What Is Googlix – Is It Legit Or Another Scam

What Is Googlix? Googlix is a software program developed by Branson Tay that exploits a 1.9 trillion dollar loophole in the Google search engine.

This loophole allows you to make $39 dollars every time you use Google search.

If you are here now you are looking for more information on Googlix. Well, you have come to the right place.

Most sites that have reviews on this product are affiliates that are selling the product.

I am not selling this product, so I am not getting any commission.

I am simply trying to give my honest opinion of a product that makes some outrageous claims. Let’s take a look inside.

  • Name    –  Googlix
  • Website – https://googlixapp.com/
  • Price     –  $19 plus 7 Upsells
  • Owners – Branson Tay
  • Quality – Recycled Product
  • Overall Rank – 2/10
  • Refunds – No Guarantee For Tech Problems Only, No Refunds
  • Verdict –  Not Recommended

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Googlix Overview

Googlix is a lot of hype about a product that is supposed to be so easy a 10 year can do it. I don’t know of any product that would be that easy in affiliate marketing.

No matter what you do in affiliate marketing, you will have a lot of hard, time consuming work to become successful. I don’t really believe this program is going to be that easy.

So, this program is marketed as a simple search that pays you $39. Well, that is not quite true. In fact, it is much more involved than that! Again this is sales hype!

You are going to use the Googlix search engine to find email addresses. Plus, you will create several landing pages for the sales pitch of products you are going to promote.

And guess who is going to spend hours creating the sales copy of each product? You are!

Then, you send out emails to people you collect in your list, and sell them products from the landing pages. Well, that is spamming people, and it is not allowed.

It is a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act passed back in 2003. You can’t just send people promotions of products in the mail. That is illegal.

So, Brandon’s product model Googlix is teaching you a very bad business method. You won’t last long trying this method.

People have to opt into your email list before you can send them any product offers.

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What Is Googlix

Googlix is a product that was launched and promoted by Warrior Forum, There are plenty of wonderful reviews of this product from all the affiliates promoting the product, just do a Google search.

That is not intended to be some kind of pun, it is true. Ironically, this product resembles another product from Branson Tay. GooglyPay was released by Branson just a few months prior to this product.

Branson Tay has released several other products as well. Login-N’-Cashin, Read4money, Type For Cash, BrowseNBank, Permalink, Mailerlink, Loophole Link, Viral Link, Deep Link are all Branson Tay’s products.

I think it is clear that he is creating and promoting products to make money. But, if you search these products you will soon find out, they are mostly junk. I really don’t think that this product will be much better.

As you look at the sales page for Googlix, you can clearly see it is a lot of hype.

It’s saying that it’s possible to get paid every time we use Google. And It has exposed a 1.9 trillion dollar “Google Loophole” that pays $39 over and over again, for simply searching on Google.

Well, that’s quite a stretch because a heck of lot more work is involved in this system, than just searching!

What Is Googlix Sales Page Image

What Is Included With Googlix?

The heart of the Googlix system is the search engine inside the product that you simply search with a keyword and it will generate email addresses for you to send your emails.

It also includes some templates for your landing pages that you have to build to promote your products. so, if you have to build landing pages, that alone is more than just searching Google.

And building landing pages that get people to actually buy your product is a skill that can take years to learn how to do properly.

In fact quite a few copywriters make a very good living writing copy that sells. Here is the sales copy that Branson displays making his product look like it’s a piece of cake, but it is not.

The Software Inside The Googlix Product:

  • The internal search engine, Googlix System.
  • The Breakthrough “PaidSearch” technology.

Additional Software:

  • Your step by step video training.
  • And World Class Support Team.

What Is Googlix Youtube Video

Here is a video review of Googlix by Ken Furukawa Marketing explaining how the Googlix software works. And Ken also describes the similarities to another Branson Tay product, GooglyPay.

This is just a recycled product from Brandon Tay. The original product GooglyPay was a poor product to begin with.

