Dr Gundry Proplant Shake – Save Your Money!

Dr Gundry Proplant Shake doesn’t work. How do I know? I personally tried the product. And I took it once a day exactly as directed for a month and a half. I didn’t feel any energy boost. And on top of that I suffered a gout attack two weeks after starting it, and suffered for another two or three weeks until I figured out the cause.

It was the Gundry MD Proplant Shake! As soon as I stopped taking the product, my gout started decreasing and disappeared in about a week. That was only a part of my painful experience. The 100% refund for any reason is not quite true. I will get into that later. After my experience, I decided to write a review on this questionable product.

Name    –  Dr Gundry Proplant Complete Shake
Website – https://gundrymd.com/
Price      – $134.85 for 90 Day Supply
Owners – Dr Steven Gundry
Quality – Tastes Great, But Doesn’t Work
Overall Rank – 1/10
Refunds – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Verdict – Not Recommended

What is Dr Gundry Proplant Shake

Dr Gundry’s Proplant Complete Shake is a product that is sold as a product claimed to give you energy, help you lose weight, and control digestion. In reality, it is a sweet flavored powder that does nothing to help you feel better, or lose weight. It’s a joke.

I tried the powder and it didn’t help me feel any less hungry, or give me any energy. It is just a good tasting powder that is actually hard to get to mix in water. You can add milk and fruits. This does help it blend easier.

I even went so far as to use the recipe on the container to make a Proplant Smoothie every day for lunch. After about two weeks, I started to feel a gout attack coming on. I thought it was something in my diet that I was somehow doing wrong. So, I watched my diet more closely and eliminated any foods that could be causing the gout flare up.

When I Stopped The Product, My Gout Cleared Up

But, it just got worse. Finally after about 5 weeks on the Gundry Proplant Shake, I decided to quit taking the product. Amazingly, my symptoms began to clear up. It was the Proplant Product causing me the misery.

I read the label trying to determine what may have caused the problem. It is hard to say. I could have been the hemp plant protein, or the “Natural Flavors

Dr Gundry Proplant Shake Contains “Natural Flavors”

Natural Flavors sounds like a healthy ingredient, right? When I read natural flavors I think of ground up cherries, or some type of fruit juice added to improve the taste. Sometimes, it could be a natural fruit or food, but not always! Think of natural flavors as the fragrance for your food, like the fragrance for your perfume. It is just a collection of chemicals.

The ingredient list on the label states: Protein Blend (flaxseed, hemp protein, spirulina, cocoa powder, natural flavors, modified food starch, Stevia Blend (steviol glycosides & rebaudioside A)

Natural Flavors Described By Government Regulation:

Natural flavors are those that derive their aroma or have chemicals from plant or animal sources, including fruit, meat, fish, spices, herbs, roots, leaves, buds, or bark, that are distilled, fermented or otherwise manipulated in a lab.

So, what this actually means is that while it may be safe for human consumption, it may be anything but a healthy natural flavor. It can be something created from a test tube in the giant food labs they use nowadays. In other words, it could be a man-made chemical stew that is intended to enhance flavor. Because the “loophole” is that non-organic foods can contain dozens of ingredients such as preservatives and solvents that can go into this so-called natural flavor.

Where Do Natural Flavors Come From?

Some flavorings are derived from a “Beavers butt” like castoreum. Castoreum is a gland secretion of a goo from the beavers castor gland, which is also in close proximity to the beavers anal glands. It may be safe for human consumption, but it is certainly not very appetizing! However, it is an animal source used in flavorings so it can be classified as “Natural”. Ugh!

I am not saying that Dr Gundry’s Proplant shake has castoreum in it, but it does have “Natural Flavors” listed on the label. So, that means, it could actually be anything used as a flavoring. And the point is, I had a gout reaction to the product. I know that I have to avoid the flavor enhancer MSG for this reason. Maybe, this product contains MSG in it’s formula? I don’t know.

