Wealthy Affiliate Investigation [2024] – The Truth Revealed Now

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Investigation. it’s likely because you’re curious about Wealthy Affiliate, wondering if it’s the real deal or just another online mirage. I get it. In this investigation, I’m diving deep into the heart of Wealthy Affiliate to separate fact from fiction.

Do people genuinely find success with Wealthy Affiliate? That’s the burning question we’ll answer. I’ll dissect the platform, uncovering truths and dispelling any myths I encounter. Your quest for clarity begins here.

Ready to navigate through the maze of claims and counterclaims? Let’s embark on this journey together. My Wealthy Affiliate Investigation is your compass to navigate the digital landscape.

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliates
  • Website: http://www.wealthyaffiliates.com
  • Price:  $0,  Premium $49 Mo/ $495 yearly
    Premium Plus+ $99 Mo/$995 yearly
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson founded WA in 2005
  • Community: 2.7+ MILLION members
  • Trust Pilot Consumer Rating: 4.9/5
  • Research Tools: 10/10
  • Customer Support: 10/10
  • Training/Classes: 10/10
  • WordPress Hosting: 10/10
  • Websites: 10/10
  • Overall Ranking: Ranked #1 10/10 – Best

Wealthy Affiliate Investigation Takes A Deeper Look:

My journey begins with an exploration of where it all started: the birth of Wealthy Affiliate. It was 2005, and two innovative entrepreneurs, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, recognized a gap in the market. Their idea was simple yet ambitious: to create a supportive environment for those embarking on the often-lonely road of affiliate marketing and internet entrepreneurship.

But this was no overnight success. What began as a modest platform with a few tools and resources has evolved over the years into a comprehensive service that caters to a global audience. The evolution of Wealthy Affiliate reflects its founders’ dedication to adapting to the changing landscape of online business and the transformative power of community support.

For Kyle and Carson, the mission was clear: to construct an ecosystem that not only simplifies the complexities of digital marketing but also provides advanced tools for marketing. This dual approach has served as a beacon for individuals seeking to navigate the sometimes murky waters of online income generation.

From these starting points, we will look at the anatomy of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This next section will shed light on the platform designed to empower entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and aspirations.

Decoding the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Wealthy Affiliate stands today as a comprehensive digital hub for entrepreneurs aiming to turn the internet into their profit playground. Kyle and Carson envisioned a platform that gears itself to address the needs of individual creators.

They wanted to help the novice marketer, but also appeal to more experienced marketers at varying stages of their career. It’s anchored by a holistic approach that walks members through each phase of constructing a thriving online business.

Let me break down the WA platform for you. This well-rounded service integrates community support, thorough training modules, and technical tools designed for personal business growth. Members gain access to everything from website builders to content creation aids, all within a single ecosystem.

What’s more, business development is streamlined into four digestible steps: choosing a profitable niche, building a website to attract visitors, creating quality content to engage users, and monetizing that traffic.

Select Your Niche

It’s this cycle which Wealthy Affiliate simplifies and reinforces. Niche selection is crucial; it sets the tone for your entire marketing activity. That’s why the platform offers tools like Jaaxy, for market and keyword research, to ensure you make an informed choice.

Build A Website

Once your niche is locked in, website building becomes the focus. The platform provides a user-friendly experience, even if you’ve never dabbled in web design before.

Create Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is next––a task that Wealthy Affiliate turns from daunting to doable with its AI Article Designer and SiteContent writing platform. These tools aid in constructing SEO-optimized articles that aim to rank high on search engines.

Monetize Your Business

And finally, monetization – the culmination of your efforts. With resources that connect you to over 10,000 affiliate programs, the platform ensures you have multiple avenues to generate revenue from your site.

Each step, whether it be niche exploration or revenue creation, is supported by detailed training lessons and live classes. What’s particularly striking is how Wealthy Affiliate adeptly melds its resources to form a coherent path to success. This is the kind of glue that not only attracts novices and seasoned marketers alike but promises to transform their online ambitions into tangible results.

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Wealthy Affiliate Investigation Examining Trust Ratings and User Feedback

When I sift through the myriad of online platforms available to aspiring entrepreneurs, one metric I heed is the trust ratings from reputable sources. Wealthy Affiliate has made its mark here, boasting a laudable 4.9 out of a possible 5.0 on TrustPilot. This isn’t a minor feat, considering TrustPilot’s platform is open for reviews by anyone who has interacted with the service.

