What Is The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy is a training program for creating your own business. My review will explore the pros and cons and help you decide if this business model is for you.

If you are here now, I want to congratulate you for doing the research before you invest your hard earned money. Join me as I explore the products and the methods of this platform and how the products work.

  • Name    – Home Business Academy
  • Website –https://thehomebusinessacademy.com/
  • Price   – $125 per month/ HBA Funnel Builder-$25 monthly, Freedom LaunchPad-$37 One Time
    and a One Time $1000
  • Owners – Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings
  • Quality –  Good But Expensive
  • Overall Rank –  8/10
  • Refunds –  Yes, But 3 Days Only!
  • Verdict –  legit

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What Is The Home Business Academy?

Home business academy is a step by step training program that teaches how to create your own online business. It has a monthly fee plus several upsells, including a funnel builder for creating sales pages.

The model they use is Affiliate Marketing. You are promoting other peoples products for a commission. The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to purchase any inventory, so your costs are minimal.

The Home Business Academy has several different programs that teach different areas of online marketing. You can learn things to expand your current business or create a brand new business. These products look to be legit and have information that is useful and will get you started in your own business. It is possible to make money using the cheaper products, but some experience in those areas would help a lot. For a beginner, I would recommend starting with the more complete training in the HBA Premium training course.

Let’s take a look at what the products are:

The Home Business Academy Product – Freedom Launchpad – $27

This product is a training series that will have your business up and running in 48 hours. I know that is possible from the nature of the business model that Home Business Academy is teaching. But, it is not quite as simple as they make it sound.

The Home Business Academy Product Freedom Launchpad

The Freedom Launch pad is teaching you to creates a sales funnel using DFY(Done For You) templates to promote the Home Business Academy. It is course on Affiliate Marketing that uses a tested method and it works. You create a landing page to sell a product, and send traffic to the page to create sales. This is where experience is very useful!

Creating a landing page on a domain can be accomplished in 48 hours. Someone who is brand new may  struggle a bit with this, but it is possible. The domain name alone can take 24 – 48 hours to propagate due to internet providers updating their records.

An Additional Funnel Builder Is Required!

But the problem is, you will also need a funnel builder. Whether you chose Click Funnels($97 a month) or The Home Business Funnel Builder, it will cost an additional $25 bucks a month for your funnels to work.

You can purchase the Freedom Launch as a stand alone product for $37 one time, or you get it included in the All For One Business Offer at $25 monthly. And you have a funnel builder for only $25 instead of $97 for ClickFunnels! So, it is definitely cheaper to take the $25 monthly deal, rather than pay $97 for ClickFunnels!

Be aware of the fact, you are using paid ads to drive traffic. This can be costly for someone just starting out and ads may not result in profits, if your ads are not done properly. It takes testing and experience to create winning ads. This is risky at best for someone new to the business.

Additional Training May Be Necessary

The product you are promoting is Home Business Academy. So, you should purchase the Home Business Premium training first to learn a bit more about the product you are promoting. At $125 a month + $25 for your funnel builder=$150 monthly. This training is a bit costly.

You are basically using some DFY templates to create a business. This method is very basic, and doesn’t teach you anything about running a business. What happens if your Funnel Builder shuts down? You are out of business!

Why not learn how to build your own business, on a solid foundation, and create your own sales funnels? It’s free to start, and less than 1/2 the cost of the Home Business Academy, with no upsells. And you don’t have to worry about any shutdowns, because You are the boss!

The Home Business Academy – Ultimate Email and Traffic Swipe File: $37

The Ultimate Email And Traffic Swipe File is a product that claims to teach you to know where your competition is marketing and “ethically steal” their ads and traffic. One way to monitor your competition is by using software to do just that. Products like  AdSpy($149 monthly) and Social Ad Scout($147 monthly), are great for spying on your competitions ads but costly.

They also include 50 created files of stories that motivate people to buy the product. This is also a DFY file, which means everybody else has the same files. So, in order to be a bit unique, you will most likely need to rewrite the sales copy, use different images, ect, ect. Does this sound like done for you? Yes it give you some idea of what the sales copy should look like, but this is supposed to be saving you time. DFY files won’t sell if they look like everyone else.

