you will be slammed almost daily with upsell after upsell claiming to enhance your chances of success, but some costing as much as $10,000 more.

3 Product Promise From The Kibo Code VIP Edition

The Kibo Code VIP Edition -JB Success Story – Same Guy From The Kibo Code

Why does this guy keep showing up? With a program being able to generate such success, you would think that someone new would have made it big? Are you beginning to get the picture here? The only people getting rich are Aidan and Steve by selling you these programs that have enough content for you to make a few sales, but upsell you on more and more programs you need to be successful!

JB Beta Tester for The Kibo Code VIP Edition

Exactly the same claims made in the Kibo Code, so this is mostly the same information they said was going to be shut down forever! Well, It’s no wonder they have reportedly made over 11,000,000 from selling the Kibo Code. Here is proof they are still selling it, so that figure is going to keep climbing. Money made by people who bought into the hype.

This is the similar hype for a similar program used by Adrian Morrison. You can read my review here.   eCom Success Academy

Same Day Snapshot Of Beta Testers Results using the Kibo Code

The Kibo Code VIP Edition Made Money The First Day –  Impossible To DO!

First of all, your products take up to a week just to get approved by Google Merchant Center. And they will not let you even create an ad until the products are approved. Doing it with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and using free ads takes even longer, much longer.

You need an ad account set up as well and that may take a day to get approved. You need supplier accounts, and the ability to accept credit cards and payment programs set up on your website as well. There is an approval process they go through for your acceptance. So, in this case, the website would not be functional enough to even take a payment for a sale. Total B…S…!

No Prior Experience Needed For The Kibo Code

These regular people are the same people for the Kibo Code as well….Why are they not different? You would think if they actually had thousands of success stories like they claim, you would see some new faces? I can tell you you why. They have thousands of people who bought into this program and had to stay beyond the 30 day refund period just to find out, that what they bought into was not what they are promised.

The Same Success Stories By the Same People

The Kibo Code VIP Edition System – Cash Out Whenever You Want

Well with at least 3 different programs, all trying to do the same thing, how many do you think will actually be able to survive long enough to create a website you can cash out and sell to someone else?

Promise of Selling Your Store For Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars

BTW, notice the date at 7/15/19? How is that possible if it was just released in January of 2020? It has certainly been released before! Or this is NOT a sale of a Kibo Code VIP Website. If it is in fact a Kibo Code Website, then the Information in this program was released in at LEAST early 2019! Such B…S…!

A Newer Version Of The Theme X – VIP – Build Another Site

The Products are the same ones, and they are sold by Sean’s Cart-Up site. These are promoted with high powered ads using a team that is constantly changing the ad copy and images. It is promoted as very easy to do, copy other ads, tweak them a bit and that’s it. Far from the truth. This is hard work, requiring experience with ads and marketing just to compete with the pros that are running ads, like Sean.

Theme X From the Kibo Code

This watch product is a brand promoted by Sean from the Kibo Code, and it is near impossible to try to advertise watches and compete with the “Think Band” watches sold on his site. He runs a ton of ads constantly, so you won’t get any ads that even produce any sales unless you create better ads than he does! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that the products being offered to Kibo Members are products that are past their peak from sites like Seans, then offered to Kibo Members as tested proven products. They do tell you products have a sales life cycle, eventually sales taper off. The product will get some sales, but basically it is done. So, you have to constantly find new products and start over again.

Theme X Watches Display

The Kibo Code VIP Edition – When Does The Registration Period End?

This is an old marketing trick. Using time as a selling gimmick. If you don’t buy now, it may be too late. Telling people space is limited, or it is almost sold out. It makes you feel the sense of urgency, and helps to lure you in. It is an effective strategy, it creates sales and people believe the hype. But in this case, at the time of printing, the sales are continuing.

Time Warning About Closing The Kibo Code

Don’t Fall for the hype and spend $4000 You can learn to have your own site up and running in one week for free!

Check out my #1 Method for free.

The Kibo Code VIP Edition Product Analyzer – Or The Kibo Code Version?

Product Analyzer For Kibo Code VIP Edition

One thing that I liked from the Kibo Code sales pitch, was the fact that the products would be available from suppliers in the USA. The Kibo Shopify store is set up to offer free shipping . You only sell in the Continental US, and eliminate any high shipping costs to Alaska or Hawaii. Because the products shipped from USA suppliers, and NOT from China,it would insure fast shipping in 3-8 days. With Amazon shipping in less than 4 days and overnight for prime members, this is another headwind.

