Prime Corporate Services Review – Are They The Best Service?

When I first heard the name Prime Corporate Services, I had no Idea who they were. I was asked to do this review by a reader who explained what they did. The description of their services sounded like they were overcharging people for their services. I will let you decide as you read my Prime Corporate Services Review.

  • Name: Prime Corporate Services, LLC
  • Website:
  • Owner: Mr. Steven M Harward since 09/26/2012
  • Price: Varies $499 to $15,000
  • Overall Rank ––  4/10 – Poor
  • Verdict- Legit -High Cost – RED FLAG

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What Is Prime Corporate Services?

Prime Corporate Services Claim to offer a complete service to help you set up your business. This is done by offering 3 types of services. These are offering Tax Preparation, creating your Business Entity Setup, and enabling you to obtain Corporate Credit. 

PCS professionals create your business to maximize profits and minimize taxes. They are claiming to do a better job with better planning for you. But, in reality they are over charging for most services. Hiring a reputable tax accountant would be a much cheaper option.

Prime Corporate Services Offered

Who is Prime Corporate Services Aimed At?

This service is aimed at anyone with a new business who might need guidance about their business. A person unfamiliar with a new business, who needs to determine what kind of a business entity suits their needs and help in creating a tax plan.

Any one of these items can be done with a little research at the local library.I have seen several companies offer these type of services, and much more including lifetime support for a few hundred dollars.This is important to the small business person with a limited budget.

So after reading the description of services PCS offers, I am not sure I truly see the real advantages to their services. If you want tax services, they are available much cheaper than the costs that were listed in complaints against Prime Corporate Services.

These costs would be extremely difficult for any new start-up business. That is the most challenging time for any business, and they may not be making profits for years. People can’t afford to have their line of credit or charge cards maxed out right up front. That is exactly what Prime Corporate Services does.

Prime Corporation Services Logo

Tax Services Offered by Prime Corporate Services

Here is a chart on the tax services offered by PCS

Prime Corporate Tax Services

Tax Accounting Professionals Are Cheaper

You are getting “access” to an eTax advisory line and certified public accountants. Ok, That is fine, but almost any tax professional will offer the same services.

Most tax advisers will speak to you on the phone as well, once you become a client. Normally, unless it is some lengthy discussion, which would take place in the office, they will call as a professional courtesy.

PCS is trying to make it seem normal to charge consultation fees for every phone call. Why? This is a customer courtesy for my tax accountant. I can call, ask a question and get advice in a 10 minute call, without additional charges.

What They Claim To Offer For Tax Help

  • Tools- Tax center website and video library.
  • Consult professionals on financial and tax decisions.
  • Partner with business advisers on setting up your business property.
  • Reduce your chances of audit and lower taxes.
  • Complete one tax return.
  • Give advice in case of an audit.

Once again these are all services your tax adviser or accountant normally gives you anyway. And most of it is “promises of advice”, and not much substance, except for the website and one tax return. They are not offering to go with you on any audit, only advice if you get audited. Any tax accountant will provide advice on what to do in an audit. I have spoke to mine when I get my taxes done.

I have been audited, and here it what I recommend if it happens to you. It is my opinion only and not legal advice. You should consult a reputable tax accountant before any IRS audit.

Don’t Argue With the IRS!

You take a chance when you argue with the IRS. They do have a lot of power. The can order an audit for the next couple years! But, that is a separate article for another time. While they may be intimidating, you can politely disagree if you have the facts to prove it.

Prime Corporate Services have charged people $3,000 for their tax consulting work. Complaints have charged that this consulting and training amounted to a phone call once a week! 

People have asked for refunds claiming that the calls contained information not even related to any tax or training information. They have a valid point. Nobody want to discuss matters unrelated or unhelpful, and be billed later.

Most accountants I have dealt with allow me to call throughout the year for a short tax advice call. They basically do not charge for the call, as a courtesy. Most, maybe not all tax advisers do this, simply because it is good for business. In the event you have a more complicated issue, then you will likely be asked to make an appointment. It is just common sense.

Do You Need All This Tax Help?

Probably not. You need a tax adviser, however, the person who does your personal taxes is likely qualified to do your business taxes as well. A business may also require you to set things up differently, but you can do all this yourself online for a fraction of the cost PCS is charging.

  • Your tax adviser may be cheaper.
  • Any qualified accountant could do this also
  • Services are available to do this yourself online.

Can Prime Corporate Services Help With Credit Ratings?

Prime Corporate Services Claim to offer a complete service to help you set up your business. This is done by offering 3 types of services. These are offering Tax Preparation, creating your Business Entity Setup, and enabling you to obtain Corporate Credit.