Email marketing is not easy. It can difficult for experienced marketers and even more so for beginners.

The Home Business Academy Funnel Builder -$25 Per Month

The Home Business Academy Funnel builder is an easy to use tool with a lot of features found in much higher priced products such as ClickFunnels.

Image from The Home Business Academy Funnel Builder

One of the first things you notice is the domain name integration. If you need to buy a domain for the HBA funnel builder, they do have an offer for one at $9.  If you already have a domain name, it transfers and integrates fast.  The set up is quick and easy, with step by step instructions.

And any emails from Active Campaign, Get Response, Aweber and Sendshark  integrate easily with the HBA autoresponder. Set up instructions are included with a video explaining the whole process. The HBA Funnel Builder also offers an affiliate marketing plan that pays 80% commissions. If anyone buys the HBA Funnel using your link, you get $20 in commissions. That’s a decent commission rate for affiliate marketers.

There is no fee to join the affiliate program, but you must be a current member of The Home Business Academy for at least 30 days.

If you are looking to try out a reasonably priced funnel builder, this is one is worth a try. At $25 bucks a month plus a domain deal for $9, it is one of the better deals around.

Other Available Features Include:

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Thank you Pages
  • Sales pages
  • Order/Checkout Pages
  • Digital products
  • Memberships sites

Plus, this also includes the Funnel Builders Academy step by step training course. It teaches the most important things you need to know about marketing your sales funnel successfully. Things like, Lead generation, and attracting new customers to buy your products.

HBA Premium: $1 for 7 Days ( Trial ), Then $125 ( Monthly )

This is the complete Digital HBA course that teaches their method of creating a business. This is the Home business Academy Premium Product. It is the training product that gives you the details you need for building your own business.

The Home Business Academy Premium Product Image

The method is the tried and true method of successful marketing by using a blog or landing page to sell products. They also teach how to use Facebook and YouTube, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing and more.

Students learn how to generate traffic and leads, along with capturing customers and making sales.

The HBA premium training also includes daily and weekly webinars by the 2 founders, Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings, along with other experienced marketers.

And the HBA Premium has an 80% commission rate as well. You earn $100 in commissions for promoting this product. There is no fee for joining the affiliate program, but you must be a current member of the Home Business Academy for at least 30 days.

The program is not a scam, and actually has good training. This training is very similar to my #1 Recommendation.  However it is more costly When you are just getting started. If you like the sound of the HBA business model, I highly recommend checking out the program I used to learn about Affiliate Marketing.

The Home Business Academy-Financial Literacy Academy-($1,000 One Time)

This is the highest cost program in the Home Business Academy list of products. This product is geared towards the financial side of things and is a bit off topic for starting an affiliate marketing business. But, it is helpful for getting your finances in order, and making some income off rental properties.

Features Include:

  • Debt Elimination
  • Tax Strategies For US Business Owners
  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Records & Bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online
  • How To Build Long Term Cash Flow With Rental Properties
  • Stress Free Property Management
  • Asset Protection 101
  • Business Entity Setup And Maintenance
  • and more…

Pros and Cons


  • Legitimate Training
  • 80% Commission Rate
  • All The Tools Needed To Start A Business


  • A Bit Expensive
  • $1000 Upsell
  • 3 Day Refund Only

Overall the products are legitimate products that do teach valuable information and skills. None of the products are scams, and they will actually create a business and produce income.

Home Business Academy Is Legit Green Thumbs Up Image

The training HBA offers is legitimate and is definitely not a scam. But, buying the cheaper programs like the HBA Funnel Builder, or the Freedom Launch Pad, as stand alone programs might be difficult for complete beginners. To help understand it all, beginners will likely need to purchase additional training and possible coaching as well.

If you are a beginner, I suggest you start off with the Home Business Premium course. You will get more in depth training to make things easier to understand and produce profits quicker. This program is good, but I think that Wealthy Affiliate is better for the newbies.

And the Wealthy Affiliate program is free to try, cheaper per month than HBA, and without any upsells needed. You can choose their premium or upgrade to the premium plus package. Why not check it out?

Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP.


