What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool Available [Simplified]

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy. If you have never done keyword research before, it is time consuming and frustrating. You need to know what are the best keywords to get you the highest rankings in the search engines. And, you need to know now!

That’s where a fast and powerful keyword tool makes all the difference. Introducing Jaaxy! It’s rated as the best keyword research tool available for the price.

It has the power, and speed, plus delivers the keywords with the best rankings. It’s a tool that makes the process easier and faster.  Saving you time and a whole lot of frustration! Lets’ take a look at Jaaxy.

  • Product Name: Jaaxy
  • Website:www.jaaxy.com
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Cost: Free, Pro-$49 per month/Enterprise-$99 per month
  • Rating: Best -10/10

Table of Contents

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

The best keyword research tool is Jaaxy. Jaaxy is one of the most powerful tools you could use for keyword research. Why is that important? To get a leg up on your competition, you need an edge.

Jaaxy is quick, fast and easy to use. The time it saves you on keyword research, gives you that edge. It is a very powerful way to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keyword research.

SEO is the most important aspect of getting your website to rank high or optimally on Google’s first page of their search engine. So to rank well you need the best keyword research tool available, and Jaaxy is it,

Jaaxy – Quick SEO Keyword Research Tool

What's The Best Keyword Tool
Jaaxy Powerful Search Metrics

If you own a website, then you know keywords are very important. Having the best keywords is priceless!  Why?

You want to be found, and when Google searches for something, you want it to be your keyword that gets found. Why is that important?

Well, because Google is the largest search engine on the internet, and that means traffic, or a lot of people will see what your site offers if they get there! So, in order to get people there, you need to know the right keywords to get those eyeballs on your site.

Writing Requires Speedy Research From The Best Keyword Research Tool

When you write articles, it takes time to find the best keywords. Doing it by hand is exhausting time consuming work.  But the process is streamlined with Jaaxy. The Jaxxy keyword research tool makes the task of keyword research much quicker.

Jaaxy eliminates all that time consuming keyword research by hand. It simplifies the process of finding the best combination of SEO keywords, that will rank higher and place you into the best spot in Google Search. Jaaxy does all the work, and the results show.

What Are Keywords

If you ever searched for anything on the internet you typed a word into the search bar, well that is a keyword. Lets say you had a fishing website, and you wanted to get people to your site. You need the highest rank you can get in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You need to know what words people use in search engines that relate to fishing.

Not only do you need the keywords, you need the best keywords. The higher the keyword ranks, the more searches for that keyword. If it shows a ton of searches, you will be buried under many searches and your keyword will never be seen.

What’s The Best Keyword Search Tool For Finding The Best Keywords – Jaaxy

This is important, so listen up! You want a keyword you can rank for! The better you rank the higher up your listing will be in GOOGLE. Number #1, on page #1 is perfect! Jaaxy can help you achieve this!

If you look below, the keyword  fishing rods has 25,772 Searches! Way too much competition for fishing rods. If you use the keyword “Fishing Rods” you will never be seen. Competing with 25,000 other people using the keyword “Fishing Rods” is way too many.

  But, look at Sistar fishing poles – If you were selling that product, you would only have 284 searches, much less competition. Remember, we are trying to be seen, and found in search. You need lower competition to do that!

Keyword Search For Fishing Rods On Jaaxy 

Look how Jaaxy has found the best keywords too use. Now, you know what people are looking for!

How to Spot The Best Ranking Keywords In Jaaxy
Easy to Spot the Best Ranking Keywords

Low Competition Keywords

Jaaxy helps you find Keywords, but not only keywords, low competition keywords that allow for better ranking for your site. Any keywords under 300 in average monthly traffic are considered low competition keywords.

To repeat what I said earlier, the chart above shows you fishing rods are very high competition keywords, but Silstar fishing rods, fishing rod tips, fishing rod spinning and fishing rod sets are all low competition keywords.

