Cinderella Solution Weight Loss [Scam or Legit]

If you are here you are likely trying to find out if Cinderella Solution weight loss is a scam or is it legit? Trying to lose weight is not easy, it’s hard! It becomes more difficult for women as they get older. Cinderella Solution was developed by a woman, specifically for women 30 and older who struggle with weight loss. There are many programs available to help you by watching calories or offering products that help burn calories and make you successful. Most are successful in the short term, but tend to fail for the long term. Why? They are just not practical for a normal diet. People get tired of bland food, and quit.  Then, the weight slowly rebounds. Is Cinderella Solution different? That’s what I want to find out. Is Cinderella Solution weight loss a scam, or a legit product.

Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Review

  • Name    – Cinderella Solution
  • Price     – $37 One time Price + (Optional Audio Books) $19
  • Owners – Carly Donovan
  • Quality –  Good
  • Overall Rank – 8/10
  • Refunds –  60 Day refund
  • Verdict –  Legit 

Is Cinderella Solution a Scam or a Legit Product

The product is geared towards women who are having a difficult time losing weight using other methods. It is extremely helpful for people who don’t like spending hours at the gym or starvation diets that don’t work. This diet program works using a “flavor pairing” method from a Japanese “food education” program called Shoku-iku. With this diet you won’t need to buy any special foods.

 What is Flavor Paring

Now, you can learn what foods to eat in “Flavor Paring” with other foods to supercharge your metabolism and live a healthier lifestyle. Women in Japan are historically 42lbs lighter than American women. Why is that happening?  Because, “Flavor Pairing” foods has some interesting results. It was discovered that certain food paired together helped them feel full longer and lowered their weight because they ate less. In addition, these healthier weight levels created stronger immune systems and fought off disease and obesity. All while consuming twice the carbs as Americans. The difference is the weight loss combinations of the food.

Some examples of “Flavor Paring” are

  • Salmon with Asparagus
  • Ricotta cheese with berries
  • Apples pared with chocolate
  • Fish with garlic

Eating in the combinations above made weight loss easier and reduced the need for strenuous workouts to lose weight.

Compare the Cost of Cinderella Solution to Other Weight-Loss Programs

The cost of this program is low at $37 and has a discount offer that allows you to try it for $27. Now, that is hardly an amount that will break the bank. It is also a weight loss program that is not food deprivation, but a diet geared toward developing healthy eating habits.

Here are three examples of the price of other weight loss programs.

Diet to Go – $121.99 per wk/$487.96 per month – Vegetarian, diabetic and Keto options, meal programs, diet analysis and coaching – refund of most recent shipment with cancellation request.

Nutrisystem – Meal programs from $10.18 to $13.93 a day – ($305-$417 for 30 days) -Offers a 14 day money back guarantee, but after 14 days, you will be charged a $125 cancellation fee! Unopened packages refunded for 30 days, minus shipping.

Jenny Craig – Prepackaged meals $15 a day – $450 – for 30 days – Offers 12 week free trial – But, refunds are food credits only!

Cinderella Solution$37 one time fee and comes with a 60 day full refund guarantee. It is a 28 day plan that can be repeated as often as you like. It is a healthy weight loss program that leads you to a healthier lifestyle.

 Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Digital Set

Cinderella Solution Weight Loss

What is Included in the Cinderella Solution Program

  • Your Complete System – 76 page manual with information on weight loss hormones that affect female metabolism.
  • Quick start guide to get you jump started without having to read the entire program theory.
  • 56 page report on the cause of weight gain in women-the ICE report-and lifestyle changes.
  • Accelerator Movement Sequencing Guide – A 30 page manual of simple low stress exercises.
  • 21 Day Kickstart Nutritional Guide – 98 page manual of foods that help lose weight.

It is a 28 day plan consisting of 2 parts.

  •  Ignite phase 
  •  Launch phase

In the Ignite Phase – you are removing toxins and preparing your body for healthy weight loss. The Ignite phase lets you eats 3 meals a day.

The Launch phase is 4 meals a day. By eating more often, you maintain higher metabolism and keep your body from entering any starvation mode. In many fast weight loss starvation diets, effectiveness is reduced because the body preserves energy by switching it’s metabolism switch into the protective “starvation mode” and slows down the fat burning process.  Eating the right portions of food more often helps trick the body into continuing to burn fat, and keep the “starvation mode” switch turned off.

Accelerator Impact Movement Sequencing

To help influence faster weight loss, the Cinderella Solution method suggests an optional low impact Movement Sequencing method. You won’t need any special gym memberships. All the equipment you will need is a pair of light dumbbells. It is entirely optional. You can lose weight just following the pre-made weight loss plan calendars and delicious recipes and still lose weight.

