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What is OMG Machines? If you are here now, you are probably looking for information about Omg Machines. Thanks for stopping by and congrats to you for researching products before you buy. My purpose is to give you my honest review of OMG Machines.

I am not an affiliate or member of OMG. This is my honest opinion after my research and what I have learned about OMG Machines.

This product is not for marketers on a shoestring budget. Unless you have very deep pockets, or have a very rich uncle that would buy it for you.

I am not a believer in a higher cost means a better product because that is not always the case at all. So, I will review this product, and tell you what I like and what I don’t like about it.

Omg Machines is a training program that teaches search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that achieve higher rankings in search engines for your website or business. However, it is not a cheap course. In fact, it is quite expensive. That is a problem I have with this program. Let’s begin.

  • Name    –  OMG Machines
  • Website –  omgmachines.com
  • Price     –  $7999 or 12 installments of $699
  • Owners – Greg Morrison & Mike Long & David Mills
  • Quality – Good Content But Very Expensive
  • Overall Rank – 8/10
  • Refunds – No Refunds
  • Verdict –  LegitNot Recommended

OMG Machines – Overview

Greg Morrison and Mike Long and David Mills teamed up to create OMG Machines. Omg stands for(One Man Gang). Greg Morrison was a rags to riches story. He went from a crummy day job, to creating websites that he claims allowed him to bank a cool million in one year. OMG Machines was actually the name that Greg gave to his sites. After making a million bucks in one year, it’s no wonder he picked OMG!

Mike long and David Mills originally created a highly successful SEO training community. In fact, Greg was actually a student of that community!

Then, Greg decided to create his own product. and with the help of Mike and Dave, Omg Machines was born. Greg’s sales went to 2 million using OMG Machines to create his sales. Greg lists his sales as Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and selling websites for about $4000 on average.

The course focuses on SEO, but you will also learn effective email marketing, and how to generate leads. Along with the email marketing, you will learn how to make sales and conversions. The OMG SEO training, teaches it’s members how to get ranked on page one in the major search engines.

Google is the king of search engines. Yahoo, and Bing are the closest runners up in the US. Getting ranked in Google on page one, in first place is ideal. Because, that is the first website everyone sees! That is your best chance to get the customers to click on your website link and visit your website!

More traffic means more sales. OMG Machines will teach you the basics of building a website,  and creating your own business.  Then, you will use your new SEO skills to drive traffic to your business.

Here is the OMG video from their website.

Affiliate Marketing Is Hard Work

Now, I have been in affiliate marketing since 2015, and I do not claim to have as much experience as Greg or Dave or Mike. But, I do know that it takes hard work to make money in affiliate marketing. I also know selling products, and using AdSense, it is not going to be possible to generate a million in sales in one year for a beginner.

You would have to be an expert in running ads, that had excellent copywritten text and invest a few hundred thousand in Facebook ads to achieve that kind of income.

Even, if Greg did sell one or two websites for $4000 each month for a year, it would be 24 x $ 4000 = $96,000. That’s, nowhere near 1 million. And creating websites you can sell for $4000 would be almost impossible at that pace for someone who is not prolific in website building and content writing.

So, even if you are experienced in marketing, Sales of $50,000 per month for a year, would only amount to $600,000. So, in my opinion these claims are totally hyped. It would be extremely difficult for someone using affiliate marketing to achieve results like this in a few months.

Omg Machines also teaches email marketing and generating leads. As well as how to make sales and get conversions.

Omg sales tactics used to be to show video’s of fancy cars and expensive homes. They still have a fancy car in their website video. But, now they are getting people to come to their “Elephant in the room” seminars.

How Does OMG Machines Work?

Omg Machines is a training platform that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for creating a business that will rank high in the search engines. As I said earlier, when you rank on page one in the number one spot of Google, you have the best (free) spot. It will most likely get the most clicks when people search for products online.

Greg claims the product he created to make money for himself, can be used by anybody else. Omg Machines teaches you to build a website from scratch, and rank at the top of the search engines, using money making keywords. Most affiliate marketing platforms offer the same type of training for much less.

You will be learning:

  • How To Find A niche
  • Finding Good Keywords
  • Building A Website

Other topics include

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Methods for Free Google Rankings
  • How To Monetize Affiliate Sales – and Client Acquisition
  • Achieving Business Goals and Objectives
  • Time Wasters and Motivation Killers
  • Enforcers, Employees and Entrepreneurs
  • Work Outsourcing
  • Shortcuts vs Cutting Corners
  • Learn Passion, Enthusiasm and Gratitude
  • How To Build a Money Site From Scratch

What Is OMG Machines Google Ranking Methods?

