What Is Taking Action Online – The Truth Revealed Now

What is Taking Action Online anyway? If you are here now, you are probably trying to research it and find out for yourself. Well, stay tuned because, I am going to reveal all of the facts in my review. You will find out who created it and what it really is. Many times my readers ask me to check out some money making schemes, so I have looked at a lot over the years.

I have fallen for a few scams myself when I started out, and that is the reason I launched this site. So, in order to protect others from at least some of the scams out there, I take a look at what others are offering and give my honest opinion. Let’s take a look at Taking Action Online and see how it stacks up.

Name    –  Taking Action Online
Website – https://takingaction.online
Price      –  $23.50 /$47 monthly/$376 yearly
Owners –  Phillip Borrowman
Quality –  Good
Overall Rank – /10
Refunds – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Verdict – Legit – Recommended!

There are affiliate links in this post. So, if you buy something, I may receive a small paid compensation, at no additional cost to you. These small fees help to cover the costs of bringing this content to you. Thank You For Your Support.

What is Taking Action Online – The Overview

Disclaimer: I am not a premium member of TAO and I am not receiving any commissions from TAO or any of Phillips products. I don’t receive any commissions from TAO for this review.

Taking Action Online is a program that is specifically designed for Affiliate marketers. But, it is designed in simple steps so that no real experience is required. he boasts of a 7 step done for you action plan that can have your business up and running in 7 days.

I did find that in only 7 days you will build a website that is optimized with some basic content, and pages required to get you an online presence. It’s a really good start, but the reality is you will have a lot more work to put in before you get your first paycheck.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have never done affiliate marketing before, it is a four step process – Find a niche, build a website, get traffic, and make sales. You can get a lot of information online about how to do this, but it is much easier to have a step by step program to follow.

Taking action online does a pretty good job of making the training simple and easy to follow by using done for you templates that anyone can understand. In addition to the trainings, TAO has it’s own separate community of like minded people working online and using the methods taught by TAO. They also provide online chat and email support.

In my opinion, this is the sign of a good training program when you find live chat and a private community that is not a Facebook group! Facebook can be very distracting and difficult to get help at times.

Getting help online when you need it very important! And good support is priceless when you are first learning about Affiliate Marketing.

Taking Action Online Image Of Product Package
Taking Action Online Package

Done For you Templates are Included

Phillip has also created some done for you DFY templates for making your entire process easier. These cover the process of choosing your niche with niche ideas to giving you lead magnet templates, to keywords to use in your keyword research. TAO has some complete DFY niches If you have a hard time choosing a niche.

You will also learn about blogging and using YouTube videos and social channels to help bring traffic to your site.

Taking Action Online Highlights

And you will learn to create affiliate offers, and choose how to market them using free traffic and Facebook advertising. This is the basic training you get from most how to do affiliate marketing training courses offered online. However, TAO is offering more DFY training aids than most other training programs.

DFY templates are great for learning, but in the end they mean everyone’s pages look the same. So, I am not a big fan of DFY Templates.

Additional fees will be required

The Taking Action Course has a lot of great features, but it is not a complete all in one package. To complete this training, you will need some additional tools. These tools will need to be purchased in addition to your monthly training fees.

  • Autoresponder/email software – $15/month.
  • Domain name + hosting – $12-20/month.
  • Page builder/theme – $299/year or $99/quarter +/-.
  • Screen recording Software – $6 month.
  • Microphone – $100
  • Advertising costs – $100 – $1000+

taking action online Was Created by phillip Borrowman

Phillip Borrowman was a baker, who persevered and struggled to finally figure it all out and become successful online. He is the owner of ipoopcash.com, and the creator of Taking Action Online. Phillip also has a YouTube channel with 3.82K subscribers

 Taking Action Online Creator Phillip Borrowman
Phillip Borrowman Creator of Taking Action Online

Here is a video taken from Phillips YouTube channel:

It’s really no secret, it takes work and a game plan to get you making money online. But, it takes time. It does not happen overnight.

What Is Taking Action Online? How Does It Work?

Phillip wanted to create a program that was simple for people to understand and learn from. Simple, honest and to the point without all the fluff and upsells. So, what he created was a training system of 20 steps anyone can follow to create a successful business.

What Is Taking Action Online - Image Of The Program Map

It’s not a get rich quick scheme. What that means, is you have to put in the work and you reap the rewards later. The training is provided, but It really depends on you. You have to put the work in.

20 Steps For Taking Action Online

The first module is the getting started module which is an introduction to what you will be learning and the mindset you must develop to be successful. Then, the first five

Getting Started

1. Choosing A Niche – Deciding What Your Business Is Going To Be All About.

2. Building your website – This is the “House” for your business.

3. Social Media Passive Traffic – Using Social Media to generate traffic.

4. Investing in yourself – Business finances and reinvesting in personal development.

5. Building your foundation – Creating necessary pages and SEO basics.

Taking Action Online Image Of The Steps 1-5

Getting your website up and the important pages completed with the basic SEO in place, you are ready to start adding the valuable content to get customers coming back for more!

