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Agora Financial Complaints No Refunds — 22 Comments

  1. I should add there is a distinct political bias to this company, they seek older folks with a penchant to vote Republican. You can see that in a lot of the publications offered. So sadly the hypocrisy to rip off old folks is cloaked in so called American Values.

    • Hi Joe,
      You are correct in the political connection with Argora, and they make no bones about it either. Republicans agenda is simple, promote anything that makes money! They hide behind the church, and prayer and promote guns and hate rhetoric. They grant huge tax cuts for the rich, for buying their own re-election.
      Then, They take medicare benefits from seniors and increase their military budget for protecting their own interests around the world. Where is the compassion and patriotism for the elderly of this country who worked their entire lives and paid taxes to this country? Agora is just one big ad campaign for the Republicans, period.

      Why do you think that people want insurance companies out of senior healthcare? People want a government insurance program that eliminates this Republican backed selling of worthless healthcare that guarantees profits for big powerful insurance companies. People need to wake up before it is too late. We are victims of propaganda promoted by Republicans, to feed the greed of special interest groups. That’s my 2 cents worth!


  2. My elderly mom got sucked into this scam. I played wack-a-mole with charges totaling many hundreds of dollars on her credit card. The charges will be for some newsletter and an 800 number for Maryland or Palm Beach County Florida. If you call and ask if they are related to the other charges they will deny it. Somehow they get her credit card info even after she cancels a card. I think they may have called her for nearly an hour once to convince her to pay. This last time, I called and cancelled told them never to contact her again and I deliberately let slip that she had a new e-mail address. I gave a dummy e-mail address I set up and within three weeks 148 spam emails arrived all from the various newsletters this company operated under. It is a scam and the FTC should get involved and shut them down. If you have an elderly parent and they are getting this stuff take action to get the charges reversed. I alerted Visa to this scam but they really don’t want to stop the cash cow.

    • Hi Joe,
      Sorry to hear your mom got snookered into buying from this outfit! It is the normal routine for Agora to just pummel the email addy with tricky ads from every product they offer that sucker you in deeper and deeper. River City Media was a notorious spamming outfit, that hooked you by ads that seemed harmless, such as offers to check your credit scores. Once they got your addy, you were sold to every list on the planet!

      The newest twist nowadays for credit cards, if you ask the same bank to issue a new card, the charge is transferred to the new card. You must contact them and tell them to remove and block the charge from all your cards. I cancel the card, then try to use a different bank or credit card company, and do not give the new number to the scammers.

      Yes, crazy as it sounds, the credit card companies tell you they can’t do anything about scam sites continuing to scam others.But, when it is reported to the FTC and they get notified from THEM, they tag the site. Go to my Checklist for all the FTC crime reporting links.

      Thanks Joe for helping to alert everyone to how this outfit operates!

  3. My name is Randy
    All I wanted was just the BIG Book. I never agreed to the $3000 RIP off. They have already charged my bank account $500 for that and I did not even get the book. I ordered it again and now
    I am being charged $240 for that. This is a scam and I want my money back and I will go to any lengths to get it. I am new in this business and I sure can not afford $3000.

    • Hi Randy,
      Sorry to hear about someone else getting ripped off! I don’t understand the $3000 they charged you? If you really want to own the book, it is available on amazon used for $6 click here > Big Book of Income

      You MUST Request a refund right away from them. Then, stop any payments you can, like credit card charges. If you can’t or have done that already, click here and follow my checklist and fight for your money back! Nobody will fight for your money like you will! This course of action is free, and you may just get your money back! let me know what happens, and feel free to ask any other questions you have.

      The internet is a minefield of scams, there is No such thing as a get rich quick scheme! They are all scams!

      If you are looking for a scam free legitimate way to earn money, then you need to check out my number #1 Recommendation. You can take it for a test drive for a WEEK, for free, and if you need more time to make up your mind, you can have another month for $19 bucks!! No gimmicks. No games, No bull..Why not check it out?

      Wishing you all the best,
      Good Luck!

    • Please contact your credit card FRAUD DEPARTMENT and dispute this. This company is a scam of the highest sort. If you don’t get satisfaction contact the FTC, and more importantly if your Credit Card company does not follow through, contact the Consumer Finance Bureau of the federal govt.

      • Hi again Joe,
        That is exactly why I created a place for people to find help here in the Checklist and listed all the links to report Fraud and contact the FTC.

        The more people complain and file reports, the more they expose these companies.
        Thanks for the helpful advice Joe,

  4. No legitimate company who offers a quality product is going to have that many complaints about them. They market to inexperienced and naive people or those who are desperate, like the gentleman trying to save his wife. Thanks for reviewing this company and exposing them for what they are. If people research and read your review, you’ll have saved them potentially a lot of money!

    • Hi Janelle,

      Correct! it is inconceivable that a company would take advantage of people like that, but maybe we are all to naive to the real dark side of corporations. I can’t be part of something so morally wrong! 

      That is the reason behind help for scams and frauds, is to help others avoid some of these nightmare pitfalls, and so called advice products on the market!

      If you read my article The Smart pill Scam you will see the dark side of supplement scams.

      Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to comment.