Similarly, it holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an organization that evaluates businesses on their integrity and performance. An A+ is the highest possible rating a business can receive, reflecting a level of trust and satisfaction with the services provided. However, it’s crucial to note that BBB ratings don’t guarantee a company’s reliability or performance, but they do provide insights into customer satisfaction and business responsiveness.

Member testimonials sprinkle additional color on this monochromatic set of ratings, offering personal narratives of the platform’s impact. Real-life success stories and struggles sketch a more relatable picture of the member experience. These testimonials serve as social proof, reinforcing the credibility suggested by the numerical ratings and perhaps offer the most genuine gauge of user satisfaction over time.

This brings us to the foundation of the Wealthy Affiliate experience – the Membership Tiers. In the following section, I’ll dissect each tier, spotlighting the features and identifying who stands to benefit most. From the complimentary entry-level offerings to the all-inclusive Premium Plus+ package, I aim to detail what each subscription entails and how they align with individual entrepreneurial journeys.

Navigating Membership Tiers: A Comparative Guide

Let me walk you through the distinct membership tiers Wealthy Affiliate offers, detailing the perks and constraints of each level. The aim is to help you gauge which tier aligns best with your entrepreneurial journey and budget considerations.

The Starter Membership is the entry point and it’s free. It offers access to basic training resources, allowing you to build one website and one business hub. Perfect for those tiptoeing into the online business world, this tier gives a taste of the platform’s potential, but with significant access limitations to advanced tools.

Check out all these features you get on the free starter program! Not too bad for free!

Free Starter Program

Training WebsitesSupport
Business Hubs (Control Center)1Managed WordPress Hosting1 Site (Subdomain)Access to Kyle and Carson
AI Word Credits1,500Max Monthly Website Visits300Access to your Enrollment Coach
AI Article DesignerTrialAccess To Niche Finder Tool
Create Articles with AI Authors TrialWebsite Builder
Core Niche Training 1 series, 8 classesMax Website Storage1GB
Bootcamp Core Training1 series, 8 classesWebsite Storage1GB
SSL Website Security
Daily Website Backup

Move up a notch, and you plunge into the Premium Membership, which comes with a monthly price of $49 or an annual fee of $497. This is where Wealthy Affiliate’s offerings expand dramatically.

You are now looking at hosting for three websites, triple the business hubs, and so much more. Every week, you get to join an expert class and kickstart your research with Jaaxy Lite. With full access to AI platforms and exclusive community support, this tier is tailored for serious players who mean business.

Premium Membership

TrainingWebsites Support
Business Hubs (Control Center) 31 Free .com domain ($16 value)Expert Mentoring, Help & SupportUnlimitedLive Chat 24/7
AI Word Credits7,0007,000 AI Word Credits per month24/7 Website Tech Support
AI Author PlatformAI designer and AI Article CreatorWebsite Builder Unlimited Questions & Answers
Expert Training Classes per year503 Profit-Ready Websites 24/7 Server Management
Expert Class Database500 classesMax Monthly Website Visits – 30,000
Core Niche Training (20 Classes)Managed WordPress Hosting3 sites
Bootcamp Training (20 Classes)COM Domain Name Registration Included – 1
Available Internet Business Training Modules – 5000+Max Website Storage12GB
Personal Blog & Profile
Website Storage4GB per site
Traffic and Conversions TrainingEmail Accounts5 per site
Facebook, Instagram, Bing and Google AdsDiscount Domain Name Registration
Social Media MarketingEnhanced Hosting Security
Email Marketing / Funnel BuildingSSL Website Security
PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)Daily Website Backup
Image Creation / Brand ManagementHacking Prevention
Domain / Website FlippingSiteSpeed Extreme Caching
Outsourcing & FreelancingGoogle Pagespeed Optimized
E-commerce / ShopifyJaaxy Pro Research & Data Mining Platformincluded free – $49 value
Ranking Quality ScoreKeyword Mining390 results
Search Engine Rank Analysis Scans3000Multi-Threaded Search2x
And Much More!

At the pinnacle is the Premium Plus+ Membership, demanding a $99 monthly commitment or $697 annually. This is the full package, the powerhouse of tools and resources designed for those who demand the absolute best support.

