The Wanna Cry and North Korea Cyber Crimes

Tablet Displaying -Warning Cyber Attack for Wanna Cry and North Korea

In May 12, 2017 the “Wanna Cry” virus caused worldwide havoc. A total 74 countries had reported about 45,000 attacks had taken place on hospitals, government offices and major companies. One day later 99 countries were involved in the attack and North Korea was a suspect from the beginning. There is evidence that the ransomware called … Read more

Recent Internet Scams

Open Laptop Displaying Cyber Security and Two Hands Grabbing Ready To Steal Information For Recent Internet Scams

The recent internet scams were labeled  “Amateur Hour.” The “Wanna Cry” attack was very poorly coded attack. Nonetheless, it shut down hospitals, railways, ATM’s and caused more havoc worldwide than all other recent internet scams. The code contained a specific footprint. That footprint helped identify where the attack originated and who was behind it. A group … Read more

Phishing eMail Example: The Google Docs Hoax

Image of the Grim Reaper Warns Of The Phishing eMail Example

A Phishing eMail example such as the Google Docs Hoax prove how people can be tricked into believing they are real. The google docs hoax was one of the more sophisticated phishing email example to hit the google email system recently. It was only seen for a short period before google shut it down. The … Read more

Unmask Scams Using Street Smarts

Money shaken from upside down mans pockets

To unmask scams using street smarts is using common sense to avoid becoming a victim. Training yourself to be aware by using your street smarts, can play a big role in how well you avoid a scam.The scammers try the sneakiest ways they can find to trick you. Not surprisingly, it is becoming more and … Read more

Worst Online Scams

Picture of a Gangster Type Person-Scammer

Worst online scams all to often involve the people who can least afford it. Scammers use utilities, the IRS, and even internet providers to make scams appear legitimate. People seeing these images that appear to be the ISP that they are using, and think the scams are real. People are scammed by these everyday, all … Read more

Popular Internet Scams – Don’t Trust Them!

Image Of Older Dog Beside Basket With Matching Puppy -Popular internet Scams - Puppies For Sale

  Popular internet scams show up each year particularly around the holidays.The pet scams are a perfect example.The scam is to offer pets for sale, and request money be sent.Then, no delivery is ever made and the pet owner disappear. And of course, the money is gone. Pet lovers beware, this is becoming one of … Read more