Greg uses three different multi-part strategies for Google ranking. His free traffic methods are a blend of on-page and off-page (backlinking) techniques.

  • Build an affiliate site in virtually any desired niche
  • Become an SEO professional and help local companies to build their business
  • Use of dropshipping, e-commerce, and email marketing

Some features included in the training:

  • Mentoring through live webinars
  • Six Figure Monthly coaching
  • Amazon and e-commerce training
  • Support with the OMG Facebook group
  • Training videos on SEO for high ranking in Google
  • Q&A with Greg Morrison
  • Money making sites and templates
  • Software for search engine domination
  • Monetization knowledge and guidance
  • Access to networking and community support

Some Methods Are Risky

OMG machines teaches and uses backlinking. Whenever backlinking is not done properly, it can result in getting your site penalized. Buying backlinks is frowned upon by Google. I wouldn’t take the chance.

Methods like creating multiple articles on the same topic, and submitting it to several sites is another method. It can be considered spamming or duplicate content and could also result in a google penalty.

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Some Methods are Expensive

Omg also offers training for Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to promote products. This can become expensive quickly if you aren’t experienced in running ads and creating ad copy. If you are an advanced marketer with ad experience, then you may be comfortable with using PPC.

Using techniques, like PPC is not a free traffic method. If you are new and on a shoestring budget, PPC is not going to be free or cheap. And this can be overwhelming to the beginner, who has just purchased expensive training.

And after paying $8000 for this course, remember you have no free trial or any refunds. If you don’t like what the course is teaching you to do, too bad, you are stuck! And you are out $8000. Or if you paid by the 12 month installment plan of $699, you are stuck repaying your $8388 payment for a year!

That’s a lot of money! Think about paying $699 per month for a year, that is a very nice car or house payment!

No Refunds

Anytime I see no refunds, it is a red flag. In my opinion, if you have a legit course, you should gladly offer a free trial, or a refund guarantee to show others that you are legitimate. I always wonder, what are they trying to hide?

And there is plenty of SEO material available online for free or with other courses for a much more affordable price. My #1 recommendation comes with a free trial and for $19 more, you can check it out for a month! It gives you a chance to see if affiliate marketing is for you.

What Is OMG Machines Doing For Updates?

Omg is constantly adding new modules, so they are keeping the program up to date. Google updates their algorithm quite frequently, so updating to the latest SEO changes is a good idea, and I like that.

In the last few years, Omg has added more experts into their program. Some of them come with years of SEO and different areas of expertise.

My OMG Machines Review Uncovered These Training Coaches

They are coaches that provide training as well as weekly seminars.

  • Greg Morrison
  • Mike Long
  • Fletch
  • Stephen Floyd
  • David Mills
  • Jake Tanner
  • Liz Herrera
  • Joe Marfoglio
  • Kotton Grammer

It is definitely a good training course, and the people who are coaching you are experts in different areas of expertise. But the problem is the cost and no refunds. It is not a scam, but if it is not what you are looking for, then you lost $8000. It’s a rip-off for you!

Does Omg Machines Provide Support

Omg Machines provide a Facebook support group and also has access to networking and community support. But, you don’t have any tech support. If your website gets hacked, you are on your own.

My free training offers 24/7 tech support, along with a community of over 1.5 million members.

Omg Machines Complaints

I found a few complaints in the Better Business Bureau page on OMG Machines. I didn’t find any response at all from OMG. You would think they had something to say in their own defense?

What Is OMG Machines BBB Complaint Image
What Is OMG Machines BBB Complaint Image
What Is OMG Machines BBB Complaint

These OMG Machines complaints are from 2019. Maybe they got their act together now. But, it sure sounds like the owners are very arrogant and if they don’t want to talk to you, they just ignore you. Especially if you want your money back. They say no refunds, so they just want you to go away. They don’t want to give that $8000 back!

This is a common tactic on the internet and another reason I don’t buy products without a refund. It has never turned out well for me. And you can see what happens when you have any problem or try to get your money back. They simply ignore you. It then becomes very hard to get your money back when you can’t contact them.

Here is a video I found about a member who was disappointed with OMG Machines


  • SEO Training
  • Better For Experienced Marketers
  • Experienced Coaches


  • Too Expensive
  • No Refunds
  • Overhyped

Is OMG Machines A Scam? No It’s Legit – Green Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

OMG is a legitimate Training Platform. But, I find it hard to recommend anyone who does not offer a refund. After reading the complaints on BBB website, it doesn’t sound like they are to be trusted to continue to allow you to access their training. The training they offer is training that can be found online for free. They do offer webinars, but these are additional costs you will have to pay to get the information.