Offering 10 websites, 10 business hubs, and 4-5 expert classes weekly, this list is just the beginning. Cutting-edge training resources, Jaaxy Enterprise for in-depth research, and BETA access to emerging tools are all laying the groundwork for your business to take flight.

Deciding on a membership tier isn’t just about what you get; it’s about what you need and where you want to go. It’s a decision that helps plot the trajectory of your online business journey.

Premium Plus+ Membership


TrainingWebsites Support
Business Hubs (Control Center) 101 Free .com domain ($16 value)Expert Mentoring, Help & SupportUnlimitedLive Chat 24/7
AI Word Credits15,000 AI Word Credits per month7,00024/7 Website Tech Support
AI Author PlatformAI designer and AI Article CreatorWebsite Builder Unlimited Questions & Answers
Expert Training Classes per year 3503 Profit-Ready Websites 24/7 Server Management
Expert Class Database1000 classesMax Monthly Website Visits300,000
Core Niche Training (20 Classes)Managed WordPress Hosting10 sites
Bootcamp Training (20 Classes)COM Domain Name Registration Included2
Available Internet Business Training Modules – 5000+Max Website Storage60GB
Personal Blog & Profile
Website Storage6GB per site
Traffic and Conversions TrainingEmail Accounts10 per site
Facebook, Instagram, Bing and Google AdsDiscount Domain Name Registration
Social Media MarketingEnhanced Hosting Security
Email Marketing / Funnel BuildingSSL Website Security
PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)Daily Website Backup
Image Creation / Brand ManagementHacking Prevention
Domain / Website FlippingSiteSpeed Extreme Caching
Outsourcing & FreelancingGoogle Pagespeed Optimized
E-commerce / ShopifyJaaxy Enterprise Research & Data Mining Platform included free – $99 value
Ranking Quality ScoreKeyword Mining1300 results
Search Engine Rank Analysis Scans 10,000Multi-Threaded Search5x
And Much More!

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Is Expensive But Definitely Worth It

As you can see for yourself Premium Plus+ is almost paid for with the Jaaxy Enterprise added for free. The Jaaxy Enterprise membership alone is $99 per month! And now you are going to have access to 350 Expert Classes!

Need I say more? Maybe you aren’t familiar with how powerful the Jaaxy Enterprise keyword research tool is? Check out this link where Kyle(owner of Wealthy Affiliate) demonstrates How Useful Jaaxy Enterprise Really is!

A Closer Look at Wealthy Affiliate’s Standout Tools and Resources

Breaking down the business journey, Wealthy Affiliate’s tools and resources sit at the crux of this framework. The platform touts a variety of key features designed to bolster an online entrepreneur’s arsenal. A central feature, the Business Hubs, serves as the command post for web-based ventures. Incorporating accessible website administration, content strategy planning, and keyword analysis, these hubs simplify the complexity of running multiple online projects.

Wealthy Affiliate Business Hubs – Now Everything Is At Your Fingertips!

Explore the WA hub – it’s neat, user-friendly, and navigation is a breeze! Everything is at your fingertips instantly as soon as you create your own hub!

I also take note of the AI Article Designer. Efficiency is paramount in the content-driven landscape of digital marketing, and this tool aims to offer a cutting-edge solution. It promises to help users churn out SEO-optimized articles that could potentially enhance Google rankings and audience engagement. Still, I scrutinize its effectiveness within the full context of content strategy—does it genuinely contribute to the quality of content, or merely its quantity?

Wealthy Affiliate has tried to improve upon the shortfalls of AI content creators by adding their own magic! They wanted to eliminate the redundancy of the AI content creators and achieve high quality content. I think they did it

Here are the steps to creating AI Generated content:

Get Some Content Ideas:

With your WA Hub you get 100’s of content ideas in minutes!

Create Your Outline

Article Designer – Input The Type Of Article And The Title Or Topic

Choose Your Author

Content Is Created In Minutes!

It really does a pretty good job! You can choose between a Professional Writer or a Conversational Blogger and you have up to 2 revisions of each article! Nice touch!

But, they do caution that this is AI assisted content, so some polishing and proofreading is still necessary! Overall it is quite impressive in the quality and amount of work that it saves human content creators!

And WA has more AI advances in their pipeline this year. They are fast becoming a premier high-tech platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Investigation – Expert Classes, Site Content, Websites, And More!