Start Your Own Business

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Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

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Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2024

The Home Business Academy

$125 Monthly



  • Good Training
  • 80% commissions
  • All The Tools Needed To Start A Business


  • Some Products are Expensive
  • $1000 Upsell
  • 3 Day Refund Only

14 thoughts on “What Is The Home Business Academy”

  1. Hi Chas,
    I am still confused about what exactly the products are that I would be promoting if i joined the HBA or Wealthy Affiliate program for that matter. Would I just be promoting the program that I joined? Is that the product?


    • Hi Chris,
      The best thing to do is to join Wealthy Affiliate. Home Business Academy is using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to teach their members how to do basically the same thing. It is confusing! HBA is a different platform but they actually use Wealthy Affiliate’s methods. If you like the methods, just join Wealthy Affiliate directly. That is cheaper to do anyway!
      Take a look at this post, where I compare HBA to WA. It may help you make up your mind. https://helpforscamsandfrauds.com/wealthy-affiliate-vs-the-home-business-academy/
      I hope that helps?

  2. Hi Chas,

    I joined WA a while back but did not progress very far at the time, I went back to it recently but I cannot ask any questions if I am stuck as my ‘privilges’ have expired?

    • Hi Denise,
      They have made some changes with the free program at WA. I guess too many people were using the platform for free and never upgrading. So, now you have to sign up as a premium member in order to have access to post on the blog and ask questions. You should consider going premium and you will be able to access everything. And they have many more classes now and the premium plus upgrade with even more information to help make you successful.
      If you are serious about starting a business, then sign up for a few months, and check things out. You will be pleasantly surprised. And if you really want to go to the next level, then they have been offering a spring special and the Black Friday special each year for the best possible yearly prices that are locked in forever. I don’t know if they are having it for sure this year, but it is usually around this time or Easter maybe when they offer the spring deal.
      Maybe you should check it out. If you are signed up, you will find out about it first!
      Hope that helps, and would like to see you as a member soon!

  3. Hey Chas,

    Just finished reading your review and want to say thank you so much for taking the time to research our company and provide such a great post!

    I wanted to add just a few thoughts for your readers if I may, to explain a bit more about what we offer and why we offer it.

    We actually only have 2 continuity products (HBA Funnel Builder – $25 a month) and (HBA Premium – $125 a month) and both of those pay 80% commission for a $20 + $100 ($120) total residual income. Customers can purchase 1, or the other, or both.

    The Freedom Launchpad is not a $37 monthly, that’s a one time purchase if people buy that, and nothing else. They can actually pick that product up for free as a part of our “All in one $25 business offer” – which is the best way to get started with HBA, in my opinion.

    Thanks for pointing out that we do teach free and low cost methods of marketing (in addition to paid methods) as I agree with you this is very important for beginners.

    Also, there is zero pressure to promote HBA products and all of our training along with our tools are designed to teach and help people be successful selling and promoting anything they want to promote. We encourage people to promote what they believe in and are passionate about.

    Many of our members DO choose to promote our products because they love them and we do pay out a generous 80% commission, but we never force or pressure them to do this.

    Thank you so much for the honest and fair review of our funnel builder and for the recommendation for people to try it out. It really is a GREAT product at a great price and I’m very proud of it.

    I also wanted to touch on the ‘many upsells’ part you wrote about. We actually only have 3 core products… and 2 of those people generally buy together. If they do this, there is only 1 upsell and that is The Financial Literacy Academy. You are correct that this product has a one time $1,000 retail cost, however – most of our members do take advantage of the significant discount on this product that’s available to new members and are able to buy it for quite a bit less money.

    You are also accurate in pointing out that the FLA product is not related to marketing. This is for 2 reasons.

    1) We, like you, are not a fan of never ending upsells, especially with upsells that sell more of the same. This is why we decided to include ALL of our lead gen, traffic, conversions & coaching inside premium without any additional digital marketing products to buy ever.

    2) That leads us to this one upsell of FLA. We wanted this product to be different in content for the above reason, also many of our members like the ability to earn a little bigger, and faster up front commissions on top of their residuals, while they are building, and this higher price point (optional) product gives our members that ability.

    Lastly, our mission is to help people be free, totally, which means – we want them to be able to manage and re-invest the money they make from their business – into income producing assets, which will provide an additional residual income stream that can eventually make their business optional.