If Google searches for those terms and you have them included in your content, you will get ranked by SEO very high as you can also see above. On a scale from 1 to 100 with 1 being lowest, Jaaxy has found four keywords that rank in the top 10%.

That is the beauty of  the Jaaxy keyword tool.

Jaaxy does all this for you, as well as finds you the domain names that are available in that niche keyword research. If you were looking for another niche, or looking for your first one, Jaaxy does the niche research for you in seconds.

Alphabet Soup Shows What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool

Here we are going to research the keyword “health attitudes”. We are going to go thru the alphabet and see what results we get. Using the letter c we get some ideas like shown below

  • Change your attitude fitness center everyday health – which doesn’t make sense, so, not a good keyword to use,
  • Attitude checklist mental health – idea for checklist or add the word “for”- attitude checklist for mental health
  • And so on

When you add just one letter to your keyword search, Jaaxy finds all the keywords starting with that letter.

Health Attitudes Plus The Letter C Using The Jaaxy Keyword Tool   

You can search any keyword and go through the entire alphabet adding one letter at a time, and get all the possible results of keyword searches. It allows you to find some very unique keywords.

Image Of Jaaxy Search Results For What's The Best Keyword Research Tool
Alphabet Soup Search Made easy



 Jaaxy A To Z  Searches -A Search Using The Letter M

Image Displays How To Use Jaaxy Keyword Tool
Go Completely From A to Z with Your Searches



Using Just 2 Letters Resulted In 20 Different Ideas 

Using Jaaxy Pro, 20 focused and relevant ideas were found in a few minutes, saving hours of research time that you can spend working your site and running your business. From a brand new site to several sites, or finding a niche to get started Jaaxy is the tool that saves a lot of time and work.

Upgrade Jaaxy Keyword Research Power To Jaaxy Enterprise

Jaaxy Enterprise! Keyword research For Power Users:

  • Get 1st page Google rankings instantly
  • Instantly see where your site ranks in Google
  • Instantly find the “Domain Gold Mines”
  • Presort columns any way you like instantly
  • Filters out everything but valuable usable data
  • Mobile friendly – search from anywhere

People who realize time is money, understand the power of the fastest research tool available. Jaxxy Enterprise is above and beyond just a “regular” keyword research tool.

It produces data that is important and precisely pinpointed to valuable keywords, niches, and domains that have almost no competition.

With the Jaaxy Upgrade to Enterprise, you can search multiple keywords at the same time for comparison. And go right back to the previous search to pick out the best keywords. Each search delivers up to 50 different keywords in each search. For power and speed Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool.

Who Is Jaaxy Enterprise For

  • SEO companies
  • Keyword companies
  • Local marketers
  • Niche marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Pay per click marketers
  • Domain owners and buyers
  • Site flippers
  • internet marketers
  • Webmasters
  • Anyone That Needs Keywords Quick and Easy!!

Jaaxy Pros And Cons


  • Find Low Competition Keywords Fast and Easy
  • Saves keywords to list for quick reference
  • Shows average monthly searches for best low competition rank
  • Shows actual google rank for keyword searches by website url
  • AVG-Lists monthly traffic from each keyword search
  • QSR-search results- below 300 is low competition keyword
  • KQI-indicates quality of words from (worst) red to yellow to green(best)
  • SEO-Power ranking of your keyword (worst)1 to (best) 100
  • Domains-shows domain names available in .com,.net,.org and others!
  • Related-keywords people are searching related to you niche and keyword
  • Brainstorming-ideas for your niche and related ideas for new niches
  • Alphabet soup- provides an unlimited amount of ideas for words and niches


  • Using free 30 searches very limited-you will want more –upgrade to pro likely
  • Using Jaaxy pro and how useful it is, may lead to upgrade to Jaaxy Enterprise
  • It is such a powerful tool, you may use it for hours on end
  • Enterprise gets a little pricey at $99 per month.

Who Needs Jaaxy

If you have a brand new website, then it is important to get traffic!

