Is Kibo Code Quantum A Scam

Is Kibo Code Quantum A Scam? Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth’s latest Edition of the original Kibo Code. They claim this is the latest and most automated version of their system to date. The original Kibo Code system is a dropshipping program that they released in 2019. And later they released an upgrade called the Kibo Code VIP system. Now, they released this all new Kibo Code Quantum. So, is this just the same old information or something new and different? Let’s find out.

  • Name    – Kibo Code Quantum
  • Website
  • Price     – $3497 0r 4 Payments of $997 + tax [$4227.28] + $100 monthly fee
  • Owners – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
  • Quality –  Overhyped – Not as simple as they claim.
  • Rank – 5/10
  • Refunds – 30 day refund – expires half-way through the training.
  • Verdict –   Not Recommended

Is Kibo Code Quantum A Scam

The original Kibo Code is an 8 week training program on how to set up an E-commerce store using the Shopify platform and paid ads. And this new Kibo Code Quantum program, is also an 8 week training program for setting up an eCommerce store. But, this time the program doesn’t use Shopify or paid ads. And this Kibo product uses more automation to make the store set up and product promotion easier than ever. However, it turns out there are plenty of bugs with this new system, so how effective will this new automation be in real time? As of the date of publication, it has yet to be released.

By eliminating the Shopify monthly fee, members save $49 per month. And that also eliminates the cost of paid apps to make the Shopify store work with Google and Microsoft Ads. And the ad cost, was the biggest expense by far. Because they are using free promotion, this would also eliminate the ad expenses, and make store start up cheaper. It turns out this new promotion has been around since 2015. It is hardly anything new!

Dealing With Facebook Could Also Be A Problem

The free promotion is Facebook Marketplace. As I said, this Marketplace has been around since 2015, and information on how to place ads is readily available on the internet for free. Facebook Marketplace is similar to a Craig’s list, where you post items you have for sale. It started out being a place where used products were listed at a bargain price. Now, ads will appear from time to time promoting new products. The question is,  how many people will buy the new products.  And once it starts to get swamped with all the Kibo Quantum Members’ products, it’s likely competition will be fierce.

It is also Facebook. The Facebook platform is know for being very difficult to comply with all their rules. And Facebook is notorious for blocking and shutting down accounts. When you are trying to run a business, the last thing you need, is to lose your advertising platform. And when using Facebook this can easily happen. They never tell you exactly why the block you post or close down your account, you have to figure it out. Sometimes, figuring out what you did wrong is not easy to do.

Pros and Cons


  • Training On Building an eCommerce Store Quickly
  • Step by Step Video Training
  • USA Suppliers For Shipping Products
  • Free Listing Training On Facebook Marketplace


  • The Hosting Platform And ThemeX Stores Not As High Quality As Shopify
  • Additional $100 monthly Fee For KIBO Platform
  • Kibo Stores All Look The Same
  • Poor Support – Email Replies Take Days To Get Answers
  • No Live Chat

Kibo Code Quantum Makes Lots Of Promises – Are They True?

  • No Market Research
  • Zero Product Creation
  • No Inventory
  • And No Working Facebook Accounts
  • Doesn’t Require Buying Any Products
  • Or Investing In Any Ads

The original Kibo Code product and the Kibo Code Vip made most of the same claims. No product creation, no inventory, and no need to buy products. You did need to buy ads to promote your products. But, many ads failed to produce enough sales to make the products profitable. The so-called “picked for you winners” were losers!  It didn’t take long for Kibo Members to figure that out!  The product failures caused an estimated 95% of the Kibo Code members to give it up. The Covid 19 Pandemic exacerbated the problem with worldwide supply shortages. The suppliers who had products were shipping from China and taking weeks for delivery.

