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What is the AZ Formula, My Review of 10k a Week System — 16 Comments

  1. I had my my doubts about this AZ Formula as a but as the most trusted Affiliate CLICKBANK had an undertaking to protect the affiliates interest it gave me certain comfort level and I fucked up by subscribing $37.00 to this scam. Moreover, the PayPal had been the collection agency. ( both originating from UNITED KINGDOM) the glorious royal thief of the world had to come up to swindle the wealth of the world as a habit. Like they stole the Kohinoor the Jewel from India for so called safekeeping as if Indian who made that Jewel could not protect it 9 what a shame. I would like to inform Pay Pal . Clickbank and Az formula to the task and recover my precious $37 plus Tax from their ass.

    • Hi Arif,
      I am guessing, that the 60 day refund period has passed? If it hasn’t, you can get a clickbank refund, but if it has, then you are probably stuck for it. It would not be worth the time and effort to try to recover, and paypal will only help in situations where the product was damaged, or you did not receive it. I have tried to get refunds from paypal, and they always side with the seller.

      You will likely have to chalk this one up as a learning experience. Anytime anyone tells you that you will make big money quickly and easily, it is not true, it does not exist! If it did, they would not sell it!!
      I can relate, because I was also tricked many times by scams. Then I found out how to earn money online the right way, without scamming anyone. My #1 recommendation
      It is free for you to look it over, and you don’t even need a credit card. It’s not a get rich scheme, so if that’s what you are looking for, they don’t exist. They are all scams, and they will upsell you and charge you tons of money!! You have got nothing to lose! Take a look!
      Hope this helps!!

  2. Great review, Chas! You really dig deep into this AZ Formula program. Lately, l read a lot of these type of hyped programs that l utterly disgusted. Most of these programs using the same modus operandi trying to convince you that you can earn huge income with their automated system. As usual, they will lure you in with their low cost frontend product, as in the case of AZ Formula – $37 for a peek,  but lot of upsells are waiting you inside. I really hate those hidden upsells.

    Further, a website is just like your own asset and you don’t want someone to control it. I would rather spend some money on buying my own domain as I have full charge of it.

    Although you don’t buy their upsell, $37 for a basic affiliate marketing , is just won’t worth it. 

    Chas, thank you for alerting us of this AZ Formula program.

    Best Regards,

    Shui Hyen

    • Hi Shui Hyen,

      Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad you liked the review. My purpose is to help others avoid these fake products and not lose their hard earned money. So, when I run into one I like to alert my readers to keep them safe. A real pitfall of free websites, is you lose all your work if you leave their program. This does not happen with the platform I use at Wealthy Affiliates. You can leave anytime and transfer all your work to anywhere else you choose. And those upsells would pay for a premium membership for quite a few years. You also own the domain as well. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it is always appreciated by site owners.


  3. Hi Chas,

    Thanks for the detailed review on this online business oppertunity. I do not like these outrageous claims to making money with little to no effort!

    That is just crazy to think that that sort of thing is possible!

    Many people fall for it and then get stuck in the upsell traps that these companies set up for those who are unaware of these tactics.

    That in combination with a fake owner should have everybody running away from this company! 

    Thanks for telling people about the information to join Amazon’s affiliate program is easy to get and best to go straight to the Amazon website.

    Shared it on my Facebook and Google+ pages to pass this information on to those I know.

    Have a great day!


    • Hi Chad,

      You are welcome! If people would just do the math for a program promising $2000 a day, they would realize that it is too unbelievable. It would produce 3/4’s of a million dollars a year! Who would sell such a lucrative program for $37 dollars? But, that is exactly how they get trapped! I know I never knew of these upsells when I first started looking at money making programs, but I found out real quick! 

      Amazon runs a very good affiliate program, and yes they have made it very simple to join and use their program, without costly upsells. Wealthy Affiliates is another good affiliate program as well. Thank you so much for sharing my article and taking the time to leave a comment.


  4. Thank you for reviewing and reporting AZ Formula. I sometimes wonder, why such companies don’t take the time to at least deliver a better made-up background story, instead of putting up pictures of a fake person, you can find all over the internet. For people less experienced with online businesses, your review is of great help. The training program you recommend instead is by far the most genuine on the market. I can only agree 100% that joining Wealthy Affiliate is the best option to learn affiliate marketing inside out.  

    • Hi Felix,

      You are welcome. I was interested in what the program was really all about and sorta figured beforehand it was a scam. The whole reason for the review is to help others avoid this scam. They sound great, but they are a trap.

      I  agree that wealthy affiliates is another great affiliate and training platform. They teach you the right way to become a marketer and start your own business. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.


  5. Great review of the AZ Formula.

    Headlines like this always catch people’s attention. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make thousands of dollars in just a matter of days? But whenever I read something this, I would be skeptical too because I know this isn’t true no matter how I wish it were.

    I have read several reviews about the AZ Formula too and I cringe at the thought of people getting deceived. I guess, we just have to keep telling them that this is not how internet marketing works. Oh, and that photo? The owner of this product should know better than to use a very familiar face on the net. 

    There are better programs out there that allow you to test the waters for free before deciding to dive in and that’s what people who are interested in affiliate marketing should be looking for. 

    • Hi Alice,

      Thank you for the kind words! It is how they work! These scams appeal to the greed in all of us!  $2000 a day is hard to just turn away from, it excites your curiosity as well. As you said, other reviews have made that guy well know, in a not so good way! Yes, one of the best Affiliate Marketing programs is Wealthy Affiliates. They are no BS training platform! Thanks for stopping by Alice, and i appreciate you taking the time to comment as well!


  6. Thanks for spreading the word on this scam! I googled this guy and yeah red flags all over the place!

    It’s sad to see that there are people online that try to sell crappy programs to people who are in a vulnerable place in their lives, as they’re trying to find a way to take care of their families.

    As I’m not a complete newbie, I know not to buy anything from anyone that I do not trust. And a salesperson that doesn’t want to show his real face, does not come over as trustworthy…

    • Hi Laura,
      I guess he is famous for being the fake guy now! The internet is filled with the scams and they don’t care who sends the money! I agree! I think in this case this site was created by someone who stole everything off the internet. Pictures, testimonials, and even the books az guide i am sure was copied from another site. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  7. Thank you for great review on AZ formula.Many people are in need of money,as making money online is the newest way of earning money, many people are in need of help on how to do it .But we have a problem of scams if it is not about scams it is about deceiving programs. AZ formula is not a program a friend can recommend as it is not as it looks. After paying 37$ and get information you could find elsewhere that is nor encouraging for sure.It would be better to say that 37$ is for affiliate marketing training but not for earning 2000$ a week.I don’t say that it is could not be true but for the beginners it is impossible because it asks time to learn online business.

    • Hi Jullienne,
      You are welcome! People are not aware of the minefield that is on the internet.The program is not a good one for sure. The picture is an actor from fiver. There is no way anyone would sell a program that generates $2000 a week for $37. I just wouldn’t happen, that program would be worth a million.Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  8. Hello and thank you for another excellent review of this site and it’s rather shady upsells and founder. At the end of the day whenever someone asks for money, and then asks for even more after that, there is usually something suspicious going on. So I hope you will continue your good work and help people avoid scams like this. Thanks again, Kenny 

    • Hi Kenny,
      You are welcome. I agree with you, upsells are a red flag, but a lot of sites use them unfortunately. Thanks for the encouragement, I do like to let others know when something isn’t right. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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