Virtual Excellence Academy – Is It Worth The Cost?

 Virtual Excellence Academy (VEA) is a training course for anyone interested in becoming a virtual assistant. It promises to educate everyone with all the knowledge necessary for a thriving career as a sought-after virtual assistant.

At the helm is Hannah Dixon, an entrepreneurial force renowned for her expertise and personal commitment to sculpting exceptional virtual assistants. Her goal is to create “the best virtual assistant possible.”

If you are thinking about becoming a virtual assistant, and trying to decide if Hannah’s Course is right for you? Then, you are in the right place. I have reviewed hundreds of products and I can pretty much spot a scam pretty quickly. Let’s get started.

  • Name    – Virtual Excellence Academy
  • Website –
  • Price  –  $900 and $1300 Upgrade
  • Owners – Hannah Dixon
  • Quality – Detailed Online Business Course For Virtual Assistants
  • Overall Rank – 8/10
  • Refunds – No Refunds
  • Verdict –  Legit 
  • Alternative – My #1 Recommendation  (Get Started Here)

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Hannah Dixon: The Visionary Entrepreneur Powering VEA

Hannah Dixon is the creator of VEA. She is a Virtual Assistance Coach, VA Recruiter, and co-founder of Digital Nomad Kit (DNK)

With a track record spanning over 15 years, Dixon is more than just an educator. Hannah is a mentor shaping students into exceptional virtual assistants. She is a personal coach for each student, with biweekly and surprise visits to her members, keeping them on track with their learning.

She has trained over 30,000 VAs, from 170 different countries through her Virtual Excellence Academy. It is a true testament to her unparalleled commitment.

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Get The Best Training And Earn Money While You Sleep

Tailoring Excellence: VEA’s Audience

One might wonder if VEA caters solely to seasoned professionals or newbies seeking to enter the virtual assistance arena? The Short Answer is No.

This course is not only for virtual assistants. It also caters to online business managers, freelancers including copywriters, web designers, project managers, coaches and consultants. Almost anyone involved in online business, or considering it, would benefit from this course.

Here is what Hannah says on her website:

We consider  “Virtual Assistant” an umbrella term. Call yourself what you like; if you assist, or intend to assist, people or businesses virtually, the VEA is your lifeline.

That is the beauty of VEA, its versatility. It serves as a comprehensive resource for both novices starting the VA journey and seasoned professionals seeking to refine their digital and people skills.

What’s Inside Virtual Excellence Academy

Courses, Community, and Client Networks

VEA doesn’t just offer courses; it offers weekly coaching calls, a helpful community, and even teaches you how to get your clients! it is quite an extensive course. Everything you need to know from servicing online clients to getting paid what you are actually worth is covered.

VEA Course Overview

Take a look at the training the VEA modules include:

VEA Training Modules & Training Included:

Welcome And Orientation Lessons:

  • Welcome Video (2:57)
  • Overview & Outcomes
  • How to Use This Program
  • Inner Circle Community Road Map
  • Never Miss an Inner Circle Event ???? (1:32)
  • My Commitment Contract

Module 2.1: The Foundations – Your Business

  • Introduction
  • Your Who, How, and Why (3:08)
  • Explore Your Why
  • Identify Your Existing Skills
  • Your Ideal Client & You
  • Naming Your VA Business

Module 3.1: Get Visible – Set Yourself Up for Success

  • PART 1: Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Create Your Portfolio
  • Optimizing Your Personal Profiles
  • Why You Need a Facebook Business Page (2:56 )
  • Create Your FB Page (19:19 )
  • TOOL: Canva & Mobile Responsive Cover Image (10:06 )
  • TEMPLATE: FB Page Cover Template & How to Use it
  • Sourcing Shareable Content