Does It Contain MSG?

MSG does occur naturally in hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extract, soy extracts, and protein isolate. When MSG occurs from foods “naturally” it is not required to be on the label. So sometimes it’s in there, and we don’t know it.

The only way to be sure you are getting a real natural ingredient is to consume the fruits, and veggies in their natural state. But, in this case the Proplant Shake claiming to have healthy ingredients like the superfood Spirulina, and is giving the impression Gundry’s shake is a healthy food.

In my opinion, it is not! It does not list one organic ingredient. In fact, the Stevia Blend listed on the label, is derived from plants, and is considered natural and safe to eat. But, processed foods are known to be anything but healthy. Ever hear how unhealthy processed sugar is?

What is Steviol Glycosides & Rebaudioside A

Stevia sweeteners are highly processed and derived from the Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) plant native to South America. Steviol glycosides are extracted from the leaves, then purified to remove some of the bitterness. Steviol glycosides contain the basic ingredient steviol , which is separated into compounds like stevioside and many different forms of rebaudiosides.

So, steviol glycosides and rebaudioside A are the compounds derived from the stevia leaves by processing, that are considered sweeteners.

These products are considered safe, but more research need to be done.

And people can have an allergic reaction to Stevia, it is a side effect. It is claimed to be safe for gout, but it can also cause gout flares, another side effect. And I would imagine that there is quite a bit of sweetener in the Proplant Shake, because it is very sweet tasting.

I Purchased The Gundry Proplant Shake After Watching His Informercial

I should have know better, it was an informercial. But, when you have a problem, you are looking for a solution. So, I fell for all the hype. All the promises and claims are just not true. And when you click on the sales buy button, you immediately are hit with pop up after pop up, selling you another product, and another, and another. I lost count of the popups.

But, right then and there I was getting that sinking feeling in my stomach, that I just got taken again.

Anytime, I see a hard sell like that, I am thinking I am getting scammed. It hard to keep passing up pages of products and being careful, you don’t click on anything you don’t want. These items are not cheap, I got charged $135 bucks for the Gundry Proplant Shake, and I really thought that was expensive.

But, we try to justify the cost by using the hype you are fed. You are thinking, well (according to the sales hype) I can skip a lunch and lose weight, and save on groceries. Well, it didn’t kill my appetite, (like the ads say make me less hungry), and I didn’t lose any weight. In fact it seemed like it made me more hungry! So much for the weight loss from feeling less hungry.

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Gundy MD Proplant Shake 100% Money Back Guarantee – Not Exactly

You are told it is backed up by a 100% no questions asked refund. Just call and we’ll refund your purchase price.

As you can see it’s not quite the case. You will never get a full refund. They won’t cover return shipping, and you will pay $20 more to ship it back! But, they clearly state they will send your purchase price back. And they did, but not right away. I will explain that later.

They also have written, no questions, no hassle. Wrong again. You see, they have a link in their sales pitch somewhere, that to get a refund, you have to ship ALL the original containers back to them. So, if they claim it can take 2 to 3 weeks to feel all the benefits of the product, you will empty at least one container.

The Fine Print Contradicts – Return Unused Portion For Full Refund- No Questions Asked

They are half gallon sized containers (filled half full) and they are bulky. If you are expecting the product to actually work, you are not worrying about keeping the container. Because you don’t expect to be returning the product. Well, I threw mine out, and when I discovered it was actually making me sick, that bag of trash was long gone.

I contacted then and asked for a return label. After a few days, they sent me one. Almost half of a second container was gone, and had one I still sealed that hadn’t opened yet.

So, I packaged the two containers and remaining product that was left, and sent them back. A few days later I got an email stating that I had been refunded for my purchase.

The “Empty Container Clause”

The refund amount was $84.00, not the $134.85 that I had paid to purchase the product. When I asked why, the told me “I had only returned two containers, and there is a link in the site that requires ALL original containers be returned.