The product Analyzer has a major flaw. It will chose products that also ship from China only. This is not good for a store set up and advertising shipment from the USA.

The Kibo Code VIP Edition Bonuses – The New Twist

The first bonus is Mark Ling doing another set of videos on how he sets this business model up and what kind of success he will have. The problem is that they have products that you may not have seen in the product analyzer, or they may not show you which products they are actually using. It is a bit deceptive, because they use much higher ad budgets to produce results, and you don’t know what the products are.

This is to inspire you to take action, but also to try to show some better response. Sean showed products in the Kibo Code that he had previously sold for a long time on his site, but nothing close to anything like it in real time. Why? Well, he did say he can’t make any money on products he displays, because everyone steals his products, then they don’t work! Really! Too much competition Sean? Exactly the problem with this course, it is over saturating the market!

VIP Bonus #1 – Coaching With Mark Ling

Mark Zing Bonus 1

VIP Bonus #2 Megan’s Case Study

Megan’s case study will not surprise anyone. She has all the behind the scene help she needs, so she will no doubt be successful! Otherwise, it wouldn’t look good now would it? It’s like the “tester” that get the products first before anyone else, she will “know” the products that work!

Megan's Case Study Bonus 2

VIP Bonus #3 My Dad’s Case Study

My Dad’s case study will not disappoint either. Some struggles maybe, but making money will be guaranteed for the same reasons as Megan. Both are set up to succeed and offer proof that anyone can do it. I have seen my entire accountability group struggle with getting any sales and two had their shopify accounts shut down. I am sure that this won’t happen with these case studies.

My Father Case Study Bonus 3

VIP Bonus # 5  Kibo Profit Multiplier

The person to multiply profits would be Sean with his look over the shoulder into tweeking ads, and tips on scaling up. Much of the information is based upon data. In order to get data, you need sales. If you aren’t getting many sales, you can’t improve your profits. This is a problem if your products don’t sell. Running ads is like throwing money into a dark room, you can’t see anything unless you get sales.It’s risky business and it can get very expensive, very quickly. If you don’t have a bankroll to back you up in hard times, you are going to lose money..It is as simple as that.

Boosting sales to the next level is an email marketing system, and auto- responder, combined with purchasing extra apps to help produce sales from your email list.

Profit Magnafier For the Kibo Code VIP Edition

VIP Bonus #6  Kibo Detective

The product that is most helpful when running ads is software that can display the competition, what products are selling and what ads they are using. This product is claiming to do something similar, but I have my doubts it is as good as some paid software tools that are available. This was never offered in the original Kibo Code program. The problem is that everyone else in the Kibo Code VIP Edition has the same tool. Any Product you choose will have someone else picking it as well, and the competition is a factor again.

Kibo Detective Bonus 6

The Kibo Code VIP Edition – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This 30 day money back guarantee is useless. When you have the training delivered in a week by week manner, you only get to see the store set-up and none of the important features of how the program works. The Kibo Code is not an easy program that you can do in a few hours a week. It takes a lot of work, constant ad changes, constant research, fulfilling orders. the logistics are a nightmare, and taxes get complicated as well.

You won’t even begin to see any of that before the 30 Day guarantee is expired, as I said, this is useless an basically a fraud of a guarantee. You don’t have any idea of what the program is about until the 4th or 5th week, and you still will not see all the trainings by then.

30 Day Guarantee

The Kibo Code VIP Edition – Ultimate Risk Reversal

This is simply another gimmick. If you follow the training, You will be running 8 to 10 ads at once, and by doing that you will get some sales. But, the losing ads will cost you more than any profits you receive from sales. And a few sales is not a winning product!

So, do the math. If you spend $4000 for the program, and another $2500 in ads (which you will)  this guarantee doesn’t come close to helping much. And Aidan and Steve are still going to have $3000 of your money, and you will still be out $5500.