Another feature that merits attention is the platform’s Expert Classes. These provide weekly insights from industry authorities, covering a broad spectrum of topics crucial to online business success. Whether dissecting SEO’s latest best practices or exploring innovative monetization strategies, the objective is clear: continuous learning and adaptation.

WA Site Content Writing Platform

Then there’s the SiteContent Writing Platform. By touting features designed to improve the writing process and content quality, it suggests a commitment to helping users produce their best work. Robust publishing tools, grammar assistance, and plagiarism checkers are just a snapshot of what’s on offer.

State Of The Art Websites

What truly stands out to me is the emphasis on state-of-the-art websites and hosting services. Dependable hosting is the bedrock of any online business, and Wealthy Affiliate proposes to provide cutting-edge speed, security, and backup options. This commitment to advanced infrastructure is essential for businesses aiming to scale and maintain a competitive edge.

Affiliate Opportunity Database

As I consider the Affiliate Opportunity Database, with its multitude of programs, the potential for monetization is vast. The easy access to such a wide range of options is geared towards streamlining the search for lucrative affiliate partnerships.

WA Community – Millions Of Members!

Lastly, the community element can’t be understated. While tools are tangible, the community brings an intangible x-factor. With millions of members and success stories shared daily, it functions as a motivator and support system in one. Members can tap into this resource for guidance, inspiration, and a reality check when the entrepreneurial journey gets challenging.

This tapestry of resources, with each thread woven to facilitate business capacity and acumen, defines the core of the Wealthy Affiliate experience. Now, let ME TURN to dissecting whether these features translate to tangible benefits or if they present unforeseen challenges for users.

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Wealthy Affiliate’s Ecosystem: Advantages and Challenges

Wealthy Affiliate offers a holistic approach to online business success, but as with any comprehensive platform, it comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. Let’s explore these in depth.


One of the first things I noticed is the wealth of training resources. You’re never short of learning materials, which are updated regularly to keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape. Whether you’re starting from scratch or polishing advanced skills, there’s something for everyone.

The community aspect is another big plus. Imagine having access to a global network of entrepreneurs who offer insights and encouragement daily. It’s like a support system that doubles as a brain trust.

Wealthy Affiliates’ array of advanced tools and hosting services are key differentiators, too. With robust website building and hosting capabilities, members have reported reliable and smooth-run sites, which is critical for online businesses where uptime is money.

What’s more, the affiliate program here is not just another income stream. With substantial rewards and exclusive events like the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference, it offers both financial incentives and networking opportunities with industry leaders.


However, the platform isn’t without its difficulties. New members might find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and features available. While this is a sign of Wealthy Affiliate’s thoroughness, it can lead to information overload for some.

Another potential hurdle is finding the sweet spot between learning and doing. With so much content to consume, it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of perpetual learning without applying those concepts in the real world. Balancing the two is crucial.

As we transition to the next section, it’s important to recognize that these challenges are not unique to Wealthy Affiliate. Any robust platform needs a period of acclimatization. The key is to remain focused on your goals and leverage the platform’s strengths to achieve them.

Pros vs Cons


  • Step By Step Training & Advanced Resources
  • AI Niche Finder – Helps You Find A Niche In Minutes!
  • AI Content Author For Creating Content!
  • 1 Free Website for Free Starter Members
  • 2 websites for Premium Members
  • Excellent Firewall Protection For You Sites
  • Fully Spam Free Environment.
  • 24/7 Support/Access to Successful Business People.
  • Excellent Training Videos.
  • Live Classroom, and Interactive Support.


  • Volume Of Information Can Be Overwhelming
  • Balancing Learning & Doing Can Be Challenging
  • Requires Effort and Work
  • Not an Auto-Pilot program or Get Rich Quick Scheme.
  • Requires Some Time to Establish Your Business.

WA Step By Step Training – Brand New Updated Content

WA Introduced a new hub layout, and it is quite impressive. The old platform was a bit hard and kind of all over the place. Now, their navigation is easier than ever! And it looks nice and fresh!

Course Description – Laying The Groundwork for Your Business – First 3 classes

These first lessons show you how to get started, Brand Creation, and writing your first pages on your brand new website! This includes a trial of the brand new AI Author that Wealthy Affiliates has developed. It will actually write content for you! That’s pretty slick!