Start with the first 30 searches free, and use the best  keyword research tool available for the SEO advertising of all the important features your site offers.

Find the low hanging fruit, the low competition keywords easily and quickly. Then use them to attract free search traffic to your site.

Getting your new site ranked in Google on page one as soon as possible is critical! And the best possible ranking in the search engine that owns the internet, is also necessary.

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

Even if you have an established site, Jaaxy can help you get higher ranking and more traffic. By using low competition words for content, or even finding subdomains to use, increasing the value of your site.

If you are buying and selling domain names, you can’t be without Jaaxy. In a matter of minutes you can find domain names that would take hours to find searching on your own.

Jaaxy is for everybody who is looking for site traffic or rankings in google.

Just a few searches a month easily pay for the cost, and with your new traffic and ranking increases, you can see just how powerful this tool is.

5 Powerful Tools Included

  • Site ranking and search by keywords and url
  • Alphabet soup keyword and niche search
  • Search keywords with low competition
  • Locate a great domain name for a website 
  • Brainstorming feature to research new topics and niches

7 Training Videos included

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research and Refinement
  • The Affiliate Program Walkthrough
  • 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords
  • Niches, Keywords, Success
  • Domain Industry Secrets

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool With Affiliate Programs – Jaaxy

Jaaxy also has a quality affiliate program that offers 2 ways to earn.

  • Earn Free Credits

If you sign up for the Jaaxy Trial with 30 searches, you can also gain additional free searches and continue to use Jaaxy for free!

When you join Jaaxy, you are automatically an affiliate, and for each person you refer to Jaaxy that signs up for free, you get 10 credits. Some people get to use Jaaxy for free for hundreds of searches just by their referrals.

  • 10 – referrals  = 100 credits
  • 100 – referrals = 1000 credits
  • 1000 -referrals = 10,000 credits

Earn Commissions From Referrals

Once you sign up a free Jaaxy member that you referred, you are their referral for life and entitled to their commission if they sign up for a paid Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise account.

Then, you earn $8 a month for Pro, and $20 per month for Enterprise. This can add up fast, for the year you would earn $80 on a Pro membership and $200 on an Enterprise membership.

Jaaxy Pro

 You can lock in your Jaaxy Pro membership for only $49 per month for as long as you want to remain a Premium WA Member, and guarantee no monthly increases. You will be grandfathered in with no future increases.

Jaaxy Enterprise

 You can lock in your Jaaxy Pro membership for only $49 per month for as long as you want to remain a Premium WA Member, and guarantee no monthly increases. You will be grandfathered in with no future increases.

You can lock in your Jaaxy Enterprise membership for only $99 per month for as long as you remain a premium WA Member and guarantee no monthly increases. With Enterprise, you can do so much more. How about multiple searches at the same time for different variations of the keyword you are searching. And it is twice as fast! If you are writing articles every day, you need Jaaxy Enterprise! Once you upgrade, you will be grandfathered in with no future increases.

Pay For The Entire Year And Save

Jaaxy Pro Is offered at the discounted rate of $499. You save $89 of the monthly rate of $49, with the same price guarantee.

Jaaxy Enterprise is offered at a discounted yearly rate of $999 and save $189 per year over the $99 monthly price, with the same price guarantee.


Kyle and Carson supply great support by email  at support@jaaxy.com. If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, they are available through support and chat at Wealthy Affiliates. If you have any problems with Jaaxy at all, Kyle and Carson are always there and promptly answer all questions and issues.

What’s The Best Priced Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

Try Jaaxy out for yourself. Sign up for your free trial today. Just search any keyword below, and check it out!

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP


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  • Find Low Competition Keywords Fast
  • Shows Actual Google Rank For Keywords
  • Shows Domain Names Available


  • Free version Is Limited
  • Enterprise Upgrade Is Pricey

52 thoughts on “What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool Available [Simplified]”

  1. Hi
    I have use Jaaxy a few years ago when I had an Amazon store to search for keywords for my store. It was very useful as it hard to come up with these words anyways. Your article is so informative and detailed about Jaaxy. I have always used a free version which has limitations though. Thank you.