What is Googlix Upsells

The original offer is Googlix for $19 /w $2 off coupon for $17.
Then, 7 upsells included in this product and downsells if you decline the first offer:

  1. Unlimited – $47 /w $37 Downsell
  2. Done For You – $297 /w $37 Downsell
  3. Hands Free Automation – $97 /w $37 Downsell
  4. Income Multiplier – $67 /w $37 Downsell
  5. Limitless Traffic – $167 /w $37 Downsell
  6. Franchise License – $297 /w $37 Downsell
  7. Emergency Cash – $77 /w $37 Downsell

What Is Googlix 100 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Googlix program comes with a 100 day Money-Back guarantee, and claims you have nothing to lose.

This is not true. If you check the fine print in the terms and conditions, they will only refund your money for one reason.

If they can’t get the software repaired for any reason, then they will refund your money. What that means is you are stuck with the program no matter what, unless they can’t get it to work for you.

They will just send you new software, but won’t refund your money.

What if Googlix decides to shut down their business one day, who are you going to contact for support? Their is no guarantee on that.

What Is Googlix Image Of The 100% Guarantee

They even offer to send you $250 for wasting your time. But, only if you have some technical issue they can’t rectify quickly.

And, again they will just send you new software, and you won’t be able to collect your $250. So, the risk is on you, not them. They aren’t giving you any money, ever! If you buy it, you own it.


  • Cheap to Start
  • Step By Step Training
  • 100% Guarantee


  • Not A Good Program
  • Too many Upsells
  • Guarantee on Technical problems only, no refunds

Is Googlix Legit – Yes, It’s A Real Product

But, It Is Not Recommended Thumbs Down Image for Not Recommended

I can’t see where this program is going to actually work. It is not a legitimate way to make money using emails.

People who are just starting will have no email list at all, and this program does not show you how to start a good email list the right way, or train how to send emails in a legitimate and legal manner.

They tell you to use social channels as well. If you don’t have a large social following, you will not be able to sell products.

Your friends and family are not enough to support your business. This product is definitely not worth purchasing. It is basically the same type of product that Branson Tay has produced again and again.

You can see in the video above, how it is basically the same product as GooglyPay, just recycled with a new name.

Try My #1 Recommendation Instead

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Change your life today! If you do nothing, nothing will change. 10 years from now, you will be very glad you did!

Thank you for reading my review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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  • Cheap To Strat
  • Step By Step Training
  • 100% Guarantee


  • Not A Good Program
  • Too Many Upsells
  • Guarantee Tech Only, No Refunds

22 thoughts on “What Is Googlix – Is It Legit Or Another Scam”

  1. I bought Googlix I think I paid $38. you could check my sales receipt but right now I just decided this is not for me maybe another time I would like a complete total refund sent back to my bank account ASAP immediately.!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Patricia,
      I don’t need to check your sales receipt, it won’t help. You can try to request a refund from support at Googlix, but they will tell you they don’t give refunds. Maybe, if you are persistent and keep sending emails everyday, telling them over and over you want your money back, threatening to get the Attorney General and the FTC involved, they may give in.

      And you can still contact The Attorney Generals Office to see if they can help. Use my checklist . And you can file a complaint with the FTC. Sometimes, when businesses get contacted by the AG’s office, they just pay up! It does work very often!

      It all comes down to how determined you are to get your $38 bucks back. If you have the time, and you are determined enough, it can be done! But, it is not easy! And that’s exactly what guys like Branson Tay (Googlix) depend on. People will just find it too much trouble to fight for $38 bucks. They will give up!
      Hope that helps? Good luck! let me know how you end up. I will help you anyway I can.

  2. Thanks for doing such a thorough assessment on Googlix, I guess there are many products out there that make claims yet they do not even meet the minimum requirements. I am sure if I had not come across your link I would have probably believed it. The page was really detailed and showed the various steps an individual can take just to get $39, which will not even be provided to them. It’s best to stick to genuine programs. 

