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  1. I have read the review carefully and enjoyed the article. I appreciate that it is an honest review about Bob Proctor. I agree with you that Bob proctor is a legit person who has authored many books that have positively affected many people’s lives. He is very insightful, and presents a lot of useful information as a success coach, I am truly inspired after reading the article about Bob Proctor. I will be purchasing his programs for sure.

    Thank you very much for writhing the review.

    • Hi Abdullah,

      I am glad you enjoyed the review. Bob has affected many lives and continues to do that today. Yes, if you get the chance to get to a seminar, do it! You will be glad you did. you could try the six minutes to success for only a buck!

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Hi Chas,

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important article. If I did not read this article I cannot find the details about “Bob Proctor”. I have learned many things about ‘Bob Proctor’ and I believe it will be helpful for all Internet marketing business. I think online marketing is going to be best demand always for online business owner. There is no end to interest online. Especially among the young people, the anxiety is rising. I have joined the Affiliate Marketing first, I was very concerned about Bob Proctor, but after reading your article, I know many thing. Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice and one of the solutions. Thanks again once for awesome post I’m going to bookmark and share with my friends.

    • Hi cpanharun,

      You are welcome. I am glad to share the programs Bob Proctor offers, and believe it is helpful to many people trying to become entrepreneurs.the world is changing, and affiliate marketing is bigger than ever. You are right about Wealthy Affiliates, they are a great place to gain the important marketing skills you need for online business.

      Thanks for the bookmark and your comment.


  3. Wow! Awesome review about Bob Proctor. This 60 days money back guarantee shows how confident they are about the product. I’m glad my random search on how to be successful brought me here. I love the simplicity at which you write your articles, I’m so bookmarking this page. Thanks Chas for this piece

    • Hi Faftop,
      Thank you, glad you liked it. I am always watching for programs that offer a guarantee, for the very reason you describe. And, they allow you to walk away with your money. Thank you for bookmarking the page, and leaving a comment.

  4. Dear Chas,

    Thanks for giving an extensive review on Bob Proctor. I am in the process of establishing my own online business and am looking for inspiration to achieve successful internet marketing business.

    Bob Proctor’s “Think and Grow Rich” approaches should help me to obtain the Law of Success. The thirteen lessons described are interested me. I will try to master them and apply them in my online business.

    The lessons should help me to change my thinking attitude and power my positive thinking for a successful business.



    • Hi Anthony,
      You are welcome and I am glad you enjoyed the review. You absolutely will be able to add Bob Proctors works to your toolbox for success.
      Maybe you will have to refer back to the book more than once to achieve all your goals. But, it should help you to achieve more than you thought possible in your wildest dreams.Good luck in your online business, Anthony.Thanks for leaving such a good comment!

  5. Hi Chas 

    Your review was in depth, honest and  covered everything very well.

    Let me up front by saying that I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, and I don’t believe Bob Proctor or his products are a scam but I can understand why people might think so, and I definitely do think that they are far too expensive.

    There is one line in your post that I believe says it all – “The progress of the individual is largely determined by the “Ruling Mental State” If the attitude is positive in tone, the predominant state will exhibit a highly productive individual”

    Obviously no course, book or other person can guarantee that someone else is going to be able to change their mental state sufficiently enough to see the fruits of the law of attraction bloom in their lives. This is where the problem lies. people do these courses, think that they are doing everything exactly as they should and don’t get results, so they think it’s a scam. 

    I think there is value in learning about all of this, but there’s plenty of inexpensive and even free material available that may be all you need. However, if you’ve got the money, and don’t mind taking the risk of not achieving what you hope then I think products like this might be useful. 


    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed the review. The Law of Attraction is one of Bob’s basic concepts, and likely the one I was a bit skeptical about. Now, the Ruling Mental State, I can totally agree with. I think that people believe this is just going to fall into their lap. That is not going to happen. I could see people not getting results, because it is not an easy task to change your life and work constantly on something nobody else thinks you can do. If someone needs something to really motivate them everyday, or every week, then they will like the program. Thanks for leaving such an excellent comment!

  6. This is an interesting and motivational post,  I always love to hear the story’s of great men who came out of nothing to an important figure in the society, most of his products  I’ve read are inspiring and dares you to be better in all areas of life. If there is one thing I have gotten from this amazing Bob Proctor, is the ability to focus and interact with success.  Thanks for this amazing post. Loved it.

  7. This is  a great article. You did so well to have put down something like this into writing and reading this in early hours of the day is inspiring and boosts energy to keep chasing my dreams very well. Ofcouse I I totally agree to the fact that we become what we think most of the time. When we think great you become great as you act great.