So, because I didn’t return the empty third container, they were keeping $44 of my money, after I spent an additional $21 to ship the other two back. To me, that is stealing my money! I didn’t feel they had that right, because they offer a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee! And the offer also states you get a full refund, just return the remaining product. See for yourself below.

Just Return What You Haven’t Used – Not True

That image is from the FAQ section of the offer I purchased. So, telling me that there is this link somewhere that says I need to return all the containers is not clearly shown either in the 90 Day guarantee, or on the offer sales page. You don’t say anywhere above that their are very deceptive strings attached!! In fact, they say the exact opposite!

They sent me the remaining balance of $44.95 the next day, but told me it was a one time courtesy! Well, thank you for the refund you clearly stated I was entitled too, and somehow making it sound like you did me a favor! Yes, I feel like I was lucky to get my money back!

So, you could say you did me a favor, but that also sounds like “If you order another product, we won’t be so nice. Ok, I have no plans of ordering this product ever again! It doesn’t work! And I most likely won’t be trying any other products! I don’t want to get a junk product, and have to pay the shipping fees to return it!

Complaints On Dr Gundry Products

I should have researched this product before I purchased it. Complaints are easy to find, I tried the Better Business Bureau first. Right away some complaints showed up. And they were pretty much saying the same things that I have bee saying. I was surprised to see 261 complaints in the last 3 years.

This person was also told that they couldn’t have a refund because they did have the empty containers! Most people will throw empty containers away. Telling people you can’t refund the full price without the containers is just stealing their money. It is not even clearly listed in their guarantee, and they state “Just return the remaining product for a full refund”. You can clearly see it above!

Gundry Products Produced No Results

When they responded, they had changed their mind and issued a refund. It probably only happened because Dr Gundry had a BBB complaint filed against them. Another person who found the products to be worthless.

This Person Claims Product Produced Weight Gain And Waste Of Money

Declined Upsells But Still Charged Anyway

Now this one, is a complaint of declining all the upsells, but got fraudulently charged anyway. Now, they are stuck for the return postage! Even though the original cost was refunded, they had extra costs to ship back an order they never placed!

Dr Gundry Proplant Shake Complaints

So, it’s good they refunded to purchase price, but should be paying for the return shipping. It was their mistake!

There are plenty more complaints, you can see them at BBB.org

Dr Gundry Proplant Shake Has Not Been Evaluated By The FDA

Dr Gundry Proplant Shake Product Image

Like most products, they have a disclaimer to let you know it is buyer beware, the FDA hasn’t checked it out and they don’t offer their products to treat or cure anything. But they make all these claims in there sales informercials.


  • 90 Day Refund Guarantee
  • Good Taste


  • Guarantee Has Strings Attached
  • Expensive
  • Product Doesn’t Work

Verdict -Dr Gundry Proplant Shake – Not RecommendedThumbs Down Image for Not Recommended

Dr Gundry Proplant Complete Shake is not recommended. The product doesn’t do anything to help with weight loss, energy gain, or suppressing hunger. It is pretty much a chocolate flavored drink that has a good taste, but is way too expensive for a flavored drink!

Save your money, and buy the actual spirulina or fresh fruits and vegetables. This product was a complete waste of time, and a costly reminder of the lousy money refund guarantees promised today. Trying this product, cost me $21 in return shipping to find out it is worthless flavored drink.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. If I saved you some money, then it was worth the time to write this review. If you have any comments, please leave them below.

Thank you,


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Gundry Proplant Complete Shake




  • 90 Day Refund
  • Good Taste


  • Guarantee Has Strings Attached
  • Expensive
  • Product Doesn't Work

18 thoughts on “Dr Gundry Proplant Shake – Save Your Money!”