These type of memberships that use secrecy, are not the best training platforms. Because, if you have any complaints, they just boot you out, then where are you? You are out your money!

I want to have access 24/7 and not have the owners refuse to contact me. That is a main reason for My #1 recommendation. It is the most popular training platform on the internet, and the support is the best I have even used. Whether it is a website technical issue or just a question about training, I always get an answer promptly usually within minutes. That is priceless!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP


Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2024

OMG Machines




  • SEO Training
  • Better For Experienced Marketers
  • Experienced Coaches


  • Too Expensive
  • No Refunds
  • Overhyped

10 thoughts on “What Is OMG Machines? – OMG $8000”

  1. Hello Chas, Thanks for this detailed review of OMG Machines. I wonder who could even buy such a costly program. Though it’s legit and gives value to the user, I am totally against the price. There are a lot of SEO programs available in the internet space. I tried your free online training program. It looks legit and affordable for anyone who wants to start an online business. I would definitely go for this program and recommend it for beginners.

    • H Kavitha,
      You are welcome. OMG Machines takes some deep pocket to afford, that’s why I don’t recommend it. I agree, A lot of SEO programs have information for free on the internet. I am glad you took a look at my #1 Recommendation and found out how valuable it is.
      Thank you for leaving a comment and please stop back soon!

  2. Hi, Chas.  These guys may be legit, but it looks like basic affiliate marketing – only with a huge price tag!  While reading your article I was doing the math in my head and then I saw that you beat me to it.  Making a million dollars in one year and the FIRST year at that, seems a little far fetched.  Also, at those prices, they just have to sell their programs to make money.  

    We all know that affiliate marketing is hard work.  This may be legit, but it sounds like a Get Rich Quick scheme to me.  Thanks for the warning.


    • Hi Warren,

      Yes, at $8000 a pop, with no refund is quite a payday! It may be a quality program, but I need to see what is so special about OMG before I plop down $8000. 

      It feels like this program requires a huge investment in paid ads, to make that kind of money. And that takes experience and know how, along with having some deep pocket to finance it. 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Please stop back soon.


  3. OMG! This is my first emotion for OMG Machine!
    A few days back I found the program on internet… today I thought to do some research on it. I’m not really ready to subscribe to such an expensive program, but I was curious why it’s so expensive and what’s the success rate! Thanks for this complete review on the OMG Machine program; Everything is very clear to me now, this program is completely over-hyped. I don’t believe higher cost delivers a better product always, sometimes low-cost alternatives become much valuable if you use it properly.
    However, I went through your FREE Training button, and I find this platform is much affordable compared to OMG Machine, especially for beginners and intermediates.

    • Hi Suvankar,
      That was my first thought as well, OMG. I have see some testimonials claiming huge successes, but are they legitimate? I have a hard time promoting such expensive training courses that don’t offer some kind of money back guarantee. I think it is overhyped training as well. But, they do have some successful people as coaches. I need to know a brief description of what I am required to do in the OMG Course, instead if just going on blind faith. A fool and his money are soon parted!
      My #1 Recommendation is great training with a lot less risk! It’s free to get started!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment,

  4. Hi Chas,

    Thanks for the review. As you pointed out this is an expensive program and there is no refund, for that reason I wouldn’t even look at it. And it looks like their customer service is poor as well. For newbies, I would recommend starting out with Wealthy Affiliate and then shopping around for something more cost-effective. Thanks again and all the best 🙂

    • HI Gaylene,
      You are welcome, Gaylene. yes, for me typically no refund is a BIG RED FLAG. I personally, do not have $8,000 to throw away on training without any guarantee of anything. Their method seems vailed in secrecy, which I also find a bit scary. The lack of response to complaints, generally indicates owners who just don’t care.
      Wealthy Affiliate is much more economical, with great support and the most popular training in the world.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and please stop back.

  5. Thanks for this review as I have never heard of OMG Machines before your article. Higher price definitely does not equal the quality of any product or service. I have paid thousands of dollars for useless training while I received tremendous value from other trainings at much lower cost. I agree that OMG Machines is not a scam by any means but at the same time there is training available for lower cost but does require the commitment and dedication to achieve consistent results. I have heard positive things about Mike Long so I am sure they are providing quality content. Thanks for this share.

    • Hi Joseph,

      I have just recently discovered OMG Machines also, so I decided to research it a bit and found out a lot about it. Like you, I have paid big money on programs without any refunds, and have been completely disappointed. I am sure OMG Machines is a good product, they have very talented people teaching their courses. But, for now it is way above what I could afford. 

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon. 



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