PCS professionals create your business to maximize profits and minimize taxes. They are claiming to do a better job with better planning for you. But, in reality they are over charging for most services. Hiring a reputable tax accountant would be a much cheaper option.

Corporate Credit Services Offered By Corporate Services

A listing of the credit services offered by PCS

The Services That Prime Corporate Services Offers

  • One on one coaching
  • 12 months of training
  • Ways to jump start your business credit
  • How to apply for credit
  • Online educational resources
  • Funding options and much more

Is Prime Corporate Services Worth $3000

As much as they offer, is that list of services worth $3000?  Most noteworthy is this seems to be a one year deal only. First of all would be the actual details of the training. As much as it is hyped, the complaints tend to indicate, it is not what it seems to be. Furthermore, after looking into the details of these complaints, not everyone is getting good training and advice. There is a huge difference between quality advice and just plain hype.

A major complaint seems to be, some people did not get any real help. They claim they have video’s on tax help, but you don’t need to study corporate taxes when you are a small business. If it is a small business like a website, it does not need to immediately become a corporation. The help they offer in that case is beyond what would be needed.

What Tools and Training Do They Offer?

  • Video library and tax center website
  • 1 year of training
  • Coaching one on one
  • Credit training and tax help
  • Funding help
  • Professional Instruction

Methods Of Contacting Support

  • Support: By Phone: (855) 577-4639
  • Email:
  • Website and video education resources

What Is The Cost Of Prime Corporate Services?

  • Price: Varies $499 to $15,000+

Pros and Cons


  • Professionals for tax rules and regulations.
  • Highly trained people in specific needs.
  • Help to establish credit lines.


  • High Cost of services are an immediate burden for businesses
  • Tax rules may not be that complicated, or need such services
  • Forms are not hard and only a few are actually required.
  • Credit is established by purchasing and repayment.
  • Complaints show unethical tactics


Did PCS Deliver As Promised?

According to the complaints filed, they haven’t delivered on those promises listed in their ads. They create a lot of hype, and tell people that they need their help to do this. But, some people report they actually don’t get the help promised. They get a phone call, but the information they receive is not helpful.

The positive reviews seem to avoid mentioning the costs. Also, the responses from the company, are clearly written to avoid the issues and spin the blame on the customers. A few requests for refunds were flatly denied. Why would any company not want to keep it’s customers happy?

The complaints against this company are quite extraordinary and have gone on for a few years. Some can been found listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Prime Corporation Services Complaints At The Better Business Bureau

The BBB lists 19 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 8 closed in last 12 months

Here is a complaint from 2016 asking for an investigation of the company:

The complaint stated PCS charged $15,000 for balance transfers and tax advice. PCS also made the claim the return of the investment would only take about 3 months. Three months is clearly a hyped claim for a 100% return on any investment! If you are thinking that is likely untrue you are right. It never happened.

The complaint states: “all the client received was phone calls once a week” and he stated “the advice given was worthless”. The victim felt the “idea they sold” was not honest and was being used to scam people out of thousands of dollars. A refund was demanded.

Are PCS Charges Excessive?

Prime Corporate Services charged $2950 to develop a credit score and $2890 for a Tax Plan. They offered to drop the Tax Plan charge, but refused to refund the money spent on creating a Credit Score, claiming that work was already done! What work did they do “creating a Credit Score?”

I would say that is quite expensive for that “work”,  $3000 to develop a Credit Score, and another $3000 to do taxes? It would be highly unlikely that a tax bill for a new business would cost that much!

In reality, the only way to create a Credit Score, is the old fashioned way. You are lent a certain amount of money, and you make regular and timely payments and pay it back. Over time you develop a Credit Score.

The Rip-Off Report Complaints Against PCS

In October of 2014, the Rip-off Report received a complaint against Prime Corporate Services.

PCS told the victim he needed to invest his money into his company and would get his money back in one month. This is another highly unrealistic return on anyone’s money in  any business.

Prime Corporate Services charged a fee of $1250 for this client to able to join their high return company . PCS sold this pipe dream of riches, and a full payment of $2000 was demanded for “free technical advice later”. The additional charges were financed at an interest rate of 32% per year. Why would there be a charge for free advice later?? Almost sounds like a payday loan deal!

Most of all, after a fast talking sales pitch given by PCS, the client would also need an eForm to complete the transaction. This is the same tactic that the frauds and scammers use! Get the signature on the form right away before the office closes! Less than questionable for any company.

Want A Refund? – PCS Does Not Give Refunds

First of all, the client was given a three day cancellation clause. After some thought, he decided to contact his financial adviser. Most noteworthy is that after he spoke to the adviser, he was told to get a refund. However, when he tried to get the refund, the salesperson got very angry and aggressive. As a result, he stated “no refunds”.