More Promises From Kibo Quantum Sales Page

  • No Traffic Issues – Products are placed directly in front of buyers who are looking to buy them.
  • High Profit Margins – Net profits equal 50%.
  • No Supplier Issues – Only sell products from U.S. Suppliers – No communication problems with China.
  • Low Risk – No inventory – You only buy products after you sell them.
  • No Competition – 3 million products makes it unlikely everyone is selling the same products.
  • Rapid Results – fill stores within minutes with top selling products – test for sales within 48 hours or less.

Kibo Code Claims Were False! Is Kibo Code Quantum a Scam?

  • Sell products from US suppliers – No inventory, no competition, high profit margins, fill stores quickly and get results within 48 hours. Well, things are not at all what they seem. The US suppliers with completive pricing end up shipping you products from China!
  • No inventory – This is true, because you buy the products as people order them. You need fast shipping for this! So, products that ship from China, take weeks! Customers won’t wait, and demand refunds!
  • No competition – This is completely false!  Kibo members are the competition! Many of the 3 million Kibo products are cheap junk! So, everyone in the course likes to sell the better products!  And everyone ends up selling mostly the same products. This causes the US suppliers run out of good products, and ship more junk from China.
  • High Profit Margins – Many products are bought at retail cost that the suppliers sell to the public.  Kibo members buy the products, add on costs  profits, making products more expensive. This results in products that are hard to sell, and competition from the same suppliers and Kibo members. The High Profits Margins is false
  • Rapid Results –  Maybe 48 hours after you store is set up, you might make a sale.  That’s all you need to qualify for rapid results. It sounds like you are going to be making tons of sales quickly, but that just isn’t true. With the use of Facebook Marketplace, for the free advertising, you may make a few sales. But, until you have placed many listings in quite a few cites, things are going to take some time. Totally misleading.

The Same Basic Software – Is Kibo Code Quantum A Scam

The software is set up similar to the previous Versions of Kibo Code. It is a series of modules released once a week for 8 weeks.

First Module

Central Intelligence – The 8 week training course – This is the heart of the system. It is an 8 week system of training videos.

Second Module

Storestorm  – Launches your store with the click of a mouse. You buy your domain and integrate it with a new Cartly site platform. This is used in place of the Shopify store. It is not as good as the Shopify platform, but it is free to use for now. It sounds like there will be a $100 per month fee coming in the future.

Third Module

Hand Picked Products – The Kibo Code offered 5 exclusive products to get you started (which are not exclusive at all). Kibo Code Quantum offers 10 products to earn money in the first 30 days.  You take these products and place them in the Facebook Market place in cities around the country. Just three products is all you need to make $2500 a day!  But this isn’t likely going to happen in 30 days! You have to test the products and find a winning product! That takes time also, maybe a week or three weeks or longer!

Once you find a winning product, it will take time to get many free posts to create huge money, if ever! The Facebook Marketplace is a free service to sell products. It started out as yard sales or garage sale items. So, a lot of people on Facebook Marketplace are looking for bargains, not new products.  Then, every one will offer a discount to make products appear like a bargain. It will attract people, but cuts into your profits.

Fourth Module

Profit Vault – “Just follow the instructions and these products practically sell themselves!

The Profit Vault is a full resource of over 3+ million products for you to identify the best products.  The Kibo Code Quantum products now include all the description and ad copy done for you.  Then, every Kibo Code Quantum member gets the same product images and description. So, every ad, image and text copy will be the same for everybody. You will have to rewrite ad copy and change images to appear different than everyone else.

Fifth Module

The Traffic Black Box

This is the untapped resources that concentrate on one thing “website traffic” that attracts visitors to your site. These resources take advantage of “search engines listing products” without any SEO or paid Advertising. This untapped resource is simply using  many keywords that you obtain from searching google trends and finding keywords. It is free and anyone teaching SEO methods uses in their training.

It is not an untapped resource, everyone uses it. You simply place these keywords in your ad, or using free methods like Facebook posts, stories, or Facebook Marketplace.. Google Trends will also tell you the “spend” or cost of each keyword if you decide to use ads. This information is helpful in determining your average ad cost per click for using that keyword.

