Dr Gundry Proplant Shake – Save Your Money!

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Dr Gundry Proplant Shake doesn’t work. How do I know? I personally tried the product. And I took it once a day exactly as directed for a month and a half. I didn’t feel any energy boost. And on top of that I suffered a gout attack two weeks after starting it, and suffered for … Read more

What Is Googlix – Is It Legit Or Another Scam

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What Is Googlix? Googlix is a software program developed by Branson Tay that exploits a 1.9 trillion dollar loophole in the Google search engine. This loophole allows you to make $39 dollars every time you use Google search. If you are here now you are looking for more information on Googlix. Well, you have come … Read more

Bad Consumer Payday Loans Just Got Worse

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President Obama passed new regulations that would curb the public fleecing by the bad consumer payday loans. The regulation was to take effect on January 16, 2019. It was designed to help stop the poor from being trapped in these predatory Payday loans. However, the Trump Administration decided to suspend the rule indefinitely. Then, announced … Read more

What is the AZ Formula – Read This Now!

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What Is The AZ Formula? I saw an article for the AZ Formula promising $2,000 a day, or $10,000 a week! That got my attention. But, I must tell you, when I see something with claims like that, I have to be skeptical. Why would anyone want to sell a program that they can make … Read more

Agora Financial Complaints No Refunds

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Agora Financial is a privately held publishing company operated in Baltimore Maryland. They are a subsidiary of The Agora. It is one of 30 independently operating companies in the Agora worldwide network. They publish books and newsletters that offer investment information, and financial insight.  What will a closer closer look at Agora Financial Complaints reveal?  Let’s … Read more

Prime Corporate Services Review – Are They The Best Service?

When I first heard the name Prime Corporate Services, I had no Idea who they were. I was asked to do this review by a reader who explained what they did. The description of their services sounded like they were overcharging people for their services. I will let you decide as you read my Prime … Read more