And in addition, they still encouraged the client to continue training! What happened to the three days to cancel? They even went so far as to tell the man he would have to sell something on eBay for $1000! Really, what legitimate company would suggest such a thing. Also, I find it highly unlikely that this person is making false statements on something like that!

The Rip-Off Report received a complaint in 2015 for deceptive business practices on services not rendered. These types of complaints tell me that they are an aggressive sell company, similar to up-sells on the internet.

Final VerdictLegit But Too Many Red FlagsThumbs Down Image for Not Recommended

Most notably this company had 8 complaints in the last 12 months alone. 

Therefore, something is causing customers to file this complaints and points to a need for improvement. Any company that uses the high pressure/quick sale routine should raise the red flag immediately!

A better way to handle this is most likely with your own personal tax consultant, or one that is highly recommended. You can also set up your own LLC legally and with a lot less expense and hassle.

You can learn more about Scams and Frauds Here.

Prime Corporate Services, LLC

  • Name: Prime Corporate Services, LLC –
  • Website:
  • Owner: Mr. Steven M Harward since 09/26/2012
  • Price: Varies $499 to $15,000+
  • Overall Rank ––  4/10 – Poor
  • Verdict- Legit but High Cost/ Hyped Product/ Not Recommended

I believe there are much better alternatives. Try you local tax accounting services.

Thanks for reading my review and if you wish to leave any stories you may have or experience with companies I review, please leave the comments below.

Some Business Tips

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Prime Corporate Services

$500 - $10,000+

Prime Corporate Services



  • Have Tax Pros
  • Highly Trained People
  • Help Establish Credit


  • High Costs
  • Tax Pros Not Always Needed
  • Unethical Tactics

39 thoughts on “Prime Corporate Services Review – Are They The Best Service?”

  1. As promised I am reposting after my attempt to get my refund… NO problem WHATSOEVER! Ali was absolutely wonderful to work with, no problems at all refund is on its way, should have it tomorrow at the latest. Ya’ll really freaked me out, for absolutely no reason!! I even had the owner call me this morning making sure that everything went smoothly. Very polite, very very kind no questions easy to do.

    • Hi Jessie,
      I am glad things went smooth for you. They have not been so nice in the past. Nice to have a polite refund.
      Thanks for letting us know, it’s good to hear somebody got their money back!

  2. Wellllll shoot! Wish me luck! Our high pressure sales call was Saturday, (yesterday) I will be calling first thing in the am to cancel ?… tomorrow (being Monday) would technically be the first business day of our contract. I thought about emailing first, but after reading this I don’t want to give them a heads up and get ignored until it’s to late. I feel I will call and follow up with an email…. I will post with an outcome!!

    • Hi Jessie,
      Great to hear, you just saved yourself a real hassle! They have made lots of money by charging people too much!
      Thanks for letting me know, and stop back soon!

  3. I recently started a business and was recommended to get a consultation LLC setup with this company. While the LLC was reasonably priced, the rep sold me the Corporate Credit Program which he claimed will help build business credit. I was silly and didn’t do my own research so I went for it because he made it sound like it was a MUST and that my business need it as a beginner. It was $1900. That was a lot of money out of my pocket. In my team group, a few other people recently mentioned that they were upsold several programs with them that are over $2,000 each. That was when the red flag came up to me and I was told that this program wasn’t necessary from the start. While the company isn’t a scam (IMO) their pushy sales tactics drove newbies like me to think that these extra costs were necessary for success and safety. I re-read the contract and remembered that the cancellation period was only 3 days so the window closed and now I’m out $1900. I’m so disappointed in myself for not researching or asking questions about it. Upon purchasing, I had doubts but I just thought “this is the process of starting a business”, but my doubt was true after all!

    • I’m actually so embarrassed that I fell for this that I can’t even tell anyone I lost $1900. I purchased this 10 days ago. If I speak to my credit card company about this, would they be able to help or do I have to file a complaint to my Attorney General Office first? Such a disastrous situation!

    • Hi Janet,
      Prime Corporate Services overcharges for what they do. Unfortunately, everyone falls for the sales pitch before they research it themselves! Nonetheless, they got your money.
      You can call your credit card company and see if they will let you dispute the charge. I will tell you, it is hit or miss getting satisfaction from them, but give it a try. You never know. Tell them you were overcharged and you think you were scammed, because you know that forming an LLC costs a few hundred dollars with any accountant. In Fact, you can do it yourself for free…read my article How to create an LLC Online

      The first thing I would try is to tell Prime Services that you want your money back. Let them know you were overcharged, and you have learned you can get a business registered as an LLC much cheaper that what they charged you. Ask who the manager is and just keep telling him you want your money back.Get the managers name, and explain that you are filing a complaint with the Attorney General Office. Say “Will you be handling the complaint?” and ask what his email and phone number is…Say”so that the AG office can contact you”. They will say, no refunds…blah blah..but, You may get them to return you money, by writing a few emails demanding your money back a few times. I would try that first, and talk to your Credit card company as well.

