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BBB Complaint Business Is Alive and Well — 10 Comments

  1. I was quite shocked to see that the BBB membership service is offered to allow businesses to post their logo onto their blogs…surely this can lead to mediocre businesses looking good?
    At the end of the day this all seems to be down to money – pay for the privilege of looking legit.
    Anyone that has a paid membership seems to be covered here!!!!

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, and it can and does lead to businesses that are not so honest, being portrayed as a good and honest business. It is exactly about the money. As long as you pay to play, you are accredited. If you respond to complaints, and simply call them untrue, then the BBB marks them settled. The BBB stamp simply means you are a paying member. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. This is very interesting and new information to me. I have obviously not done my research quite as well as yourself. This tells me that I need to start researching on the ones that I have trusted for so many years. Thanks so much for the heads up and you’ve done a great job.


    • Hi Jeanne,

      The bottom line is, always verify everything and everyone. I was surprised about BBB as well. I grew up thinking they had our best interests at heart. I am glad you enjoyed the information, and I hope it helps you to make more informed decisions in the future. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.


  3. Well done for creating such a strong site on BBB. Your website is very informative and acts as a wake up call to clients who might fall prey of such scam. I strongly believe that if you are looking for good success online then you should be a good problem solver! When I was going through your website I got new information and updates on BBB as a scammer. I’m sure this is a solution to many people out there.



    • Hi Paul,
      I am glad you liked the site, and went away with some information. my goal is to inform everyone of any activity that is not in the consumers interest. Being armed wit information help to wade through the sea of scams out there.Sadly the BBB claims to be helping us by rating the best companies with and A+, but that is a sham! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I hope this helps you to see the importance of doing your own research!

  4. Great website with pertinent information on the BBB, Chas, I do use them when inquiring about a business and I also read through some a companies complaints, and they put them on a A rating where I think they deserve to be on the not rated company versus companies, that are not registered with the BBB. So I believe as consumers will should take time to really inquire information on companies will see need to. Now that technology’s foundation is so highly valued and the use of social media we are able to check out businesses of our interest. Thanks for sharing great information.


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Yes, it was shocking to me to learn that the BBB is not what we think it should be. So many people have reported this outrageous behavior, that their logo does not mean as much anymore. I wonder if people are educated enough to understand the need to investigate companies on their own.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I am glad you enjoyed it.


  5. Very interesting article sadly it doesn’t sound like the bbb isn’t that good for a legitimate review of businesses . If there one goal is not too give legitimate reviews but to solicit businesses to get a good rating that’s corrupt. The bbb has had such a good reputation i grew up being told the bbb was the best way to look up an organization i wasn’t sure about.

    • Hi Chad,
      Yes they are not what I thought they were all about. I felt the same way as you, that they were a good way to determine a good business from a bad one. I personally have had little success using the BBB to get your money back. They simply use some excuse to say soory we did all we could to help you. When they did nothing to help and everything they could to let the business off the hook. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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