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Solutions For Scams and Frauds — 10 Comments

  1. I started getting scammed since I was in middle school!  I always worked to help support myself and my family and would scour classified ads.  Even back then it was hard to weed through the legitimate jobs.  

    Unfortunately, I never learned my lesson until later in life!  I have even been a part of class action suits against some pretty horrible scammers.  

    I love seeing authors like you who are out here protecting the masses from letting this happen to them!  We all need to stick together and fight crime.  Anyone and everyone can be a victim if you don’t know what to look out for!  

    Thank you for not just telling us about the problems of internet crimes but, giving us solutions that can save a lot of heartache, headaches and, empty wallets!

    • Hi Fyre,

      Thank you for your kind words! I can feel the pain you felt because I have been there as well. All the people who have suffered loss, and much more sincere and sympathetic to others who suffer losses.

      Thank you for your praise, I am humbled. I do get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others in the real world who have been through sleepless nights agonizing over being so stupid! But, it is the scammer that is so cunning and clever, that traps us! Very intelligent people have been scammed!

      Thank you Fyre, your comments were truly heartfelt,


  2. Hi Chas,

    It’s great to actually see an article detailing what to do if you have been scammed. I’m sure many people, myself included don’t know how to go about addressing this if they have been a victim of scam. 

    In today’s world, scamming is becoming more and more present since the innovation of the internet and these points really do help in getting the right advice or pointing in the right direction to stop it progressing any further.

    A great read thank you

    • Hi Ronan,

      That is exactly why I started this website. It happened to me and it is very uncomfortable to be in that situation. It would have been nice to have a crutch, so now people have one.

      Yes, it is especially difficult when you spend your life savings, and invest it into something that is a fraud, and now it is gone, what do you do? it is better to avoid scams completely for sure, and nobody goes looking to get trapped by some scammer, but it happens! Solutions for Scams and Frauds give people that much needed hope to getting their money back. It is a sickening feeling to lose money!

      Thanks for your comments, Ronan,


  3. Thanks for providing information on sources to help solve scams and frauds. While  reporting to federal and state officials helps in the long run, it is difficult and costly to pursue scammers at the local level. Not all states have small claims courts. So it would require using an attorney. 

    It is sad to know that scammers target people who are desperate for money and are not as careful in performing their due diligence or research before putting money into money-making opportunities.

    • Hi Glen,

      Every state in the U.S. has an Attorney Generals Office. They are available for no charge, and Consumer fraud protection is one of the duties of the Attorney Generals Office. So, that is why I always tell everyone to contact the AG first, before doing any legal actions, it is free of charge!

      Most counties in the U.S. have small claims court for under $10,000. Pa where I live has district magistrates locally in most cities, where you can get a claim judgement, then you have to seek payment through the county courts. In both cases you can represent yourself in court if you cannot afford an attorney.

      Some scams are very good at tricking people, and not all are desperate for money. some are just looking for a side hack, to pick up a little spending money. Then, they see this offer for $5,000 a day and go check it out!! It is a scam of course! Some are just traps that people know nothing about. That is why I wrote How to Tell it’s a Scam to try to educate people. But, once they are caught in the scam, they feel very stupid!

      Thanks for all your good comments Glen,


  4. I invested $4300.00 I feel like a complete idiot. My fiance was right thinking it was a scam. I didn’t realize until I made several calls to Vibrant Web only to get a recording as though someone was on the line. I left a message as to give me an update and tried to contact Andy Morales. He was the person who sold me on “my own website”. Jessica Slegh is my coach /mentor/ trainer. For some reason, I can’t get in touch with her also. I left several messages, only to get no response. I’m going to take your advice and figure out how to get my money back! Thank you!

    • Hi Angela,
      You can follow my guide What Steps to Take if You Get Scammed and you have a plan to start. It is your money they took, so be determined to do everything you can do and don’t give up! The Attorney General in your state will help you for free, so try them first. File a report with the FBI-IC3 unit as well. They need to get enough complaints about this rip-off company, Vibrant Web. Let me know if you need any more help, I will help any way I can. Good Luck!

  5. I am trying to get my friends $1000.00 I was lead to believe that it was easy to pay him back! He used his credit card to pay for this scam. I also expressed I am a disabled senior with severe health issues including 2 brain injuries and I wanted to get a income so I would be able to support myself with out receiving a low retirement amount and state assistance. I was assured that was easy to accomplish.

    When I signed up, word press wasn’t in use and had I known vibrant Web was switched to word press I would have not pursued with them! My brain injuries just can’t comprehend this.

    At the time of I was approached with up selling and thankful my friend said no. Recently I was contacted by marketing thinking I would receive help to get the website to start making money. NOPE!!! Again they wanted more money and when I told them I did not have any additional funds, I was told I was a unusual case and told someone would call me to get help. I have heard nothing from them. I called and sent emails telling them I wanted a full refund. I am being ignored.

    This is a very stressful situation and not good for health.

    Advise you to stay away!

    • Hi Barbara,
      It is hard to get a website to make money for quite awhile. The website that Vibrant Web builds does not work properly. You can’t deal with these people alone, so please contact the Attorney Generals Office. They don’t give a damn about you, or how little money you have, they will take all they can get from you. They also tell you what you want to hear, but not the truth.All they want is more and more money from you. Yes as soon as you tell them you are fed up and want your money back, they ignore you.You must let the Attorney Generals Office try to first get your money back, then if they can’t you can pursue an attorney.I hope that helps, let me know how you make out. I will give you any advice I can to help in any way.
      Keep in touch,

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