    • Hi Angee,
      Glad to hear you found the Jaaxy keyword tool very useful! Yes, the free version has a 30 search limit, and can be used up rather quickly. But, once you upgrade, you gat 1000 searches a month. You should try the upgrade version of Jaaxy, it’s much quicker!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon1

  2. I have a new website and want to rank on the first page of Google search. I am using JAAXY to do my keyword research, and it is very helpful. I actually tried googles keyword research tool and I didn’t get the benefits that I get from JAAXY. I love that JAAXY gives me the number of competing websites. I, too, go for the low-hanging fruit in hopes that I will rank high in Google
    Thanks for writing this article. I haven’t tried the alphabet soup yet but will try it today.

    • Hi Maria,
      I am always glad to hear from actual users of Jaaxy. Google keyword tool doesn’t have the power or speed that Jaaxy has. I used it before I tried Jaaxy and I never looked back. There is so much that Jaaxy does, like find affiliate programs for you, or competing websites. It opens up a whole new world. I am thankful I have it everyday.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  3. I have been using Jaaxy for 3 years now, the Pro version, and it’s very helpful. It’s a great tool and it makes keyword research so much easier. The Alphabet Soup is incredibly useful and it often gives me ideas for new topics.
    I started out with the free version but – as you said – 30 searches really aren’t that much, so I upgraded to Pro. I was a bit surprised that it would also be helpful for domain flipping, but I guess it makes sense, now that I think about it 😉 It probably helps flipping domains that might be in high demand?

    • Hi Christine,
      It is good to hear from actual users of Jaaxy. I use the Enterprise version, and what a time saver it is! When you are writing for a blog, you need great keywords constantly, and Jaaxy Enterprise gives me about 50 keyword searches for every keyword. I used the pro version for years as well, and it is also a great tool. Flipping domains and flipping websites as well has become quite popular nowadays, and Jaaxy helps make all that even easier. I just can’t say enough about how useful this tool is. it is my go to tool everyday!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and please stop back soon!

  4. I am glad I read this post. My website is brand new and I am currently navigating through Jaaxy and I didn’t know the importance that much. You have detailed why it is important and the pros of using it. I am still new to all this but Jaaxy really does help when it comes to writing content to be ranked by Google. Thanks to your post I am now convinced to purchase Jaaxy Enterprise.

    • Hi Raqueliek,

      I am glad it helped .If you use jaaxy now you will find youeself using it all the time. I use jaaxy pro and it suits me just fine at a much lower cost than enterprise.Your SEO organic search is basic to your website. Jaaxy is a must have.

      Thanks for your comment,


  5. Excellent information on choosing and using the best keyword tool available. Jaaxy is definitely the right tool to use for blog writer who are looking to write posts, that will help to rank in the top Google ranking and skyrocket traffic.I like the fact that Jaaxy tops the list of the best keyword research tools for SEO on the market.Thank you!

    • Hi Mary,

      I totally agree. I think Jaaxy is indispensable when it comes to my SEO research. I have had Jaaxy for over three years, and I would not trade it. To me it is the best.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.


  6. I do not know about other Keyword Research tools but I’d say Jaaxy is working really well for me and I don’t think I’d be switching anytime soon. After using this keyword research tool and going for keywords that have searches of over 100 and QSR below 100, my posts have been ranking high on Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

    Other than this, another feature I like about Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is the alphabet soup as it helps me find other keywords that are related to the ones I am considering to use. By the way, my site is still new and I haven’t made enough money yet to upgrade to Jaaxy Pro. One more thing, I wonder if an upgrade is really necessary. What do you think?

    • Hi Alice,

      I have used the Jaaxy tool for over three years and it is still my go to tool. I upgraded to pro and it works much faster for me, but I can say I don’t yet see the need to upgrade to enterprise, pro suits my needs just fine. I use the alphabet soup and I like the domain listings i get also.