Module 4.1: Client Communications – Before Your First Client

  • PART 1: Before Your First Client
  • Introduction (1:52 )
  • Essential Tools for Client Communication
  • Calendly – (TOOL) – Book Meetings Effortlessly (14:56 )
  • Zoom – (TOOL) Deepdive with Monika (18:25 )
  • Start Slacking (TOOL) – The Best Tool for Day to Day Communication (22:37 )
  • Loom (TOOL) Video Check-Ins with Loom (10:40 )
  • Discovery Calls – What, Why & How (5:15 )
  • ACTION STEPS: Discovery Calls
  • PRACTICE: Ideal Client Discovery Call Challenge
  • 3 Simple Ways to Land VA Clients Right Away
  • Get the Client – Sales & Pitching Like a Pro with Jade Jemma (29:58 )
  • ACTIONS STEPS: 10 Things That Can Hold You Back from Landing Clients
  • BONUS: How to Avoid Job Scams
  • BONUS: How to Start Your VA Business When You’re Still in Full-Time Employment

Module 5: Money Matters

  • Three Pricing Models (7:37)
  • The DNK Pricing Strategy To Win Clients Over
  • TOOL: The Hourly Base Rate Calculator
  • Your Skill Level Should Reflect in Your Rates – Benchmarks
  • Getting Paid Made Simple (8:11)
  • TOOL: PayPal Invoicing (7:19)
  • Stripe (TOOL) Stripe Invoicing (7:20)
  • TOOL: Canva Invoicing (4:33)
  • Alternative Payment Processors & Invoicing Options

Module 8: Tools & Resources

  • Copywriting and eBook Tools & Resources
  • Graphic Design Tools and Resources
  • Audio/Podcasting Tools & Resources
  • Video Tools and Resources

Module 9: Graphic Design for VAs

  • TOOL: Canva Deep Dive with Monika (48:28)
  • Adobe Photoshop – (TOOL) Introducing Adobe Photoshop with Alicia (13:31)
  • TOOL: Introducing Adobe Illustrator with Alicia (12:12)
  • Graphic Design Resources
  • BONUS: Extended List of Free Stock Photos
  • BONUS: How to Identify Any Color on Your Screen Quickly! (2:16)
  • BONUS: How to Quickly Identify Any Font on a Website (1:11)

Module 1: Workspace Setup:

  • Introduction (0:46)
  • TEMPLATE: An Easy Daily Planner (6:03)
  • Tech Specs
  • Digital Decluttering Action Steps
  • TOOL: Google is Your Friend – Part 1 (18:03)
  • TOOL: Google is Your Friend – Part 2 (15:23)

Module 2.2: The Foundations – Your Legal Business Setup

  • Introduction & Pointers
  • General Legal Structures for Guidance
  • US Specific Business Structures (Video + Notes) (44:20)
  • Should you have a business bank account?
  • Your Tax Obligations

Module 3.2: Get Visible – Start Interacting

  • PART 2: Start Interacting
  • Introduction to Relationship Marketing
  • TEMPLATE: Introductions for Impact
  • 75+ Facebook Groups to Grow Your Biz (1:12 )
  • TEMPLATE: Reaching Out to Your Existing Network
  • QUIZ!
  • Practice Your Declaration on Real People
  • BONUS: LinkedIn Tips with Sami Gardner (36:59 )

Module 4.2: Client Communications – You Got the Client – What Now?

  • PART 2: Congrats: You Got the Client – What Now?
  • Your Client Onboarding Steps
  • TEMPLATE: Swipe Files – Contracts & T&C’s
  • TEMPLATE: Email Template Pack for Difficult Conversations & More
  • HelloSign – (TOOL) Sign Contracts Online with HelloSign (13:45 )
  • TOOL(s): Secure Password Sharing with Lastpass or 1Password (35:04 )
  • Toggl – (TOOL) Time Tracking with Toggl (7:49 )
  • Trello – (TOOL) Project Management with Trello (17:00 )
  • Asana (TOOL) Project Management with Asana (21:30 )
  • ClickUp – (TOOL) Project Management with ClickUp (33:34 )
  • Notion (TOOL) Digital Organization with Notion (11:31 )
  • TOOL: Dubsado – A CRM for Virtual Assistants (58:53 )
  • How to Establish Healthy Boundaries
  • The WOW Factor: Client Retention Strategies
  • BONUS: Client Perspectives (57:50 )
  • BONUS: When Should You Leave Your Full-Time Job?

