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Welcome to Help For Scams And Frauds

My name is Chas, I am the Editor/Publisher for Help For Scams And Frauds. My wife and I were the proud parents of two boys, who have grown and married. We were also blessed with three beautiful grandchildren. 

I have worked as a blue collar worker most of my life in a variety of jobs. Starting as a grocery store stock-boy/cashier to a house-painter, and retired after 20 years as a metal fabricator/welder.

I like Bowling, Motorcycles, Traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Some days just taking it easy, and enjoying some quiet time. I think we all need to take time to smell the roses, and relax a bit.

How I Got Started

I had some free time in retirement, So I decided to try to get my own business started somehow. But, I found quickly there is a minefield of nasty scams and frauds, associated with business ventures online. After losing a ton of my own money and getting scammed myself, I quickly learned I had to fight back.

I wanted to develop a site where scam victims could go to find out what they can actually do about it, or can’t do about it.  I hope to provide some insight into which companies are legitimate opportunities, and some that are not so good and need to be avoided.

Many of the sites available to help you, just turn out to be scams themselves. Some want a fee to join to find out nothing! Just more useless information and money down the drain.

I don’t want to charge people for information that is free in the first place. Like you I am fed up with losing my hard earned money to these crooks. That’s the reason behind my website. I hope that I, along with help from other victims we can start and maybe do something about it.

After 5 years of working the internet, I am still very grateful for finding a site that is honest and can be trusted. If you are one of the many people affected by the worldwide Pandemic, you are likely looking for a way to earn money online. I can tell you this is legitimate and is My #1 Recommendation for a Legitimate Online Business. You won’t be sorry.

Help For Scams And Frauds Was Born

I am planning on researching every name that is given to me, and some of my own. I am determined to actually help to warn people about these shady characters. Then,over time hope to build a wealth of resources for helping people try to recover their losses using all of the free help available.

Unfortunately, I may as well let you know up front, many times we will not be successful. Sometimes, it will legally cost you more than you have already lost. To avoid throwing good money after bad,the only recourse is to publish the story.By informing others of scams and frauds, we can help others avoid the same fate.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, And I hope if you are reading this, I offered you some value, and helped you in some way.

I can share with you once more the one online business that I did find that enabled me to start my online business with very little money. Click on the link below and take a look. It has a free trial offer that allows you to try it and decide for yourself, before you invest a penny.


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8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Chaz, my email address was found on the dark web I don’t know if you’re involved with anything like that.
    Anyway it’s listed under river city media do you recall that preach compromise data was email addresses IP addresses names and physical addresses how would I go about contacting River city media it was a total of 1.4 billion records and somehow my email address was also compromised.

    • Hi Loretta,
      I understand your frustration. You are not alone with your email being exposed! I am also, and there is not a lot we can do about it. River City Media is out of business. They really can’t do anything, the information was exposed. We can only follow the best practices and advice from the website Have I been pwned. you can go there for more information on what to do. You can check and see if you have been involved in other breaches as well and you can join the mailing list to be informed when you are involved in any other breeches.

      You have to make sure you change your passwords and make them difficult to figure out. The best bet is to get a password manager. 1password is one that is recommended. Then you only need to remember the password for the password manager. That is the best advice we have. But, make sure you change any easy to figure out passwords you may be using. The bad guys might have those passwords!! Hope that helps!
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back!

  2. I was scheduled to have major surgery and always wanted my own online business. I was with wealthy affiliate and I did learn a lot from them. Then vibrant web came into the picture. A professional website – they would set up. They did give me a good deal.

    I agree though now they are contacting me almost every day – you are so right all it is a ploy for them to get more money from me. One day it was that I needed a marketing plan and they were asking me questions that I thought could be putting me at risk for identity theft. Then they called me about getting me on their corporate credit card. I asked them how much the marketing plan scheme would cost me. . . no response it might sound good at first but hang onto your credit cards!

    • Hi Pat,
      I hope your surgery went well. Be very careful about giving out private information. I was dealing with Vibrant Web first, then found Wealthy Affiliates, and boy was I glad I did! I found out what a scam outfit Vibrant Web truly was.It is just one big upsell! Site improvement, Marketing Training,Products and an online store. Then you never get anything worthwhile, just promises!
      I would not believe a word they tell you! Eventually,when they find out you won’t send any more money, they will give you the silent treatment. You won’t get any response from them.
      The problem is, you will never get all the controls turned on in the back-office of your site.They will not allow you to place any plugins without going thru them. And they refuse to install them!!

      They had all my comments blocked, I could not receive any, but they received them all! I wanted a mailing list and the programmer installed his private email address!

      It is a fact, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself, period. Vibrant Web was the worst thing that ever happened to me!
      What Steps to Take if You Get Scammed will help you with trying to get your money back. Good Luck with your health and also with Vibrant Web. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will help you any way I can.

  3. Hello Chas,

    I am sorry to heard about the experience you had before. Hope you didn’t spent too much money on that scam program. Is good that you realized it was a scam and didn’t continued with it. Just like you, I also been following some of Chris Farrell training I found on Alison and I wanted to join his membership. While I was reading about his program I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, so as it was free to join I become a member in just a few minutes.

    You definitely made the right decision joining Wealthy Affiliate. Here you can find everything you need to help you in your online business and you will never have to look for training somewhere else.

    You did a great job here with this website. I am looking forward to read your next posts. Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi Christina,
      Getting involved with people who just want your money in their pockets is about as low as you can get, in my opinion. I am actually still trying to wrestle the site away and move it to WA. That is another awesome feature here, you can host up to 50 websites, so if and when I get it transferred here, then I can work on getting it into a much more usable condition, and try to undo all the mistakes they had me doing. I was copying videos from u-tube, which is ok, as long as you give them credit for their work, but google does not like that! That is information I got here at WA. They are teaching you what is the right thing to do,to rank well in the search engines, and that is critical for our success! I’m glad you like the site, it is a work still in progress, and I will keep working on it till I like it I guess. Thanks for your comments, and have a great weekend also!

  4. Hello Chas,

    I really appreciate that you dedicate this website to review scam programs and teach people how to avoid those programs.
    Nothing that promise money overnight is true. Success will come only when we are willing to invest some hard work in our online business.

    I wish you all the best in your future online career,

    • Hi Cristina,
      Thank you for your kind words. I was and still am involved with a website builder, who is not interested in anything but taking money from people like me, who a few week ago,I didn’t even have a clue how wordpress works, or even how much a website really costs? I tried Chris Farrell before I came here, learned some there and found WA in the meantime, and it has been a complete turn around since. Chris Farrel enables you to get a website up and learn the basics, and makes it very easy to put a 3 page simple website together. Here at WA you learn the entire package.I got involved in others, just trying to find out about the business, and so laid the groundwork for this site, because I want to find out more about these scams myself and try to help others if I can. I was just so angry, that I got hooked into a website builder, who tells you he’s building a site for you, and you find out later,the programmer controls it really, you don’t! And the sad part is, he’s charging for all the free stuff you get anyway, like wordpress, and plugins that are free, what a rip-off! But, you don’t know that, till you find out how to build a website yourself.

      Thank you Cristina, and I also wish you all the best also.


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