Neil Patel Digital – Is It As Good As They Say It Is?

Neil Patel Digital was founded in 2019. The Global headquarters for Neil Patel Digital is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

NPD CEO Pradeep Kumaar lead the company to achieve the status of “Most Dynamic Leadership Development Companies” in India.

The company has done very well and acquired over 100 clients since it’s inception a few years ago. One of the keys to their success is employing some of the industry’s top professionals from the best companies in the world.

NPD now has an international presence with teams in the US, India, Brazil, and Australia that have worked with companies of all sizes and across many sectors. Their focus is understanding what benefits the client best.

They do not believe in resting on their laurels, because without constant innovation, you are falling behind. By using powerful tools like AI powered chatbots and powerful automation platforms, they create quality sales funnels for their clients.

Their focus is on conversions, but they offer specialized advisory services with SEO content strategists, performance marketers, brand strategists, and conversion specialists.

The range of services that NPD provides includes: SEO(Search Engine Optimization), PPC( Pay Per Click)Advertising, content marketing, social media marketing and more. Plus, they also provide consultation and strategy planning to help businesses reach their goals as well as maximize their online presence.

  • Name    –  Neil Patel Digital
  • Website –
  • Price     – Basic-$4999, Advanced-$9,999, Premium-$14,999
  • Owners – Neil Patel and Mike Kamo
  • Quality – Excellent
  • Overall Rank – 7/10
  • Refunds –  30 days
  • Verdict –  Legit

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Who Is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is the smiley guy we see on the web. But in reality he a well known name in the digital marketing industry. He started his journey at 16, and struggled with it. He decided to get more expertise in the field, and completed a marketing degree at California State university.

Upon completion, he started a career as a marketer, and founded KISSmetrics, a software company. Hi also was a co-founder of Crazy Egg, a tool to help business with sales conversions.

Neil is also a best selling author of books, such as Hustle: The power to change your life, with money, meaning, and momentum.

Neil Patel Digital is a full service digital marketing agency that provides marketing strategies and plans to businesses worldwide. His agency has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Amazon, Google, and NBC.

The Benefits Of Using Neil Patel Digital

NPD helps businesses increase their ROI by providing targeted, effective strategies to reach their goals. Their team provides tailored advice and guidance to ensure that each business can maximize their ROI. Additionally, by optimizing campaigns and leveraging the right strategies, NPD can help businesses save money and increase their ROI.

The Neil Patel digital marketing team helps businesses increase their traffic by leveraging the right strategies and optimizing campaigns. Through SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing, NPD can help businesses reach their target audience and increase their website traffic.

Additionally, NPD can provide targeted advice and guidance to ensure that businesses are reaching their desired audience and maximizing their reach.

NPD also helps businesses increase their brand awareness by leveraging the right strategies and optimizing campaigns. Additionally, their marketing team can provide tailored advice and guidance to ensure that businesses are reaching their full potential

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What are the Features Included in Neil Patel Digital

NPD provides a range of SEO features, including keyword research and analysis, website optimization, link building, content optimization, and more.

Neil Patel Digital - Features

SEO Search Engine Optimization:

The NPDl team uses a variety of SEO techniques to help companies grow their online presence. They leverage the latest technologies and strategies to optimize websites for the highest search engine rankings possible. They use both on-page and off-page SEO, as well as link building, content optimization, and social media marketing.

Neil Patel Digital also creates SEO-friendly content using structured data to help search engines better understand the content and rank it high in the SERPs

Neil Patel Digital - SEO Features

Keyword Research And Analysis

NPD uses a variety of keyword research and analysis tools to help identify the best keywords to target for a website. They use both primary and secondary research to uncover the most relevant keywords for each website. They also use competitor analysis to identify the keywords that competitors are targeting and the phrases that are driving the most traffic to their websites.

This data can also be used create an effective keyword strategy that will help websites rank higher in the search engine results pages.

Website Optimization

To ensure that a website is performing at its best, NPD uses several website optimization techniques. This includes analyzing and testing website speed and performance and creating optimized content to improve the user experience. They also use various techniques to optimize the technical aspects of the website such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Through optimization, they make sure that websites are able to load quickly and are correctly optimized to be easily crawled and indexed by search engines.

Neil Patel Digital - PPC Features

Link Building

Using a variety of link building techniques, Neil Patel backlinks help clients gain higher rankings in the search engine results pages. They use both organic and paid link building tactics to get high-quality, authoritative links from other websites.

This includes creating high-quality content and outreach campaigns to get “natural links” from other websites. They also leverage social media platforms and content syndication to get more backlinks to their clients’ websites.