Laying The Groundwork – Classes 4&5

In these classes, you are learning to create your own logo, and the basics of keyword research with the Jaaxy keyword tool. These helps you save money on the design cost of a logo, and the skills needed for organic search for free traffic!

Last 3 Classes For Laying the Groundwork – 6,7&8

In these courses you are taught how to create content that is going to rank, and get introduced to the AI content author. Plus, you will learn how to use AI to create images for your site content. And lastly, you learn how to tweak your website for the best user experience.

Wealthy Affiliate Investigation

You will learn ‘zero cost’ techniques for generating traffic that is highly relevant to your niche, and establishing the correct framework for your website.

You have learned to get traffic to your site, and traffic is coming in. Now, you need to learn how to generate revenue and make money! But, you will need to upgrade here to see any more training.

Wealthy Affiliates is a complete program that helps anyone, even if you don’t have any product, to start with an area you like and are interested in, and learn to create and develop your own business using the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate Investigation – WA Testimonials

Here are a few members who gave testimonials about Wealthy Affiliate. It looks they are actual members and have have some real success!

WA Affiliate Program – Earn Money By Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

This is called the Affiliate Boot-camp Training. Everything you need to know to become a successful Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Marketer!

There are 7 Bootcamp Courses with 10 lessons in each!


If becoming an Affiliate interests you,  the Boot-camp Training will teach you, step by step how to achieve that dream.

Take a look below at the commission rates schedules shown below and see for yourself.

These are the best rates for an affiliate program you will find anywhere.

That is more money for you in your pocket!

Affiliate referral Commission Structure for Wealthy Affiliate

Bootcamp Courses Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate- bootcamp courses

How Much Do You Want To Make Each Month?

Each course contains 10 lessons each for a total of ——70 lessons!

A step by step proven program taking you from a beginner to trained expert.

Support is available 24/7…3am in the morning if you need it!

And of course I will be available to you helping you every step of the way.

These results are easily obtainable for anyone, no matter what your skill level .

Coming Soon To WA Premium Plus Members

  • 2024 Outlook: Unleashing Technological Advancements
    • Cascade of new training and tech initiatives.
    • Amidst the most significant updates in 18-year history.
    • Just the beginning of an exciting journey.
    • Enhanced online business experience awaits!
  • Wealthy Affiliate Platform Goal: Make Everyone 10x More Productive and Profitable
    • Revolutionizing businesses with cutting-edge features.
    • Focused on state-of-the-art training for maximum productivity.
    • Ongoing commitment to advancements and staying ahead in 2024!

The Results Are In – Wealthy Affiliates Is LEGIT Green Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

This program is totally legit and one of the most complete programs on the web. Everything you need is right here, and you have access to tools that you can upgrade to later on as you gain experience and make money. Take your time, check it out.

If you decide you like it, and this is for you, I will be there to personally welcome you and give you one-on-one help to get you started on your new online business.

If you have read this far, then I know you want to try it.

 I Will Include An Added Bonus!

Join the Starter Membership Now, Upgrade Within 7 Days,  Receive as a Bonus,

1 on 1 help for as long as you need it. I will be your personal coach for as long as necessary to get your site up and make your business produce revenue.

Sign Up And Get All The Help You Need

I am there to help every person who signs up here. You won’t be suffering in silence, alone, trying to figure something out, I will be there to help you, and give you as much help as you need to get your site up and running, and producing sales for you. If you read some of the comments on my site, you will see I do everything I can to help people out.

This is an outstanding opportunity for anyone looking to start their own business, this is your chance. Get the lowest price, and one on one training for as long as you need it. And, claim 4 bonuses and the absolute lowest yearly price!

Wealthy Affiliates-blue-thumbs-up

If you want to spend more time with your family, set your own hours, and enjoy life by becoming your own Boss, this program is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Wealthy Affiliate suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Wealthy Affiliate is designed with beginners in mind, offering step-by-step training and a supportive community to guide you through the process of building a successful online business.
Can I try Wealthy Affiliate for free?
Yes, you can! Wealthy Affiliate offers a free Starter Membership, allowing you to explore basic features and training resources before deciding to upgrade to a premium plan.
What makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out from other platforms?
Wealthy Affiliate stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining training, hosting, and a thriving community. It offers state-of-the-art tools, expert classes, and a proven path to success in the online business world.
How does Wealthy Affiliate help with website building and content creation?
Wealthy Affiliate provides a user-friendly platform with tools like Jaaxy for niche research, a website builder, and an AI Article Designer for creating SEO-optimized content. The platform simplifies the entire process, making it accessible even for those new to web design.
What kind of support does Wealthy Affiliate offer to its members?
Wealthy Affiliate offers extensive support, including live chat, expert mentoring, and a community of over 2.7 million members. Premium members get additional benefits like 24/7 tech support, expert training classes, and unlimited access to advanced features.