Ultimate Risk Reversal $1000 Back


Kibo Code VIP Edition – Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to set up a Shopify Store quickly
  • Suppliers are in USA – No shipping from China is claimed
  • Step by Step Video on setting up Google and Bing Ads
  • Basic Steps Video on how to use Facebook ads
  • 30 Day Guarantee and $1000 risk refund


  • Traffic is From Google Ads and Very Expensive – Risky increases Debt burden – No sales = Failure,  No Ad money – no sales
  • Product Analyzer Picks Products Shipped From China – Shipping is a month or more- Customers get angry -Too many refunds
  • Kibo members Ads are the same. Same images, same ad copy and all in competition with each other for the same products
  • Website all look the same, same headlines, same product descriptions. not enough training on how to differentiate from others
  • Everything is lost if Shopify shuts your Store down
  • Kibo Code VIP Edition is Not Limited to a few people and Not closed. It is still sold and continues to saturate the market.
  • Support Tickets are not answered for days. Sometimes they take up to 5 days for an answer
  • No Live Chat – Only chat box is once a week for each module
  • Q&A Sessions –Only Steve And Aidan read questions and answer, they control what is asked and answered.
  • Kibo Talk – Does not allow anyone asking if others are having success. This keeps anyone from hearing the truth about claimed success

Verdict – Not Recommended 

Why spend $4000 and spend $2-3,000 or more “testing product ads” not to mention extra fees, shopify store costs, apps and complex taxes! I tried the original Kibo Code program and  followed all the training and got a few sales. But overall I spent more in ad costs than I got in sales revenue. This is a lot of work, time and money! It is not easy, it’s very time consuming, costly and risky.

Trying to get a business going is hard, but digging a revenue hole with risky ad costs, doesn’t help! I can’t recommend this to anyone, save your money! Unless you have a ton of online marketing experience, and a big bankroll, you are going to struggle with learning all the extra skills you need to succeed. And you will likely lose more money on top of the $4000 original investment.

I can show you a much safer, and cheaper route, where you control and create a business that you actually own. It is not created on a platform that you pay monthly fees like renting a website, you actually own your business.

A Business You Own – Be Your Own Boss

My #1 method has no ad costs, and has a 7 day free trial to look it over. And you can sign up for $19 bucks and look it over another 30 days! And you get to see “Everything about it, all at once”, not a small piece each week! Once you chose your monthly or yearly plan, there are no additional upsells, no hidden costs, no fees to pay each week, and you own everything you create for your business. No-one can take it away, shut you down, or keep you out of your business!

Don’t spend $4000 to check something out that doesn’t work for everybody.   Check out my #1 Method for free.

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Covid 19 has ravaged the world causing the death of tens of thousands compromised family members and tens of millions of people worldwide. Millions of people in the USA have been thrown out of work do to no fault of their own. This has caused workers to rely on temporary state aid, and forced many from their homes. Something like this is how your life can be turned upside down in an instant. It doesn’t have to be that way

This stark reality is why creating your own business is so important now more than ever. Affiliate Marketing is something that cannot be taken away. Online business is thriving because people are shopping online more than ever!

There has never been a better time to cash in on this lucrative business and create your own financial Independence with online marketing.

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Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

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The Kibo Code VIP Edition


The KiBO Code



  • Quick Store Set Up
  • Step By Step Videos
  • 30 Day + $1000 Ad Refund Guarantee


  • Running Ads is Expensive
  • High Competition From Kibo Members
  • Risk Shopify Shutdown and Losing Everything

10 thoughts on “What Is The Kibo Code VIP Edition – Find Out Here”

  1. My friend, with all the crap being passed of through the internet as ‘promising businesses’ we need all the help against scams and frauds, as we can get. Your review of The Kibo Code VIP Edition, has provided a detailed look inside the product, which details the problems like too much competition from other Kibo Code Members.

    It is sad to see people charge $4000 for a program that requires an additional investment of several thousand more dollars to make it work! I don’t have that kind of money!

    I see many reviews that just do an overview, and speak of online frauds and scams, and to be careful. But, few if any actually show how to help prevent getting scammed. Any entrepreneur starting an online business will really benefit from this helpful review, highlighting the problems for others, to keep them from losing a lot of money and falling for these scams and frauds of the cyber world.

    • Hi rjkennedy,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review. It is clear you got the message and won’t be fooled by the Kibo Code VIP Edition. Yes, even the members of this product turn out to be competition using the exact same methods you will be using in your business. 

      That won’t work well and wastes a lot of money, creating a huge debt as soon as you start your business. After you spend $4000 for a program, you don’t expect shelling out another couple of grand on top of that!

      My method

      allows you to start a business in a few days for free! And you can see the whole program as soon as you go premium for 1/10 of the cost of the Kibo Codeprogram.

  2. I am happy I found your review. You shared a lot of information on the pros and cons of The Kibo Code VIP Edition. You through and very informative article details everything necessary for anyone to make a wise decision. 

