Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review – Just Another Scam?

Savage Affiliates 2.0 review will investigate Franklin Hatchett’s affiliate marketing program? Is this program just another scam? If you are here now, congratulations on researching Savage Affiliates before you buy it. I have researched this program for you, so I can determine if it is worth investing your hard earned money. The more you know, the easier your decision will be. I have researched plenty of these so called training programs, so I can spot the red flags pretty quickly. Follow along as I explain what Franklin Hatchett Affiliate Marketing is all about, and what I like and don’t like about this program.

  • Name    –  Savage Affiliates
  • Website
  • Price     – $197/$297
  • Owners – Franklin Hatchett
  • Quality – Good Content/ Costly Additional Tools Required
  • Overall Rank – 8/10
  • Refunds – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – 24 Hour Grace Period
  • Verdict –  LegitNot Recommended

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review – Overview

Savage Affiliates was created by Franklin Hatchett. It is a comprehensive online Affiliate marketing course that teaches how to make money with Affiliate marketing. This course actually includes several different ways you can become successful in Affiliate marketing. You will learn how to build a website, and create an email marketing campaign. Plus, you are taught to build sales funnels, and create ad campaigns for PPC (paid per click) advertising. However, you will need to shell out more money for necessary tools such as funnel platforms, Keyword tools, Autoresponders, and money for paid ads!

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Training

Savage Affiliate 2.0 Review

The Savage Affiliates 2.0 is an update of the original version. It consists of ten modules produced in video format so you can replay each one over and over until you master each step. The course walks you through the complete step by step process of making money online with affiliate marketing. However, additional costs are involved! I will explain below.

Each module has 4 to 5 videos that explain each step as you go.

Here is a list of the training modules:

  • Starting The Foundation – Introduction to affiliate marketing and explained in a simple easy to understand way that even a beginner can understand.
  • Choosing The Best Products To Promote. You learn what products are hot, and how to find your niche. But, in reality, you must find different products that are also selling. Otherwise you are just competing against everyone who has purchased this course.
  • Building Your Website – This shows you how to manually build a website. There are better programs like my #1 Recommendation that have site builders to set up the framework for you in seconds. They have the best basic plugins already installed for you.
  • Funnels And Email Marketing – Frank shows why you need an email list to promote and sell your products. But, you will need to pay for an autoresponder to make this happen. This is one of the extra costs involved in this program. I would tell beginners that you can use SEO organic traffic at first, at least until you get about 1000 people visiting your site. It won’t be worth it before that because you don’t have enough traffic yet.

Using Affiliate Marketing Platforms

  • ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – This basically shows you how to set up your account and use the Clickbank Platform. It is an Affiliate marketplace with products for Affiliate marketers to promote. Frank shares some idea he uses to promote products.
  • Click Funnels Affiliate Marketing – This lesson teaches how to build high converting sales funnels. However, you will need to pay an additional $97 per month for a minimum ClickFunnels subscription to use Franks $100,000 ClickFunnel and set up directions. I personally would consider this training for experienced marketers. This is a bit overwhelming and costly for beginner marketers. A hundred dollars a month adds up quickly, and can force many out of affiliate marketing just as quick. After you reach 20 funnels, your cost of ClickFunnels increases to $300 per month! And all the bonus funnels Frank talks about will require ClickFunnels, and just so you know all those ClickFunnel links Frank puts in his training, earn Frank a commission!
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing – This module uses 15 videos for training of the largest affiliate marketer in the world, Amazon. Frank shows how to set up a website dedicated to promoting Amazon products. However, Amazon has reduced the Affiliate commissions drastically in the last few years and many affiliate marketers have stopped promoting their products. You can make money, but the competition is fierce, and the low commissions require a ton of sales!

Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

  • SEO Google Traffic Training – Frank teaches the online and offline methods of getting traffic using google. With 29 videos on SEO training, this is quite extensive. Some backlink training is also included. But, I would be cautious with backlinks. Google rewards good White Hat Methods of SEO, but harshly penalizes Black Hat Methods, such as using improper backlinks.
  • Free Traffic Training – Frank continues the SEO discussion with free methods of gaining traffic to your site, using social channels, forums, and YouTube videos. This is the method I prefer for the beginner marketer. It helps everyone on a shoestring budget to take advantage of free Organic traffic. There is also some good insight into YouTube marketing mainly because Frank has a large following on YouTube.
  • Paid Traffic Training – The three main sources of paid traffic discussed are: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Solo Ads. Most of the training is on Facebook ads. This covers how to set up your Facebook Pixel, track your ads, and manage your campaigns. Google ads training and Solo ads training is included. Topics include keyword targeting, tracking, audience selection, and best sellers for using solo ads.