Module 6: Networking & Job Applications

  • Networking Know-How for In-Person Events
  • Applying to Remote Job Posts as a Freelancer/VA (Audio)
  • Applying to Job Advertisements on Social Media (Audio)
  • Your Immediate Network aka The Pool Method
  • Create Your Digital Business Card (2:06)

Module 7: Content Creation & Marketing for Online Service Providers

  • Introduction (0:23)
  • What Is Content and Why Is It SO Important? (1:01)
  • The 3 Content Commandments
  • On Topic: Discovering YOUR Best Topics
  • The Content YOU Need to Be Creating
  • Staying Current: Newsjacking
  • Authority Content & Repurposing
  • TOOL: Content Batching with Buffer (14:18)
  • BONUS: Content Repurposing Template with Beck Power (2000 Content Ideas)

Module 10: Uplevel Your Career

  • Add-On Income Streams for Online Service Providers
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Product Creation
  • OBM vs High-Level VA
  • Uplevel With Automation
  • TOOL: Zapier aka Automation (17:21)
  • TOOL: Airtable aka Data Management (26:06)
  • The AI Advantage: AI Foundations & Using ChatGPT to Supercharge Your Productivity
Get The Best Training And Earn Money While You Sleep

You can see the depth of this course. But, there’s more! This course also includes these bonus modules. They include information from Hannahs Digital Nomad Kit (DNK).

VEA Bonus Modules

Community & Exclusive Jobs

  • Join the Inner Circle
  • DNK Exclusive Job Opportunities FAQ
  • DNK Matchmaking Guidelines PT. 1 Applications
  • DNK Matchmaking Guidelines PT. 2 Connections
  • Make Money with DNK

BONUS: Rapid Breakthrough Therapy with Denise

  • Introduction
  • PART 1: Full Rapid Breakthrough Therapy Session (103:35)
  • PART 2: Rapid Breakthrough Therapy 21 Day Meditation

BONUS: The Fear Mastery Set with Nicole

  • Introduction (0:48)
  • The Science of Fear (8:53)
  • Quiz
  • 1. Overcome Your Fears: Mind Journey
  • 2. Overcome Your Fears: Conquer Your Fears Journal Instructions
  • 3. Overcome Your Fears: Conquer Your Fears Journal
  • Resource: Meditation Apps

Get Your DNK Badges & Certificate

  • Get your DNK approved Virtual Assistant Badges
  • Certificate of Completion

BONUS: Livestream #replay Vault

  • LIVE DNX CONFERENCE TALK by Hannah Dixon: How to create success as a service provider by embracing your weird and ignoring what everyone else is doing (29:28)
  • How to Build an Instagram Page that Turns Followers into Clients
  • Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with Sami Gardner
  • 3 Simple Client Retention Strategies for Freelancers
  • Pop-Up Resume Overhaul with Taylor Lane
  • Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant Intelligently & Ethically
  • The Power of Personal Branding with Conni Biesalski
  • Starting Your VA Business from Scratch – What You DO and DON’T Need (59:31)

BONUS: Self-Care with Kim Gorchs

  • Why Self-care?
  • Coming Back to Your Why: Self-Care Session (83:47)
  • Self-care session vault

Brand New, And Included in VEA is AI Advantage

VEA is embracing the foundation of AI technology and using ChatGPT. AI is going to reshape the world like it or not, you need to learn how to use this valuable tool.

In addition to the training modules, you also get access to the VEA Inner Circle:

Exploring the VEA Inner Circle: An Exclusive Arena for Advancing Skills

At the heart of Virtual Excellence Academy lies the VEA Inner Circle. This exclusive segment is a portal to unparalleled advancement in the realm of virtual assistance.

It is the support community inside VEA where you can interact with other VEA members and learn about new job opportunities. One of the features is the weekly digital co-working, adding a layer of accountability and productivity.