    • Hi Kenechi,
      Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the article.Good for you, you read this inspiring information in early morning hours, the best time to read it. I think we all work better when we are inspired to change our lives for the better.Bob Proctors teachings help us to understand how we can do great things! Thanks for the comment,

  8. Chas – what an awesome review and write up about Bob Proctor and his work. I have to be a honest, I am a HUGE fan of Bob Proctor, his teachings and his work. I have learned a lot from him. I have also read Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think & Grow Rich”. The first time, I had to put it down because it was a bit too “thick reading” for me. I did last year finally forced myself to finish reading it. There is a lot of great stuff in there and many of the principles I have started applying to my life. However, I would recommend Bob Proctor’s book, “You Were Born Rich”. It takes many of the same principles, but applies them Bob Proctor’s style. I find his style very enjoyable. I have learned so much by this book and its more of “easy reading” for me. Some of the principles, you have to read over again to fully grasp, but really great stuff. 

    I’ve also been wanting to check out the Six Mins to Success Program – do you have a review for this product? 

    Thanks again for such a great and informative review. 🙂

  9. The Bob Proctor program does not sound like a scam. The owner is known and his face is everywhere. A lot of people may be skeptical about his lectures and approach but this doesn’t make the program a scam. Think and grow Rich is the first book I ever bought for self development. Needless to say, I was a teenager and quickly discarded the book because I thought it methods were unrealistic. Today I have a better understanding and I read the book all the time. Would love to register for Bob Proctor lessons but it’s way too expensive for me now. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Louis,
      That is true, Bob Proctor has been around for some time.I was skeptical as well, and changed my mind.”think and Grow Rich” is a book full of great information.After I read it just recently,I was amazed at what is really was about.It helped me a lot.I hope someday we can both go to a matrixx. Thanks for leaving a comment,

  10. Hello,

     Thanks for taking time to explain the review of Bob Proctor to know if it is a scam or legit. I’m going to mosey on over to your blog and take a look under the hood. I’m sure it will be as good as this post. This is exactly what I like about articles like this one. It brings awareness of stuff I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Thank you. 

  11. Interesting ideas.  This sort of reminds me of that book the Secret a few years ago.  Basically, as I understand it, is that you can will something into being.  I’m not sure I buy it, especially at these prices. But I do somewhat believe in the power of being positive.  I’m not sure if that will make you rich though.  Nevertheless, it is an interesting discussion.

    • Hi Nate,
      I have seen the secret advertised, but have not read it.There was a movie as well, I did not see it either.But, I did read the book “Think and Grow Rich”. It is not exactly think something into being that Bob Proctor is selling. He is saying that you connect with others around the world through your thoughts, similar to the energy force of the universe. Then, you attract everything you want into your life. He does however say you have to put in the work to get it. You can’t just lay back on the sofa and it will fall into your lap. So, if you have a positive mind set, you can accomplish much more than you ever thought possible. I hope that helps, thanks for leaving a comment.

  12. Think and grow rich is one of my all time favorite, I also like Rich dad Poor dad, Who moved my Cheese and the Richest man in Babylon. I do agree that in order for us to accomplish something, we need to have the right mindset and start from that we can do anything. In my opinion, that goes for many things in life, losing weight, making money etc. I also enjoy listening to Anthony Robbins, he always put me in the right mindset and get me going toward my goal. I have never heard of Proctor Gallagher before, will give it a try. I will try out all your suggested list first. Thank you for this wonderful review.

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      If you enjoyed the book Think and Grow Rich, you will enjoy Bob Proctors teachings. They are based upon that book.I have listened to Tony Robbins as well, and he does know how to motivate us. I hope you enjoy reading the books

      Thanks for the great comment!


  13. Thanks Chas for this well detailed write up. If ever anyone is in doubt about the genuineness of Bob Proctor, such a mindset will vanish after going through this your write up. Think and Grow rich is a powerful book that has the ability of changing one’s mindset as far as getting rich is concerned. I and some of my friends have read this great book and also Rich Dad, Poor Dad. There is power in positive thinking. I love that quote ‘We become what we think about‘ It is interesting to see Bob Proctor referring to Think and Grow Rich as his bible, it shows that Bob is legit as you rightly said. It is a good decision you took by becoming an affiliate of Bob Proctor. I will definitely checkout his programs.

    • Hi Gracen,

      Thank you for your great comment! You have read some good books and know about the lessons taught in Think and Grow Rich. I was a believer after reading the book, but no everyone believes it. The power of the mind is a force that can be harnessed. You will do well checking out what he has to say.


  14. Bob Proctor sounds like he has some really good lessons. I agree in general with the idea that if you aim high you can get high. My parents always taught us growing up that the higher we aim the more we’ll get. It’s like opening up the possibility of getting more.

    His approach to things sounds good but as you say, some of his courses are ridiculously expensive. But, no harm in checking it out!