  5. On the surface Agora always appeared to be sort of a “blue chip” type of operation.  I even subscribe to a couple of their free newsletters.  As a fan of Dan Kennedy I always try to offer “risk reversal” when offering something.  So when looking at another company’s products I see no type of risk-reversal, I also see that as a red flag.  Lack of refund is not always a deal-killer, as sometimes an initial customer on-boarding is expensive enough to make refunds unlikely, but it is enough to justify a deeper investigation before putting any money on the line.  Thanks for the depth of the article!

    • Hi KPalmquist,

      I subscribed for a few of their newsletters as well, until I finally wised up! They are good entertainment for sure, and they produce provocative articles that produce an emotional experience. Now, the advice to me is total bullshit.

      I have not found any product that does not offer a refund worthwhile. If you are saying, maybe a product for $20, well maybe because it is low priced. But, overall for me, a “no refund” policy on a product, is one I will not buy. Most are just scams.

      As you say, Agora appears to be a fine company, but their record of complaints proves otherwise.
      I tell everyone, if you are looking for a scam free way to make more money, then check out my #1 Recommendation It is free to ckeck out for a week, and you can look at it for another month for $19. No gimmick, No scams, No BS!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


  6. Thank God for good and honest reviews like this one.  Its obvious the cons are a lot worse than the pros are good.  In fact by the time I finished reading this review it was actually a bit scary.

    Its also obvious that these guys are going no where anytime soon so they will continue to take unsuspecting victims money.  The only way to fight back is with reviews like this that provide education.


    • Hi Dale,

      They are a large publishing company and have been in business a long time. This company promotes itself. All the products, get you to buy more products. At least with a review explaining what they do, maybe some will heed the warnings. it is no actually against the law to sell poor products, so they are free to continue to do it.

      However, when you offer refunds, you should be held liable to at least refund the money. Just think, at around a hundred bucks a pop, they can make a ton of money, if they don’t have to refund any.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  7. Great article.  I think i’ve heard of Agora but didn’t know what it was – your post explains this in great detail so thank you.That is a lot of complaints!  The subscriptions seem very expensive and “no refund policy” is a red flag.  I’m really glad you’ve highlighted this.  So despite their free products you’ve highlighted they publish some misleading information – some are get rich quick ideas. That’s enough for me to steer clear of them and it’s great you have warned seniors too.  Thank you!

    • Hi John,

      I am glad you like the article. Yes, they have been around a long time, and they have many publications. In fact I bought some years ago, just worthless rubbish. They can make a pile of doo-doo sound like a must have product.The can sell you for sure. And what I experienced, was they offered a 30 day return policy, But, you never received anything for at least or three weeks, then it was hard to read it and get it returned before the time limit was up! If you see the ads for their products, look at the bottom of the ad, it has a publisher label. 

      Yes, unfortunately it is seniors that are looking for ways to increase their tiny monthly incomes, that fall for this stuff!

      Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment John,


  8. three months ago I subscribed to 42-days retirement plan. Mr Knuman showed a list of his 29 last trades. All were winners…. but since then its totally different. About 5 winners on 20. I regret having trust him. I’ll try to be refund: 2,000/yr. A few days after I subscribed, he send me a e-mail asking me to subscribe for a lifetime for the price of an annual fee….. it’s where I became suspicious ( rightly)

    • Hi Yvon,
      Sorry to hear they got your money. Showing a great run of trades is what they do,(but is it a true representation?) and the lifetime offer when you want to leave. Same old gimmicks! it is risky trying to trade for a living, let alone your retirement. These guys don’t care, they just want your money, that is the sad truth. You could give the attorney generals office a call and see what they have to say. They may try as well. Here is the checklist with other numbers as well. Good luck,and let me know if you have success or not.

  9. Hello. This was almost a heart wrenching article… especially about the elderly man trying to cure his wife of pancreatic cancer. I wish this was made up but things like this happen everyday. Websites are tanking away precious money from folks that desperately need HELP. They don’t need to be scammed or taken advantage of. Sometimes what they want most gets in the way of what they are actually finding.

    I’m glad you wrote this article to tell others about Agora and how much trouble they can be in if they give them their money. You would think people would review the site before hand. Especially if there is thousands of complaints. Personally, I wouldn’t trust a site that had more than 100 bad reviews – if it was a popular site. Best Wishes, Rachel

    • Hi Rachel,

      The Agora Financial story is one of decades! They have been around for quite some time. They publish material, and a lot of money making and wealth building newsletters, but unfortunately they are B.S. period. One example is the Big Book of Income Review, where it is advertised as a free book +$4.95 shipping, but you are dupped into buying a $99 a year newsletter, that is nothing more than more ads for more products! And yes, they don’t give a damn about anything or anybody, just keep the ads coming for more, and more money. That is evident in the cancer story! They are a very powerful and influential corporation, so they keep promoting in spite of the complaints! They promote separate products through outside ads and email promotions, and nothing is on their website but more hype and ads. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


  10. Hi! I think it’s great you published this information. I’m shocked that a company can have so many thousands of complaints without any repercussions! I think it’s horrible that their publishing false information and upselling unfortunate men (like the one you described). I’m grateful to people like you who publish content to help others avoid scams and wasting their money. Hopefully more people will be able to see what you’ve written before giving this company any more money.

    • Hi Tiffiny,

      Thank you, I am glad you got some insight about Agora Financial. I agree, that is is a bit unbelievable that selling lies continues to work! I will continue to inform people until the rich and powerful forces behind this force us to stop! I do get satisfaction when people don’t buy the products because they researched them first. They can read the reviews and make their own choices. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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