White Hat SEO Beginners Guide – Good SEO Methods

My White Hat SEO Beginners Guide is intended to help people who are just learning about SEO. It is important to understand the value of creating content using ethical methods to insure that you obtain high quality SEO rankings.

If this is your first time hearing about SEO, it stands for (Search Engine Optimization). The biggest search engine is Google, and they are the most important search engine to gain ranking for.

The higher you rank, the more success you will see from your SEO efforts. So, the object is to try to rank in the first page of Google, and rank as the first listing or the number one position. When you do that, you are going to get the most people viewing your post.

That is the idea behind any SEO Guide you choose to use. Let’s get started.

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide

In this guide you will learn the ways to get your websites to rank in Google. This is important because it will generate organic search traffic to your site. This is basically free traffic. Research is the key to finding different areas that will improve your SEO results.

When you are beginning a new website, research is crucial to your success. You need to know how to find the opportunities that will help you get traffic to your site.

Areas Of Research

  • Niche Research – Understanding your Product, Customers, and Competitors to determine how competitive your particular niche may be.
  • Keyword Research – Which Keywords will be easiest to rank for in the search engines, and drive the best, highly targeted traffic to your site. You need a high volume keyword(lots of searches) with low competition( not many sites using that keyword). Keywords are the determining factor the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) use to determine what your Page Rank is. Whether it is #1 on the first page or #20 on page 2. The goal is to shoot for #1 on the first page.
  • Competitor Research – Know who your competition is. Learn how they are getting traffic to their sites and what keywords they are using? Then you can try to rank for the same keywords. You also need to know if you are trying to compete with huge authority websites or small niche sites?

    You don’t want to start a website that has too much competition from authority sites like Amazon, or Walmart. Even though sometimes you CAN outrank authority sites with better SEO, it will be an uphill battle from the start. Know your competition and do your homework first. The path to outranking small niche sites is the easier path for beginners.

Important Points Of The White Hat SEO Beginners Guide:

  • Focus on mobile – Mobile is the fastest growing segments of online searches, and and is outpacing home PC searches.
  • Keyword research – Find the best opportunities for top ranking keywords. High search volume, low competition.
  • User experience – Attract more visitors with a fast, and easy to navigate website experience
  • Create better content than your competitors – Learn what your competitors are doing.
  • Build Links – Great content will get shared, focus on quality.
  • Use Schema to Create Rich Snippets – Reviews are enhanced when you use this SEO Organization.

Factors To Consider In Good SEO Research

Is your niche or keyword seasonal or evergreen? If you have a Christmas product and your keywords deal with Christmas Items, then your sales are going to good for a very short period of time. This would give you seasonal income and you would have to consider another source of income for the rest of the year.

In contrast, if you had a niche or keyword that involved a pain relief product, then it would be in demand all year round. It would be considered an evergreen product. This would produce income year round.

After you have determined your niche you are ready to write some great content to get people (Traffic) coming to your site. To do this you need to start your keyword research. There are many keyword research tools available to help you do this. One of the most readily available free keyword tools is Google Search. When you type a keyword into Google Search, a drop-down menu appears giving you several choices. These are actual search terms people have used in the past and are great keywords you can use.

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Finding Keywords In Google Search

Find the best keywords by simply using Google Search’s drop down menu “Suggest” It shows searches people have used and are a great place to start. This is a free tool anyone can take advantage of.

Here is an actual search for Golf Club in Google with the dropdown displaying the other terms people have searched for.

Image Display Of The Google Keyword Search Dropdown With Two Red Arrows And Black Text- A Google Search Reveals Many More Great Keywords

Keyword Search Tool For The White Hat SEO Guide – Jaaxy

After I do my initial Google Search to research keywords for a blog article, the next thing thing I do is open my Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. I know I will find good quality keywords quickly and easily. I saves me a ton of time.

If I search the same keyword golf club, I get results for over 35 keyword examples and their ranking power. Here is the first 14 results. Every one labeled “great” is a keyword that will rank well. Only two are not considered great keywords.

