What Is Explode My Payday About

You must be wondering, what Is Explode My Payday about? Because, you are here reading my post. You are likely searching for information, or maybe you purchased the program? I hope not! I found out some things I need to share with my readers. If you want to know if this is a scam, my review below will give the details of what Explode My Payday is all about.

  • Name – Explode My Payday
  • Website – www.explodemypayday.com
  • Price – $47.00, 2 up-sells $195.00 and $99.00 for $341.00 USD
  • Owners – Megan Harper (not real)
  • Quality – Fake Product
  • Overall Rank – 1/10
  • Refunds – 60 Day 100%
  • Verdict – Scam ( Avoid )

What Is Explode My Payday About 

I watched the introduction video to find out what this program entails. It was a super hyped pitch from the start, with outlandish claims of a system that could make you $1000 dollars a day, with only 15 or 20 minutes of work per day required. It is touted to be a type of link manipulation program, that channels sales into your gateway. No selling, you get your own coach, and you can do it right from your laptop. That’s It. Your key to financial freedom!

Wow, sign me up! I know right there, there is no such system! If such a program existed(and it doesn’t), no one would sell it for only $47! It would be worth millions.

I have reviewed quite a few of these Scams with big money claims, and they are all scams designed to take your money. No-one makes money online by working only 15 or 20 minutes a day. It is not true! This is the same techniques used by the AZ Formula I reviewed Here.

I always tell my readers, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!

Meet The Owner Of Explode My Payday

Picture of Megan Harper Owner of Explode My Payday

Now Meet The Model Who Looks Just Like Megan Harpster

However, Megan Harpster, the owner of this video claims that she is looking for a few(45) people in select cities to help her expand the program, and make money for you and her. And we know that it can be done from your laptop is just 15 or twenty minutes a day. Funny this Megan Harper looks like a Shutterstock free photo picture. Same boat, same oar, same bikini, just a slightly different pose, like say a model would do on a photo shoot? You be the judge!

A Stockphoto Of The Woman called Megan Harpster In the Same boat with the same bikini for Explode My Payday Article

 Megan Harpster Is Just A Model

And what work do we actually do? After you watch the video awhile, She explains you have to give your email and pay $47 to get the details! And the offer expires at midnight, after that the video might come down because they found that one person they need in your city! This is the old  hurry before it’s too late, once it’s gone …it’s gone gimmick to create urgency!

But if you come back tomorrow, I assure you, the deal will still be here, and it will be expiring again at midnight.

No real worthwhile legitimate program is going to leave out the details of work you are going to do, or have a midnight deadline for you to get in on the deal. If it is a legitimate program, why would i only be looking for 45 people?

Megan just keep harping on how you are going to make thousands a day, and her program has been valued at over a billion dollars. One billion! That would be a very well known program for sure!

She has over 3 million in the bank. That statement looks very fake. No bank name.?

Megan Harpsters Bank Statement Showing 3 Million balance For Explode My Payday

Testimonials From Explode My Payday

As you go through the video, you see Testimonials from people who are making great money from this program. It is too hard to believe some of the claims, from people with no experience.

The testimonials for the money they made? Here is one for $4,000 in one week! The profits keep going up. Claims went from $1000 to now $4000 per week. I have seen this girl elsewhere as well.

Picture of Girl With $4,000 Per week in Text For Exploding My Payday

Testimonials Are FAKE

Well look here, the exact same girl making the exact same amount using Greedy Mentor! She gets around! Another actor for a testimonial! How could anyone trust this product?  These Are FAKE

Same Girl Shows Up In Same $4000 A Week Picture For Greedy Mentor

Here is another so called testimonial, a person called Megan Elizabeth from Pa. Look at what I discovered.

Woman Actor In Fake Testimonial, Megan Elizabeth for Explode My Payday

Look at this, this same girl appeared in the same room, same dress, in a testimonial for Millionaire Biz Pro. The Millionaire Pro Biz actually had two people with the same name from the same town, Eire Pa. Imagine that? Also Fake

Same Girl, Same Room, Same Name As Explode My Payday Picture

 More Paid Actors

Well there is still more, even with all the fakes, the video is showing some stupidity as well. The owner has more proof that this is real. She reveals what she has done for you.

Megan has an account she has opened for you, already making money! It starts around $250 and grows to over $600 while she is hyping how easy this program is. And she even tries to tell you this is live, how can she fake this? We are watching a Video recording, it is certainly not live!

You Get $365,000 In Product Upgrades This Year

And she is going to give you $365,000 in her product upgrades this year! Several people have become millionaires using her system, and in 2 years she has made over a million dollars! Just unbelievable hype to get you to take the bait, any throw your money away!

But, to see it you need to pay $47, then all the details will be explained to you! As I said, nobody is going to sell a program that makes $4000 in one day for $47. But wait, you are offered a $20 discount!

Instant $20 Discount For Explode My Payday

Now, this valuable Program is suddenly at the unbelievable price of $27! This is enough for me to say this program is ridiculous. There is only one purpose here, and that is to take your money, and sell you email address.

Everybody Is Fake

These faces are stockphotos, which means everybody is fake. They are using paid actors to promote their products. The people are fake, their testimonials are fake, and even the so-called owner Megan is a stock photo image. Do you still want to buy this product?

If you are tired of scams, and looking for a legitimate way to earn money online, then, check out a scam free way to earn money online.

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Pros and Cons Of This Product


  • Promises $4000 a Day! – Hype!
  • Work 15 or 20 Minutes A Day!- Hype!
  • Makes People Millionaires? – Hype!
  • 60 Day 100% Money back through Clickbank- That’s the only good thing to be found!