      Then, after a few days or a week or so, file a complaint with the AG. The AG office will ask(when they contact you) if you tried to get them to refund your money, and you can tell them yes. If you haven’t, they will want you to try that first before they do anything anyway. Use my Checklist and get all your records together to file a complaint. You have to get yourself determined to get your money back, and you won’t take no for answer, period!

      Most times, this will work. As a last resort, contact an attorney and see what he will charge to send a letter and threaten a lawsuit.They may send a letter for $50… It is just a scare tactic because, for $1900 it would cost a lot more to actually sue them. And remember, you cannot contact an attorney before you try the AG Office! They won’t touch it if a lawyer is involved. you have to use them(AG) first!
      That’s about it…Good Luck…and if you need help with anything just ask, i will help any way I can. Let me know how you make out!


    Prime Corporate Services is a SCAM! The use high pressure phone sales tactics and pursue people at home answering the phone that would like to earn more money with a simple side business. They sell people on the idea that they will teach them how to operate their own online business. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Much like other “legal scams”, they use a familiar and reputable sounding name “Prime Corp Services” and talk about online sales like Amazon”. This is a fast talking way to confuse and mislead people by using a reputable company name.

    They are a phone sales scam promising a quick return on your investment. They have nothing to do with the return on your investment. They make it seem like they are helping guide you down the road to success with your business. The pressure people to sign and return the agreement so you can start making money. This does not leave anyone time nor do they encourage anyone to read the agreement they are being pressured to sign stating what Prime Corp Services really provides. They do not help you with your new business. All they are doing is simply setting up an LLC and supposedly offering tax advice. What they are telling you and what they are selling you are actually two entirely different things. It’s sad to see fraud being perpetrated legally. Prime Corp Services is a SCAM with a target audience…the elderly!

    #1. Anyone opening a business needs to know how to set up their own LLC. It is a simple online process in most states.

    #2. Only you can build your credit! There are no tricks and this is not magic. Pay your bills on time!

    #3. CPA services simply do not cost this much.

    This company is a rip off and I do not understand why they are allowed to operate. They prey upon people seeking “the American dream”. It is sad that so many people are being exploited by SCAM ARTISTS! It does not make sense that the FTC does nothing to stop it!

    Like most elder abuse, people are embarrassed and do not report being taken advantage of because they are ashamed for being so foolish. The elder abuse laws do not do anything to protect the elderly.

    Prime Corp Services slithers through the bad reviews based on the paperwork people signed that does not reflect the conversation the sales represenatative had during the sales pitch. It’s a shame that BBB reviews by people are closed b/c of the paperwork signed. This just perpetuates the lack of reports against Prime Corp Services. The closer BBB reports discourages others from reporting their experience to the BBB and the scam continues. It is more foolish to allow it to continue to happen to other people than to report SCAM! If Prime Corp Services was investigated, the fraud would be exposed!

    • Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for your very informative comment. These scam artists continue to thrive when people don’t complain enough. File a complaint with the FTC and let them know what happened. You may get some help from the Attorney Generals Office, follow my checklist and file a complaint to get your money back. Here is my checklist
      Prime Corporate Services are after one thing getting the most money they can from you!
      They use every trick in the book, so people like you must file a report the FTC.
      I also do have an article on setting up your own LLC How to createan LLC Online
      The BBB is not much help because they will back up the company much more than the consumer being scammed. I have an article on them as well. BBB Complaint Business Is Alive and Well
      So, I think you might do better trying the Attorney Generals office first, and see if they can help you.tell them you were scammed.
      I will help you with anything you might need, just ask.
      Thank you , it is comments like this that help people who read my articles.

    • I’m their victim too!
      I enrolled in a Children’s Book Formula program and got phone calls from Prime Corporate Service.

      They told me they’re on behalf of Jay Boyer Children’s Book Formula (which I enrolled in) and told me to setup LLC and business credit lines and got all of my information about credit cards, ssn, everything…

      And then they sent me the agreement to sign.

      After their calls, I had some suspicion and checked with the people from the Children’s Book Formula and they told me I don’t need to setup LLC now because I don’t have any books to sell yet.

      So I immediately sent Prime Corporation Service emails to cancel the service but they still charged me totally $2,335.

      Right now it’s been 6 days from the day they charged me money, I couldn’t get it back.

      What should I do now?