Hannah personally offers the “Ask Me Anything” webinar every 2 weeks. You gain personalized guidance, and get to hone your skills and strategies, while creating personal relationships.

Lifetime access to the Inner Circle is Included at no additional cost.

VEA Mental Preparation

As a part of the training, VEA also offers self care coaching where you can expect yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Plus, plenty of different techniques to help you maintain a healthy inner balance. This is the mental focus you need to succeed, done in a much different way.

Get The Best Training And Earn Money While You Sleep

Investing in Your Virtual Assistance Future: What Does VEA Cost?

The Standard (VEA) package is priced at $900. There are also 2,4 and 6 part payment plans available. The upgrade to the Legacy Edition package is currently priced at $1300, $600 off the regular price of $1900. It also has 2,4 and 6 part payment plans.

These payment plans make this training affordable for about everyone.

Here’s a glimpse into the breakdown of the pricing options available:

Tailored Tiers: Unveiling the Levels of Training

VEA offers 2 distinct tiers, each tailored to cater to varying needs and aspirations:

Standard Edition

This tier encompasses the core VEA courses, providing a comprehensive foundation in virtual assistance essentials.

Legacy Edition

The Legacy Edition includes the core courses and also grants access to more bonuses plus access to the Inner Circle.

Virtual Excellence Academy Pricing Charts

Virtual Excellence Academy Under the Microscope: Pros and Cons


  • Pay Once And Get Lifetime Access (Legacy Edition)
  • Community Support
  • Get Paid What You Are Worth


  • Limited Sign-Up Periods
  • No Refunds
  • Hidden Costs
  • A Job (You Work The Hours to Get Paid)
Get The Best Training And Earn Money While You Sleep

Analyzing the Advantages

Enrolling in Virtual Excellence Academy (VEA) unveils a spectrum of advantages:

  • Comprehensive Education: VEA offers a comprehensive educational platform, equipping learners with foundational and advanced skills vital for a thriving virtual assistance career.
  • Robust Community Support: The vibrant community within VEA fosters networking, guidance, and support. The Result: enriching the learning journey beyond the confines of traditional education.
  • Get Paid What You Are Worth: Normally, VA’s are not paid well. But, Hannah shows you how to get paid for what you are worth. That’s a definite plus!

Potential Drawbacks and Considerations

While VEA boasts numerous strengths, considerations include:

  • Focused Content Delivery: Some learners might find the content delivery methods—predominantly video-centric—less compatible with their preferred learning style.
  • Some Content Is Not Detailed: Some of the sections are brief and don’t give a lot of details on the subject.
  • Limited Refund Policy: VEA’s commitment to student success comes with a limited refund policy.This should be considered before making a commitment.
  • It’s A Job: You are able to work anywhere in the world, but you still have to put the hours in to get paid. Not quite financial freedom. But, if you want a job where you earn nice money, and work from anywhere, then this course is for you.

Real User Experiences: Testimonials and Success Stories

The real essence of any educational platform lies in the experiences of its users. Testimonials and success stories within VEA reflect the journey, challenges, and triumphs of individuals navigating the virtual assistance landscape.

These accounts offer insights into the practical application of VEA’s teachings and the impact on their professional trajectories. And there seems to be plenty of them!

Virtual Excellence Academy Testimonials

Is Virtual Excellence Academy Worth the Hype? Legitimacy and Comparisons

After reviewing the VEA, it is clear that this program offers an extensive amount of material, guidance and job openings that is clearly worth the cost.

Hanah doesn’t offer a course of fluff, just to make a buck like many other scams out there. This is the real deal, and Hannah is a great coach for teaching all the skills you need. If you are thinking about a career in the virtual assistant field, this course is well worth the investment.

Endorsements and industry recognition further solidify VEA’s credibility as a reputable institution in the realm of virtual assistance education.

Just know, there are no refunds! If you decide purchase this, and decide it is not for you, then you wasted your money. Hannah will provide a refund for special circumstances.