Accelerator is an additional bonus included to help burn even more fat.

Cinderella Solution Weight Loss

The Accelerator plan was designed for women. Exercise plans with heavy weight lifting workouts are for men. They increase testosterone, and women don’t want that. Low intensity workouts, with light weights prevent that. And, these workouts are optional!  You will lose weight on this program because of the focus on the right food combinations. It actually makes calorie counting unnecessary.

Because the Cinderella Solution weight loss program is targeting women, it specifically addresses the hormones that affect women. These hormones can make it especially difficult for mature women over 30 and even women into their 50’s and 60’s to burn fat and lose weight.

Hormones that influence women’s weight are Insulin, Cortisol, And Estrogen – referenced as ICE hormones. The Cinderella Solution focuses on this ICE hormone dysfunction in some women that actually causes weight gain. This diet is effective in returning hormones to their normal level. Specifically, by targeting the problem areas for women. Hips, Buttocks and Tummy.

Pros and Cons


  • Plan is affordable and lower cost that some other plans.
  • No expensive meals or exercise equipment needed.
  • Available online for quick start.
  • Not just a diet, but also a lifestyle change.


  • It is not a free diet plan.
  • Some prep work required to prepare healthy meals
  • Needs commitment to succeed.


Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program aimed at women over 30. It does not require the purchase of any special meals or exercise equipment. For a one time fee of $37, women can access their online library of materials on their weight loss system. The information give a complete plan, recipes, and the explanation of how and why it works. It is based upon groups of foods that when eaten together have positive effects on feeling full and fat burning. It addresses the cause of metabolism slowing down due to hormones changing as we age.

VerdictLEGIT        Green Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

The information and materials that are included in this weight loss system are worth much more than $37 It is an organized plan anyone can follow. Cinderella Solution is a complete lifestyle change you can do at home, and recipes that don’t require special foods. Women over 30 who struggle with weight loss can benefit from this product. The product is legit and not a scam at all and also backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments below. I answer all my readers.

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My goal is to help everyone I can, by uncovering scams and trying to prevent others from falling for them as I did many times. I have spent several years in the internet space, trying to finds ways to increase my income. The internet is a minefield of scams and get rich schemes. Along the way I found an honest way to increase my income and work for myself. You can too. It is no a scam, it is real training that will teach you to earn a living and start your own business.

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Cinderella Solution


Cinderella Solution



  • Afforable Compared to High Priced Plans
  • No Expensive Equipment Needed
  • A lifestyle Change


  • Not a Free Plan
  • Meal Prep Required
  • Commitment Necessary

6 thoughts on “Cinderella Solution Weight Loss [Scam or Legit]”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to do the research and providing us with a fair review of Cinderella Weight Loss System. I have just started reading reviews of products I may want to try. I should have done that for years because I have been scammed and lost money and valuable time. So, I am appreciative of this. 

    When you say a con of this system is lifestyle change, do you mean it has recipes and such that one could use for a lifetime?? Does it show what food or drinks you should avoid ?? Thank you, I look forward to your response. 


    • Hi Lisa,

      I am glad you have decided to research products before you buy! You can avoid a lot of scams by doing that. Actually by lifestyle change, i mean you will change the way you eat and completely change your diet habits forever! 

      The plan does recommend drinks that help with weight loss like water with lemon to rev up your metabolism. You can’t go wrong with trying the Cinderella Solution Plan. it has a 60 day money back guarantee. Try it!

      Great questions!


  2. Hi, I have been seeing this Cinderella solution popping up everywhere in my news feeds and have just decided to see what it was all about. I was shocked when I saw you comparison 

    It kinda made all the sense to suggest that perhaps the guide would be the best choice. I also found some of those combinations to sound quite tasty and am keen to give them a try just for the curiosity.

    Great Review Chas, appreciate it.


    • Hi Ropata,

      It is a very affordable product compared to other weight loss systems. The guide is included with the plan, along with recipes for food combinations.  The plan is created for women, but I am sure it would help anyone get their weight under control. It is actually about a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for leaving a comment!


  3. I hear the Cinderella solution for weight loss is real and not just some exaggerated lies to make people buy the course. I’m hoping I’ll get this for my wife just to make sure she looses a little bit of it though I’m quite sure she may be lazy to work out a lot. I’m hoping this will work whilst I myself will come tests on gaining more weight by doing what the book says shouldn’t be done to lose weight.

    • Hi Donny,

      One nice thing with the Cinderella Solution weight loss plan, you don’t have to work out a lot. You can lose weight just by following the plan. Your wife will love it! And you will get to find out more about it yourself!



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