This resource will also tell you where the product generates the most searches. And this information directly targets your buyers. So, finding the best keywords for your products will help your free listings as well. This is also where you get strategies on running ads to enhance your profits.

Then, sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Well, they don’t tell you that you will need to pay for apps that generate retargeting strategies. Some of the apps will charge you non-refundable yearly costs. So, if you aren’t getting the results they claim, you are out the cost and stuck with the app anyway.

Sixth Module

Oracle X

It is a collection of apps that you have to buy. They automatically pick up your products from your product ads that are “Done For You.” These are the picked for you products. from the Profit Vault and Storestorm. These apps may make it easier, but they also create products with the same images and wording as everyone else. So, you will need to learn how to make you ads or posts eye-catching and stand above the crowd. This will eventually cause you to find ways to produce new images, even have professionals create some for you.

The Oracle X also has some software that helps create a logo. This is also something that can be done for free on the web using sites like Canva to create your own logo. There are many more free site to create fancy text and create logos.

Help and Support For Kibo Code Quantum

The Kibo Academy – An exclusive team of the creator experts and fellow members for 24/7 help. You can get some help with problems if the right people see your post. But, it may take a few days to resolve your issue. There is no instant chat for help.

A  Private Email System –  This is a help desk of expert coaches on call to help you. But, when things get busy, they don’t respond for days at a time. Or they will tell you that the answer is in the training. Then, the thread for the email support isn’t repeated, so you tend to forget the question that goes with the answer you got. You end up searching your email box to find the original question.

The Kibo Code Members Only Group – The Accountability group. This group is comprised of members assigned to a group. You can contact each other thru scheduled meetings and discuss your progress, or problems you are having. You can also contact other members in the group for help.

The Five Step System Of Kibo Code Quantum

  • Set Up Your Store
  • Identify winners
  • Pick your profit path free or paid traffic
  • 4 Accelerate Your Sales – Optimize sales processes to increase conversions.
  • Rinse And Repeat – Add more winning products and increase sales.

The Cost Of Kibo Code Quantum

Kibo Code Quantum doesn’t come cheap. And it only offers a 30 day refund period. So, you will only be halfway through the training when you must choose to get a refund.

You have a choice of two payment methods. If you must take a look at the course, I would take the smaller payment. But, you must realize if you stay after the refund period (which I don’t recommend), you will pay $491 more.

The Kibo Code Quantum Payment Methods

Is Kibo Code Quantum A Scam – By Another Name?

Kibo Code Quantum is now closed. But, Steve and Aidan will simply reopen and release it a few more times, using a different name. Why? Because they are Affiliate Marketers. The really big money to be made in these products, is not in the Kibo stores selling products. It is the selling of the training on how to do it. Steve and Aidan made 33 million in profits from selling the Kibo Code.

That is why you see all the articles before the product is released. They are affiliate marketers, who get a commission for any sales the get through their links. So, they want the program to sound like a million bucks waiting to be made. but, it is just no true. There are 13 pages of ads for this program on Google Search! All of them promoting this product!!

You can read more in my previous articles:

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Verdict – Not Recommended Thumbs Down Image for Not Recommended

Save your money! Most of what you are taught in this course is training you can obtain through some diligent research online. The price tag of $4000 is too much to pay for this course. Few people will ever achieve the sales figures claimed by Steve and Aidan. Yes, some will succeed, but many more will fail and be out the $4000 they sent to Steve and Aidan. They are millionaires because they got people to pay them for training that is nothing more than just buying a J.O.B. It is hard work and includes many details they are not telling you about. Don’ be fooled. The majority of people who succeed have prior eCommerce experience.

If you want to learn how to start a business where you can look over the entire program before you spend one penny, then click the link below. You can put your credit card away. It if free for a week, to check out and see if the program is for you. Why not check it out?