      Thank you
      Thu Tran

      • Hi Thu Tran,
        I am sorry to hear you are also a victim. I can tell you that I have personally had success using the Attorney Generals office, so try to follow the steps on my checklist, they work! I would suggest you call Prime Corporate Services again, and tell them you want your money back, that you have been scammed! They gave you incorrect information about needing an LLC. You don’t need that until you start making money.And It doesn’t cost that much to create a LLC, your accountant can set it up for a few hundred dollars! And you can also set one up yourself online for free, or very little cost. Read my article How To Create An LLC Online.

        They will likely deny you, but do it anyway, the Attorney Generals Office will ask if you did that. Also, ask questions like What is your business Address, and who is going to handle the complaint you are filing with the Attorney General and FTC…Sometimes that works(just worked for me for $5000) and they think about it for a few days and come around. It’s your money..FIGHT TO GET IT BACK! They don’t want the pubilicy of dealing with the problems from the Attorney Generals Office and FTC.

        But, in the meantime, get all your records together, and get serious about fighting for it!….if you paid by credit card, you can file a complaint with them as well and ask them to remove the charge, you were scammed. And like I said follow my checklist, and file a complaint. You must contact the Attorney General(it is free) before you contact an attorney, otherwise they won’t help you. If you have any questions, contact me I will help you any way I can.
        All the best!

  5. Chas,
    Thanks for your work on this article. My wife and I spoke to them last week and they tried to pressure us into paying almost $4000. They were going to file an LLC for our new company and also put us on their so called credit building program. I told them no and that we need to think about it. I have spent the last week digging and researching and found that we can have the LLC done at a fraction of the cost (even if we contracted another company like legal zoom or something). As for their credit program, It sounded too good to be true so that raised a red flag immediately. THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS SO SUCCESS.
    I read something someone said “if someone knew where to find a pile of gold, they would be busily digging not selling overpriced shovels. That pretty much sums these companies up.
    Finally, no offence meant but since you are affiliated with Wealthy Affiliates, I wonder if you had any words for someone who had a reservation about you promoting their services at the detriment of another. I am going to need to convince my better half to try Wealthy Affilates but I figure, naturally she I will be asked about conflict of interest. Thanks again. I appreciate your time.

    • Hi Cobby,
      Sorry I took so long getting back to you, I am working on a new store I hope to make profitable, and this worldwide pandemic is making it hard find products because everyone is staying home.
      I am glad I could help you by encouraging you to do your own research on Prime Services Corporation, and compare prices!

      I am not sure what you mean by promoting Wealthy Affiliate at the detriment of others. I try to alert people of real scams and ripoffs, like Prime Corporate Services. I will not write a review about anyone that is not based upon my honest opinion. I don’t put others down to promote Wealthy Affiliates, I don’t have to. Read my article on MOBE
      MOBE was taking tens of thousands of dollars from people, and Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliates, called them a bad outfit years ago! They called WA a scam…MOBE got shut down by the FTC..THEY were a Total Scam!
      Wealthy Affiliate is still here. Why? Because they are not a scam.

      Wealthy Affiliate costs a few bucks compared to others. They are not charging thousands of dollars to show you how to set up a business at the lowest cost possible. I am in their affiliate program and I promote them because they are real, legitimate, and honest. Most of the programs you see for making fast money are rip-offs. They sell you one upsell after another costing your thousands more. The yearly fee at WA for $359 a yr = $29 a month! That is all you spend for a complete training program and library of business help. You get advice from thousands of people who are successful, and get to ask them their advice. They have weekly video trainings on how to improve your website, or choose a niche. You can try it for free for 7 days, or pay $19 to try it for 30 more days? Who else let’s you see their entire program for $20? And you will quickly see that the enormous information vault of videos alone, is hard to get through all that information in a month! It is by far the biggest bang for the buck anywhere on the planet!
      I hope that helps, and look forward to helping you in the future!