But, normally there are no refunds!

Is Virtual Excellence Academy Legit? – YES Green Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

Comparing VEA to other platforms like Wealthy Affiliate aids in deciphering the right fit:

VEA’s Specialization:

VEA’s focus on virtual assistance provides a specialized and in-depth dive into the realm of VA skills, community support, and networking opportunities.

It will teach you how to become a virtual assistant, but falls short on being a business where you can enjoy true financial freedom. You can’t automate a virtual assistant’s duties. And you have to upgrade to the VEA Legacy Edition, or pay extra for training to learn about building websites. It is great for people who are online business managers, and people training virtual assistants.

But, the bottom line is: VEA teaches you to become a virtual assistant, and it is still a job. Yes you can work anywhere you have internet, but you are still working for someone else. It’s much better than a 9 to 5 office job, and traveling anywhere to work is great! But you have to do the work to get paid.

You can get paid much better than most virtual assistants, because you learn how to sell yourself for a package price. That is also a plus. But I have a better alternative.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Emphasis:

Wealthy Affiliate leans towards affiliate marketing and online business, offering a broader spectrum of online entrepreneurial skills. You can use automation to create income. And you can create your own business in any niche you want.

It is geared toward starting your own business and creating financial freedom. You learn to build a website right away, and all the marketing skills you need to earn money while you sleep! That is true financial freedom!

Making An Informed Decision: Virtual Excellence Academy Standout Traits

VEA’s virtual assistant education is a deep dive approach, robust community, and specialized guidance. Its ability to empower individuals with comprehensive VA skills, distinguishes VEA as a frontrunner in online education for virtual assistants.

If you decide that you want to become a virtual assistant, then VEA is very good. It is not a cheap as some courses out there, but not a expensive as others. It is the best training in it’s price range and offers plenty of bang for your buck.

If you think you might want to build you own business, work anywhere you want and earn money while you sleep, then Wealthy Affiliate is the training you want.

Get The Best Training And Earn Money While You Sleep
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Virtual Excellence Academy (VEA) suitable for?
VEA caters to a broad audience, including aspiring virtual assistants, freelancers, online business managers, copywriters, web designers, project managers, coaches, and consultants. Essentially, it’s for anyone involved or considering involvement in online business.
What makes VEA different from other online courses?
VEA stands out due to its comprehensive nature. It’s not just about courses but also about building a community, weekly coaching calls, and guidance on acquiring clients. It offers a deep dive into various aspects of the virtual assistance realm.
What does the course curriculum cover?
The curriculum is extensive, covering workspace setup, legal business structures, visibility strategies, client communication, content creation, networking, tools & resources, AI foundations, mental preparation, and even offers bonuses on self-care and overcoming fears.
Can VEA help me build a successful career as a virtual assistant?
Certainly! VEA’s emphasis on practical skills, community support, and mentorship aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools for a thriving virtual assistant career. However, it’s important to note that success depends on dedication and implementation of the learnings.
How does VEA compare to other similar platforms?
Compared to platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, VEA focuses specifically on virtual assistance skills, community support, and networking opportunities. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, emphasizes broader entrepreneurial skills and automation for financial freedom.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.



Meet the Author

Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

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8 thoughts on “Virtual Excellence Academy – Is It Worth The Cost?”

  1. Hi Chas. Thank you for this fantastic review. I never knew there was a course like this one, and looking at the content you produced, there’s a lot of information to go through. And the course outline, there’s so much for you to learn and grasp. If someone I know is interested in a course like this one, I will share this information with them. Thanks again.

    • Hi Madyibilg,
      You are welcome! If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, then this program could be for you. I think that it is just another 9 to 5 of sorts. You have the freedom to work from home, but you are always on call for your customers. It is a very detailed course, but it costs $900-$1300 and there are no refunds! If you think it is not for you, your out your money! I never like anyone who says “No refunds” It always turns out bad for me! That’s why I say beware,it is a red flag!