      I have tried a few keywords that are higher than your guidelines, and it is much longer till they get to the top spot, The low hanging fruit is much easier. 

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


  7. I Concord to your submission about this awesome research tool. So far so good, this has been the best and I give kudus to the founders. The only easy way to be able to compete favorably on SEO and get get better ranking in your niche is to have that key words that’s less competitive to be in Google’s good record. Jaaxy is the real tool!

    • Hi Peter,

      Jaaxy is the real deal! The uses of the Jaaxy keyword tool are the basis of organic keyword research. Without a great keyword tool you are dead in the water.

      Thanbks for leaving a comment.


  8. Hi there, thanks for dropping this excellent review about jaxxy. I must say you have added to my knowledge about keywords search and SEO. I actually just joined wealthy affiliate and just created my own blog website to advertise my own business. Reading through article now has just giving me insight about jaxxy which will really help in building the websites. 

    • Hi Yormith,

      You are welcome. If you have a website, you need the best keyword too, Jaaxy! It will become the most used tool you have for your website, SEO becomes so much easier once you know the proper keywords. 

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


  9. I was reading your post because I am a big fan of Jaaxy.   I don’t have the experience to know how it would work for huge enterprises.  However, I know that Jaaxy is the only keyword research tool that I need as an affiliate marketer with multiple websites.    I actually love doing keyword research.  Yet, I have never tried the alphabet soup method.   I need to try that.   Thank you! 

    • Hi Sondra,

      That’s great that you are a fan of Jaaxy as well. It will work no matter how big or small your business is. You can quickly see it’s value when you have more than one site.

      You will discover a new world of keywords using the alphabet soup method, it works differently than you might expect.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Sondra.


  10. I think Jaaxy is a great tool!! I personally use it for my website and get some great insight into keywords and rankings. When I first opened up my website, I would have had no idea about searching for keywords, luckily I was able to learn about Jaaxy and start using it regularly. The low competition keywords that Jaaxy has generated for me has helped boost rankings. I am looking at upgrading to Jaaxy Enterprise, just to get the most out of it and I think it will really benefit my website!!

    • Hi Juvette,

      Great to hear that you use Jaaxy as well. it certainly make our keyword research much easier. it will help with rankings because you know the highest ranking keywords available and how much competition you have. I think if you finally do upgrade to enterprise, you will love Jaaxy even more!

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  11. This is a great review.  Anyone who has been online for any amount of time knows that keywords for their content is about the most important thing there is. 

    Bar none, by far Jaaxy is the best tool for keyword research and honestly with everything included Jaaxy could be a business in itself. Which Im sure for some people it is.

    Thank you for leading myself and your readers into the direction of a tool we all need.


    • Hi Dale, 

      Glad you agree, I like jaaxy myself. It saves me a ton of time for sure! When you have a business and need keywords, and domain names, and site competition, it is the clear winner. And, you are correct, it could be a business alone.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Dale.


  12. Wow Chas, That was very informal and great to know that you can make money while sharing the good news. 

    Jaaxy has definitely worked for me, I have been able to amass hundreds of keywords with just a few searches. Chas is right you can GREATLY benefit from this Keyword search tool. 

    You hit the nail on the head about all the service it offers, I didn’t know you only have 30 free searches and then you have to pay 19 dollars for the pro package. People can get a lot of knowledge from your article. You set the bar for information and keyword searching tools.

    Thank you for this informative news, I will share with my friends and will recommend it to them as well.

    Jerald Polk 

    • Hi Jerald,

      It is a big boost to make money when you have a tool like Jaaxy. It is a real time saver and give us valuable information for writing great content. 

      When you consider all the uses for jaaxy, it can create a money making opportunity in several ways. You can create your own business buying and selling domains, for instance. Search domains using Jaaxy, and find names that could be sold for higher prices. That is just one way, you could research niches and build websites and sell them. The possibilities are endless, well almost!

