Success With Anthony

This is a review of Success with Anthony. I found this product while searching for ways to make money online, and what a mistake this was. All this program consists of is an endless series of up-sells that are all claimed to enhance your success. I found myself quickly deep in debt, with nothing to show for it but a bunch of trainings called Success with Anthony. 

  • Product – Success With Anthony – RED FLAG
  • Owner –   Anthony Morrison
  • SupportLimited response
  • Cost – $19 then continuous up-sells
  • Product Quality –  Poor – Overview Style
  • Overall Rank – 1/10
  • Verdict – SCAM!


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Success With Anthony Introduction

This is one guy who used to dominate the late time TV network with very frequent infomercials selling his Success with Anthony Products. To hear the story about having to help his parents when they lost everything is in fact a good story. This forced Anthony to come up with a way to make enough money to help his parents. And so this is how he came up with his method he calls Success with Anthony.

The Infomercial

The infomercial is a very convincing sales pitch for his book. I didn’t really think about it until I ran into his online version. After having seen the television version, I figured this must be a great way to be successful and make a ton of money.

The fact is I was in for a nightmare of non-stop pop-ups selling me more and more products that he claimed I must have to be successful quickly. Well, since I had no idea what exactly his product was or how it worked, I fell for it. I bought program after program, before it finally began to sink in, I was being scammed!

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeSuccess with Anthony owner Anthony Morrison

Success with Anthony offers a 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee! So, if you did buy all the programs he sells through all the pop-ups, you can get your money back!

This is a program promising same day success. After a week of this program, you are told you will be making thousands of dollars.

Well, you couldn’t even read all the materials in one day, let alone figure out what the product really is. It is just a puzzle that you can’t figure out, period.

The program is written, and presented in a sketchy format to ensure you will need to pay extra for personal coaching.


The very next day after I purchased this product, I discovered numerous complaints were filed against Success with Anthony for unethical advertising.

For example: Relentless pop-ups are considered unethical advertising. This is considered “Spamming”

5 Free Websites

As a bonus in his product bundle, Anthony offers 5 free websites. However, they are not exactly free.They require a hosting fee which is an additional expense. So, they are not entirely free!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee – Websites Not included in the Guarantee!

You get fooled here again thinking you are covered by the 60 day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it you can get a refund, right? Wrong! The 5 FREE websites from Coolhandle are a separate bonus offered by Coolhandle and are not covered by Anthony’s 60 day Guarantee! But, you aren’t told that!

100% Guarantee, But – NO REFUNDS

Coolhandle offers 100% satisfaction but no refunds!! What kind of statement is this? How does someone offer a 100% guarantee and NO REFUNDS? This is considered unethical practice. You cannot state a 100% guarantee with no refunds.

Plus the 2yr hosting fee of $262 for hosting your Free Websites – is misleading! People who are new to the business would have no idea about hosting a website. This leads them to believe there is no-charge for these websites.

Beware of Constant Up-Selling With Pop-Up Ads

One pop-up right after another sells you a different program that supposedly will help jump start your success! You are lead to believe you totally need each one and before you know it, you are $2500 in the hole, and have no idea what his program is. Here is a short list of some of the up-sells.

Success With Anthony 2.0 Up-Sells

  • Anthony Morrison Success Academy
  • Traffic Bot Software $797
  • Copy Paste Systems $497
  • Traffic Leads & Generation Software $497
  • Secret Traffic Profits $197
  • Elite Product Creation $29.95
  • Traffic With Anthony $67
  • Fast Traffic Formula (Adrian Morrison) $67 and has Up-sells
  • and many more

You can read more about scams in my article “How to tell it’s a scam“.

You Can’t Get Away From The Pop-up Ads

The unique feature of Success with Anthony is you have nowhere to go once you are trapped in his pop-up ads. The only choice you have is to hit the buy now button. And they are relentless! From a $19 start to $99 then $299, and on and on it goes.

Even with pop up ads that force you to buy, just to see what the program is all about, they call you the next day and try to sell you coaching for an additional $5000. Fortunately I got my money back from Success with Anthony.

Research First

Anthony Morrison is the definition of an online scam. Before you get involved withMousetrap with scam letters as bait any programs this guy is involved with, please do a search of complaints against Success with Anthony.

You will see plenty. They will offer expert tutoring for you to be successful, then get your credit card numbers, and ask for what dollar amount is available on your credit card.

The reason is simply to find out how much they can charge you!. So if they find out you have $3,000 available, you will be signed up for a legally binding professional coaching, costing $2999.


Pros of Anthony Morrison’s Course

  • Sounds cheap to get started at $19
  • No skills required
  • Anthony sounds like your friend
  • You think everyone else is the scam
  • Very good sales pitch, and hard sell


Cons Of Anthony Morrison’s Course

  • One pop-up after another makes it impossible to get out
  • Hard sell of one product after another that you must have
  • Total amount turns into thousands of dollars for your success
  • When you get to see the program, it is information you can get for free online
  • People making thousands promised are staged actors not real people

Who Is The Success With Anthony Program Aimed At?

Success With Anthony is aimed at the people who are desperate for money. And they take the bait for the get rich quick gimmick that Anthony is selling. The people who can least afford to fall for this scam, are the people getting hurt the most.

Unfortunately, the onslaught of pop ups and offers are relentless. And you can’t see the product until you have thousands charged on your credit card. And even then, you can’t figure out how to put this jumbled mess of programs into a workable product.


Tools and Training

The Success With Anthony course is a scam. A false merry-go round of one promise after another of big money and riches that will come after you pay for all the training and coaching that leads nowhere.

His books The Hidden Millionaire $29.95, and Advertising Profits From Home $19.95  are both the same empty promises of wealth and riches from following his techniques.

Unfortunately, they are not true. His money making techniques are getting people to send him money, period. People have invested close to $15,000 and made $4.50 after months of applying his get rich techniques.

Help and Support

The support is a email and phone system. Nobody answers the phone. Emails are sent daily to sell you more products. To be successful, you will need to buy additional products. You will never speak to Anthony Morrison.

This is the absolute definition of a scam online. If you sell something awful and you don’t want to hear complaints, then you just don’t answer the phone.

The Cost

Starts at $19, then one pop up after another, for $49, then $299, and $599…and on and on…reaching $2999. Then, calls start a day later for coaching costing $5,000 more. It goes on until they feel they have exhausted your patience and emptied your wallet.

Final Verdict

Scammy products hide under the guise of selling information. But, when the information is useless, it is a scam, pure and simple. I do not believe that this is in any way a legitimate business at all. I give this the worst possible label – 0 – and put it on the fraud and scammers list.

Anthony Morrison – Success With Anthony: –RED FLAG!

Verdict– Scam— Avoid

Scam Help

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