Content Creation

Neil Patel affiliate marketing creates high-quality, SEO-friendly content that is optimized for the target keywords. To do this, they use keyword research and competitor analysis to identify the best keywords to target and create optimized content for those keywords. This content is designed to engage the readers and provide them with valuable information.

In addition, The marketing team at NPD also uses content promotion strategies to get their content seen by more people. This includes using social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing tactics to share the content with the right people in a targeted audience.

Neil Patel Digital - Social Media Features

Tools And Tech Features Of Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that helps businesses discover new keyword ideas and optimize their content for SEO. This is one of the tools offered by NPD. Ubersuggest is a great tool for keyword research.

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NPD also provides an ROI( Return On Investment) Calculator to calculate your Ad cost or Profits. It is important to keep an eye on advertising. It can get costly very quickly.

You also have access to an ad grader to let you know how your ad is performing.

Neil Patel Digital Pricing Plans

Neil Patel Digital offers three pricing plans:

Pricing Plans
Basic Plan ($4,999) – Includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing.
Advanced Plan ($9,999) – includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and consultation and strategy planning.
Premium Plan ($14,999) – includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, consultation and strategy planning, and other services.

These are probably just guidelines. NPD is good at what they do, and the prices could vary depending upon what you want them to do. All marketing plans are different, and so is the cost.


  • Offers a range of features and services
  • Provides consultation and strategy planning
  • Can help businesses increase ROI, traffic, and brand awareness
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Limited customer service options
  • Can be difficult to understand for those unfamiliar with digital marketing
  • May not be suitable for all businesses or budgets
  • May require additional resources if desired results are not achieved

5. Pros and Cons – List the Pros and Cons of Digital Marketers India
Subheadings: Pros and Cons

Neil Patel Digital Is LegitGreen Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

NPD is an all-in-one digital marketing agency and consulting firm that provides comprehensive services, ranging from SEO and PPC to content marketing and social media marketing. It also offers professional consultation and strategy planning to ensure that businesses are reaching their desired audience and maximizing their potential. With affordable pricing plans and a high success rate for businesses,

Is Neil Patel Digital As Good As They Say?

NPD is a great choice for businesses looking to maximize their online presence. I recommend Neil Patel Digital as a great choice for businesses looking for comprehensive digital marketing services. However, for small businesses it is not cheap. But, they are experts at what they do!

Yes, it is worth it if you can afford the price tag. And you will need additional expenses for advertising. And, I also caution you because sometimes, event the best marketing strategies don’t work! You may need to do additional marketing until you get it right.

Neil requires at least a year of commitment and monthly retainers as you go along. He does offer a 30 refund period, but after that your are committed for a year. And they use paid advertising. The upside is they are very good at what they do, and if they think they can’t help you, they will tell you up front before you sign the contract.

One suggestion I have for smaller businesses or businesses who don’t have a big ad budget, you may be interested in something that is much cheaper. My #1 Recommendation allows you to learn affiliate marketing and these organic and PPC & SEO strategies and do the affiliate marketing work yourself. You can save those big marketing fees, and create your own ads.

Learn How to Create You Own Business And Be The Boss

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Compare To Neil Patel Digital

I have used Wealthy Affiliate to create and grow my own business online. It is great training and offers the Jaaxy Enterprise keyword search tool for free when your join as WA Premium plus member. Normally Jaaxy Enterprise costs $99 per month, so you are getting the best version of Jaaxy for free. And at $499 a year for WA Premium Plus, you can have the best training program that WA offers for a fraction of the cost of Neil Patel Digital.

How do they compare:

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate has some definite advantages over Neil Patel Digital and costs a lot less. Even their highest priced package is only a fraction of what you would spend for Neil’s product. They have a great product, and they are not a scam. but, they are expensive. Wealthy Affiliate is much more affordable, and they are not a scam either! And best of all, you can try them for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Neil Patel Digital?
Neil Patel Digital is a digital marketing agency founded by Neil Patel. They specialize in providing services such as SEO, content marketing, web design and development, and paid media.
How can Neil Patel Digital help me avoid scams?
Neil Patel Digital offers a suite of services that can help you identify and avoid scams. These include SEO audits, content marketing services, and paid media campaigns to help you target only legitimate customers.
What kind of results can I expect from Neil Patel Digital?
Depending on your needs and goals, Neil Patel Digital can help you achieve a variety of results. These include improved website rankings, increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and more visibility for your brand.
Is Neil Patel Digital reliable?
Yes, Neil Patel Digital is a reliable and trusted digital marketing agency. They have years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals, and have a proven track record of success.
How much does Neil Patel Digital cost?
The cost of Neil Patel Digital services will vary depending on the services you require. Generally, their services range from $500-$5,000 per month depending on the scope of the project.

