How To Tell It’s A Scam

How do you tell it’s a scam? Consider this, is it a reputable source or a likely scam? People using robots, telemarketers, infomercials or bulk emails, likely are not going to be reputable companies.That is why the internet is getting such a bad rap.So many scams have found their way onto the internet, it has become necessary to check each company out.You must ask the right questions, that’s how to tell it’s a scam. Here are some ways to avoid scams, and also, how to tell it’s a scam

How To Tell It’s A Scam – Ask Questions 

Good companies tell you who they are, you don’t need to guess. If General Motors needs a graphic designer, they say just that. General Motors needs a graphic designer, for the latest venture at their division.

If you see “Graphic designer needed at a well known company, then you need to question the company a bit further, because it is a likely scam.

Picture of Old Man Looking Down, Holding His Head In His Hands Resembling Someone Who Has Been Scammed And Lost Money

Good companies don’t use salesmen, or telemarketers to tell you who they are.

They don’t spam you with a bunch of emails telling you they have a job opening.

They don’t have to because it is just not going to attract professional people.

How Do They Get Paid

Ask questions like how the company get’s paid. Pay attention to the answers you get, and keep this in mind.

A good quality company pays for its products, and pays their employees. Scammers just try to move money around, and unfortunately they scam you and put your money into their pockets. They are getting money from you, not paying you. Always keep that in mind.

Research The Company Making the Offer

Red Scam In Text On A blank Check With Money In Background

A plan that sounds like a get rich scheme is likely just that, and it’s likely going to be your money that makes them richer and makes you poorer.

Look for another source of income or revenue.

  • Do they have products they sell?
  • Do they advertise for products or are they only looking for distributors of their product.

Companies who only look for more people and have no real revenue from products are likely scams.

Read All The Ads Carefully

When the ads are showing fancy cars, and million dollar mansions as ways to get you to believe you will be able to afford this lifestyle from the income you will receive, something is wrong with that picture.

Reputable companies will tell you what they expect from you.

People In Disguise Holding Sign Don't Worry We're From The Internet - Symbolizing People Who Scam Others

Whether you work as an employee or as an independent contractor.

If you see long lists of testimonials from people and disclaimers listed as not typical” or “results may vary then you should be wary that more than likely something isn’t right.

When you hear promises of making money fast and with just a few hours of your time, be very skeptical. If it really was that easy why would they be selling it to you then? It is likely a scam.

Do They Want Money From You

When you work for a legitimate company, they do not ask you for money. They pay you! They supply you with the training, materials and a lot of the time, also the tools you need to work for them. If they want money from you, beware!

If you are going to work for someone who is legitimate, you will likely need to have a health check-up to see if you are in good enough physical condition to handle the demands of the job.They will possibly provide some type of benefits, including heath care, and paid leave.

Are Any Real Skills Required

If you don’t need a good resume’ listing all you skills, education and training, prior jobs, and work history, then chances are it is not a reputable company.

Scams only require that you send them money, period. Real companies don’t want people who cannot create value for their companies. If you don’t need any skills, why do they need you then? This is likely a scam.

 Complaints Are How To Tell It’s A Scam

A good place to start would be the Attorney Generals Office, the Better Business Bureau,or even the FBI’s Internet I-3 division, and see if any complaints have been filed on this company.


Internet Crime Complaint Center-ic3-logo - Information For Reporting Scams


It never hurts to check, but they may still be crooked, and are careful enough to be doing it legally, or not had any complaints filed against them yet.

You may get lucky and find that they are under investigation, and save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Jobs That Require Little Or No Skills

Person in hancuffs, text reads scams and frauds.

If you find that the company requires little or no skills, then ask yourself, Why do they need meif very little or no skill is required?”

This could be some type of sting operation, where some illegal activity is taking place.

You may not be responsible for anything legally, but it is a possibility. If you were to be investigated, you would have to prove you are innocent, and pay lawyers to get you out of the mess.Do you really want that hassle?

 Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Scams are becoming more and more frequent, and getting more complex and sophisticated each day.

The Attorney Generals Office and the Internet I-3 division see more and more cases each year.

And not just ordinary people, intelligent people who are just to trusting are becoming victims also. Whenever possible ask questions, check up on people, and try to be the skeptic before you invest your money.

For more help, try these links.


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6 thoughts on “How To Tell It’s A Scam”

  1. Scams are all around us, and will likely increase during the Christmas season when people need more money, become more desperate, and are willing to believe anything.

    It is easy to become deceived when your powers of analysis and skepticism are dulled by desperation.

    And many people have a basic trusting personality – and these are the ones who can easily be duped into doing stupid things when coupled with desperation.

    Think of the elderly who are cheated out of their life savings because they believed an unscrupulous telephone marketer.  I have had people call my house to try to sell a scam who became indignant when I would not fall for their scheme.  They start calling you names, threaten to sue, and try to make you feel guilty.

    These are the worst people alive, and they are everywhere.

    Thankfully there is a site like this which will help you to “fight for your money back.”  Thank you also for having a list of legitimate companies who are in the business of helping people to help themselves – thereby helping the company.  

    It is also a beautiful site with lots of good styling and features.  Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Hi Dave,

      The scams always increase around the Holidays. The Pickpockets, and Gift thieves come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Of course we have Holiday Scams Circulating Online every year as well!

      Those phone solicitors are the worst, calling on our cell phones now, burning up minutes of people on limited minutes. I am on the Do Not Call list, but I still get an occasional call.

      Most sites will report scams, but few tell you what you can do to get your money back! My Checklist along with the detailed article What Steps to Take if You Get Scammed will help people get organized when they need to fight for their money back.

      Thanks for the kind words for my site, I think it needs tons of work!!

      Thanks for the great comments Dave,


  2. This is such a worthwhile article that can save people thousands in lost monies do to scams, well done. Just the links you provided for the federal trade commission and especially the internet crime complaint center ( which I bookmarked by the way thank you) is so valuable. When I first started online yrs ago I wasted hundreds on such scams ..never again because of articles like yours I am much more educated thank you for informing the public of these scammers.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for such kind words! I sure hope that people do benefit from my misfortune, and school of hard knocks wisdom! I wanted people to know exactly where to go to to report these scammers! It does make a difference, The latest scam Matt Lloyd’s Mobe Scam Shutdown by the FTC shows that reporting these scams to the FTC eventually pays off!

      If you print out the Checklist, you will have all those numbers and you can keep them close to your home phone.

      I am intending to remain vigilant against all these scammers and will continue to report them as long as I can.

      Thank you for your great comments Cathy,


  3. With so many scams and frauds out there it is really difficult to tell sometimes if a company is legit or not. Your comprehensive checklist makes it a lot easier to decipher the scam from the real thing. I love that you have given us some real concrete ways to distinguish the  scam companies. It really is a bummer that these people prey on those of us who don’t have the money in the first place, but they make it sound like such a good “dream come true” kind of opportunity. 

    I thank you for your checklist! I wish I had seen it years ago when I was getting taken by one scam after another! Now I will be smarter and wiser.

    • Hi Karin,

      There is an old Pennsylvania Dutch Saying “We grow too soon oldt and too late Shmart! The scammers are getting so sophisticated that more intelligent people are falling for the scams. So, it just gets harder and harder for us to tell what is a scam and what isn’t. Some are not so obvious! 

      Thanks for the kind words! I am glad that you find the Checklist useful. The article ” How to Tell it’s a Scam” will help arm you with the knowledge to help sort out the scams. 

      Yes, everyone wants the easy money! But, it is just not real. You might as well look for the “Pot of Gold” at the end of the Rainbow, it ain’t happening!

      I hope you never have to use any of the information because you have avoided all the scam out there! But, remember to pass it on to anyone who has not been so lucky!

      Thanks for your great comments Karin,



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