6. Creating valuable content – Quality content to keep your customers returning

7. Create a valuable lead magnet – Getting People to Sign up to your Email list.

8. Email marketing magic – Earning 24/7 with autoresponders and squeeze pages.

9. Free traffic sources – More sources for free traffic.

10. An Optimized website = sales – Getting attention from google with optimized SEO.

11. YouTube traffic authority – All the steps for making YouTube videos.

Taking Action Online image of Steps 6-11

TAO also helps you set up your email list and learn about techniques like Lead magnets and Squeeze pages to make your email list turn profits for you as quickly as possible.

12. YouTube traffic authority – Getting more leads and sales and continuing with premium.

13. List building and calls to action – Tactics for list building and creating calls to action.

14. Making Commissions – Common newbie mistakes and creating lead magnets.

15. Email Marketing Wizardry – Ideas, broadcasts and automation – Putting it all together

16. Expanding social media presence – making the most of social media

17. Outsourcing and growth – getting help to make your business grow

WHat IS Taking Action Online Image Of the Steps 12-17

You have plenty of directions to use for your business. YouTube, your email list and social media. This is the backbone of all good training courses.

18: Creating your own products – Help with considering your own product

19. Paid traffic + scaling = making more money – Get the ads right and make money.

20. Going Full Time – You’ve learned enough to make Full-Time income.

Taking Action Online Image Of Steps 18 - 20

Creating your own products is an area of online marketing where you make big money. It could easily be a complete training course all by itself.

And learning how to scale with ads without losing a lot of money is a super important skill as well. TSO has it all covered and even helps with delegating work to enable you to get you business running full time.

Does Taking Action Online Really Work?

One thing I like to do when I am reviewing products is to take a look at Trust Pilot and see what kinds of reviews are posted on that platform. If a product is good and trusted, you will find plenty of reviews. TSO has 94 reviews and a rating of excellent.

That tells me right there, this is a product that a lot of people have tried and like the results they got using the product. So, this product is not a scam, and will be a good product.

WHat Is Taking Action Online Image Of Trust Pilot 94 Testimonials
Taking Action Online Testimonial
Taking Action Online Testimonial
What Is Taking Action Online Testimonial

A few of the latest testimonials are positive and people still like the product and are satisfied with the value of TAO. This is a strong positive indicator that it is a good product.

When you can’t find positive reviews on a product in Trust Pilot, it is generally a crap product.

Taking Action Online SEO Tool

TAO offers an SEO tool that you can use to do your keyword research. It is an actual keyword tool, and has quite a few very good features. Not only does it help you with keyword research, you can spy on competitors, and do a site analysis. You can check your traffic, do social analytics and more.

And you also learn how to do SEO online using free resources. You learn to use Google keyword planner, and google auto suggest. And you will use Google Search Console to analyze your website traffic.

What Is Taking Action Online SEO Tool Kit

TAO Additional Trainings

TAO also offers monthly workshops that are recorded so you can look at previous workshops or watch one at your convenience. You don’t need to worry if you miss one, you can still see lt.

You can upgrade to more products that Phillip sells and you can also pay for private coaching sessions with Phillip as well.

An Affiliate program Is Available

My research is from what is available online. And I did find an affiliate program for one of Phillips products.

To qualify for Philip’s affiliate program, you must be an active premium member. Once you decide to join the affiliate program, you will have to contact Phillip and give all your details.

This is an affiliate program promoting The Simple Traffic Blueprint product.

What Is Taking Action Online Affiliate Program
Taking Action Online Affiliate Program

From researching this program I did notice quite a few people are promoting Phillips products as a source of income.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint affiliate program pay-outs

  • Front End $14.99 @ 80% Commission
  • Bump Offer #1 $37 @ 50% Commission
  • Bump Offer #2 $17 @ 50% Commission
  • Upgrade $197 @ 40% Commission

What is Taking Action Online Refund Policy

Taking Action online offers a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. But, this only applies to the Taking Action Online Premium Membership only. They also offer coaching, webinars, and 1-1 sessions that are extra and are not eligible for the 30 day refund.

So in all honesty, they do have some upsells to more training in their program. It may not be necessary for everyone, but it is of benefit to the affiliate marketers of the Taking Action Online Course.

Pros And Cons


  • Good Step By Step Training
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Private Success Community


  • Extra Tools Requires Additional Expenses
  • DFY Templates Are Not Always The Best
  • There Are Some Upgrades/Upsells

What Is Taking Action Online – It Is LegitGreen Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

Overall TAO is a solid training program. Anyone who choses to try the Taking Action Online program will get some solid step by step training and learn how to create their own business. It will require some separate expenses for additional tools and website hosting, and advertising.

I recommend this program as a legit training program, but it is not my #1 recommendation. As an alternative to this program, the training I like even better than TAO, has a free trial. And no credit card is required.