  6. My husband and I had a consultation with Tristan from Prime Corporate Services this morning. It was a very high pressure sales call and when we asked if there was something or somewhere, where we could read about what all the program entailed that he was selling us, he said that unfortunately he didn’t anything he could provide to us until after we purchased it. That was an immediate red flag, and we weren’t “sold” on the program he was trying to sell us and we told him that we wanted to think it over and talk about it with each other. Tristan immediately dropped the price from around $3,900 to $1,950 if we would sign up with Prime Corporate Services right then and there. We asked if there was a refund window for cancellation and he said he would give us a 3 business day window to decide if it was right for us. So we decided to move forward and purchase the program knowing that we had 3 days to cancel if we didn’t think it was a good fit for us. After making the purchase, my husband and I discussed whether we should keep it or not, and ultimately decided that we would go ahead and cancel the program. My husband sent an email asking to cancel and receive a refund. He asked me to call to make sure it got cancelled. I spoke with Nick Buhelos with Prime Corporate Services and was appalled at the way I was treated. For 20 minutes he rudely lectured and belittled me for making the choice to cancel. I told him several times that my husband asked me to call and cancel and that he had sent and email canceling as well. Nick just wouldn’t stop berating me. I was literally shaking and it was taking all the self-control I had to remain calm and polite. I asked Nick several times if the purchase agreement we had signed had been canceled and he finally told me that it was canceled “when we sent the email to cancel it. I asked for written confirmation of the cancelled agreement to be emailed to us and he flippantly said “what agreement?” I told him that it was the purchase agreement and again asked if it had been canceled and if I could receive confirmation of it and when I would receive a refund. He then told me I didn’t have any authority to cancel it, as my name wasn’t anywhere in their system. I told him that my name was on the purchase agreement (it was my credit card and billing info used to make the purchase!) Nick again argued with me and said they didn’t have me listed anywhere and that they would need to talk to my husband. He then began again to lecture me on the mistake of canceling and pulled out all the scare tactics. I asked him what else my husband needed to do to make the cancellation, as he had already sent and email requesting cancellation. Nick “hemmed and hawed” and said that there was paper work we’d have to sign and proper procedures we’d have to go through. I told him to send us the paper work and after he was rude some more, he agreed to send over the paperwork and we hung up. We received the paperwork via email and signed and returned and have received notification that the refund was issued. I looked up reviews about Prime Corporate Services and found this page as well as the ones on the BBB. There are quote a few bad reviews. And apparently I’m not the only one who has been treated so badly by Nick.

    • Hi Alyssa,
      Wow, what a story! I am so glad you posted this! I have actually received emails from Prime Corporate Services to consider taking the post down! But, the reason it is on my site is because of people like you taking the time to contact me and alert me of these terrible companies operating under a guise of good businesses! They were telling me that these are just isolated instances, but I am able to find recent reports on this outfit with no problem at all!
      I am thrilled that you took the time to do some research and make the right choice to cancel! They are totally price gouging people! And I now have another report to back up my post! Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for this. I am researching this Company bc I fell victim to something very similar 2 yrs ago. Back then, I was promised less and charged more. It was to establish a business line if credit, then was told to write myself a check for $15K out of 1 if the CCs that had zero balance. I’m still paying for it, the $15K and their $6K fee. I didn’t hear from that company after I paid.

    • Hi Camilie,
      I am glad my information has helped you. I can tell you that a line of credit, is normally established by a bank or other financial institution. It is nothing more than a revolving loan you have to pay back with interest. If it was a credit card then you are likely paying a high percentage rate. You may do much better getting a loan at a bank, and paying that off. I have a real problem with Prime Corporate Services and their outrageous fees! They are ripping people off!

      You should call them and complain, tell them you want a refund! They cheated you! After that you can file a police report and tell them you got scammed by this company! And file a report with your states Attorney General’s Office. Use my checklist and follow through on the steps. You may at least get some if not all your money back. If you need more help, let me know, I will be glad to help.

  8. Reading this topic i realized how helpful is the company for the new start ups (new business who might need guidance about their own business). It is really good to have these kind of facilities (companies who handle this problems) to solve the tax payment issues, or related fields. As every service, also this one has its own fees. However, at least it is good to read such articles, also for increasing the knowledge on tax payments.

    • Hi Leo,

      Well as good as they make it seem, the problem is that they give you lousy service. And the real kicker is they are charging you an arm and a leg for their service. Some of my readers were fleeced by this company. They told them the would do the work required to incorporate their business, but just charged enormous fees and did the foot dragging routine for more and more money. If you are looking for real help, stay away from these guys.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment,


  9. Hey Chas,

    What a great review! So very beneficial for anyone looking into starting an online business. There are so many companies out there claiming that they can help you, and charging insane amounts of money. I really like how you listed all of what PCS offers to it’s clients, and then fails to deliver.

    As well, having the comparison of WA alongside the PCS training, it is a no-brainer, and a great eye opener! 

    Thanks for a great article!

    • Thank you, Brenda. Yes, many times companies take advantage of the fact that people are naive, and don’t know where to get good advice. In this case, this company is referred by another company, and the money train continues for both companies. I hope this review helps to stop the the disaster before it gets too far out of hand.

      I used Wealthy Affiliates to show how it matches up. There is no comparison, WA is the clear better choice. I just hope people realize it before they get involved with PCS.

      Thank you for the kind words, and also for taking the time to comment.