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your kind words. Poor products can be found everywhere. That is the reason I try to inform everyone when I run across them. More and more, people are claiming to have refunds, but they are filled with requirements to get your money. 

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon.


  3. Hi Chas,

    If making $39 every time you use Google search, everyone would be a millionaire today. This sounds like an outright scam, so I will never try things with misleading claims. Branson Tay is a series product creator and makes money through various useless products at people’s expense. This is not the way I like to make money online, so people should read your review before purchasing Googlix. Thanks a lot for the head-ups. I will not consider buying it.


    • Hi Matt,
      I wish it was possible to make $39 each time I use google! It is a junk product and people should stay away. I hope people do read my review before they lose their money!
      Glad to hear you won’t be buying it.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my review and leave a comment. Please stop back soon.

  4. Right away we seen up sales and we are not going to pay $19.00 and then 7 up-sales we like WA it has the best training that someone can get just starting and expert levels. We are glad that you exposed Goolix and what they represent, finding loopholes in the system don’t last long. WA is the best online platform that does all-in-one.


    • Hi Matthew/Deloris,
      You make a good choice in avoiding Googlix. It is a poor product and should be avoided. But, you mention WA. Yes Wealthy Affiliate will always be my #1 Recommendation. I haven’t found better training anywhere.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Please stop back soon!

  5. Hey Chas,

    Thanks for sharing this review and helping people avoid another IM program designed to make people poorer, rather than providing them a helping hand into the online world. Too many of these programs are around, and unfortunately they tell people what they want to hear… I’m glad there are reviews like yours that shout out the problems, rather than just promoting them and becoming part of the problem (like those other reviews you mentioned).

    A shout out to your top recommended program as Wealthy Affiliate is an honest and helpful platform that will help people, rather than hinder them!

    • Hi John,
      You are welcome. Yes, these programs unfortunately are bought by unsuspecting people who think they are going to start making money without any effort. That is the problem. The get rich quick programs don’t exist. And adding to the problem are all these reviews that are just promoting the junk products and deceiving people.
      Wealthy Affiliate is an honest training platform that works.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!

  6. Hi Chas, I’ve just seen this product. I’ve heard of Brandon Tay before he seems to always be releasing something new. Bit of a red flag for me because all the good training platforms I’ve come across work on their existing products to make them better. I think you can do micro-courses for different things as a product creator and this can work but I don’t think many of these guys do this they just repackage the same crap and rename it over and over.

    What do you think though – honestly I don’t like the idea of just getting emails to spam people. I mean maybe if it was just one email to try and get someone on your main list which they were actually happy to sign up for if you worded it right. In my mind I think Facebook you can easily get emails from people willingly and also you have smart lists etc.

    I think what I wonder about this is what is the actual landing page/squeeze page training like? I think this would actually be a good idea for a course on how to make the best lead capture and landing pages because if people can do this right it can work very well., I would say you could then follow this up with a course on writing emails for autoresponders and then a course on driving traffic. I mean you say this course is not good but I do wonder if courses like this actually do have some good training. I should probably try some of them but just too busy with blogging mostly.

    • Hi Alex,
      It is unethical to repurpose programs, but people do it. I guess all it takes a strong stomach. Personally, i would not spam people and risk losing my business. As long as people sign up to your list and freely opt in, you are fine.

      After I see email tactics like this, I would not want to follow any training that they offered. I just could not trust it to be legitimate. There are just too many good training programs like Wealthy Affiliate to learn the correct way to start your business.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon!

  7. Hi Chas,

    Reading through your review reminds me twice of how I was scammed by the same kind of people many years ago, losing money that I did not have.

    Most people look for online business when they are desperate and these fraudsters prey on ignorance. Today I can see how illegal they were, and can’t believe I got involved!

    There are so many rules and regulations in place on the Internet that it is hard to believe programs like these get away with their schemes.