    • Hi Hollie,

      Glad you liked what Bob Proctor has to say. You can also read his book Think and Grow rich for a resonable price and learn his ideas. They are exactly what your parents were trying to explain to you. Yes, I agree some are way to costly! Thanks for leaving a comment!


  15. I have never heard of Bob Proctor myself but am a true believer in business and personal coaching for self improvement.  I was hoping that as I read your post you would find him to not be a scam as, although I admit his content didn’t jump out and grab me, I can definitely see how he could for others – I don’t tend to resonate too much with spritiual learning bases.

    Cost would not be too much of a factor however if I was interested in him.  Tony Robbins charges thousands and I would love to go and see him.  I read a large post the other day from someone who called him a scam so I think it is definitely a case of what works for you and he is someone who resonates with me – as does Brooke Castillo.  

    Who is it that your would go and see? Even if it required a large investment?


    • Hi Paul,

      I can relate to what you are saying, i was skeptical as well. If you have ever taken college courses, you will be exposed to psychology, and you will deal with the philosophy of the great thinkers. It deals with the mind.

      They all could be considered scamming you, but then so could all the universities on the planet. They take thousands, and teach you! Bob Proctor is also a teacher. I am not familiar with Brooke Castillo. 

      I think I would like to go to a Matrixx and see what Bob has to say. 

      Thanks for your comment!


  16. To be honest, I had heard of Bob Proctor before but didn’t really know what it was he was teaching until I read this review. Years ago I had read Think and Grow Rich, and I remember having several enlightening moments. There really is a lot of good thought provoking information in that book. The “magic” in the words is that it makes you take action. That’s a powerful book that can make you act on something upon reading it. It may be time that I read it again!

    • Hi Cris,

      You definitely should take the time to read that book again! Like you said it is a powerful book. It will help you focus on your tasks as you reach for success. Thanks for the comments!


  17. Great post and good info.

    This seems to be one of the only courses that will help you in the marketing world, as you know there are lots of scams, but I like this. 

    It isn’t cheap I have to say. 

    But quality had its price, right? 

    One question, what does this have more than the platform I have now, Wealthy Affiliate? 

    Thanks for sharing! 

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Thank you for your kind words. This is a course that has some affordable options. Six Minutes to Success can be purchased for $1 for a two week trial, and the Proctor/Gallagher.com  website has a ton of free content. The lectures do have a download option now that some are available for $147, so not too bad!

      This would be additional training to help focus you on your goals you hope to obtain as a Wealthy Affiliate member. You would learn to accomplish more than you ever thought you could! 

      Thanks for such great questions, if you have any others, i would be glad to help!


  18. I remember seeing Bob proctor for the first time when I watched the Secrets, I remember having a feeling of joy coming over me because I desperately wanted to believe in all they were saying not just Bob Proctor. I bought the book,Think and Grow Rich; I was a skeptical person, I always have been, but when the evidence is there and you have it in front of you there is little you can say. I lived by some of the principles that he teaches, I am not a skeptical anymore. On the contrary I am a great fan of anything that he teaches, I just wish I had the money and go to one of his seminars….not yet, but I am working on it as we speak and I will go soon. Thank you for your great and honest review

    • Hi Barbara,

      I have never seen the Secrets, but I have seen the book. I sorta felt skeptical as well, like you, as I watched some of Bob’s video’s. However, it seemed to me that some very important people have embraced this information. so, like you I read Think and Grow Rich and also found valuable information contained in that book! I became a fan as well.

      I could not yet afford the Matrixx, but will someday. Thanks for leaving a comment, and I am glad you found the review helpful!


  19. Hey,

    I’ve been a pretty big skeptic my whole life in regards to making money with the entrepreneur route. Ive been deceived by many shallow companies and products that simply don’t fulfill their promises. It’s unfortunate but these scams are all over. I’m happy you’ve taken it upon yourself to expose these scams and siphon out the legit organizations. I personally love bob proctor and I think his teachings are legit. I don’t think I would ever pay that much to attend a seminar, but I get a lot out of his free talks.



    • Hi Michael,

      I am also one who is skeptical as well. I was burned with scammers as well. but, as I researched Bob Proctor, I started to see some value in his teachings. We take college courses that are nothing but exercises for our brains, and we pay a lot of money for them. Are they scams? We end up with nothing but a piece of paper that tells us we passed or failed the course.. They are very valuable towards our degree, but they are nothing we can physically touch. Bob Proctor is a teacher, and is a good salesman as well. 

      Did you know that you can have a digital download of his seminars now? that may be something that may interest you. Thank you for your comments! if you have any questions, I will be glad to help you.


