Apps That Pay You Money

 Apps that pay you money don’t really tell you the whole story. When they say they use advertising to pay for expenses, they really mean they will sell you products? The apps track your movements and keep track of where you shop, what you buy, and places you visit.

Then, this information is used for marketing purposes. This means they will use the information to target you for specific products you use. That is how the apps that pay you money, get paid.

Apps That Pay You Money – Collect Your Data and Sell You Stuff Later

 Anyone that is in your phone or on your computer as a contact is targeted for ads. They can access their addresses and their phone numbers to use in what they call advertising. So,  what happens whenever you sign up for any apps that pay you money?

They either use the information they collect, or they are paid by marketers for the information they collect on you.

Always consider that anyone in your contact list can and will be used for targeted ads. You can’t save mom and dad from grief by removing them from your contact list either. The apps are tracking phone numbers you call to be used as well. All that legal jargon in the opt-in agreement gave them the right to do it.

If you are ok with all that information being collected, and don’t mind text ads and sales people calling you, then you have quite a few apps to chose from. Then, try them out and see if you like them, some are useful, some have fees for not using them, you have to check.

I will list some of the most popular apps used. But, be warned they use advertising to pay for the gifts and gimmick you receive. And you will get ads! Now, I did check these over and near as I can tell, any fees I listed below.But most are free, and they are paying you for your data.

 A list of Apps That Pay You Money


– This app helps you save money by collecting your digital change and depositing it into an Investing account.You can invest as little as $5 a month, but with a $2 fee per month, it should be a bit more to be worthwhile, say $25. Then, at least $23 is getting invested into an IRA for you.Compare Stash below it’s fee is free the first month, then $2 a month. It does almost the same thing and maybe a better choice of investment options.

2. CashCrate

–  Get paid to try new offers! Make money trying new products, or take online surveys for cash, watch videos and play games. You get paid $1 for joining and start receiving checks after your balance reaches $20. CashCrate has paid out $3,910,841.32 to it’s users since 2006. They post checks they send to people right on the site. One check was $236, another one was $136. They offered 10% more on Mother’s Day, and also prizes to the top 40 survey takers. But, surveys don’t pay well. Offers pay better.You can also get paid when your referrals make money as well. Not a scam, but you can make a few bucks.


– Get paid for taking photos. This free app lets you take ,publish and then sell your photos. You can get paid from $0.50 to $80 per photo. In order to sell photos, you must also join Deposit-photos. The Platform at Deposit-Photos, gives you the ability to sell your photos. You can get the app from Google play. The app will allow you to make money, but it will likely average a few dollars an hour at best, no matter how good your photos are. Can make some money, but no riches here. A part-time job would be better.


–  Sell or shop for stuff like CD’s, DVD’s, Games, Books, Cell Phones, even school Textbooks. Pays in fast next day payments, a 12 month limited warranty on purchased Cell Phones, and offers a guarantee on refurbished quality. Get quick value quotes for your stuff, and get paid the next day. Always free shipping and Apps can be downloaded from the Apple Apps Store, or Google Play. Sometimes prices are a bit low, but you get rid of the stuff easily, and you make money.


– Free for 100 days, then $2.99 per month. This smart savings app figures out how much you can afford to save each month. It does this by tracking what you spend and how much income you have. Digit then determines the perfect amount you can save each day and puts it into your savings account. You earn 1% cash back yearly, on your digit savings,and you get paid every three months. No limits or fees on withdrawals and no minimum amounts. FDIC insured and 128 bit bank-level encryption security. It even promises no overdrafts with an overdraft re-reimbursement guarantee up to 2 times.


– Turn your purchases into rewards and get paid for your purchases. Link up your debit and credit cards and get drop points for whenever you spend. Groceries, gas fillups, your lattes all earn you points. Then trade your points in for gift cards. Business use does not qualify. Give your code and link a friend to drop and earn 1000 drop points up to $100. also one time offers and cool partners Carrot Rewards* and Rocketmiles allow you to earn more bonus points. Get the app at the App Store or google play.

More Helpful Apps 


– Get Paid $10 to sign up, the get up to 40% off on over 1500 retailers. Stores like Amazon, Ebay Macys, Kohls, and Walmart. No Points, just a big fat check every quarter for using their promo codes when you shop. They send deals to your email box with a code to use. Their website has plenty of deals daily. I have used this one for online shopping and it works fine. Ebates ads are annoying, but I have gotten checks for online shopping. You can register online,or through the App store, iTunes, Google play.


–  Search for and scan products, visit restaurants, check for product displays, or check for products being in stock on shelves. Pay ranges from $1 to $12 per job. They also offer Ticket jobs that don’t pay anything but enter you for monthly cash drawings. Get at the App store and Google Play. Now this is like a part-time job!

9.Google Opinion Rewards

–   Get paid in google play credits while standing in line waiting. Google Option Rewards sends short surveys to your phone. Everything from opinion polls, to hotel reviews, or merchant satisfaction. Share your TV or movie viewing and get paid. (additional electronics required). Surveys are sent once a week and pay from $0.25 to $1. Not enough to quit your job just yet. Get the app in either the App Store or Google play.