It teaches the same methods and has more in-depth training, with a community that has over 1.5 million members. It is the best training platform in the world to learn affiliate marketing. And it includes your hosting, a free keyword tool, and 2 free websites, and much more. Check it out below.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP.


Business Tips

Covid 19 has ravaged the world causing the death of tens of thousands compromised family members and tens of millions of people worldwide. Millions of people in the USA have been thrown out of work do to no fault of their own. This has caused workers to rely on temporary state aid, and forced many from their homes. Something like this is how your life can be turned upside down in an instant. It doesn’t have to be that way

This stark reality is why creating your own business is so important now more than ever. Affiliate Marketing is something that cannot be taken away. Online business is thriving because people are shopping online more than ever!

There has never been a better time to cash in on this lucrative business and create your own financial Independence with online marketing.

Be your own boss, start your journey to financial freedom today.

Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2024

Taking Action Online




  • Good Step By Step Training
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Private Success Community


  • Extra Tools Required
  • DFY Templates Not The Best
  • Upgrades And Upsells

10 thoughts on “What Is Taking Action Online – The Truth Revealed Now”

  1. Hi Chas, Thanks for sharing I only come across this training recently but sounds like it could be a good course. I know exactly what Phillip Goodman is talking about. Some of these courses out there are useless. I’ve come across my fair share of these over the years I can tell you. I actually like the look of this course of this one though. I think the training for creating CTAs and attractive lead magnets is something I could really benefit from – so it is basically the same price as wealthy affiliate then but just without the hosting plan and domain name?

    • Hi Alex,
      It is a good course, and is definitely not a scam. The CTA’s and Lead Magnet courses are in some of the classes that Jay does, but they may be Premium+. The basic cost of the TAO course is about the same price. If you are not going to run ads or pay for upsells, you could go for the 30 days and cancel aa a way to get it free..lol! I don’t like to send my money to others and then hope and pray you get it back, but it would be for one month. Then you would not be billed again if you cancel the training. Anyway, you have to make that decision.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  2. Hey Chas. Thanks for bringing another great review together. Your readers LOVE YOU. I am so happy, to find this program. The reasons? It doesn’t come so often that a course has an excellent Trustpilot review score. Also, I checked Phillip’s website and he seems to be a very caring and honest guy. The only drawback I see is the fact that there are some upsells. Do you know if the standard version has everything one would need to run a successful business? For the rest, this Taking Action Online seems to be a very comprehensive and legit program.Cheers

    • Hi Julius,
      Thank you for the kind words, and I am always trying to keep my readers informed of legitimate programs as well as the scams. I agree with you, I haven’t seen many programs that have so many users happy with the results. Phillip was giving the main part of his program away for free, but I think that has ended and it is a monthly fee now. His program does not include everything. You need a domain name and a hosting platform, plus an autoresponder and email provider. And you need money for ads! So, it is great course, but My #1 Recommended Training has more tools, Free hosting, Free websites and website builder, and a community of almost 2 million members! I think it is a much bigger bang for the buck!
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!

  3. This is a very thorough and comprehensive review of Taking Action Online. I like the idea of how it helps your choose your niche and provides marketing suggestions for that niche. But like you said, if you select TAO you’ll only have a specific amount of templates to choose from to develop your website. Many others will have the same format. It does sound rather expensive. After tacking on all the add-ons it is quite a large amount of money per year.

    Thanks for this review. It’s good to know it is legitimate in case others are interested in using it.


    • Hi Nina,
      Thank you for your kind words. Taking Action Online does provide the DFY templates, but they are not the best. Because then everyone who has the same training, their websites and pages look just like yours. It does include a lot of extra expenses and there are some upsells. But, overall it is a good program.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  4. Hi Chas. Thanks for the review of the Taking Action Online training program. It’s a great way to learn all there is about starting an online business. Unfortunately, because of your review, and what it has on offer, I’m not looking to invest in TAO. I’ve already invested in another platform, that is similar but offers more tools and a community of bloggers to learn from. Thanks again.

    • Hi MadyibiLG,
      You are welcome. Taking Action Online is a good program, but I like My #1 Recommendation better. It has a lot more features, for the same monthly cost, and no upsells.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and please stop back soon.

  5. Hi Chas,

    Excellent review of Taking Action Online.

    I’d not heard of this programme, but it does sound like a solid training package. However, I don’t like how you have to pay extra costs to open up further tools and trainings. I understand why they do that, to make themselves more profitable. But, I don’t like it.

    This isn’t something I am going to invest in. But, I do appreciate learning about Taking action online.

    Keep up the great work and sharing these reviews.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,
      I was not aware of Taking Action Online either until I found it when researching another program. Yes, I don’t like the extra fees either, I guess I am just spoiled from My #1 recommendation. It has a free trial and only two programs to choose from. That’s it, no fluff no scam!
      Everyone who is selling these programs likes to get a lot of upsells from people. I hate upsells!
      I am glad you learned something about Taking Action Online!
      Thank you for the kind words and please stop back soon!


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