Thank you for reading my Wealthy Affiliates Review. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP 


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  1. Wow! What an excellent review.  Your post thoroughly answered all my questions and more…

    I will go ahead and sign-up and try to take advantage of the Black Friday deal!

    I’m also going to bookmark this post for future reference.

    When all other programs require you to pay upfront before you can proceed, it’s great that Wealthy Affiliate allows you to start free, to check it out and explore so that if you do sign-up there are no surprises…

    This review was very helpful! Thank you. 

    • Hi Christie,

      Thank you, I am glad I answered your questions. Your decision to sign up now and take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Specialis a great idea. It may not be around much longer! And if you take advantage right now, you will be grandfathered in forever @ $299! 

      Wealthy Affiliate has always been up front with their pricing…In fact, they give you a free 7day trial that includes everything, then you can sign up for your first month Premium for only $19 bucks and check thing out for 30 more days! 

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  2. I am so happy there have been a lot of reviews about wealthy affiliate which I find really cool for those who will be willing to try it out. There will always be someone who needs to know more about it.

    I have always wanted to be start an online business, and having a good training platform was an issue until I was introduced to WA.  I knew right away this platform was head and shoulders above everyone else. Who else offers free hosting for 50 websites, and beautiful WordPress websites set up ready to use.And they can be installed in less than 30 seconds!

    The training is outstanding and to the point! The Jaaxy keyword tools is great! Add that to the site content feature that allows you to write content and add images to your website quickly and easily.

    Anyone who has any doubts about Wealthy Affiliate, just do it!


    • Hi Benson,

      I am glad you took the time to research Wealthy Affiliate! The more you know, the better it gets! The platform is state of the art, and how about the community? I have never found a more helpful community anywhere. With I.5 million members worldwide, you can get help 24/7.

      I have been here since 2015 and I will be here for awhile longer! I haven’t found anything better, and probably won’t. 

      Right now, the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special is starting November 29th through December 2, 2019. An already great deal is even better with the $299 yearly Special! 

      On top of that, you can join as a new monthly member right now for $19 and get that pro-rated if you sign up for the $299 Black Friday Special. But, there’s more!

      They are also giving 4  brand new never seen bonus offers as well that will help get your business jump-started!

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  3. You have provided a very accurate and detailed post that I am going to bookmark for future reference! I see that you have shown me the valuable information wealthy affiliate has to offer, such as the great looking websites and outstanding community! Is there really 1.5 million members?

     I agree with it too that wealthy affiliate is a state of the art platform that anyone who wants to make money online will find invaluable. I love the weekly live training that Jay offers each week!

     I have been a member of the platform for a couple of months now and I think it is a great place. The best thing is that people on the platform are always on hand to help when a new person joins the chat feature, or posts his question to the community for an answer.  

    Thank you for presenting this information for people who do not know about Wealthy Affiliates!


    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your kind words! It is easy to talk about wealthy affiliates, because they are the real deal. The cost is minimal and the training is in-depth, and updated constantly by Kyle and Carson. 

      Yep, !.5 million members all over the world, with websites and working sites. There are 800,000 who are inside the community, and actively helping other members!. I have been a member since 2015 and I have seen a lot of changes. Site content was not even there, and domains had to be purchased elsewhere.  . Now you can buy your domains right here. I like Jay’s training also…very enlightening!

      WA is a great place! And right now is the best time to join! The Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special is $299 for anyone who joins yearly from November 29th through December 2,2019. AND if you join right now as a new member for $19 a month, you will get that pro-rated from your $299 if you go yearly.

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  4. This is a very detailed and thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I like the amount of training and courses that are offered.The commissions look great! 

    How easy is it to learn everything in Bootcamp training? Can you learn all there is about affiliate marketing? 