Be Your Own Boss

Covid 19 has ravaged the world causing the death of tens of thousands compromised family members and tens of millions of people worldwide. Millions of people in the USA have been thrown out of work do to no fault of their own. This has caused workers to rely on temporary state aid, and forced many from their homes. Something like this is how your life can be turned upside down in an instant. It doesn’t have to be that way

This stark reality is why creating your own business is so important now more than ever. Affiliate Marketing is something that cannot be taken away. Online business is thriving because people are shopping online more than ever!

There has never been a better time to cash in on this lucrative business and create your own financial Independence with online marketing.

Be your own boss, start your journey to financial freedom today.

If you have tried the Kibo Code Quantum and would like to share your story, leave your comment below. If you have any questions, please ask below. I respond to all my readers.


Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

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Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training.

Kibo Code Quantum




  • Training For Building eCommerce Store
  • Step By Step Training
  • Free Ads Using Facebook Marketplace


  • Low Quality Platform
  • Additional $100 Fee For Hosting
  • Stores All look The Same

6 thoughts on “Is Kibo Code Quantum A Scam”

  1. Hi. I’ve just gone through your helpful article review about the Kibo code Quantum. Well, I must say that this review is very important because many people are always falling into the hands of scams and end up losing money because of the false promises made. 

    It is clear that a 30 day trial period for an 8 week course is not very helpful. That doesn’t give people the whole picture of the entire program. You need to know all the ins and outs, and how the program works.

    When I am spending $4000 on a program, I want to know how it work before the trial period ends.

    Help For Scams And Frauds is a very important website for people who want to do business online. Because of the great reviews the owners write, we are able to make informed decisions. I’ll be visiting your site regularly and I’m also going to share this helpful post too. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Kokontala,

      I do like to warn people of these programs that are nothing but rip-offs. The cost is excessive and yes, the refund period is worthless. The problem with this program is they keep everything under the radar, by drip feeding the information one lesson a week for 8 weeks! Then, they close it for awhile, and reopen it again after a few months.

      It’s not a real ethical way to do business. And, they are not honest when they claim “no competition” or “exclusive products”. The products are available to all the other members, and the other members are competition as well.

      Thank you, I appreciate your sharing my post and returning to my site in the future. 

  2. This is a great review but I do wonder if you have all the information because with any business it will take a while to build any business even online. The truth is that many members of the Kibo have made money within the first month with the system. I have tried several systems myself and discovered even the legit programs you won’t’ make money within the first month so I think it shows it may just be a good system but just needs some hard work like you said. 

    Then again doesn’t all business need hard work to make it work?

    I am a blogger and I can tell you that as a blogger I work pretty hard and I sure didn’t make money in the first month, it took me 3 months and the sales were very slow coming. 

    As you said, online sales are booming even more than ever now which increases the chances of success from selling items that you can get in front of people that are looking for it. With the marketplace, you don’t build a business account to get shut down and those accounts you hear on Facebook getting shut down are mostly trying to sell make money online programs that FB don’t like. Yes, I played this one for a while.

    Anyway, that is my thoughts on what you wrote and what I could find out about the program. Also, apparently, you can’t join the program right now but don’t quote me on that because I didn’t try to find out. 

    I appreciate your review of this program it was great info thanks. 

    • Hi Rick,

      Thank you for such a through comment on my review. I am a blogger as well and I know it does take more than a month to make money. But, This program is making claims it can be done within the first month. This program is an eCommerce site, and they are marketing products. So, it is possible, but it’s more luck than anything to make sales so quickly. 

      Facebook is a strange place. The people who got shut down didn’t follow the rules somehow. They may have simply tried to direct link the product. Facebook won’t allow that.

      I am getting complaints from Kibo members who have tried the system. You can get more information here: Is The Kibo Code A Scam

      Steve and Aidan do shut down their programs (for awhile) then they open it up under another name in a few months. It’s not an ethical way to offer so called exclusive training that will be closed forever.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back.


      • Hi Scott,
        Thanks for the kind words. Personally, I don’t think many are making much money on this course. I signed up for the Kibo Code and it was a complete joke. IMHO these guys talk a good story, but it doesn’t work in reality.
        How did you make out? Did you make any money?


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