  1. The main issue as far as I can tell is not that there’s anything wrong with the base formula – it’s like many others out there. It’s that it uses Stevia, which some people react very badly to. As well as “chocolate”/whatever they are using to flavor it. Note that Stevia’s side effects also sort of mimic Gout. So you weren’t having actual Gout, most likely, but a reaction to it. I have a similar reaction as well and have to avoid it like all the other sweeteners. Hence your initial confusion. It’s banned in the EU as a sweetener, BTW.
    So.. is it a scam? Probably not intended as such, but taking the basic formula that he probably thought was unmarketable due to taste and having someone “fix it” led to an actual poor product. And of course, the scummy refund process.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I respectfully have to completely disagree with you on the idea I wasn’t really having a gout attack. I have used stevia powder for years and never had any reaction to it. I was treated for a gout episode by my doctor, he absolutely agreed it was definitely a gout attack.

      It is an actual product, so it is not a scam. But, it is promoted as a weight loss product, and as an appetite suppressant. It did not do either of those two promises, so I would say it is a lousy product that does not live up to the promises.
      As far as the cause of the gout episode, it could also have been a high amount of MSG from the plant ingredients. I react strongly to MSG and have gout episodes from that as well.
      But, It was very painful, too painful to be a reaction to stevia powder. It was a real gout attack. and maybe I react to stevia powder now. I can’t say for sure.

      I do want everyone to be aware of this product, especially if they suffer from gout. This product is a complete waste of money!

  2. Great Expose Chas, filled with details to help all of us avoid this scam. One must be so careful when purchasing online these days. Its so easy for marketers to make false claims to swindle people out of their hard earned money.
    I have never seen this product advertised but I have been exposed to similar offers, including those with all the pop-ups that drive us crazy trying to sell us more.
    Keep doing what you are doing my friend. You are providing a valuable service.

    • Hi William,
      Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy letting people know when I personally find a product that is just junk. This one actually caused me discomfort, so I am sure others have experienced it as well. When you see these products, don’t fall for the hype.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  3. We are sad that you got mislead by this product and you uncovered the truth behind this nasty product. As a result of taking this product your gout started acting up right away. And soon after it started to go decrease.
    This seems to be not right considering all there work and time they put into this product. We are discovering more flaws in this product the more you talk about it.
    Getting down to the bottom of this situation is crucial to others and experiencing the same effects.
    It is expensive and does not work well as directed, and how expensive they are there return policy should be as easy as purchasing the products.


    • Hi Matthew/Deloris,
      Thank you for you concern, but I am fine now. it was quite an experience! The main point is Gundry Proplant Shake is by no means a healthy product to take. Organic ingredients are held to a much higher standard, and should be required in any food product promoting health! Unfortunately, the term ‘Natural Flavors” is a very loose term and covers the use of chemicals made in a lab to be considered natural. And yes this product is expensive, with little nutritional value. I have see small bottles requiring that, but these are big half gallon jugs, and shipping goes by size as well as weight! It is expensive to return that product!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  4. Hi Chas,

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Dr. Gundry’s Proplant Shake. I think it provides value to people who like to purchase this product. With the hype about the ingredients, the pop-ups that direct you to upsells, and the deceitful money-back guarantee, I won’t go one step to try it. If I like to control my weight, I will follow your instruction to combine spirulina and fresh fruits & vegetables, which is natural and healthier than drinking Dr. Gundry’s Proplant Shake.


    • Hi Matt,
      You are welcome. If I can save one person from losing their money, it will be worth it. It is deceptive marketing for sure. With all the additives in our foods, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to lose weight without having to use any products. And avoiding all the food with flavorings!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  5. Wow I am so glad you made this blog post. This is not right a company can get away with this! You should not have to send back any containers!! If it worked people would want to buy more, not get refunded. You should definitely not have to send back any bottles, if their product isn’t working they should stand by their promise of refunds. A place like this should be shut down! I am realizing though many of these products that promise good health really are not as healthy as just making myself a all real natural fruit and veggie smoothie. A lot cheaper than their $135 powder. Thank you for sharing this and warning many people who just want to be healthy, of the risk of being taken advantage of. It is really a shame people will try to take advantage of someone just wanting to be healthy. It really is upsetting.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you. Yes, you are right, but companies that produce bad products try to cut down on all the returns they get. They make people jump through hoops. I think it’s just bad for business. Those people won’t be back. They must be making millions, because they just don’t care. You are right, I am just going to make a homemade smoothie myself.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  6. It’s so disappointing to read that Dr Gundry Proplant Shake didn’t work out for you.