    It is refreshing to come across a positive review, of a honest product. Especially, with all the scams out there. I am looking forward to referring this information to my friends.

    Thank you for providing this information,


    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you for the kind words. The training at Wealthy Affiliates is second to none. They give you 2 different directions to take your business. You can develop a niche site, or go through the bootcamp to learn to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn some nice commissions.

      Bootcamp is a challenge for a beginner, but not so hard for seasoned marketers. I guess how hard the course is depends on your skill level, dedication, and following the training lessons exactly. Some try to take shortcuts, and it hurts their level of success, and takes longer in the end.

      I think learning in any field is an ongoing process, and you will always be learning something new. The internet space is constantly changing as well.

      Right now, is one of the best times to consider becoming a member. Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special is coming soon! And you can join right now as a Premium Monthly Member for only $19! Then, you will be pro-rated toward your $299 payment, If you take action and go yearly from Nov 29th thru Dec 2.

      Great questions! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! 


  5. This is a really in depth review of what everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  I am a member, and like you said it is for everyone, regardless of their skill level.  I was a complete beginner who knew nothing about affiliate marketing, and I have learned how to create my very own website.  The community is so helpful, and any questions you have can be answered quickly.  I joined because it was free, and had nothing to lose, after I joined I quickly realized this is a great platform where I could learn and grow my online business.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing, or anyone wanting to improve their online business.

    • Hi Jenny,

      I am glad I covered the important points of what Wealthy is all about. To say I was a beginner 3 yearrs ago is putting it mildly, I knew nothing about websites, marketing or even much about the internet. Now, I have two websites, I know about affiliate marketing, and I make money.

      So, the cost of the membership is paid from what I learned at WA.That allows me to have access to an entire library of information and videos, available to me 24/7 for free. It is the biggest bang for the buck anywhere!  You will spend more and get less elsewhere, and I am sincere when I say that. It is not Bull.

      It is a great place for anyone to learn online marketing! In fact WA just announced the  Black Friday $299 Yearly Special. Once you join at this special price, you are grandfathered in forever at this great price. But, don’t miss out, once this price is gone, it could be gone forever.

      What is not to like about that? You can join for free, and the take advantage of the 4 day Black Friday Sale from November 23rd -26th, 2018. There never was a better time for people to sign up!

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review!


  6. You have written a great review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I can totally agree with your Number #1 rating. It really is the best place to learn everything you need to know about Online and Affiliate Marketing.

    You have mentioned so many of the brilliant features which can be found there.

    For myself, I very much appreciate the extremely friendly and helpful Community, and the way in which you can always find someone who will help you whenever you need help.

    All current and would-be Affiliate Marketers will benefit so much from being a member, and I wish that they would all be able to boost or start up their businesses by finding their way to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Many thanks for your comprehensive review.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie,

      Thank you, I am glad you liked it. They never stop improving their site, it gets better and better. In fact Kyle just sent the members a list of new and exciting things coming next year. 

      You are right about the community, one of the best and most helpful anywhere.I have also posted questions in chat at 3am and people are giving help. It is all over the world so chances are somebody is online working their websites somewhere in the world.

      Everybody could benefit right now with the free membership, and the special Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday $299 Yearly Special. Once you join, you are grandfathered in at that price. But, this could be the last year at that price. So, anyone who wants to sign up, better do it now, before it’s too late. Once this price is gone, it’s gone forever.


  7. Wow, I’ll have to check that out.

    In the beginning of your review you mention a few pros but after there you introduce a huge amount of great features I think I would love to use.

    I can hardly believe the whole thing is for free to try. If I make a free website and try the program, can I after keep this free website?

    You don’t know by chance if there is a Black Friday offer or discount or something alike? Many programs have a discount around this time and I think I want to join but would want to know this first, then I might wait a few days 🙂

    • Hi Stefan,

      By all means check it out, it’s FREE. No credit card, no obligation. You can keep the website for as long as you are with Wealthy Affiliates. In fact they will give you 24 more free sites on siterubix their free site and allow you to have 25 more free sites with your own domain, 50 sites to play with!! Do you know of any program at any price that allows you 50 websites? I don’t!

      Funny you should ask about Black Friday! They just announced the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday $299 Yearly Deal. For less than 82 cents a day, you can become a member for a full year. And you are grandfathered in for life at that price!! How can you beat that? But, this could be the last year they offer this low price, so this could be the last chance to take advantage of this offer! 