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  13. Jaxxy enterprise is all the best I need, all along I have been using Jaaxy lite and what I have noticed with lite is that it is limiting me from getting keywords with good traffic. So this is not good for my website I feel like lite is for starters not people who are in the real business. so I am budgeting to have both the Wealthy Affiliate membership and Jaaxy Enterprise to upgrade my membership

    • Hi  Nkhosingiphile,

      I am wondering if you are targeting the right keywords? QSR less than 50 and traffic 150 or less, even traffic under 50 is better for new sites! These are your low hanging fruit (Low Competition Keywords), you will rank much better using those guide lines for keywords! I can assure you, that I rank number one quite often, and there are many more items that help you rank, other than just keywords, like internal links! They are extremely important as well!

      Your content must be good quality and at least 1500-2000 words as well. But, don’t blame Jaaxy lite, because the enterprise upgrade will mostly give you more speed. If you have many sites, then it is a great tool to upgrade to!

      But if you are on a tight budget, I would explore all the areas important to good SEO, and save the expense for now.

      Thanks for your comment,


  14. I love Jaaxy and have been using it for 4 years now.  I have tried a lot of other similar ones out and I prefer the simplistic approach to keyword research.

    For newer sites I tend to look for keywords under 50 (QSR).  This helps build some traction.  Then, once you start getting ranked for those keywords you can target under 100 QSR, then under 200 QSR.

    The only negative thing I can say about Jaaxy is the “Site Rank” feature.  It does accurately show my rankings.  At least from my experience.  

    • Hi Garen,

      Glad to hear you love your Jaaxy as well. I think it is the best keyword research tool hands down. Like you say, simple to use, and it saves so much time.

      I like to use the lower QSR>50 as well and also lower keyword traffic > 150, for newer sites.It is the low competition keyword(the low hanging fruit). So much easier, thanks to Jaaxy!
      It helps ranking so much, you will reach top spots in google on page one. 

      I am not sure about you ranking comment. Do you mean it doesn’t rank accurately? I have noticed some difference, but it seems to only be a few spots difference. I would think that google would be the one changing things. Sometime site ranks fall quickly!

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


  15. Hey Chas,

    Jaaxy is undoubtedly the right tool to use for blog writers who are looking to write posts, SEO them and get onto the front page of SERPs but one of my students is using it for a completely different purpose that I wanted to ask you about.

    I have this student who is a prolific YouTube creator.  She makes videos everyday and has just gone full-time.  She has started using the free version of Jaaxy to target keywords in her YouTube video titles.  Do you reckon it will work?

    Do keywords in the video titles get ranked the same as titles in blog posts?

    I couldn’t answer that question myself when It was asked of me, I hope you can answer it.  Cheers.

    • Hi Remy,

      I love Jaaxy for keyword research, it makes my life simpler. I would certianly use jaaxy for keyword research in your titles, and your video content. I see people putting keywords into the descriptions below the videos as well. Another thing you can do for youtube video keywords, is use the Youtube search suggest feature, and see just what people are searching for!

      Thanks for the great question, and tell her to check out search suggest as well!


  16. Thank you for sharing such a valuable resource for people like me that are looking for extra income online. I personally use Jaaxy because it gives me the best keywords that I should use. The information provided after a search, gives you the idea that you need to use top searchable titles and headlines for your posts/pages.

    I must agree with you! Great tool and I would recommend your visitors to give it a try 🙂

    • Hi Victor,

      You will be more profitable by using a great keyword research tool like Jaaxy. It is simply the best keyword research tool anywhere. It also give the rankings, and how much competition you have for that keyword. 

      You can use it for niche research as well, and determine if a domain name is available for your keyword, in .com,or .org or .net and others. The alphabet search feature is great as well. Can you imagine how long it would take to do this keyword research by hand?