–   Shop at different stores and get kicks that can be exchanged for gift cards. 500 kicks =$2.They choose where you go, and you find and scan the products. You make money for walking in the select stores,scanning select products, and more kicks when you buy the products. Even get kicks for using Amazon.The amount of kicks you get varies.They provide you with a list of stores, and products along with how many kicks you get. When you cash out, you redeem your kicks for gift cards. so, the dollar amount of the gift card can vary as well. Plenty of popular retailers to choose from, Walmart, Amazon,Target,Pennys, Lowes.Papa Johns,Gamestop and more. Get the app online, at the App Store or Google Play.


–  Use the Stash Debit Visa Card to invest as little as $5 in ETF’s or stock and bond mix portfolio’s.No overdraft fees, No minimum. 1st month is free then, $1 monthly for individual or child accounts, $2 monthly for retirement accounts.And the fee lowers to 0.25% per year for balances $5,000=($12.50yr). They also remind you that you could have ATM fees if you use out of network ATM’s at over 19,000 locations.It seems that they are not charging a brokers fee to participate, so that is not such a bad deal. Sign up online, or get your Stash app from the App Store or Google Play.


–  Swagbucks has been around awhile, and it is for the person who like to play games online. If you use the Swagbucks portal and their search engine you will earn a few Swagbucks while you enjoy doing what you like to do. Read my Swagbucks Review for all the details on Swagbucks. It is a waste of time if you are trying to make serious money. You can swap your Swagbucks for gift cards and they have know retailers. A Swagbuck = a penny, so if a survey pays 5 Swagbucks, well you do the math. Sign up online or get the mobile app through the App Store or Google Play.

 Pick Your Favorite – Let me Know How it Works

So there you go. A dozen apps to check out and try for yourself! If you are like me and don’t use them or don’t really know what the app does, then you just learned about a few.

There are probably 100’s of apps nowadays, and they all have the same purpose. Just watching what we do, what we buy, where we go, what we watch, ect, ect. Then, sometimes almost instantly, we get ads that try to sell us exactly what we use! This is all explained and detailed in my review  How mobile apps make money.

I hope you found this list helpful, and please let me know what your favorite app might be, and why you like it. Have fun with your new app!


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6 thoughts on “Apps That Pay You Money”

  1. This was a very informative and educational. I have been searching for new methods of generating income. I have heard apps that make you money before, but have not looked into this subject that much yet. Really appreciate how you explained how these apps worked. I had a feeling that they had to collect your information. These apps are great options that are definitely worth looking into. Thank you much!  

    • Hi Kenny,

      There are some apps that are kinda worth while, these are some of the better ones, and there may be more i didn’t mention. I am not a fan of apps because i don’t use my phone much, but I hate the ads you have to deal with! Some people don’t care about the ads, but i find them rather annoying. 

      I am glad you like the explanations and hope you have much succes in the apps you use.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  2. I do have Acorn and I do have to say one thing. Acorn is only good for you to put aside money that you will definitely forget. lol 

    I like to spend money in general so a couple of cents here and there to put away for my future is a plus. I do not need an economist to lecture me about the inflation in the future blah blah, I graduated finance okay? lol 

    It is my habit that I have to watch and I learned that later in life. Stash and swagbucks are okay, but since I earn amazing points on my credit card and plus I have Acorn I don’t really care for them, but I have them lol 

    I do invest in the cryptocurrencies as well, but I think it’s a mistake. let’s hope it is not, we will see. 

    The price lately want to make me kill myself. Robinhood is another platform if you want to start investing (beginners of course or ETrade). 

    The bottom line is you have to be aware of your lifestyle and what you will definitely will pay for day to day. Then you can incorporate these perks to fit it. Sounds easy, it is! I think you just have to think what is your wants and needs. Once you get that down enjoy all the perks.

    I’m gonna stop rambling here, Happy Holidays! Great suggestion by the way. 

    • Hi Nuttanee,
      You are right about acorn, but it is a very small amount. I think you have quite a bit of experience in finance and investing, so you likely wouldn’t benefit from these apps as much. These are some of the better ones though, some are much worse and a total waste of time.
      Credit card interest is better, and swagbucks to me it, well not worth the time spent on it.
      Crypto currency is a crapshoot for sure, good luck with that one! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Thanks for the expository write up  my previous experiences with paid apps have not been encouraging at all.  it was with an advertising platform we were told to click on ads and that each ads we clicked on supposed credit unit.As we clicked all credit units seems to increase which girls more enthusiasm to keep clicking.

    However the surprise came when it was time to cash out through paypal; guess what, there was nothing to cash out no money. This was quite disappointing.

    • Hi Zuchii,

      I am in the same boat, my money making ventures on apps is not that great either. I think most are more hype than anything else. i don’t use my phone as much as others, so i think that is the problem I have. The more you use the phone the better it works. But, some platforms work better than others apparently.

      Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment.



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