Alternate Ways To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

  • Launch Jacking and Web Hosting – Launch Jacking is not for everybody. Launch Jacking involves promoting products before the launch date. Sometime the products are not that good. And competition right before the launch can be heavy. You may not even rank enough to get any traffic for sales. I think it is a lot of work, for a limited time chance for sales. As I said it’s not for everybody. Promoting Web Hosting works best when you actually use the product. Then ,you can honestly talk about the pros and cons of your Web Hosting product.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review – Pricing Of Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates 2.0 is priced in 2 different levels. And both levels are discounted 60% off the normal price.

The difference between the two programs is the Super Pack for $100 more which includes everything in the standard pack plus:

  • ClickFunnels Academy
  • Secret Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Multiple ClickFunnels Pre Made Funnels
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint

Both levels are one time payments, and include lifetime updates for free.

Savage Affiliates 30 Day Guarantee Has Conditions

The 30 day guarantee is quite lengthy with wording calling for proof that you read the course, joined the Facebook group, and took action to make it work. The problem is that with so many requirements, it sounds like you can easily be denied.

The terms from the bottom of the page contain the conditions to get a refund.

Refund Policy

After reading all this, I don’t think many refunds are ever given. I say that because a lot of people may read through the content to see if they are interested, and never read the conditions for a refund. Thinking they have 30 days to look through the training, they might not have enough time to create a website before the 30 days has expired.


  • Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (with conditions)


  • Content Can Be Confusing
  • Some Content Is For Advanced Marketers
  • High Hidden Costs

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review – Savage Affiliates Is LegitGreen Thumbs Up Legit Indicator

Savage Affiliates is a product that is legit. It contains quite a bit of good content on affiliate marketing and different methods to earn money, and create a business. The training is diverse enough that beginners as well as experienced marketers will learn from this training.

Unfortunately, the extra costs are not really mentioned in the price of the program. But, they can add up quickly.

Monthly Cost Of Savage Affiliates 2.0

  • ClickFunnels -$97 to $300 per month
  • Autoresponder – $20 per month
  • Keyword tools – $97 per month
  • Hosting – $5 to $30 per month

Total monthly cost = $205 to $500

I think the extra expenses needed for Savage Affiliates are too high for anyone starting their own business. And the refund policy leaves a lot to be desired. It sounds like a policy set up to make refunds nearly impossible. I can’t find any information of any of the success stories either. That is unusual for a successful product.

My #1 Recommendation costs $49 per month with Hosting, a Keyword tool, Live 24/7 chat, and a Website Builder all included for no extra charge. You get a bigger bang for the buck, and no additional charges necessary to create your own business! And, you will read plenty of success stories. That’s the reason it is the most popular affiliate training in the world.

You also get a legitimate scam free way to start your own business. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It requires work and effort. But, the training is free for 7 days, and you can look it over for a whole month for $19. If after 30 days you don’t like the training for any reason, you can cancel and walk away.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing So Important?

Covid 19 has affected people worldwide causing millions of people to lose their jobs and many are gone forever. And it was no fault of their own. Some of the lucky ones were able to work from home, but most were not so lucky.

This stark reality is why creating your own business is so important, now more than ever. Your own Affiliate Marketing Business is something that cannot be taken away from you. Currently, online business is thriving. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

There has never been a better time to create your own financial independence with online marketing.

Be your own boss, start your path to financial freedom today!

Get The Best Training Here And Change Your life Forever

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.


Chas The Owner Of Help For Scams And Frauds

I am Chas, creator and founder of Help For Scams And Frauds. I started affiliate marketing and earning money online in 2015. And I can tell you, anyone can do this. But, in order to build a business the right way you must have the right training and avoid the get rich quick schemes.

Check out my #1 Recommendation For The Best Online Training in 2023

Savage Affiliates 2.0




  • Comprehensive Content
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 30 Day Money Back guarantee


  • Content Can Be confusing
  • Some Content For Advanced Marketers
  • High Hidden Costs

12 thoughts on “Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review – Just Another Scam?”