  20. This was a very interesting topic without a doubt. I’ve never been one to take interest in these kind of topics. I can’t say that I’ll try the products but the books do strike my interest. I do have a question about the paragraph where you mentioned that he went from making 4,000 to 175,000 in one year. Was that 4K a month and then the 175,000 was a year? Overall my opinion about the topic is you made it pretty clear that it is a legit product being sold and that Bob Proctor is not a scammer. 

    • Hi Hannah,

      Well it is very similar to a psychology course in college. He was broke and only making $4,000 a year and went to $175,000 the next year. Yes Bob has a product that has value, he is not taking your money for nothing. Thanks for leaving a comment.


  21. Oh yes, it’s all about the mindset, and I own the book Think and Grow Rich, but it has been many, many years since I’ve even looked at it.  It probably has a lot of dust on it, but reading your article, it has made me realize that now, in this season of my life, and with my new online venture, I need to dust that book off and take another look. Thanks for the reminder.  I signed up for Bob’s free ebook.  Can’t wait to read it.

    • Hi Babsie,

      You know what I am talking about then. Yes, dust it off and read it again! Great, you will gain some insight from the ebook. I have been given a kick in the pants!! Thanks for reading!


  22. This is a really informative post about Bob Proctor. I honestly had never heard of him so reading this was quite eye-opening and it is good to know that he is legit and not a snake oil salesman. He seems like a true America success story and someone worth emulating. Thanks for the education!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words. Bob Proctor has been around awhile, and wrote many books.I was skeptical at first, but now I truly think this is as legitimate as any psychology class taught in any college. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


  23. I’m quite skeptical about this kind of training, usually. But I admit that your review is very clear and helps to understand better which kind of training it is. I think that these are matters that have to be well explained to people. Most of all because usually people that look for this kind of training are persons in need searching for ways to improve their condition and very sensitive for “easy solutions” to change their lives. Reviews as this one can help to understand better if this is a training good or not depending on the needs of each.

    • Hi Miche,

      I was skeptical as well, but after reading Think and Grow Rich, I am convinced otherwise. This is teaching a psychological thinking process change, and it has worked for people like Thomas Edison. Worth thinking about. Thanks for your comment.


  24. Thank you for enlightening us about Bob proctor, I once came across that name some two years ago and I realised he has authored some life inspiring books. I like that wonderful quote from Napoleon Hill that says we become what we think in our mind.how can I get a copy of the “Think and grow rich book? 

    • Hi Clement,

      You are welcome. Bob Proctor has authored many books and got his inspiration from Napoleon Hill. You can just click on one of the book images in the article Is Bob Proctor A Scam and it will take you right to Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


  25. In going through this site, I have found your research, and ratings, to be completely correct, open, and honest! 

    Personally, I think you will help a number of people here. You’ve given, thought provoking facts, and truths. (I hope anyone looking at doing Online Training, of any kind, refers to your site first)! 

    As I am a fan of Bob Proctor, I was happy to find that you found him to be Legit! I have been unable to take any of his courses, or programs (to date), but I am planning on it! (You helped with the choice… Thank You)!


    • Hi Shaunna,

      Thank you! It is hard work sometimes, but I enjoy helping others and try hard to to be fair and as honest as possible. I am glad I got you thinking! If you are thinking about trying one of the courses, the Six Minutes to Success is only a buck for a 2 week trial. maybe that will help? Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment!


  26. Good day,

    Thank you for always providing us the great legitimate online businesses out their, this one one Bob Proctor is really detailed and explanatory. You’ve done a great job putting this post together,  you deserve some accolade. And I must say that I really love the one on law of attraction.

    thanks for this honest review. Have a nice day

    • Hi Salim,

      Thanks for the kind words! Bob Proctor has been around awhile, and has written many books and does lectures all the time. I like the Law of Attraction as well. Glad you liked the review.

      Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment, Salim


  27. I’m not so consistent in reading. I’m not a consistent book reader but I’ve learnt that consistent reading helps and builds a lot of knowledge in a man. I’ve decided to begin reading some books like the think and grow rich that Bob Proctor calls his bible. I hope to be consistent soon. 

    • Hi Dhayours,

      They say the wealthy never quit reading and learning everyday, even when they have millions. Reading is the cheapest way we all learn. Good luck on your reading.You will enjoy reading Think and Grow Rich. Thanks for stopping by!


  28. I will lay my hand on that book “think and grow Rich” although I’m not disputing the fact that it is legit but I believe reading that book will educate me. This is a thorough review because you have answered any question that is likely to arise. It is quite expensive but that’s nothing if it worth the money. Thanks for this enlightenment.

    • Hi Lok,

      It is a great read and you will be glad you read it. I have to read it a few more times, because their is so much information in there, you can’t absorb it all. The Six Minutes to Success program is ony one dollar to check it out for 2 weeks! So, it is one of the lower priced programs. Glad you enjoyed the review!


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