    This is where real freedom lies, in my opinion and it’s the path I followed to freedom.

    That is what this 3rd product is all about – and it’s super valuable.

    Thanks again for your great post, and for letting people know that we do have a quality program.

    Wish you all the best with your digital marketing business and look forward to seeing more of your great content online.

    Paul Hutchings

    • Hi Paul,
      It is not often I get a review of my reviews from one of the owners. Most of the time they are angry because it was a bad one. Thank you for clearing up the discrepancies I had in referring to your product. I was a bit confused on your numerous products and called them upsells. It is all in how you look at it. If anyone only purchases one product, then you have 2 upgrades? I removed the many upsell, and refer to the FLA as a $1000 upsell.
      I understand your products a bit better now, so I have reworded the products and their affiliate commissions and cleared that up.
      I am glad you liked the review overall, and hope you like it even better now.
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention,

      • Hey Chas,

        Thank you so much for approving my comment and being willing to have other voices and views added into the discussion. Sometimes marketers want to only paint their view of things, while hiding other views. Huge respect to you for not being that way.

        Thanks so much also for updating your post. Once again, a great example of striving to provide quality and accurate content for people – versus just wanting a ranking to gather traffic – like others.

        And yes, you’re absolutely right! If someone joins on our $25 level, then we do have 2 upsell options after that. One way do do upsells differently than anyone else I’ve seen though, is that we stress in our videos that upsells are totally optional and we even describe the the people who shouldn’t buy them. Our goal truly is to only serve the people who can be served by our products and we’d much prefer the wrong people not buy. We’re not a company that “Upsells at all costs and by using any strategy possible to ‘get the sale’.

        Anyway, thanks again and appreciate you’re updating the post and replying.

        All the best and keep up the great work!


        • Hi Paul
          Thank you for your kind words. I do try to be fair and honest because I think it is the right way to do business. I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I have helped people avoid the scams, and recommend products that are legitimate. A lot of people only recommend the products with the highest commission just to earn as much as they possibly can.

          I have written articles on products that don’t even have any affiliate links, and still recommend them. It’s not always about the money.

          Glad you liked the updates, I have no problem with getting the facts straight. Again, thank you for reaching out to me.

  4. Chas,
    I have read your review several times in order to separate and follow your review of the home business academy. I have too much information in order to sort everything out. After reading your review several times, I am convinced that there are other avenues of learning affiliate marketing that would seem to be less expensive. One thing that turns me off is never being able to move forward until I have to buy one more thing.
    Your review leaves me with one question? Why should I select HBA for training in affiliate marketing, when there are other avenues less expensive but just as good? I appreciate that you vouch for their legitimacy.

    • Hi Barbara,
      I will look over my review and see if I can add some information to make it easier to understand. Yes, there are other platforms like My #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate It is cheaper and easier for newbies to understand. But, if you did purchase HBA, you would pay a little more, but you would not be getting scammed like so many other make money scams on the internet.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, and please stop back soon.

  5. Hello! Overall this does look like a good program. I’m the type of person that I will only put out such a large amount of money if I’m pretty sure of what I’m doing. But, even then, I would like at least a 30 refund policy. I’d hate to decide on day 4 or 5 that this isn’t the program for me. Would you suggest doing the HBA premium 7 day trial for $1? Do you know if you get full access for those 7 days?

    • Hi Ally,
      It is not a scam, but it costs a bit more. And they are using the same methods as My #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.
      I agree with you that a 30 day refund policy would be much better. if you are interested in checking the HBA premium for $1, why not look it over for a week? You do get full access, but they do not include the HBA funnel builder. That is a separate product.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, and I hope you stop back soon!

  6. I have not heard of this service before and it seems a little bit expensive for the normal person out there. However if you have the funds, motivation, and discipline to complete the Home Business Academy program, I have no doubt that HBA is worth the cost and effort. I read your profile and I agree, get rich quick schemes do not work, this does not look like one of those.

    • Hi Al,

      The Home Business Academy has been around for a few years. Their funnel builder is getting to be known as a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels. It is a legit program, and they are transparent about their program. The can be contacted easily, which is not possible with a scam. HBA is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes effort and work to make it work.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back!



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