  1. Hi Chas and thank you for your Savage Affiliates 2.0 review!
    From what I understand, the extra expenses involved are not clearly explained when you sign up, or am I wrong? This is a shame because otherwise, the program looks really interesting and well designed!
    For my part, I am a big believer in organic traffic because I believe it is essential for building an online business, and I believe that only after obtaining results can we move on to PPC.
    I find it pointless to spend money on promoting something that hasn’t already proven to appeal to the public in some way.
    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Miriam,
      You are welcome, Miriam. Yes, Savage Affiliates never really explains the costs. For example ClickFunnels is a nice program, but after a 2 week trial, it costs $100 per month until you use 20 funnels, then the cost jumps to $300 per month. I personally think they only use ClickFunnels because they can collect a commission every month for everyone that signs up! Pure profit for them.
      Learning how to gain organic traffic is crucial for success without breaking the bank. And you are correct in finding out by testing the waters with free traffic, before spending money on paid ads is the best way to go.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon.

  2. Apparently, Frank knows how to run a successful affiliate marketing business to make money, even inside his training program. The training modules, affiliate networks, and traffic generations seem legitimate. Still, if you calculate all the hidden costs, the price to run an affiliate marketing business with Savage Affiliates just skyrocketed. I am tight on budget, so I have to choose another affordable program like your recommendation. I cannot wait to try it as soon as I can.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt,
      Franks Affiliate Marketing Training is legit and does provide some good training. But, like you say, the hidden costs make the program too expensive. A beginner in affiliate marketing can’t afford all the extras until they have some income coming in. My #1 recommendation is free to try, and there are no hidden costs involved. I am sure you will be satisfied and i wish you good luck on your affiliate marketing journey.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back soon.

  3. Hi there Chas, a good friend of mine who does online business mentioned savage affiliate 2.0 to me and encouraged me to check it out. And as always, I have to do my due diligence to make sure it is worth my time and money. Clearly, based on your review, it doesn’t seem to be worth it considering the high hidden costs. I think I’m going to let me friend know he shouldn’t go ahead with it. Your review has been helpful. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Dave,

      I am glad that you found my review helpful. The hidden costs are my problem with Savage Affiliates 2.0 as well. They are claiming that the course is cheaper than it really is. I think that is misrepresenting the product. And beginners like your friend would be overwhelmed with costs before they have any income coming in. 

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon!


  4. Hi Chas, thank you for such an honest and detailed review of Savage Affiliates. While it seems fairly decent in terms of content, I wouldn’t want to subscribe to Clickfunnels. It’s very costly and unless your blog is getting good traffic it could be a waste of money. Also, the Savage Affiliate super pack isn’t something I’d consider as DFY funnels may not be the best idea. You’d end up with exact same funnels other members are using.

    • Hi Kathy,
      I am glad you liked the review. ClickFunnels is expensive and it goes up to $300 per month after 20 funnels. I think it is ridiculous! So, if you aren’t making a $1000 buck a month from your blog, you will be in the hole quick!

      A lot of people don’t understand the pitfalls of done for you products. Everybody is hyping the same products and it’s high competition among the members.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back soon.

  5. Pretty honest review here. Most that I find are quick to call everything else a scam. Nice thoroughness and objectivity. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Eric,
      Thank you. Savage Affiliates has some good content for affiliate marketing, so it is not a scam. It does require a lot of expenses for tools that you need. in the long run, Wealthy Affiliate is cheaper and has better support, a website builder, and a keyword tool included at no extra cost. Plus, your hosting is included. You get a better training platform with a lot more bang for your buck!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Please stop back soon.

  6. Hi and thanks for the thorough review of Savage Affiliates 2.0. I could see that this is indeed a legit product though I would be very put off by all the extra ongoing costs you need to incur to run an online business that this product does not cover. I would also be somewhat suspicious of any Done-For-You content because doesn’t that mean that everyone else who buys the product will be getting the same content? There also seems to be too much focus on using paid advertising to get traffic. I agree with you that beginners are better off focussing on organic traffic first. Thanks again and best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      I am glad you enjoyed the review and found Savage Affiliates might not be exactly as it seems. The costs are more than you would pay for Wealthy Affiliate monthly, and WA includes the tools you need to be successful at no extra charge. 

      Yes, done for you funnels and such are used by everyone who joins the program, so they are practically worthless. All you get is an outline of how a funnel is created. If everyone uses the same product, the competition would be enormous and sales would likely be impossible.

      Organic traffic is always better than paid advertising just because of the cost involved. Why pay for something you can get for free? However, paid ads can help you get traffic. So, after you get established and have steady income coming in, you are much better position to try a few paid ads.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Please stop back soon!



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