    Thank you for this in-depth review warning people to make sure.
    Good to know where to come to when in doubt!


    • Hi Estelle,
      I can relate to getting scammed when I first started searching the internet. I am amazed myself at how they keep producing these junk products. My guess is that nobody checks them unless someone reports the to the FTC. And even then, they aren’t going to do much until they get a lot of complaints. people just take the loos and don’t want bothered with filling out the necessary forms. I am glad to try to make others aware of this type of program.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, please stop back soon!

  8. Why would someone knowingly make a product that would be SPAM? It just does not make sense. They must be comfortable with getting their accounts banned because that is what happens when you Spam. If too many people mark your emails as spam then Autoresponders will kick you out. It is all part of their TOS. Heck Mail chimp won’t even let you use their service if you are in the MMO niche. Thanks for your review. It was an eye opener.

    • Hi Brianna,
      Who knows, I think they are just trying to make a fast buck. They are selling this to you, and likely wouldn’t use it. You can’t get a refund. so All you would get is ripped off. As long as you are the one getting banned, they don’t care. Some of these products are just junk. i am glad to bring it to your attention.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!

  9. I have to admit that the ads look great, he certainly knows how to write them. They are attractive and attention-grabbing, and I’m sure they lure many people in. The claims seem outlandish, though. If this loophope really existed, Google would have done something about it already.
    The upsells and downsells are too much. That alone always puts me off any company. The refund policy, however, is very fishy. They offer you a “hassle free refund” which makes anyone believe that they’re talking about a money refund – but it’s not the case – and an additional $250 dollars … but only if you have technical problems and then, surprise surprise, you don’t get the refund you expected, you get a new software. Very misleading claims.
    Thank you for letting us know. I have never heard of Googlix but I’ll stay clear of it.

    • Hi Christine,
      Yes the copywriters are very good at what they do! The claim is false and there is no loophole. That is a hook to catch everyone. I don’t know why these guys are allowed to say such nonsense. The refund is a joke, all you will ever get is a software replacement. They only agree to replace software, not refund any money. So, getting an additional $250 will never happen. Yep, that’s it.
      This is a program that will generate emails, so it does something, but they are worthless. Yes, stay away from this one.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back.

  10. Boy, when I first started to read your review, and it states I can make $39 for every search, I’m thinking that is not a true statement and this is definitely a scam!  I think I would have rated it a 0/10.  I am wondering where they got the points for a 2?  Total scam to take people’s money and get absolutely nothing in return.

    • Hi Leahrae,

      You got it right, it is not a true statement. I agree with you that this is definitely a bad product, and it is very misleading. But, I have to be very careful when I call something a scam, I have had some legal warnings about that and don’t want to push that statement. Googlix is a product to stay away from for sure. I debated the two rating, but it is a real product, although a very bad product. And Brandon Tay is a real person. So, it not a totally make believe product. It is real. That’s basically why I didn’t rate it 0 

      I think I gave enough information to warn people to stay away.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, please stop back soon.


  11. Reading this review it doesn’t make sense how something like this can be released on the market. it has so many flaws with it. You can not just find emails of people and send them to your page(s) to get them to buy stuff, it is harassment. It is a terrible business model. 

    From someone that been looking for a way to make money online, this makes me sad. I think I ran a crossed a program that was like this one. You get peoples email address and send them to a site and get paid for it. They didn’t tell me how to get the email addresses it make that happen. 

    I have finally found a way to make money online through affiliate marketing. It is a great foundation to build from. I can learn the basics of online business and grow when I am ready. 

    • Hi Reggie,

      Thank you for reading my review. Yes, you are exactly right! Sending people product promotions without their permission is harassment. And it is against the law. To do something like this, you would not be in business for long.

      Building an email list take time to do it right, and you want to acquire addresses that want your products, and have opted into you mailing list. 

      Wealthy Affiliates is the best training for learning how to do affiliate marketing. 
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.


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