    I thought it would be a good shake to improve health and lose weight.

    At least you got to try out the product. But why do they make it so difficult for people to get a refund? The website clearly states that it’s easy. What deception!

    I will take your advice on getting the actual spirulina along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, these natural foods are the best things to improve health.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Jason,
      Thank you for your sympathy. It worked out, I got my money back, but paid out $21, and suffered from the product. So, I should have researched it better before buying. Yes, I fell for the hype! Even people who research these scams can get caught! Making people jump through hoops to get a refund is becoming more and more common. Some don’t even give a refund, you can’t be too careful! Yes, I think the only way to be sure of the quality is to eat fresh organic food.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  7. Thanks for this review, Chas. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Dr Gundry Proplant Shake. It’s always frustrating when we spend our hard-earned money on something that doesn’t work out.

    When it comes to health and wellness products, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth trying and which aren’t. With so many options out there and a lot of conflicting information, it’s no wonder that people are often skeptical about anything new that comes on the market.

    That’s why I appreciated your honest review of the Dr Gundry Proplant Shake. It’s important for people to know both the good and the bad about these products before they make a decision about whether or not to try them. Your review here would better nudge people in the right direction.


    • Hi Femi,
      You are welcome. Thanks for your concern. It is frustrating when it turns out to be a bad product. This one is the closest thing to a total scam there is! I didn’t research it first, so shame on me! I say people should remain skeptical until the website prove otherwise!!
      Thank you for appreciating my review, and if I save one person form getting scammed, it was worth it!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back!

  8. Hi Chas, Wow I have reviewed a lot of health supplements on my blog, but wow this product does not sound good at all. $135 for 3 jars I mean I think for a good supplement this is an OK price but by the sounds of things, this definitely was not. The ingredients I am looking at like Flaxseed, Hemp Protein, Spirulina (seaweed) and not really much else – I think that looks pretty limited to me compared to some other products on the market.

    I see they got you with the return policy and returning empties – I’ve noticed a few companies doing this and you really do need to read the small print I think when buying these dietary supplements.

    If you are actually looking for something better to try I can probably recommend something just let me know what you actually want the supplement for and I will let you know what I think could be good.

    There is one I have in mind if you’re interested.

    • Hi ALex,
      I thought this was a wholesome healthy product that I could enjoy as a shake, to get some healthy nutrients and energy, while losing some weight having a shake for lunch. It turns out to be full of processed sweetener, and the worst “Natural Flavors” If you read any labels on your foods, any food that is flavored like sauces, soups, even Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream!
      A lot of companies are making people jump through hoops to get a refund, and blatantly guaranteeing 100% money back! But, It’s a lie! Yes, you shouldn’t have to read al the fine print to find out about all the strings attached!

      I am going to stick to fresh organic foods because I am still smarting over not knowing exactly what is in the products people are selling.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and please stop back soon.

  9. Wow, glad you’re now ok!

    Sounds like a typical supplement that does nothing to actually benefit the user. It just helps make their bank balance better. With the number of complaints about their product, I’m sure it won’t be long before the FDA takes notice.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, hopefully you can help others avoid a similar fate!!

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your concern, I am fine. I had to make a trip to see the doc, and he gave me some steroids’ to clear things up! This is worse that typical, it’s a scam. And to believe this is a former doctor! Yes, he found out that it’s more lucrative to sell snake oil. I hope so, but he has been around peddling this stuff for awhile, and has affiliates peddling it also!
      I truly do hope I stop a few people from getting hooked up with this product.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.


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