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide - Text -Jaaxy Displays 35 results for Golf Club with Red Arrow Pointing To Golf Club In Search Bar- Two Separate Red Arrows Point To Great Keyword Rating With Text That Says- The Top 14 Results Are All Great Except For Two Results

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide For Your Blog

In order to do this, there are certain guidelines you need to follow for the best results. These are important steps that will help you rank, but keep in mind there are many ways to help you rank. This is a collection of the most important ones that beginners must do to get ranked by Google quickly.

When you have chosen your keyword, you need to understand how to to use White Hat techniques to insure you rank well in the SERPS. SEO is for the search engines to find all these steps have been completed and that helps you rank better.

Include Your Keyword In Your Post Title

You always want the keyword you chose for writing about to appear in the title of that post. So, if your keyword was “golf club sets”, your title should contain it word for word. For example: How Many Golf Club Sets Should You Own would be a possible article title. The Title of your post is always labeled with an H1 heading tag. H1 heading tags are only ever used once. So, your article title is the only H1 Tag in your article.

Also Include Your Keyword In Your First Paragraph

You always want to include your keyword in your first paragraph. Don’t ever use it more than twice in this paragraph, once is generally enough. This will help google understand what your keyword is. You also want to consider using some related keywords as well, buy talking about your product, such as golf clubs, or golf swing, or losing golf clubs.

Have At Least One Internal Link Within Your Article

You want to link to relevant content in your site. It must be relevant to your post. In this case the article is talking about Golf Club Sets. So , it has to be relevant. For example, you would Link to: Review of the 10 best Golf Club Sets. Do not put any links in the first paragraph

Include At Least One External Link Within Your Article

You want this external link to be to an authority site to gain some value from a quality link. Wikipedia is a good link to use for information and fact checking in your article. It is an authority site, and has very few ads. If you have affiliate links in your article, these do not count as external links. The affiliate links do leave your site but, they are not considered an external link for SEO purposes. Again, do not put any links in the first paragraph.

Use Proper Page Structure And Proper H2-H5 Tags

Always make sure to follow the proper page structure by labeling headings with the proper tag sequence. Your title is the most important heading, so it should contain your keyword and be labeled H1. This is the only H1 tag in your article, it is only used once. After your title, headings will be labeled H2 through H5, depending upon their importance. Generally, for SEO the H1, H2 and H3 will be used for ranking. After that, the H4 and H5 won’t count as much. So, after your title, the H2 and H3 tags will rank highest, so be sure to include your keyword. Even H3 tags through H5 tags carry less and less weighting toward ranking. Most of your SEO power will come from the H1 and H2 tags.

Do not skip any heading tags. A H2 heading must be followed by a H3, and a H3 by a H4 in structure.

Example Of Proper H1,H2,H3, Structure For Good SEO:

  • Title – (H1)Golf Clubs
    • (H2) Types of Golf Clubs
      • (H3) Driver
      • (H3) Wedge
    • H2 Determining Golf Clubs To Use
      • (H3) Using The Yardage Markers

Include Related Images Inside Your Post

If you are talking about golf clubs, you would want to have some images of golf clubs in your article. People are visual and relevant images are important to your article, and SEO. When you create your file names for your images, you should name them so that they are relevant to your article.

In order to rank in SEO, the Alt tag and descriptions for images must be filled out using your keywords where they are relevant. However, you should be careful as to let a few images go without your exact keyword to avoid possible keyword stuffing. you don’t need to do this every single time, but in most cases you want to do this.

Always Include Your Keyword In the Meta Title And Meta Description

The Meta Title is what will display on the search page for users and search engine bots to read. This is controlled by your SEO plugin. The two most common ones are the “All in one SEO” plugin, and the Yoast SEO plugin. These plugins will display below your article inside your website dashboard. You must be sure to fill these out. They will allow you up to 60 characters for your Meta Title. If you have more than 60 characters, your title will be cut-off after 60 characters.

A separate area may also be available to write in your Social Meta titles for your social networks as well. Fill these out also as they will help the search engines rank you in your social networks as well.

This must be filled out exactly how you want your article to display. The plugin coding will display your article title including your keyword on the search page. This is the highest ranking heading in your article, and the heading that will attract traffic and visitors to your site. It is also used by the search bots to rank your article.