Thank you for reading my article, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP


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Neil Patel Digital




  • Range Of Features
  • Consultation And Strategy Planning
  • Increases ROI, Traffic, And Brand Awareness


  • Limited Customer Service
  • Can Be Difficult to Understand
  • May Not Be Suitable For All Businesses

8 thoughts on “Neil Patel Digital – Is It As Good As They Say It Is?”

  1. Hi Chas, I have a lot of respect for Neil Patel. I would not doubt his expertise in helping websites to reach their full potential. I regularly use my free Ubersuggest account to check for SEO issues it only really helps me with minor things due to its limits but I’m sure a paid upgrade would help new significantly more. However, I will say the prices are a bit steep. I mean I guess if you can leverage this training to make the necessary changes I guess if you make money 💰 after at least you are in safe hands I would say

    • Hi Alex,
      I agree with you that working with Neil and his team would certainly be of great benefit to anyone’s business. You actually have a thirty day free trial on the program. I am not sure if that is enough time to see improvements, but I would think some SEO would show up pretty quickly. The Ubersuggest tool is a nice tool but very limited on the free version. His prices are steep, no doubt because he has achieved such great popularity. You can still benefit a lot from his free blog, but you do get a lot of pop-ups!
      Yes, this is definitely not a scam, but it is pricey!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  2. Hey Chas,
    Thanks for sharing about what Neil Patel Digital (NPD) is all about. I agree that NPD is a great choice for larger businesses looking to maximize their online presence, he certainly has a vast array of services and is an expert in online marketing.
    The costs seem really high, does that start at $4,999 per month and a yearly commitment is required?
    Yes NPD is a different league and big businesses may be prepared to pay this. Smaller businesses need to match their budget to their expectations however and have other cheaper options.

    • Hi John,
      You are welcome and I am glad you found the article useful. NPD is a great choice for people who are well established and looking to move up to the next level. I have seen comments where the price may be lower for someone who is not looking for the total package. But, yes he does ask for a yearly commitment to insure the program works for you.
      Businesses who are much smaller can gain a great deal of insight from Neil’s blog for free. If you are looking for affiliate marketing training at an affordable price, you should check out my #1 Recommendation here.
      Thank you for reading my article and taking the time to comment. Please stop back soon!

  3. When I saw the name Neil Patel, I automatically assumed it had to be good. He knows what he’s doing and has been very successful online. It looks like a great tool, and I was very interested in the Uberkeyword research tool. It is clear that this company is built on his rich experience in website building, blogging, and affiliate marketing; and customers can only benefit from it. Although pricing may be well organized or doable, I find the total price tag very expensive. It is a price for people who have a lot of money and don’t mind setting aside a $1000 US or more. For anyone starting with a few hundred dollars in his/her bank account, this program is unaffordable. That is the only negative thing I see here. Everything else looks fantastic and I was very interested, until I saw the price.

    • Hi Christine,
      Neil Patel is good at what he does. He started at just 16 years old! I have followed him and his blog off and on for years. He always gives some free advice that is helpful. In a future post, I am going to research his UberKeyword research tool to find out more about it. Stay tuned! His price is expensive and may be too high for people just started out. But, as I have said, Neil give away a ton of free information on his blog. So, for everyone who can’t afford NPD, I strongly advise to follow Neil on his blog and his YouTube channel.
      Thank you Christine for reading my article and taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. Please stop back soon!

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights about Neil Patel Digital. It’s great to hear that they are experts at what they do and can offer comprehensive digital marketing services for businesses looking to maximize their online presence. However, as you mentioned, their services may not be the most affordable option for small businesses.

    I appreciate your recommendation for those who may not have the budget for Neil Patel Digital, but are still interested in learning and implementing effective marketing strategies themselves. It’s important to consider all options and find the best fit for one’s own business needs and budget.

    You are also correct in pointing out that even the best marketing strategies may not always work as expected, and it may require some trial and error before finding what works best for a particular business. It’s important to be prepared for additional marketing expenses and to have patience in the process.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights and recommendations. It’s great to have different options and perspectives available when it comes to digital marketing services and strategies.

    • Hi John,
      You are welcome. I personally like Neil Patel because he offers a lot of free marketing insight online for free! It is quality content and well worth reading. His company is a bit pricey, but I am sure you would get your moneys worth if you tried it out. But, not everyone has that kind of budget, so I tried to give them an alternative source of help for their business. I gave them MY #1 Recommendation. Yes, even the best marketing companies may need to test some strategies before they get it going and making profits.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and leave such a nice comment. Please stop back soon.


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