      You don’t really have to wait! You can join now for free and just go Premium with the Black Friday Deal on Nov 23.

  8. Thanks for the great review of WA.  I happened to join in March of this year after stumbling upon it while researching another program.

    I have to say WA is great and I’d argue the one thing that makes it the best program out there is the community itself.  If you ever have a question, get stuck or just want to bounce ideas off someone, someone is there to help you.  It’s filled with other members, just like you, some new, some seasoned but all willing to help.

    I can’t really fault WA for anything.  It offers great training and great hosting, all for free and even more if you go premium.

    I don’t know any other program out there that will let you start free and remain free.  That said, I went premium quickly, as I saw the benefit of doing so for me.

    I really do recommend to anyone reading this, go ahead and sign up for the free account, you won’t regret it.

    Thanks again for the post!

    • Hi Scott,

      Sounds like you are pretty happy you stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate!  I have no complaints either. And I have learned a ton since I got here, and have a ton more to learn. It’s a great community, that is willing to help anyone who has any problems with anything. But, you have to be willing to take the ball and run with it, because it is ultimately up to how much effort you put in.

      That is why it is such a class act, you can remain a free member, for as long as you want. But, your resources as free member are restricted, so it is well worth going Premium. And now is the best time to do that!

      Wealthy Affiliates Black Friday $299 Yearly Deal

      For less than 82 cents a day, you can get all the premium benefits! And you are also grandfathered in forever at that price! However, the word is this could be the last and final time you can get Wealthy Affiliate at this price! Don’t miss it!

      Try the free membership now, and upgrade with the Black Friday Deal.

      Thanks Scott for taking the time to leave a comment,


  9. I like the cons you highlighted. Definitely needs a lot of work, and not a get rich quick scheme. Besides, is it really a con? Because we all know that get rich quick schemes are scams. Anyway, it’s always good to bring this up.

    I really love the words you use in your review. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a ”COMPLETE LIBRARY”. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program that exists online today, and I say it with confidence because I’ve had the opportunity to review several others.

    Wealthy Affiliate is all inclusive, and my investment here is definitely worth it. Great review Chas.

      This is not a get rich quick scheme, so work will be required. The training is extensive and can be almost overwhelming for the starter member, just because there is so much they teach. I have tried a few others and I find that Wealthy Affiliate offers the best bang for the buck anywhere.Plus they will be offering a special deal for Black Friday! $299 yearly special rate! Wealthy Affiliates gets even better! Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

  10. Well, I scrolled to the bottom to ask you a question but as I scrolled I found all my answers. This is a very in-depth review. there are so many programs out there it’s hard to know which ones to join. I have done many paid survey sites and they are all a waste of time in my opinion.

    This sounds like it could make money, though. I wonder if I should put one more go into working from home. I’ve always wanted to but who doesn’t right.

    How long does it take before you can work full time?

    I imagine it’s not a fast thing.

    • Hi Darren,
      Wealthy Affiliates is one of the best places to learn online marketing skills that allow you to start your own business online, with very little money of your own.

      When you talk a new business you are talking about 10,000…to 100,000 to start.Not here, $359 for a one year membership and everything you need to start earning money.

      This is not a get rich scheme, this is a legitimate way to earn money, work your own hours right from the comfort of your home. It will take time, but it depends on you. How hard are you willing to work?

      I can tell you this, the majority of people who stick with it, and put in 20 to 30 hrs a week are usually making money after 6 months to 1 year. Most businesses lose money money for a few years before turning a profit! You can actually spend as long as you want making up your mind for free…forever if you want to, and still learn!! It is a win-win community with Wealthy Affiliates. I hope you try it out, you have nothing to lose!

  11. Hello Chas,

    Very well done review you did here. You pointed out the most important things that can be found through Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member of this amazing community for a month and I am truly grateful for all the useful things I learn.

    WA is the best place to be and learn if you are looking to create a successful online business. Is FREE to join, so it really worth trying.

    I wish you only the best in your online career,

    • Hi Cristina,
      Your comments are always welcome, thank you. I am truly grateful for you and all the help you have given me in my short time here at Wealthy Affiliates. All the members are truly giving great,useful,and timely answers to any questions I have had. I truly appreciate everything about it.
      Best to you also, in life and your career.


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