A Meta Title Is Very Important For White Hat SEO Beginners

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide - Display Of  Meta Title In Google Search With Read Arrow Pointing To Title And Red Text - How Meta Title Appears On Search Page.

Meta Description Is Also Very Important For SEO Ranking

The Meta Description is the description that appears below your Meta Title. You are allowed to have up to 160 characters in your Meta Description. This must also be filled out using your exact keyword and a description of your article.

It is important to create some interest and appeal to attract visitors to your site. Put your keyword in a sentence or use a catchy phrase to get people to click on your title. For example look at the google search for golf clubs below.

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide- Google Search Page Listing With Text - Keywords-And Red Arrows Pointing At Highlighted Keywords- And Text- Schema Rich Snippet Star Rating And Review Description- With Two Red Arrows Pointing At Yellow Stars Ratings And Schema Review Text

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide – Use Schema For Rich Snippets

The Schema markup is shown in the image above. It is a form of SEO optimization used by search engines. It displays a menu of the review items and a eye catching star review rating. This can only be used with product reviews It is under utilized and can boost your site in the SERPS by creating these RIch Snippets. The easiest way to do this is by using a plugin that inserts the code into your website page.

The plugin I use is called the WP Product Review Lite. It is lightweight and simple to use. But, there is no guarantee that you will get a star rating to appear in the search results. But you will have done everything you possibly can to enable it to happen. Google is the one who decides to give you the stars or not.

Be Sure to Post Your Articles On Social Media

You should always post any articles on social media to let people know of the latest addition to your website. Social media is closely connected with online rankings, and this will also increase your rankings. Special features in the SEO plugins will allow you to insert custom images, along with custom Meta Titles, and Meta Descriptions for each social network.

The Social Meta Title allows for 60 to 80 characters, so you could use the same Meta Title from your post or change it up a bit. The Social Meta Description is also best kept to 160 characters.

Be sure to include your keyword in all these areas as well.

Use A Table Of Contents For Better SEO

You can create a table of contents using a plugin. There are many available for this, the one I use that works well is WP Lucky Table of contents plugin. It is set up using your H2 and H3 headings to set up your table of contents. Most of the time just using the H2 heading tags is plenty. Using the H2 and the H3 headings can make a very long table, so using the H2 tags is generally enough.

There are some very good effects in rankings from using a table of contents. For one, it improves your user experience by making your page more organized and easier to find different segments of your articles. If your user clicks on any H2 heading in your Table of Contents, they are immediately taken to that spot in your article.

If you would like to learn more about SEO Research, here is a video series from Jay Oneill

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  1. This is a very helpful guide on SEO for beginners and the correct white hat tactics to use. I have recently been spending time to update and improve on meta tags, but have not really shared blogs to social media. So this is really useful to find that I need to share to social media a lot more than what I have been doing. 

    I also did not know that a Table of Content is good for better SEO, so thank you for some great pointers.

    • Hi LineCowley,

      I am glad you found the White Hat SEO Beginners guide helpful. Each and every little thing we can do to improve our rankings helps our business. Social media is a big help for getting traffic to your site.

      Yes, a Table of Contents is a great help for SEO because it shows Google you are organized and creating a better user experience.

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  2. This White hat SEO Beginners Guide highlights many smarter choices to help articles rank higher. It is easier to work with the rankings system instead of trying to fight an uphill battle against search engines like google and your competitors. 

    I wish I had understood the importance of heading tags sooner. It’s not only a great way to make sure that your thoughts are organized, but it helps you to rank higher as well. Improving my heading tags has made a huge difference for my websites ranking!

    What do you consider the most important step in your SEO Guide, I can do to improve my website rankings the best way possible?

    • Hi Aly,
      It is easier to try to increase your rankings, than to go head to head with your competition. But, in the long run, you need to keep an eye on your competition.
      The heading tags are very important to the search engines, because the provide a better user experience for your readers, as well as providing an opportunity for using keywords the most effective way possible.

      It is very hard to pick just one thing that is most important. But if I had to pick, I have to say good keyword research, including finding keywords your competition is using. Once you know what they are using, you have some insight into what works in your particular niche.
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