    There are so many scam issues that are happening online, reviews like the one you just provided here will save a lot of people from losing a lot on money from being scammed.  Not many people can afford to lose $4000 on a product they think will help them start a business. I like your recommendation a whole lot better. Starting a business for free is much easier for most people.

    • Hi Audrey,

      Thank you for your kind words. I do hope people will save their money and not become victims of this overhyped program. Money making programs like the Kibo Code VIP Edition are promoted by slick salesmen, and fancy claims that are largely exaggerated. If anyone had a system that clearly works and makes a lot of money, why would you sell it? They sell it because it has become less profitable for them and the real money is in selling it to others.

      My Method has a clear step by step method that allows you to have a business up in a week for free. There is no expensive ads required, and you can see the whole program from the day you go premium.

  3. Crikey that’s a very detailed review of Kibo code and I could feel my worries increasing as I read it. Using people who are familiar with the product is not illegal I guess but you seem to have the inside track on this thing. Where do you get all that knowledge from? I was relieved at the end when you said that you did not recommend it.

    It is not my area of expertise at all but you made it clear from understanding the applications to the funding and guarantees. Thanks for a very honest review. I certainly learned something by reading it.

    It is certainly a hefty price tag with not great support by the sound of it!

    • Hi Phil,

      I got the inside scoop because I tried the Kibo Code, and I know first hand exactly how it works and what is wrong with it. Then I found this apparently slightly different version of basically the same Kibo Code product using the different name of Kibo Code VIP Edition.

      This program is not easy like they want you to believe, and the are using a lot of tactics to keep people from getting a refund, or complaining so that others won’t quit. The people who buy this are shamed into believing they didn’t follow the training correctly, and that is why they don’t have success. But, that is simply not true. 

      They offer a guarantee that won’t be used by most because the sale tactics convince everyone they are honest and sincere, and they are not! They promise they will be there every step of the way, but once the guarantee passes, you here crickets from Steve and Aidan, The support team takes 4 days or more to get back to you, and mostly refer you back to the training. My Recommended Method allows you to have a business up and running in as little as a week for free. And you can look over the whole entire program from the very first day you go premium. I am personally available to coach anyone, and support answers any questions in minutes, 24/7 365 days a year!

  4. An very informative article on the Kibo Code Vip Edition!  You delivered all the red flags and Wow.. are there a lot! I can not stand folks like these marketers because they give honest people false hope. In 2020 that is the last thing good people need! over $4000 really, if I had that much I would not put it on a shiny object such as this. It is just ridiculous. 

    I am an affiliate marketer and in my opinion affiliate marketing is the best business model that can be done for far less out of pocket money. I can achieve decent profits without the all the fluff. Thank you for pointing out yet another not so shiny object.

    • Hi ccav66,

      I am glad you found my article on the Kibo Code VIP Edition informative. These marketers are great salesmen, and they also embellish the truth. I wrote my review to let everyone know the truth, and I have tried to point out the problems with this product. $4000 is a lot to spend on a product, when you can start your own affiliate marketing business in a week for free using my #1 recommended system.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and leave a comment.


  5. Thank you for such a detailed article. It is indeed easy to fall into online traps when we go in blindfolded. Your article is an eye opener. Being able to identify the warning signs of scams is a plus and you have unmasked it so well here.

    I am bewildered by the genuine looking stickers that they use like the 100% guarantee one. Are the stickers even legit? I wonder how to unmasked the fraudulent ones.

    • Hi Carol,

      I am glad you found my article on the Kibo Code VIP Edition informational and helpful. So many online products unfortunately do not measure up in actual reality. Offering a 30 day guarantee appears to give you a chance to look at what you are purchasing. Unfortunately, in this case you only get a glimpse of 2 step by step videos that are very helpful in getting the store set up and operational. The 30 day guarantee is basically a sales gimmick and useless for looking at the product.

      You only get a module to view once a week. And the “30 days” becomes basically 2 weeks, because of cleverly designed releases of only two videos that have anything to do with how this program actually works. They waste the first week on a biography of Steve and Aidan and an non-specific overview of what the training is going to cover.

      Once you get further into the program around 3 or 4 weeks later, then you realize the actual process used to make your store profitable.But too late for any refund. You are stuck in a constant battle of creating ads, researching products, and in direct competition with other Kibo Code members doing the exact same thing. 

      The first video of this important information is not revealed until  a day after the 30 guarantee has expired. Such a rip!


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