  • Claims Are Totally Unrealistic
  • Not Possible To Only Work Online 20 Minutes A Day
  • Program Making Millionaires Will Cost Much More Than $47

Conclusion – This Program Is A Scam     Thumbs Down Image for Scams

The people giving testimonials are actors, and Megan is a fake also, so why would you trust this program to do any more than take your money! And they are very likely selling your email address as well. If you signed up and gave your email address, which I am sure many did, you will be getting tons of spam. As a rule, for signing up for anything on the web, don’t use your home email address.

Always use a mailbox that you don’t use that often to sign up for things you aren’t sure of. Then the spam goes to a box you don’t use. Only use your home email when you know the company is legit.

I had no need to even purchase this program after I checked it out a little bit. It was easy to uncover this scam!

The Get Rich Quick Schemes Are Everywhere 

Be skeptical always!

My goal is to help everyone I can, by uncovering scams and trying to prevent others from falling for them as I did many times. I have spent several years in the internet space, trying to finds ways to increase my income. The internet is a minefield of scams and get rich schemes. Along the way I found an honest way to increase my income and work for myself. You can too. It is no a scam, it is real training that will teach you to earn a living and start your own business.

I can’t make you believe that what I am telling you is true, you have to try it and see for yourself. If you are seriously looking for a way to change your life, then why not try a program where people come to you? They come to you because you offer value, and don’t scam people.

And it’s not $47 or $37 or $27. It is free for you to check out for a whole week. No credit card needed, it’s free. It is the same system allowing me to earn a nice income and work when I want to work. Oh, I work more than 20 minutes a day!  It also took time to start making money. It is not a get rich quick scheme.

Change Your Life Forever

If you are tired of all the fake gurus taking your hard earned money, then let me show you how to make money the right way and avoid all the scams. I have the proven steps, you have to follow the plan, and you life will change forever. You will not pay a cent to check it out, it is free to look over for a full week, or you can join and look it over for another full month while you decide! And, you have me as a coach.

I will be there to help you every step of the way. Why wait. If you don’t change anything, nothing will change! Now, it’s up to you!

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I always reply to my readers.

Thank you, and I hope I see you on the inside.


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Explode My Payday

$47.00 + $294.00 = $341.00 USD

Explode My Payday



  • $4000 A Day-(HYPE)
  • Work 15-20 Minutes a Day (HYPE)
  • Make's Millionaires - (HYPE)


  • Unrealistic Claims
  • Credentials Are FAKE
  • Unrealistic Cost @ $47

10 thoughts on “What Is Explode My Payday About”

  1. I just wanted to say, I’m one of those seniors that’s obviously vulnerable! Or lazy would probably fit better. I’ve signed up for a couple of them just because I didn’t want to work at doing nothing all day. But I ended up here looking for another site that sucked some money out of my account and I’m not aware of what it pertains too? But this is where I was to look!? And I still haven’t found it!! It’s come on my statement as Rua4pay.com?? Do you have any idea??

    • Hi Robert,
      I have no idea what that may be. Have you done any address searches, or personal searches that required a credit card? How about a job search? I could be a money making site you gave your credit card number. If you are getting billed, you most likely gave them your numbers. If you have no other information on the billing, then it most likely is some scammer. If they charged you a lot of money, and you didn’t receive anything you should file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. But, they may not be able to help without more information.

  2. Good review, I think you saved me some money. Any program that claims that you make 1000s with little to no work is always too good to be true. There is a lot of dishonesty here. Look at all the fake testimonials.I am surprised that you could get your money back at all. It is a shame that these type of programs exist.

    • Hi Lee’

      Glad to hear i saved somebody! Yea, this one is clearly bad. But, people who have never searched for making money online might not understand that! Well, Clickbank is very good about refunding money. Thai s the only thing i could find that was a positive! These programs make the scammers a fortune, that’s why they are still out there!

      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back!


  3. I’ve already read three articles regarding Explode My Payday and I’ve heard the same things….this product is definitely a fake. For one, who would just be giving such a great product away for only $47? For another, I love the way you pointed out the fake statements, as that was something I didn’t catch with previous articles. The fake testimonials, especially the one featuring a different girl with the same name and location had me laughing. Awesome job exposing this scam. 

    • Hi Todd,

      I have seen several scams like this, and it is almost hard to believe people fall for this stuff, but they do! They just pump these scams out and don’t catch the fine details they missed. AZ Formula was another bunch of fakes. Glad you you like the article!

      Thanks for leaving a comment, please stop back!


  4. I’ve recently seen this Explode My Payday product promoted. Luckily for me, I’m not one to fall for such hype. Especially the type of sales videos that look as scamy as this. It’s interesting to see how they get their testimonials. Imagine that, they’re not actually real testimonials. It’s amazing the lengths people go to to earn a crust.

    • Hi Nigel,

      I thought i had seen this one as well, but I think it was other scams I saw these people as actors in. This is the crazy way they do it, they just use the same actors over and over and create one program after another. people need to pay attention before signing up for these scams.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, I hope you stop back.


  5. Thanks for reviewing Explode My Payday, I can tell from the start that it’s a scam. That photo of Meghan does look like a stock photo plus that there are no other pictures of her. Besides, earning $4000 per week is just too good to be true. If it was legit, believe me that everyone would be doing it – doesn’t it make sense?

    And that thing with offer expiring at midnight is pretty classic. I know lots of similar products using it and it’s just like you say – the offer is there the other day and is again expiring at midnight. So I will surely not recommend or use Explode My Payday, it’s surely not worth it (especially with all those upsells).

    • Hi Ashley,

      Glad you liked it. All the big scams use those big 3k and 4k numbers to lure people in. Yes, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it, and they certainly would not be selling it, for any amount, let alone $47. The time urgency gimmick is one I talked about in an earlier review Scams Targeting Seniors. It unfortunately is effective, and seniors are vulnerable.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back soon!



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