Coolhandle Investigation

 Welcome to my Coolhandle Investigation review. I am going to take look into the company called Coolhandle. They are a webhosting company and have been in business since 2001. Over the years they have improved their service in some ways and lagged behind in others. Let me tell you what I found in my Coolhandle Investigation review.

  • Name – Coolhandle Webhosting
  • Website –
  • Price- Intro-$4 then $6/ Business $1 then $10/Expert $8 then $16
  • Owners – IT pros since 2001
  • Quality – some costly plans
  • Overall Rank – 3/10
  • Verdict –  Not the best available

Coolhandle Investigation

 Coolhandle Investigation Overview
  Coolhandle Investigation uncovered a few unethical practices used by this company. They have been around since 2001 and has brought about some bad Coolhandle reviews. Their reputation was not the best for staying online

In recent years they have improved their uptime significantly.

Their pricing plans are best suited for the high end user. They have a pretty good bang for the buck for high traffic websites.But the plans for individuals and smaller budgets can be better.

Coolhandle Investigation Uncovers Support Issues

  The biggest Coolhandle support issues appear to be getting help and refunds. They do offer email support, however, contact by email, is not a quick way to get help. Coolhandle support is very poor in delivering actual support.They offer phone support, but limited hours when people are available. If you help with something immediately, you don’t want limited support hours.  

  They are not much different than other web hosting sites out there. What sets Coolhandle apart from the crowd is that they offer a low initial charge. Then, after the trial period, they charge more than other hosting sites.

  Over the years they have improved their service and have fewer complaints. But, they still rely on email support.

Unfortunately for Coolhandle, they are not the only web hosting site around. There are cheaper web hosting services around that also offer better support.

The Deceptive Coolhandle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Coolhandle Investigation and logo from website

  Coolhandle was  the first time I ever heard of a 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE with TERMS OF SERVICE that read….NO REFUNDS!

I thought that was extremely odd? I think getting your money back if you are not satisfied is automatically included in a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

If I am not satisfied, I should certainly have the option to request my money back.

To exclude that option should exclude the right to use the term 100% in their guarantee.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Update

They now offer a trial period for their service of 15 days, and state a 30 day money back guarantee.

But, If you can’t get a response from the support, how do you get a refund? I had the same problem with a website builder.You can read my article Vibrant Web Investigation and get all the details.

 Coolhandle had promoted 5 FREE websites as a bonus offer, included with Success with Anthony, But, were they actually totally free? Not Quite!

Coolhandle Free Websites – Require a 2 Year “Hosting Fee”


 The 5 free websites actually required a 2yr hosting fee of $262 paid upfront. Coolhandle claims that it was simply giving the actual website file to you. But, in order to get the website file, you were required to pay the 2yr hosting fee first, with “NO REFUNDS”. You are basically required to host with them for 2 years!

  If you have no idea about websites, then you don’t really understand what a hosting service is and why you need one. You need a hosting service to allow your website to have access to the web. You can’t get online without it. Kind of like needing a cable service to access your favorite programs.

Coolhandle Costs More

Coolhandle also takes advantage of that by charging you more than other sites. You don’t know anything about hosting rates, so how would you know?

  • They start with a teaser rate of  $3.95 Special Offers
  • The rate increases to $20.95 and up
  • Domain name are offered free, but non-refundable
  • A website builder is included at no cost
  • Site setup is included with hosting, but the cost is non refundable.

If you are not satisfied with your plan within 30 days, your hosting is refunded, but NOT you domain name or any setup or additional services.

 This is simply an underhanded way to capture business. I would not recommend them. There are loads of hosting sites around. I suggest you compare and review what others offer, before settling with Coolhandle.

Coolhandle Investigation Learns – Free Websites Are WorthlessCoolhandle Investigation uncovers the scams

  The sites that were offered by coolhandle were cheap and very low quality. The sites are plain, simple and outdated.

Consequently, they were not worth much at all for starting a website business.

Your website is your portal to your business. If people can’t easily find your site or navigate easily through your site, it is basically worthless. They need to look nice, and have a professional feel.

 These free websites were such poor quality sites, even ClickBank will not accept them. And honestly, it is a known fact that ClickBank is one of the most liberal, and least restrictive companies in the business .


  • 3 different hosting plans
  • Offer a 30 day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • Tutorials and support documentationCoolhandle Investigations-internet crooks
  • Free privacy on domain names forever
  • One free domain name


  • Expensive compared to other hosting services
  • No refunds on 100% guarantee eliminated
  • Mailing address hard to find
  • No access to owners
  • Use unethical advertising gimmicks
  • 24/7 support is by email only

  CoolHandle Investigation Reveals – Web Hosting is Not for Newbie Marketers

  If you have no prior knowledge of websites or marketing online, you should not be hosting a website. You need help to do that and someone to show you the right way to make money online. When you are starting a new business it is most important to have all the help you can get at the best possible price.

 Knowing that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck is crucial to your success. Coolhandle was focused on getting your money into their pockets, and not giving it back.

You Need A Road Map

Without a road map, trying to experience success on a website is going to be a nearly impossible and frustrating experience.

I have found a great place to learn the best ways to become successful, and it won’t cost you a dime to go for a test drive. Try it out, if you don’t like it, you can walk away and use any program you feel is better to use.

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Coolhandle Investigation – Final Word

  My Coolhandle Investigation review revealed that they are offering some lower initial rates in their hosting rates. It is a widely used sales gimmick to offer a teaser rate then charge full price later. Generally, they have some of the highest rates in the industry, and try to get you signed up and committed for 2yr and 3yr deals.

  It appears they also need to focus more on customer satisfaction to improve their retention rate. In addition, more focus on improvement of advertising things more accurately. Today people have more options than ever for a choice of web hosting.

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Verdict -Not the best option – Rank– 3/10

If you have experience with Coolhandle, then give me your thoughts below. As always any questions or comments will be answered promptly.


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4 thoughts on “Coolhandle Investigation”

    • HI Mason,
      Coolhandle says they will give a 30 day refund for hosting. But, many people have had little success with them. If it has been less than 30 days, don’t let them tell you anything any different. They are difficult! You can see the complaints on their own website. if you don’t get a refund, contact your attorney Generals office, they may help you out.Good luck!

  1. I ordered the web hosting on 03/06/2018. On 03/17/2018, I cancelled my order. I am due a refund of $574.65. To this day, I have not received a dime from this cancellation.

    • Hi Rhonda,
      Sorry to hear that Coolhandle is still giving people a hard time getting their money back. Here is a plan of action for you.
      First, call them again and ask if they are going to refund your money? I had to call them several times, but I did receive a refund!
      If they won’t give you a refund, ask why they post a 30 day moneyback guarantee for hosting! However, be aware that their refund is only for hosting!
      They will not refund domain registration, setup fees, and additional services you have purchased. It’s kind of a lousy guarantee, but you are entitled the hosting fees.
      If you don’t get any satisfaction after you call them, you can contact the attorney generals office and they will help you.
      Click here for my checklist to help you >> Checklist < <<
      Most businesses will refund the money after they find out the attorney generals office is involved. You may want to go that route if they only refund hosting, and not all your money. But if the amount is small, like under $50, it just may not be worth the hassle.That is up to you. Hope that helps, and good luck! let me know how it turns out!


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