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


  17. I’m a massive fan of jaaxy! I’ve been using this platform to give me state of the art keyword research for my blogs and in the last 6 months of using it properly it has really made my rankings go up considerably. It gives me so much data on keywords across the 3 main search engines so I know what is going to work and what is not. 

    • Hi Darren,

      Everyone who uses it finds it to be an indispensable tool. It save so much time, and really does help SEO rankings. I wouldn’t know where to begin without it.

      It does so much more than just SEO, it helps with domain search, and available .com, .org, net and all the  more popular dot names. It can help with figuring out your competition and tell you the keywords they are using. This would help with the content you produce for your site! 

      Thanks for leaving a comment,


  18. I’ve heard a lot about keyword tools and how many can be pretty costly as well as not very user friendly to newbies.

    However, Jaaxy is something different entirely because it looks like such an aweseom keyword research tool that can benefit users with any level of online marketing experience.

    I love how I can get 30 free searches, and the cost is very reasonable too, compared to the majority of the keyword research platforms on the web. Jaaxy is certainly the best!


    • Hi Neil,

      I can tell you that jaaxy is my main tool for keyword research. It is very easy to use, and saves a lot of time trying to research keywords. You can search keywords manually one at a time, but Jaaxy will give you 20, or 30 or more results in just a few seconds, depending on how often you keyword is used or searched. Newbies have no trouble using jaaxy, and the cost fits into the smallest budget. Thanks for stopping by to comment.


  19. I absolutely love using Jaaxy. This is the must have tool for those looking for the best keywords. I use it just about everyday and it’s been great finding those hidden long-tailed keywords. I love the interface and the endless suggestions that it gives you. You can even use it to check what keywords your website is ranking for from time to time and whether its moved up or down within the SERPs. Such a useful and helpful tool. Must-have for any blogger out there!

    • Hi Pete,

      I agree it is a must have, but not only for the blogger. Jaaxy is the most used tool I have. It can give you the domain names in your niche that are still available, along with the long-tailed keywords, and even offers suggestions for continued searches. It is the go to tool for every article I write, and headline search as well. It is a tireless helper for me. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Pete.


  20. Jaaxy is definitely the best keyword tool I have found. It doesn’t have any useless gimmicks or anything fancy, but it is just really useful and fast.

    I held out for as long as possible before getting Jaaxy, because I just didn’t want to pay the money. The truth is, if people are short on cash, they don’t need Jaaxy. They can do it all manually, it just takes way longer that’s all.

    I upgraded to Jaaxy when I was at that point when I just needed to move things along faster. I need keywords NOW! Then I can get on with the rest of my day’s tasks. I think that’s who will benefit from Jaaxy the most – people who really want to save time on their research.

    How long have you used Jaaxy for?

    • HI Marcus,

      You are absolutely correct in pointing out that people can get keywords without Jaaxy. I did the same thing myself for the same reasons. But, like you I soon had limited time to spend on research, so I invested in Jaaxy Pro. I have used it for almost three months, and find it my go to tool of choice when I am looking for ideas for writing as well as keywords. I found that Jaaxy gives you the keywords used in various phrases, and creates material to write about. It is truly a time saver and idea creator also. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope this helps.


  21. Excellent information about the Jaaxy platform; I think the review you’ve given is dead on. I own the basic version of Jaaxy but didn’t realize how many features the enterprise version of it had. If you don’t mind me asking, what is included in the enterprise version that is useful that is not already in the standard version?

    • Hi Jesse,

      Thank you, I am glad you liked the review. The Enterprise feature is mainly to save you time in your keyword searches. In basic Jaaxy each line of keywords is manually clicked and loads slower, while Jaaxy Enterprise is loading all the searches almost instantly. Jaaxy Enterprise also gives you more data precisely targeted to your keyword search area, that gives you better results. So, the Enterprise is geared to people who own severall websites, or need a lot of domain names for selling. Hope that helps.