  10. The unfortunate part is companies like this hunt for the desperate and poor.  There are so many red flags when reading about this company.  Some bad opportunities at least put up a front that looks good.  I see you are affiiated with Wealthy Affiliate.  I was wondering how that is going for you as I may be interested.

    • Hi Dale,

      Well in my opinion it is like a band of thieves sticking together, and recommending each other. People started  somewhere else and ended up being referred to this company. You get stuck in a poor company, and even before you figure out the first company stinks, the second one is stealing money also! Avoid this company.

      If you want to start a business, I recommend Wealthy Affiliates“>Wealthy Affiliates. They are the real deal. If you are considering joining. I would highly recommend it. Not, just because I am an affiliate, but because they are the real deal. You will learn how to create your business the right way, and not have to scam others.

      Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to leave a comment,


  11. Hi! This is good information to know! 

    I have personally never heard of this company but I’ve always valued face-to-face consultation when it comes to business taxes and other government required documents. I have never dealt with an audit (knock on wood) but my mother has in her small business. And what she told me sounded incredibly unpleasant. 

    I usually start my business idea by going into a place like SCORE. There are all sorts of non-profit groups like them that can give some advice on what type of entity to make your business, business plans, and other related things. And it’s completely free!

    Is this company targeting small businesses specifically? That seems an incredibly high price to pay for tax advice and corporate credit consultation. Maybe they are banking on people’s inexperience at the starting stages of building a business?

    Thanks for the info! This post has been very helpful!

    • Hi Tina,

      Glad you liked the review. The problem with PCS is people are expecting that professional opinion, and work, but it is not happening. They are simply operating as a scheme to get you on the money train. They should be avoided.

      I had never heard of SCORE and I am sure others have not as well. I will look into them and if they are what you say, I will definitely recommend that to my readers, thank you! Free is always a plus!

      This company is linked to other companies that are operating with questionable character. One particularly bad seed I wrote about is a company called Vibrant Web. Read my review “Vibrant Web Investigation” and I will let you be the judge. Vibrant Web is recommending these scoundrels to clients they took advantage of as well. It is like a double whammy scam on people who think they are working with good people.

      Yes it is an outrageous price, for poor quality work or none at all! They need to be avoided. 

      Thanks for your kind words and your very thoughtful comment, it is appreciated!


  12. It’s so sad that there are company’s out there like this.  If you really want to make money, do it honestly..  Hey like Wealthy Affiliate!!  🙂

    There are so many scams out there. I hear new horror stories, pretty much every week. I’m not calling PCS a scam, but they’re not upfront and honest.  Thank you for the heads up regarding PCS   Hopefully it’ll help those that are seriously considering PCS.  And hope they give Wealthy Affiliate a go.  They are totally legit!!  Trying it for free for 7 days, with the 10 lessons free, you can see how legit they are.

    I’m lucky, I’ve been able to avoid these sorts of companies.  I research they heck out of everything.  Especially if they’re wanting my money.  Have you fallen prey to any of these sorts of companies?  I sure hope not.

    Again, thanks for taking the time and giving us all a heads up.  We can be more informed when making decisions,


    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for reading my review. PCS is a dishonest company for sure. They provide financial services at very high cost with little value for their products. In some cases they are not doing much at all.The point is that there are better options out there, like using your own tax accountant instead of these guys.

      I have not been caught by financial companies, but fell for some free trials that were not free at all. One bad one was the story I wrote about “The Smart Pill Scam”. I was snookered on that one!

      Wealthy Affiliates is the real deal, and people looking to start a business, would avoid all the other scams out there just by trying them first.

      It comes down to how educated you are on scams you run into. If you are a novice, you just don’t know they are a scam. I hope people do research and find our reviews first, but unfortunately, they ask for help after they got stung.

      Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to leave a comment, 


  13. Thanks guys the information, actually I’m one of you guys who is a victim of this company claiming that they are legitimate, before we join this kind of business l asked a lot of questions to see if they aren’t a scam and they said no, we’re not.our company is legitimate and has an excellent rating that’s what they are saying in order to convince us.They are so nicey,nicey to us the first time, there’s a lady named NATASHA SHAFAPAY,she said she’s the director of their corporate,and she helped us to open a line of credit at Chase bank and discover. The first payment they from those credit card, $1,660 for the LLC and the other one is for paydex to open a line of credit. There’s a guy named Nick is the one in charge for all the documents and he is saying the expenses is 100 percent tax deductible,and you guys don’t have to worry for all the expenses,he told us,and then the next day, somebody called us again, saying that we need to have and hire somebody to do our tax,and he charged us with the amount of $ 1890.00 this is one time payment only he said they have the promo that’s why cheaper to us,he told us.There’s a lot of charges to us,$ 9, set up a webpage of the business that’s what we’re told, right now we’re under training about the business and the Trainor named BEN SMITH,and if l questions to him about this business he don’t answer me,he said he’s only the Trainor and don’t know all the answers. They keep saying that if we questions call us,and if call, nobody answered our call,they never return call even we leave a message to their phone. They waited until we get mad it’s frustrating.They deceived us they lied to us. Who ever read this please help us what’s the best thing to do,we want our money back.we can’t afford to pay all this credit card,My
    husband is disabledd what he makes isn’t enough to pay the mortgage. I’m overwhelmed right now. I need the help right now. Thanks.