      I think that if you truly want to start your own business you need to take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive. They have a trial package that lets you try it before you buy it. Then, if you decide it’s not for you, you can walk away and not lose a nickel! Even if you try the platform for a whole month, it only costs $49. You certainly won’t go to the poor house if you walk away from that!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!

  2. Hi Chas,

    Thanks for such an informative review of Virtual Excellence Academy.

    I agree that the training does look legit and could really help us, but the no refunds and the hidden costs side for me is a bit much. Within the UK we are in a cost of living crisis, and this isn’t something I could recommend to somebody if there is the possibility that they can’t get their money back if it’s not for them.

    Your alternative of Wealthy Affiliate does look great and I would definitely recommend it just like you have. Thank you for sharing this too an your articles.

    Keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,
      There are a few drawbacks with the Virtual Excellence Academy as you mentioned, no refunds and extra costs. The program isn’t cheap, but I haven’t seen any complaints. Usually if some people don’t like the course, the leave some negative complaints. But, I haven’t found any. People like the course. It definitely is a legit program, and certainly has a bunch of information, so I would say you are getting your money’s worth on information. Like you say, if someone doesn’t like it, then you could say they are stuck with a bunch of information. I personally think this information could be used in other applications. If they were to join Wealthy Affiliates, they could use that information to help in building their own business, and truly not work for anyone else.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Tom, and please stop back soon.

  3. That’s a pretty comprehensive review, Chas. I’m not at the point of needing a virtual assistant myself but I thought that they were essentially self-educated gigpreneurs offering their services to other businesses. Basically, just just found that they were good at doing certain tasks through trial and error and sold the ones they were good at.

    It certainly makes sense that someone, somewhere would teach people how to become Virtual Assistants or how to become better ones.

    I see that a certificate is issued at the end of the course as a credential that can be used when offering your services as a VA. There’s mention of “DNK” in the Modules listings but no indication of what that acronym actually means. Or is it a company that’s well known in this arena?

    Finally, I am wary of courses that do not offer refunds. I know with digital goods, offering refunds can open the seller up to fraud but courses are usually only accessible behind a login page and accesss to it can be revoked if a refund is issued.

    A customer should have a period within which they can assess what they’ve bought into and have the opportunity to ask for a refund if the product doesn’t come up to scratch or the customer simply changes their mind. So the No Refunds policy is a bit of a red flag to me. Here in the EU, it’s illegal not to offer refunds if the item you have bought turns out to be faulty or not as described and the retailer is legally required under consumer law to provide a repair, replacement or refund. Maybe it’s different in the USA?

    • Hi Gary,
      Thank you for the kind words. I am glad to hear you learned something about virtual assistants! Yes, they can get training to be “good virtual assistants” from people like Hannah who have a lot of experience. Once they become better than most VA’s, they can command higher pay. Hannah Dixon is the creator of VEA. She is a Virtual Assistance Coach, VA Recruiter, and co-founder of Digital Nomad Kit, (DNK)

      I usually don’t like to recommend programs that don’t offer refunds, but in this case Hannah offers so much material and lifetime access, I think it is definitely worth the cost. She does issue some refunds for special cases.

      Yes, people are not required to offer refunds in the USA. I really think if your product is good, you should offer a “free trial” on at least some of the information. Hannah claims that you have immediate access to everything, and she would be giving away her program for free.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers a free package that allows you to look over the first 5 lessons for as long as you like. But, to build a business you need the tools provided in the premium upgrade.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a great comment with some great questions! Please stop back soon.

  4. I agree that this is a very extensive training and well worth the cost for those who desire to do this type of work. But as you mention, being a virtual assistant is a job and not your own business where you are building an asset. At the same time, it is good to know there is legitimate training out there for those who desire to pursue this type of career.

    • Hi Joseph,
      Yes, I think it is not a business of your own as it is described, but more of a job working for someone else. However, they can work anywhere there is an internet connection. That may be more appealing, than working in some office. I still like the advantage that Wealthy Affiliate offers. You truly are your own boss, and have your own business.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.


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