  22. Hello Chas,

    A great Jaaxy review you did here. You pointed out the most important aspects and if I wouldn’t already use Jaaxy for sure I would give this powerful keyword research tool a try. Just like you, I use the Pro version of Jaaxy and I am more than happy with it. It helps me reveal those ”money making” keywords that I can then use within my posts.

    Using a good keyword research tool is a must these days if you are looking to rank higher and get free traffic from the search engines. And what makes Jaaxy be at the top of any other keyword research tool out there is that it really shows your true competition for a particular keyword which most keyword research tools out there don’t. This is probably the most important data you need when making keyword research. If the competition is too high, then is very difficult to get ranked.

    I highly recommend Jaaxy for every website owner. You will be amazed of how powerful and fast is Jaaxy compared to other keyword research tools out there. Go and get your FREE trial account now!

    Keep it up with the great work,

    • Hi Cristina,
      Thank you. Jaaxy is an awesome tool for anyone who owns a website or is looking for great keywords.I also use Jaaxy pro for all my keyword research, and agree it is one of my most useful tools. I have seen my articles rank on the first page of google search regularly since I started using it for my research. I have also used the domain name search feature for future domain name ideas and purchases. By far the biggest back for you buck,when it comes to keyword tools.
      Thank You for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  23. chas
    Thanks for this straightforward and to the point review of Jaaxy.
    I really appreciated the walkthrough with the alphabet soup tool and all the extra results produced.

    I have to admit I was introduced to Jaaxy a bit ago and I use it several times a week. It is an indispensable weapon in my arsenal for great Google SERP. To date it has pretty much paid for itself. I have not stepped into the Enterprise level as yet, what would you say is it’s hottest feature to set it apart from the Jaaxy Pro level?

    Just so you know had I not already have purchased Jaaxy; after reading your review I would have been compelled to try it.
    Thanks my best,

    • Hi CannaGary,
      I am glad you liked the jaaxy review. I use the jaaxy tool for every article I write for my blog or review. I feel it has been worth the cost for me also. I use the pro because it does exactly what I need at a reasonable cost. The enterprise upgrade feature that I would consider to be the best would be the time it would save searching for keywords and domain names available. In pro the search is a manual process where I have to click on each keyword search, while the Enterprise would automatically display all the searches.I am glad you like jaaxy, and found my review motivating. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  24. Great information on the importance of choosing and using the best keyword tool available. I’ve been using free options on and off for the last year or so and my results have been pretty dire at best!
    I find the outcomes to be very shifty and diverse at times. The keyword tool you cover here – your number one choice I take it?

    • Hi Chris,

      I used the free keyword tool offered by Wealthy Affiliates and found it was decent, and was using it, until I tried the free searches with jaaxy. It just has so many other features that the pro jaaxy at $19 a month was just a steal at that price. For less than a dollar a day, you can do unlimited searches, check your google ratings on previous articles, even use the brainstorm feature. I just saves me so much time, and is so focused that most of my articles end up on the first or second page of google search now. How much is that worth?Yes, hands down jaaxy is my number one choice.


  25. HI Maarten,

    Thank you. Jaaxy does so much it is hard to explain briefly,without leaving out some great features.Yes, it is very useful for domain name brokers. I find I use the keyword feature most often, but I also enjoy the search ranking feature of your keyword, in Google. I think that if you are using Jaaxy for keyword research, then the Pro version is the biggest bang for the buck. But, if you are doing niche research, and domain name for a living, you need Jaaxy Enterprise. I personally recommend the Pro version. It is the one that I use and has plenty of power and speed for what I do.If you use the Jaaxy Affilliate program and get enough recruits on a steady basis, you won’t need the Pro version. You receive 100 credits for search for every 10 recruits, so you literally could have the free version for an unlimited time.


  26. HI Chas,

    Very thorough review you’ve made here.

    Jaaxy is indeed a top tool to use if you want to get ranked by the platform owning the web, Google!

    I actually never thought it would be useful for domain flipping. Thanks for those insights…

    What’s your favorite feature of Jaaxy? And which version do you recommend? Is it worth it to go pro?



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