    • Hi Juanita,
      It is stories like yours, that break my heart. Click here to get my checklist and contact the attorney generals office. Then wait to hear from them. I know how devastating it is to be scammed, so try to stay calm.
      Tell the AG office what happened,you were scammed and that you want your money back.You have to talk to them first before you contact an attorney. let me know if you have any questions,I will help you any way I can.

  14. Everything that I have read about Prime Corporate Services in these complaints has just happened to me recently and I am furious about the whole thing!I am going to file a complaint on this company and try to get my money back.It is all true what I have read up on them and I feel for everyone out there that has bee scammed and had their hard earned money taken from them.Let`s all work together and report all these scammers to the authorities!

    • Hi Frankie,
      Sorry to hear you lost money to these guys. Were you involved with Vibrant Web also? They use those guys(Prime Corporate Services) a lot! Anyway, you can use my checklist to get you started, and by all means report them to everyone you can. I have a decent list of people to contact on that list! Keep me updated and contact me if you have any questions, i will help you anyway I can, just ask! Now, when you file those online reports, you likely won’t hear anything from them. BUT, it is important you file them! The FBI keeps a database on these crooks.After they get enough reports on somebody, they will pursue an investigation. So, you are helping everyone by filing all the reports you can! Frankie, good luck…and try not to beat yourself up over it, I know exactly how it feels! These guys are good at what they do! I got a lot of satisfaction filing reports, and I did get my money back!

  15. So THANKFUL we did not fall for this scam Prime Corporate pushes. The man belittled us and tried to use scare tactics on us as he tried to weasel $4610 out of us. He became very rude and agitated as we kept refusing-actually using the word “asinine” at one point.I will be quickly losing his contact information-Nick Buhelos-385-557-5105.

    • Hi Kimberly,
      It is awesome you were not fooled, good for you!! It feels good to hear sometimes we get off the hook, and leave those scumbags holding an empty bag!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and let me know!! Great news!

  16. My friend who is 79 Years old is also a victim of this solicited company. She was told she would be lots of money on the at home online marketing and she needed to set up a LLC. They would do this for her for $1,660.00. Tried calling the company and explained to Anna that she is 79 years old and did not know what she was getting into on a fixed income. Asked her if the company can make the senior whole again by giving her money back, because now that she is 50K+ in debt with other affiliated companies, I was giving them the opportunity to correct this issue. She would not stating that they did what she asked for. Advised her that I will be filing a FTC complaint as well as contacting the Attorney General in their state. Still waiting for the managers Steven Harward call!

    • Hi Connie,
      It is heartbreaking to hear what these companies will do. They have no moral boundaries.I hope you have contacted the Attorney General already,that is a great start. It is worthwhile to mention her age as well, because this is a crime against the elderly as well. These companies are relentless with the up-sells. Be persistent and don’t give in to anything they try to offer other than giving her money back! You should have a clear case here. Don’t hesitate to ask for any help, I will do anything I can.

  17. I mistakenly got mixed up with Prime Corporation back in 2015 and I was told all the same things that were written in the post. I was asked to put a lot of fees on my credit cards. I was told I had a lifetime access to this business school that no longer exist. They had me paying for a LLC that I didn’t need and didn’t tell me that it was $800 a year to file with IRS. When I found out this fraud from this company, I cancelled them and all of their side companies as well. Unfortunately, I am still left with paying off credit cards of their misleading and fraudent business tactics. This company needs to be run out of business and be made to pay back everyone they have scammed. People beware.

    • Hi Alberto,
      I am sorry to hear stories like this, please report them to the Attorney Generals Office in your state.They may help you get some money back.Also file a report with the FBI IC3 unit, they will help to get them out of business.

      I first heard about Prime Corporation from a victim of Vibrant Web. It seems they were being referred by Vibrant Web.I think it is totally despicable for one bad company to refer another bad outfit. Thank you for sharing your story!It may help somebody avoid them.

    • Hi Meila,
      Thanks for the heads up! After I examined the company, I realized quickly they were not a good company to get involved with.Would you like to share your story?First hand stories are the best warning and help for others.


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